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  • The Securities Token Platform
    ICOs haveraised more than $4 Billion worth of early stagecapital, massively disrupting traditionalfinance. But while token fundraising is a boomingtrend, the global securities market has yet to participate.

    Stocks, bonds,
    venture capital, private equity and virtuallyevery category of traditional finance function better on the blockchain.

    Equity, LP shares and share units
    will become programmable tokens that are moreaccessible, liquid and secure than traditional forms ofasset ownership.

    But no platform exists
    today that bridges the cap between financial securitiesand the blockchain.

    Today business looking
    to join the crypto-revolution by launching their owntoken have nowhere to go.

    Enter Polymath.

    Polymath envisions a
    future where tokenholders replace shareholdersin the global economy and every business in theworld has immediate access to trillions of dollars ofcrypto-capital.

    Powered by its native
    token Poly, Polymath is ushering in a newera of security token offerings or STOs.

    STOs will soon dominate ICOs
    as financial products of all sorts upgrade to tokens.

    To facilitate this
    mega trend, Polymath is building the world'sfirst decentralized protocol that empowers corporationsto launch their own security token by simplifyingthe technical and legal challenges of a compliant tokenlaunch.

    With KYC aware token technology,
    Polymath ensure only authorizedinvestors can participate in thenetwork.

    By powering the next generation of regulatory
    tokens, Polymath aims to be the catalyst to launchthe multi trillion dollar security token revolution.

    Let the stampede begin.

    A portal to asset management
    The digital asset marketis worth over $12B to dateand continues to expand rapidly in value and choice.

    It's getting hard to stay on top of it all.

    There is no quick and easy way to track and gain exposure to this
    exciting new asset class.

    Melonport is
    the first application to enable open,competitive and decentralized digital asset managementsolutions. As well as quick visibility and access to theperformance of other asset managers.

    With Melonport,
    anyone will be able to easily setup and customize a portfolioon the blockchain using a Melon friendlyinterface and we really do mean anyone.

    reduces management costs. Most fixed coststraditionally incurred when managing portfolios areeliminated by Melon smart contracts which automateoperations such as clearing and settlement, performancemonitoring and broadcasting your validated trackrecord.

    Melonport leverages the visibility
    and transparency inherent to blockchains,so that performance can be tracked giving talented managers theopportunity to be sought out and rewarded.

    So whether you are an
    individual or saver managing your own personaldigital portfolio or a large institutional assetmanager acting on behalf of 100s of clients,Melonport can radically simplify your workload,lower your costs and grow your reputation.

    The Melon
    protocol is split into two parts. Thecore and an open ever expanding universe of useful modules.

    Melon Core links all asset management functions together
    and enables all transactions to be possible.

    Melon Modules are optional customized functions
    selected by the portfolio manager.

    There are two ways you
    can take part in Melonport's excitingjourney.

    Anyone can contribute in the upcoming
    pre-sale of a fixed supply of Melon tokens to fund our nextdevelopment phase which is building out a full suiteof robust, secure asset management tools.

    You'll be able to use the core protocol by paying in Melon tokens.

    Developers can also build Melon modules
    and earn Melon tokens proportionate to the value that their modulesadd to the network. The more useful their modules, the moregreater the rewards.

    This adds to a network
    effect where the interest of tokenholders, developers and portfolio managers arebeautifully aligned, re-enforcing one another.

    That's the beauty of Melonport. Bringing it all
    Brave is a free and open-source web browser develo
    Simple wallet-to-wallet token trading
    Next generation video delivery powered by you
    Access a Better Web, Anywhere
    Welcome to Status, yourgateway to the decentralized web.

    As we
    become more connected via technology, webecome part of a seemingly endlessnetwork of institutions and 3rd party services,claiming to make our lives easier.

    These institutions
    serve as a trusted middleman to help facilitateour transactions. While this maysound great, serious problemsexist.

    We now have a fragmented system of identities and
    passwords. We have placed far toomuch of our personal data in the hands of others and wehave given too much power to banks and legalsystems.

    Luckily, there is another way.

    the decentralized web on the Ethereum public blockchain.The blockchain is a decentralizeddatabase that stores a registry of assets,smart contracts and transactions across aglobally connected peer to peer network.

    used to its full potential, it will fundamentallychange our conception of how the internet,finance and law works. And it can completelyeliminate our reliance on trusted3rd parties.

    It's not an app. It's not a company.
    It's not owned by anyone rather it'san open system owned byeveryone.

    So how do we interact with the next
    generation of the internet? How do we ensure itremains decentralized?


    Just as browsers provide a gateway
    to websites and institutions, Statusprovides a gateway to decentralized apps and services.More than an app, Status is a community,governed by its own users and givesaccess to a world free from controllinginterests and censorship. It works with a number ofdecentralized apps built on Ethereumto replace your wallet and bank, combining them with amessenger and browser.

    Simply put, Status
    is an open portal to the future web.

    Meet Justin, Justin has recently moved
    from London to LA. It's a sunny morning andJustin is ready to get his day started.

    He gets
    dressed, grabs his cell phone and hits the road,feeling empowered with the capabilities of Statusin his pocket.

    First stop is the local coffee
    shop. No wallet? No problem. Justin pays forhis coffee with Ether from his Statuswallet. And while waiting for his coffee,he checks his stock portfolio and sees gold is up big overnight. Time to cash out some of his holdings.

    Justin opens up Status and trades a portion of his Digix
    gold tokens for a more stable currency.Not content with his gold earnings, he heads back to Statusand starts scanning Ethlance for work. He's a graphicdesigner and looking for a freelance gig.

    Within seconds, he finds numerous companies
    in his field looking for people just likehim.

    He's in luck, he quickly finds a two week
    freelance gig for a local agency. They message back almostimmediately. He is perfect for the job,they just need some background information beforefinalizing the contract.

    Via uPort, Justin
    shares the requested credentials to prove hisidentity. And Justin has now paid for coffee, conquered themarkets, and landed a job all while usingStatus.

    He has done this freely without
    middlemen and on his own terms.

    makes all of this possible in a simple and seamlessway.

    Join Status now and become part of the
    decentralized web.
    Digital gold standard
    What if I told you there was a new digitalcoin that married the best aspects of currentcryptocoins with the safety and stability of gold,the oldest continuous store of value known to humanity.

    Cryptocoins in their current form have two major
    drawbacks. One, volatility.You simply cannot reliably transact with a cointhat has more short-term price volatility than competingtraditional options.

    Centralization. If you
    have a single point of failure such as a bigdepot where a large amount of coins are stored, criminalswill find a way to exploit that weakness, hack through thesecurity and steal the coins.

    But what if you could eliminate that
    price volatility by tying a digital cointo an asset that has real, stable andhistorical value like gold.

    What if that gold digital
    coin was traded person to person without any centralizedintermediary like a bank or other institution inthe way.

    You would have created a
    revolution in digital coins.

    This is
    exactly what Digix has done.

    Digix has
    taken all of the innovative realitiesin a current digital coin, the blockchain, transactionalprivacy, minimal transfer fees and backedit up with the world's oldest and longest standingstore of value, gold.

    With the Digix
    tokens, you own actual physical gold stored in avault in Singapore, one of the world's safestand most private locations in the world.

    You can redeem
    your Digix tokens for physical gold any time youwish. Or you can trade your digital gold backedDigix tokens on the Ethereum blockchainfor goods, services or other digital assets.

    And because Digix tokens are transacted
    person to person, there is no centralized depot forcriminals or hackers to exploit.

    So if you have a
    family member that you want to send money to, Digix tokens give you away to send value to them that can go acrossthe world without any bank or other intermediarygetting in the way.

    Or if you have a business online or you are
    an artist selling your art work, with Digixtokens you can accept payment from anyone, anywhere inthe world without the hassle of dealing with banks or paying their bloatedfees.

    Digix tokens are the next evolution
    of digital coins, marrying the best of thenew way of sending value person to person,anywhere in the world, instantly without any intermediary.

    And with the stability and peace of mind
    of the world's oldest currency,gold.
    A dAppXplorer Hosted Project!
    BitGrowthFund,iMining,andICO Fund.Blockchain technology is changing the world.Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin that started atzero value today is worth over$1200 in a very short span of time.

    success has led to creation of whole new cryptocurrency,trading and mining industry which has a combinedmarket capitalization of over $30Btoday.

    Many other coins like Ether, Monero,
    Dash, zCash and more havebecome popular mining and trading investmentsfor people.

    Traders around the world are trading approximately
    $400M worth of these cryptocurrencieson 100s of online exchangesthat have sprung up around the world every day.

    have all read news about 1000s of early adopterswho have earned returns in multiples of 1000sby investing in mining and participating inInitial Coin Offering's of these currencies.

    it all too complex for you and you wish you could profitfrom growth of this industry and not miss the boat?

    you busy at work and don't have time to look into rapidnew developments within this high return industry?

    Introducing MCAP. We at BitcoinGrowthFund
    have created MCAP, the world's first miningand ICO fund that makes it easy for regularinvestors who cannot keep pace with growingscale of investment and rapid development within this newindustry.

    Our team of experienced cryptocurrency
    technologists, researchers and traders identifygrowth opportunities and investyour capital in both mining as well as ICO opportunitiesthat share earnings with you on a monthly basis.

    Now all you need to do is get on with your
    daily life while your capital is deployedin the high growth cryptocurrency industryand working for you.

    Visit us today at
    www.BitcoinGrowthFund.comand learn more.
    Decentralized prediction market

    Augur is a prediction market
    platform that rewards the user for correctly predictingfuture events.

    markets allow users to purchase and sell shareson the outcome of an event. The current marketprice of a share is the estimate of the probabilityof an event actually occurring.

    prices of each share adds up to $1, soif you buy a share at even odds it will cost you $0.50.If you end up being right, you'll receive$1.00 for that share.

    These markets
    rely on the scientific principle known as the wisdomof the crowd which states that if you ask enoughpeople something, their average answer is usuallyfar more accurate than any expert.

    This allows
    us to create one of the most powerfulforecasting tools. The problem withprevious prediction markets is that they werecentralized, allowing them to be easily shut down.

    problem is that with any prediction market,someone has to report what actually happenedafter the event occurred.

    In centralized
    markets, one person does this which meansthere can be mistakes or outright manipulation.

    With Augur, we'll have 1000s of
    users reporting on these outcomes usingsomething called reputation. Using Augur,anyone, anywhere in the worldcan create a market asking a question about anything.

    makers provide some initial fundingfor the market, and in return receives some tradingfees.

    Anybody can freely buy and
    sell shares on the outcome of that marketand the current share prices provide the best estimateof that event occurring.

    Imagine being
    able to Google questions about things that haven'thappened yet and receiving accurate odds oftheir occurrence.

    That power, the power to
    glimpse into the future is what we believe everyoneshould have access to.
    Prediction market platform
    Lisk will make it easy for developers to build..
    A collective of decentralized marketplaces and com
    Historicallywe have been conditioned to think that progressrequires centralized structures to governand lead us on the path to economic prosperity.

    Huge corporations, institutions and governments
    have controlled the decisionmaking process and shaped our future.

    With the
    advent of the sharing economy, companies such asUber or AirBnB have brought the power ofuser networks at the forefront, resulting inlower prices and better user experiences.

    Dispite the obvious progress, the end
    user still pays high costs due to thefees charged for the service, has minimal sayin the evolution of these platforms. And mighteven have his private data sold to 3rdparties.

    But what if you could
    create a network of online marketplaces andcommunities that function as decentralized,autonomous organizations?

    if you could recreate the internet'smost popular applications and services,while eliminating rent seeking, centralizeddecision making and the sale ofpersonal data.

    And what if non technical
    users could create and administer theseorganizations? Gain votingrights and use new means of coordination throughfinancial incentives.

    District0x, a collection of decentralizedmarketplaces and communities known asdistricts.

    By combining
    technology such as Ethereum, Paragon and IPFS,Distric0x allowsusers to create, operate and governdistricts that are open and extendable, allowingenhanced functionality and customizationthrough auxiliary modules.

    Every district runs a market or bulletin board
    application with functionality such asposting, listings, search and filtering,ranking and reputation or payments andinvoicing.

    Let's have a look at
    Ethlance, a freelance job market and the firstdistrict on the Distric0x network. Ethlanceallows users to list and apply foropen positions, rank and provide feedback andsend and receive invoices.

    does not charge any fees and users onlypay the necessary cost of gas to theEthereum network in order to performthese actions.

    Since its launch, projects
    such as Status, Aragon, WeTrust and manymore have used the platform to hirekey staff.

    As opposed to present
    day solutions, Ethlance is builtand run by the people at the lowest possiblecost for the end user.

    But Ethlance is only the beginning. Soon
    Distric0x will comprise globalmarketplaces and help the localcommunities.

    Anybody will be able to easily
    design and deploy their own districts to theDistric0x network.

    If you want to be a
    part of the decentralizedfuture, contribute and leave the communitiesof tomorrow, then join Distric0xnow.