Database of Ethereum Explainer Videos
Stability for the blockchain
While DAI is a stablecoin that tracks the value of the USD, Maker has a variable value. It was created to support DAI in a number of ways.

First the MKR
 token enables governance of the whole system, giving its holders voting rights on proposals. 

Second, while CDPs are expected to remain
 over collateralize, if mistakes or unforeseen events occur that cause a CDP to fail, new MKR tokens will be created covering the losses so that holders of DAI can have confidence in the value of their token. 
Smart contracts connected to real world data
Smart contracts are poised to revolutionize many industries by replacing the need for both traditional legal agreements and centrally automated digital agreements.

But smart contracts
 can't access real world data such as data feeds, APIs or banking systems due to blockchain's consensus technologies. 

The way this problem is
 traditionally solved is through the use of blockchain middleware called an oracle. 

Oracle's are defined as an agent that finds and
 verifies real world data and submits this information to a blockchain to be used in smart contracts.

But existing
 Oracles are centralized services. Any smart contract using such a service has a single point of failure, making it no more secure than a traditional centrally run digital agreement.

 centralized oracles rely on [inaudible] or manual human input, slowing down the process and bringing in big levels of trust. 

Chainlink is a secure, cutting edge oracle middleware
 network that is fully decentralized by being based on blockchain technology. 

It allows smart contracts to access
 key offchain resources like data feeds, APIs, traditional bank account payments, e-signatures, market data, weather data, sports scores, commodities trading, health claim data and anything else you can conceive of by chainlinking multiple data inputs to help eliminate any one point of failure.

The Chainlink
 network provides reliable tamper proof inputs and outputs for smart contracts on any blockchain. 

By providing smart
 contracts secure access to key data resources, Chainlink allows other parties and actors to mimic real world agreements that require external proof of performance and various payment methods.

Really without Chainlink,
 smart contract platforms can't expand too far beyond tokenization and the occasional enclosed game.

Chainlink is the
 first technology that will be able to connect enterprise blockchains, real world data and legacy banking solving the oracle problem.

It can all be as
 simple or as complex as the smart contract creator wishes. 

Chainlink can help so
 many industries. For example securities needing market data. Or insurance companies and supply chain companies that both need evidence of events and timestamps. 

Remember high value contracts
 in the finance world would require a decentralized oracle as it puts all the risk on the oracle rather than the smart contract creator.

The smart contract
 creator doesn't risk losing money. The node operators do.

These high value
 contracts don't like single points of failure.

Decentralization will give them confidence and

The Chainlink
 ecosystem works on collateral and compensation using the LINK token.

This token doesn't represent equity in or any
 ownership of the company. It represents a certain amount of usage of the Chainlink network.

Node operators deliver the
 data, API providers supply the data and smart contract owners need the data.

 actors run a Chainlink node to stake LINK as node operators. Two, smart contract creators compensate node operators in LINK. Three, API providers are compensated by node operators based on the custom agreement and filters. 

But if the API is
 public, no compensation here will be needed.

30% of the LINK
 token supply has been held back to fund futher upgrades and development. 35% of the LINK token supply will be going to node operators to help kickstart the ecosystem.

 the future, if smart contracts using Chainlink take over just a few percent of the derivatives market or the API market, this crypto asset will be a massive disruptor. 

Chainlink has many outstanding partnerships and
 has worked closely with SWIFT in development who have access to banking APIs and provide a messaging standard for more than 11,000 banks worldwide.

Zeplin OS is an
 operating system for smart contract applications.

Factom is a system for securing millions of
 [inaudible] records using blockchain.

Accord and OpenLaw
 are related to legal agreements with smart legal contracts. And each themselves have big partnerships. 

Chainlink is a professional
 project without the usual crypto hype and noise. And there is a hive of activity on their Github. 

It is rumored that mainnet is
 coming soon and in the current testnet many Chainlinks are live connecting with flight status information, package delivery data from Fedex, UPS, DHL. And market data from different crypto price oracles.

The CEO has been doing more
 talks recently too. And their communication has been slowly ramping up.

Chainlink is one of the
 very few crypto assets that can really help revolutionize and streamline so many industries.

Investigate today.
Decentralized prediction market
[music] [music] 

Augur is a prediction market
 platform that rewards the user for correctly predicting future events.

 markets allow users to purchase and sell shares on the outcome of an event. The current market price of a share is the estimate of the probability of an event actually occurring.

 prices of each share adds up to $1, so if you buy a share at even odds it will cost you $0.50. If you end up being right, you'll receive $1.00 for that share.

These markets
 rely on the scientific principle known as the wisdom of the crowd which states that if you ask enough people something, their average answer is usually far more accurate than any expert.

This allows
 us to create one of the most powerful forecasting tools. The problem with previous prediction markets is that they were centralized, allowing them to be easily shut down.

 problem is that with any prediction market, someone has to report what actually happened after the event occurred.

In centralized
 markets, one person does this which means there can be mistakes or outright manipulation. 

With Augur, we'll have 1000s of
 users reporting on these outcomes using something called reputation. Using Augur, anyone, anywhere in the world can create a market asking a question about anything.

 makers provide some initial funding for the market, and in return receives some trading fees.

Anybody can freely buy and
 sell shares on the outcome of that market and the current share prices provide the best estimate of that event occurring.

Imagine being
 able to Google questions about things that haven't happened yet and receiving accurate odds of their occurrence.

That power, the power to
 glimpse into the future is what we believe everyone should have access to. 
The Securities Token Platform
ICOs have raised more than $4 Billion worth of early stage capital, massively disrupting traditional finance. But while token fundraising is a booming trend, the global securities market has yet to participate. 

Stocks, bonds,
 venture capital, private equity and virtually every category of traditional finance function better on the blockchain. 

Equity, LP shares and share units
 will become programmable tokens that are more accessible, liquid and secure than traditional forms of asset ownership.

But no platform exists
 today that bridges the cap between financial securities and the blockchain.

Today business looking
 to join the crypto-revolution by launching their own token have nowhere to go. 

Enter Polymath.

Polymath envisions a
 future where tokenholders replace shareholders in the global economy and every business in the world has immediate access to trillions of dollars of crypto-capital.

Powered by its native
 token Poly, Polymath is ushering in a new era of security token offerings or STOs. 

STOs will soon dominate ICOs
 as financial products of all sorts upgrade to tokens. 

To facilitate this
 mega trend, Polymath is building the world's first decentralized protocol that empowers corporations to launch their own security token by simplifying the technical and legal challenges of a compliant token launch.

With KYC aware token technology,
 Polymath ensure only authorized investors can participate in the network.

By powering the next generation of regulatory
 tokens, Polymath aims to be the catalyst to launch the multi trillion dollar security token revolution. 

Let the stampede begin.

Arbitration platform for peer to peer justice
Bob is a designer. Today he's building a website for Alice. When it's done he sends Alice the invoice but there is just one problem. Alice isn't happy. It's not how she wanted the site to look and now Alice won't pay which makes Bob unhappy. So now everyone is unhappy. 

It didn't have to be this way. If Bob and Alice had
 just used Kleros this could all have been settled. Kleros is a blockchain dispute resolution layer that provides fast, secure and affordable arbitration for virtually everything.

At the start of the
 project Alice's funds are locked into a smart contract. If Alice is happy with the job, Bob receives payment. If there is a dispute, Kleros uses crowdsourced jurors to consider the evidence and settle the dispute.

Jurors analyze the evidence and
 consider both sides of the story. On this occasion they side with Alice and vote her to be the winner. Their decision is automatically enforced and the arbitration fees are collected. All performed on the blockchain.

Freelancing, crowdfunding,
 curated lists, gaming, e-commerce, insurance, oracles, escrow, the possibilities are endless.

Life isn't always fair but
 Kleros is.

Kleros the
 dispute resolution layer for virtually everything. 
Open protocol for digital advertising
Online advertisements are essential to providing a free internet. Unfortunately the user is often bombarded by ads, leading many to use ad blockers. 

This is detrimental to the internet. But what if there
 was a way you could clean up digital advertising while making the internet a better place? 

With adChain, you can. The adChain
 registry is the first token curated registry powered by the blockchain to provide a list of the best ad supported sites.

 use ad token to apply to the registry. If a member thinks the website is bad, they can sue their ad token to challenge the application. The ad token community then votes to support or oppose.

If the majority
 supports the application, the website gets admitted. And the challenger forfeits their ad token which is paid out to voters on the winning side.

In the end the community creates a
 list of the best ad supported websites and members can earn ad token in the process. 
Simple wallet-to-wallet token trading
Welcome to the world of crypto where the global friction free power of blockchain has given software projects the ability to fund their development by selling tokens.

This year alone token sales
 have raised over $1B USD and this number is growing rapidly. But how do you buy and collect and trade tokens? 

Welcome to Airswap, the simplest way to trade.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain and with the Swap protocol,
 Airswap gives you privacy, security and choice on a global peer to peer trading network with no intermediaries and no trading fees.

 makes it easy to both buy and sell tokens. You can browse tokens and connect directly with others to trade. When ready to trade, Airswap gives you price suggestions that you can use during negotiation.

Once the price is
 agreed, your trade is settled on the Ethereum blockchain quickly, securely and privately.

 gives you the power to trade on a global, decentralized trading platform.

So what can be built on

Developers can develop their own storefront,
 selling tokens to buyers from around the world. Run their own auctions, picking the best price out of a number of bidders. And create marketplaces, allowing groups of people to trade peer to peer.

Airswap is a global token trading
 ecosystem, decentralized, borderless and friction-free.

Your key to joining the Airswap ecosystem
 is the Airswap membership token. 

So join us and be a part of the decentralized future
In the natural world bees are the original bounty hunters, gathering nectar from far and wide for themselves and their hive to thrive on.

As humans we use bounties every time we complete a task and
 get something in exchange. A bounty is a reward or a prize given for any completed task. So bounties are at the very core of how the world already works.

 it's built on the Ethereum blockchain, the Bounties Network is changing the way we collaborate in a world full of incentives. All it takes is a computer and internet connection to access our buzzing, decentralized marketplace of meaningful projects and talent from around the world.

With just three easy steps,
 creating and collaborating on the Bounties Network is so simple you should probably start using it today.

Bounties are issued
 for tasks and projects featuring a clear description, full submission criteria and clear deadline. The reward for each bounty is clearly marked and fully staked in Eth, ERC20 or any token on Ethereum right from the start.

 created the bounties are open to anyone so they can be fulfilled from anywhere in the world.

Remember all you need is yourself,
 a computer and an internet connection.

Submissions are
 reviewed and the best work gets accepted. The reward is then automatically released so all that waiting to get paid is no longer a problem.

 to their open yet secure format, bounties can be used as the framework of choice for a wide range of applications.

The Bounties Network
 is buzzing with possibility. So join our community and start running your world on bounties. [silence] 
Web browser with ad blocker
The browsers of today are broken. They have been overtaken by a barrage of sneaking and annoying ads. Trackers that follow your habits and cookies that build profiles and all other sorts of internet clutter that is taking precidence over the content that you want to see.

In fact these
 useless bytes can take up to a whopping 50% of page load times with a third of it anxiously trying to learn more about you.

To make
 matters worse, some ad blockers are even letting ads through when large advertisers pay them. 

But do you really want a leaky ad blocker?

It's because of these very reasons that we
 developed Brave. A new browser that kicks internet crud to the curb and makes it faster, safer and better to surf the web than your current browser.

With Brave, everything you need is built right

We integrated technology that automatically blocks
 trackers, annoying ads and shields everything that can cramp your style and disrupt your privacy.

With it you can expect increased speeds almost
 2x faster on laptops and up to 4x faster on mobile. And unlike any other browser, Brave allows you to support your favorite publishers with automatic micro payments.

It's a win win for you and your favorite

To top it all off, Brave is open source
 because we truly believe it's our web and we need to fix it together.

Ask yourself this
 question, do you want a web browser made for the internet of today? 

If so, try Brave. It's faster.
 Safer and ad free. [silence] 
Convert token to another
Today there are 1000s of cryptocurrencies and the future holds millions more. What makes these tokens the most useful is seamlessly converting between them at any time.

Imagine your coffee shop
 points were accepted at any cash register in the world or your airline miles could pay your phone plan with a click of a button.

Say hello Bancor, the world's first decentralized
 liquidity network. A place where you can convert any token to any other.

No exchanges, no
 order books. No buyers and sellers.

 invented the world's first smart token, a digital currency with an embedded converter that allows is to be automatically exchanged for any token in its network.

The Bancor network consists of other
 tokens all connected through BNT. So every token can always be converted into any other.

Any token you
 have for any token you want instantly, automatically and directly from your wallet.

Start converting tokens
 today from any device at [silence] 
[music] [music]

Betting has been
 around for 1000s of years and used to be a fun and social activity. Well not for everyone. 

But over time betting turned into
 a huge business dominated by middlemen and challenged by a number of serious problems.

 betting looks more like a complex science with unfair odds, low transparency, high fees and low returns and little social involvement. But it doesn't have to be that way anymore.

With bethereum, we are bringing
 fun and social back into betting. 

In bethereum, you bet with friends and other players,
 not against a bookmaker. With us, the house doesn't win because there is no house.

We are
 developing the most intuitive and engaging betting platform in the market, powered by innovative gamification features for a truly rewarding experience.

 and tournaments, player chat and leaderboards and social achievements are just some of the gaming elements that will make bethereum absolutely unique.

All this while
 blockchain technology ensures full transparency and trust with smart contracts securely handling every bet and automatically paying out the winnings.

Bethereum will also
 integrate games by external developers and support a broad ecosystem of players, white labeled customers and conventional betting operators, game creators and marketing affiliates.

The whole platform is
 fueld by our bether token which is used to handle all bets and transactions and even to pay commissions to 3rd parties.

Not long from now
 everyone will be able to win again.

Stay tuned for news and updates
 while we bring you the future of betting. 
Digital advertising
I'm Brendan Eich, I created Javascript, Netscape and then founded the Mozilla project and Firefox. And I am now doing Brave, it's a new browser and a new system for properly valuing user attention. 


Brave software is introducing
 an innovative solution, blockchain based digital advertising.

Online advertising was once simpler, it consisted
 of advertisers, publishers and users. 


Digital advertising has evolved
 into an opaque and inefficient marketplace. Publishers, advertisers and users are all being conned by this system. It's hard to believe but we are paying to be bothered by ads, our mobile phone bill is going toward all the bandwidth spent on ads and trackers. Up to $23 a month according to the New York Times.

 media sites we've seen have as many as 70 trackers calling out using your battery, slowing down the page load and increasing data costs. 

Users are now trying to protect themselves with ad blocking
 which is on over 600,000,000 phones and desktops and rising. 

So we
 realized something needed to be done. We think the solution must involve a decentralized digital ad exchange based on the blockchain.

Brave is implementing this in stages. Our
 first stage is already in the Brave browser which blocks ads and trackers but also have a ledger system for rewarding sites based on user attention.

The second phase
 is when we try to move towards a decentralized ad exchange and that must involve a new kind of currency for user attention, and that's the Basic Attention Token.

The token is derived
 from and therefore denominates user attention. Attention is really just focused mental engagement on an advertisement, great content, on whatever the user is looking at.

The browser can anonymously
 and privately monitor your attention as you view pages in tabs and it can do this in a way that is highly accurate and highly private.

 think this is essential to avoiding fraud and malvertising problems on the current ecosystem. 

Publishers will receive tokens when are viewed,
 users also get a share for their attention if they choose to receive ads. From that share they can then donate back to publishers they wish to support.

We also see publishers
 being paid in tokens able to use those tokens to award users to promote their content.

And if they
 like, they can charge for premium content that is paid in tokens. 

BAT should
 become a new standard that is used in the entire advertising ecosystem. We believe that this combination of blockchain, smart contract browser analytics and accountable open source code and auditability is the future of advertising on the internet. 

 [music] [music] 
Create and manage DAOs
Moderator: Up next we have Igor from POA can you come over there? Jorge from Aragon. Let's welcome Jorse to the stage. 

Jorge: OK. I'm Jorge Izqueierdo and we are building the world's first
 digital [inaudible].

Before we start talking about
 that, we like to talk about this pyramid that [inaudible] have been talking about for these. 

As all the parts of the technology stack have been
 commoditized, we think that there is only governance that is not commoditized. And eventually we think that crypto networks will make it or break it, [inaudible] 

Bad governance is very, very hard and when governance fails in the
 real world, bad stuff happens.

We have this example in my home country
 in Spain with the Catalonia thing. We have examples here in the US where bad governance burnt down [inaudible]. Or [inaudible] 

But we now have this
 amazing tool that allows massive coordination [inaudible] and it also allows a test bed for testing new governance processse without [inaudible] without people [inaudible]. 

This is very cool. We are experimenting a lot with
 this and we feel like [inaudible] 

Now going a bit more technical,
 we've developed this framework called aragonOS which is the 3rd iteration which was [inaudible]. But now it's a more generic protocol [inaudible] can use if they need [inaudible] governance which basically [inaudible] same thing [inaudible] one without the other.

This is also a hackathon for us. We are
 testing [inaudible]. So check out our [inaudible] let us know if something is broken or really [inaudible]

 are also doing a funny airdrop. We are airdropping [inaudible] doing fun stuff with that during the week [inaudible]

You have all of the information
 here and links. That's all, thank you. 
Platform auctioning NFT in ETH
Are you a crypto enthusiast? Are you familiar with non fungible tokens, also known as NFTs? Guess what, there is now a decentralized auction based auction platform for people like you. 

Auctionity is where you can create and participate
 in a real time auction hosted by the community members.

How does Auctionity work?

The user deposits his NFT onto the Auctionity
 smart contract and can select [inaudible] on the auction.

He can then decide to get help from
 the community to promote his auction simply by rewarding the community with a 0% - 50% commission on the final sale price.

The [inaudible]
 his account with Ether onto the Auctionity smart contract and bids on the auction.

The winner will get
 NFT ownership, the seller will get Ether and the community remembers will be rewarded. That's a win, win, win. 

50% [inaudible] such as
 bloggers who promote new auctions on their website with an extra 30% for the one who brings the winner. 

20% goes to the seller's [inaudible] such
 as NFT [inaudible] allowing the customer to sell the assets on the Auctionity platform.

 20% goes to the auctioneer who [inaudible] the auction [inaudible] room.

 Auctionity, auctions go viral and the community gets rewarded.

You are a crypto enthusiast?
 Become an active contributor and leverage the power of your community.

Ready to start? Visit
 and make a deal. [silence] 
Sports Betting Exchange Built on Augur and 0x
With the sports betting market being so fragmented and the fact that sportsbooks are centralized authorities that can take weeks to pay or even take your money entirely in case of default, it's no wonder why anyone wouldn't move to blockchain prediction markets.

But even they
 still may take days to confirm the result of events. 

 the other hand, scanning several markets for the best odds is a time consuming process. You could look for advice but risk being misled lying about their records and employee unethical tactics. 

Introducing BlitzPredict. Smart contracts for
 smarter predictions.

The BlitzPredict aggregator
 is constantly scanning the market. You can be sure to always get the best odds available on the time of your wager.

With our auditable
 liquidity reserve, you could be certain that you'll always get paid immediately at the conclusion of an event.

 apply techniques from the financial markets, giving users the opportunity to execute smart contracts when certain criteria are met such as a positive line movement.

Last but not least,
 we reward our communittee's participation. Users can take advantage of our staking options through our expert analytics portal, we can encourage and ensure collaboration and contributions to the platform.

Learn more at and follow us on our social media channels for updates. 
Cloud computing blockchain network
Aelf is a decentralized cloud computing network that aims to provide. Aelf has three defining characteristics. 

High functionality, resource segregation
 and optimized governance structure.

Currently most blockchain systems view all
 nodes equally. One node can only run on one single server and because of such, a bottleneck effect exists as the performance of the entire system is dependent on the performance of a single server. 

In Aelf's design, full nodes operate on server
 clusters and transactions are executed in parallel. Plus when the system load was large, a node can expand horizontally by adding more servers with ease.

Bookkeepers function as
 data centers and the multi chain structure functions to allow more server paths where every node is a sub cluster.

Because of the multi
 chain structure, Elf simultaneously achieves resource segregation. This means that an application's healthy operation cannot be affected by other applications.

 Aelf, the main chain is in charge of unified planning and indexing while the side chains operate independently without interference with each other.

Side chains through verification of the
 main chain achieve cross chain communication thus avoiding large single application data congregating the whole system.

Aelf believes that token holders
 should have the power to vote on the development direction of the blockchain.

 realize this belief, Aelf provides a democratic delegate voting system for governance structure.

Aelf is focused on technological
 advances backed by growing investors and supporters from all around the world.

 Aelf is actively cooperating with top companies for all different industries and establishing complete multi industry solutions aimed to connect the Aelf main chain with uncoupled business chains.