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  • The Securities Token Platform
    ICOs haveraised more than $4 Billion worth of early stagecapital, massively disrupting traditionalfinance. But while token fundraising is a boomingtrend, the global securities market has yet to participate.

    Stocks, bonds,
    venture capital, private equity and virtuallyevery category of traditional finance function better on the blockchain.

    Equity, LP shares and share units
    will become programmable tokens that are moreaccessible, liquid and secure than traditional forms ofasset ownership.

    But no platform exists
    today that bridges the cap between financial securitiesand the blockchain.

    Today business looking
    to join the crypto-revolution by launching their owntoken have nowhere to go.

    Enter Polymath.

    Polymath envisions a
    future where tokenholders replace shareholdersin the global economy and every business in theworld has immediate access to trillions of dollars ofcrypto-capital.

    Powered by its native
    token Poly, Polymath is ushering in a newera of security token offerings or STOs.

    STOs will soon dominate ICOs
    as financial products of all sorts upgrade to tokens.

    To facilitate this
    mega trend, Polymath is building the world'sfirst decentralized protocol that empowers corporationsto launch their own security token by simplifyingthe technical and legal challenges of a compliant tokenlaunch.

    With KYC aware token technology,
    Polymath ensure only authorizedinvestors can participate in thenetwork.

    By powering the next generation of regulatory
    tokens, Polymath aims to be the catalyst to launchthe multi trillion dollar security token revolution.

    Let the stampede begin.

    Brave is a free and open-source web browser develo
    Your smart contracts connected to real world data,
    Smart contracts are poised torevolutionize manyindustries by replacing the need for both traditional legalagreements and centrally automated digitalagreements.

    But smart contracts
    can't access real world data such asdata feeds, APIs or bankingsystems due to blockchain's consensus technologies.

    The way this problem is
    traditionally solved is through the use of blockchainmiddleware called an oracle.

    Oracle's are defined as an agent that finds and
    verifies real world data andsubmits this information to a blockchain to be used insmart contracts.

    But existing
    Oracles are centralizedservices. Any smart contract using such a servicehas a single point offailure, making it no more secure than a traditionalcentrally run digital agreement.

    centralized oracles rely on [inaudible]or manual human input,slowing down the process and bringing in biglevels of trust.

    Chainlink is a secure, cutting edge oracle middleware
    network that is fully decentralizedby being based on blockchain technology.

    It allows smart contracts to access
    key offchain resources like datafeeds, APIs, traditional bank accountpayments, e-signatures, market data, weatherdata, sports scores, commodities trading, healthclaim data and anything else you canconceive of by chainlinkingmultiple data inputs to help eliminate any one point offailure.

    The Chainlink
    network provides reliable tamper proof inputs andoutputs for smart contracts on any blockchain.

    By providing smart
    contracts secure access to key data resources, Chainlinkallows other parties and actors to mimicreal world agreements that require externalproof of performance and various paymentmethods.

    Really without Chainlink,
    smart contract platforms can't expand toofar beyond tokenization and theoccasional enclosed game.

    Chainlink is the
    first technology that will be able to connect enterpriseblockchains, real world data and legacybankingsolving the oracle problem.

    It can all be as
    simple or as complex as thesmart contract creator wishes.

    Chainlink can help so
    many industries. For examplesecurities needing market data. Or insurancecompanies and supply chain companies that both needevidence of events and timestamps.

    Remember high value contracts
    in the finance world would require a decentralizedoracle as it puts all the risk on the oraclerather than the smart contract creator.

    The smart contract
    creator doesn't risk losing money. The nodeoperators do.

    These high value
    contracts don't like single points offailure.

    Decentralization will give them confidence and

    The Chainlink
    ecosystem works on collateraland compensation using the LINKtoken.

    This token doesn't represent equity in or any
    ownership of the company. Itrepresents a certain amount of usage of the Chainlinknetwork.

    Node operators deliver the
    data, APIproviders supply the data and smart contractowners need the data.

    actors run a Chainlink node to stakeLINK as node operators. Two, smartcontract creators compensate nodeoperators in LINK.Three, API providers are compensated bynode operators based on the custom agreement and filters.

    But if the API is
    public, no compensation here will beneeded.

    30% of the LINK
    token supply has been held back to fund futher upgrades anddevelopment. 35% of the LINK token supplywill be going to node operators to helpkickstart the ecosystem.

    the future, if smart contracts usingChainlink take over just a few percent of the derivativesmarket or the API market, this cryptoasset will be a massive disruptor.

    Chainlink has many outstanding partnerships and
    has worked closely with SWIFTin development who have access to banking APIsand provide a messaging standard for more than 11,000 banksworldwide.

    Zeplin OS is an
    operating system for smartcontract applications.

    Factom is a system for securing millions of
    [inaudible] records usingblockchain.

    Accord and OpenLaw
    are related to legal agreements with smartlegal contracts. And each themselves have big partnerships.

    Chainlink is a professional
    project without the usual crypto hype andnoise. And there is a hive of activity on theirGithub.

    It is rumored that mainnet is
    coming soon and in the current testnetmany Chainlinks are live connecting with flight statusinformation, package deliverydata from Fedex, UPS, DHL.And market data from different crypto priceoracles.

    The CEO has been doing more
    talks recently too. And their communication has been slowlyramping up.

    Chainlink is one of the
    very few crypto assets that can really helprevolutionize and streamline so manyindustries.

    Investigate today.
    Digital advertising
    I'mBrendanEich, I created Javascript, Netscape and then foundedthe Mozilla project and Firefox. And Iam now doing Brave, it's a new browser and anew system for properly valuing user attention.


    Brave software is introducing
    an innovative solution,blockchain based digital advertising.

    Online advertising was once simpler, it consisted
    of advertisers, publishers and users.


    Digital advertising has evolved
    into an opaque and inefficient marketplace.Publishers, advertisers and users are all being conned bythis system. It's hard to believe but we are paying to bebothered by ads, our mobile phone billis going toward all the bandwidth spent on ads andtrackers. Up to $23 a month according to the New York Times.

    media sites we've seen have as manyas 70 trackers calling out using your battery, slowing down thepage load and increasing data costs.

    Users are now trying to protect themselves with ad blocking
    which is on over 600,000,000 phones and desktops and rising.

    So we
    realized something needed to be done. Wethink the solution must involve a decentralizeddigital ad exchange based on theblockchain.

    Brave is implementing this in stages. Our
    first stage is already in the Brave browser whichblocks ads and trackers but also have a ledger systemfor rewarding sites based on user attention.

    The second phase
    is when we try to move towards adecentralized ad exchange and that must involvea new kind of currency for user attention, and that's theBasic Attention Token.

    The token is derived
    from and therefore denominates user attention. Attentionis really just focused mental engagement on anadvertisement, great content, on whatever the useris looking at.

    The browser can anonymously
    and privately monitor your attention as youview pages in tabs and it can do this in a way thatis highly accurate and highly private.

    think this is essential to avoiding fraudand malvertising problems on the current ecosystem.

    Publishers will receive tokens when are viewed,
    users also get a share for their attention if they choose to receive ads.From that share they can then donate back to publishersthey wish to support.

    We also see publishers
    being paid in tokens able to use those tokens toaward users to promote their content.

    And if they
    like, they can chargefor premium content that is paid in tokens.

    BAT should
    become a new standard that is used in theentire advertising ecosystem. We believe that thiscombination of blockchain, smart contractbrowser analytics and accountable open sourcecode and auditability is the future of advertisingon the internet.

    Unbank the banked
    OmiseGO is one of thoseprojects that so many people areexcited about.


    We are building a decentralized
    exchange network that's going to connect different payment systemstogether.


    My name is
    Casima and I'm the director of engineering for Plasma here at OmiseGO.

    So what is Plasma?
    Plasma is basically an architectureframework for scaling blockchains.

    The goal is to be able to do billions of state updates
    per second on this network which is publicallyaccountable on the public chain.

    The nice thing about Plasma
    is it doesn't require any changes to the ethereum base layer.So pretty much anyone can spin off a Plama system whenever.

    This version is working on the official
    [inaudible] network that is created by OmiseGO.It supports ERC20 tokens.

    What do you do have OmiseGO?
    I'm taking care of the [inaudible]. That sounds like a bigresponsibility. Yes.

    we are OmiseGO the big core challenge we are trying toaddress is financial inclusion. How do you make paymentsthrough wallets available toeveryone in aneasy to understand manner.

    I think what's missing a lot in the blockchain
    space is how doyou just make it accessible to normal people?And I think [inaudible] in terms of the identity and KYCand key management, those are all going to helpaddress a lot of [inaudible] issues.

    looked at OmiseGO last summer when I saw thatVitalik was meeting with the Central Bank of Thailand.The more I learned about OmiseGO, the morethe [inaudible] pervious work and really resonated with me.


    I was sold. I really wanted to be a part of this

    Digital gold standard
    What if I told you there was a new digitalcoin that married the best aspects of currentcryptocoins with the safety and stability of gold,the oldest continuous store of value known to humanity.

    Cryptocoins in their current form have two major
    drawbacks. One, volatility.You simply cannot reliably transact with a cointhat has more short-term price volatility than competingtraditional options.

    Centralization. If you
    have a single point of failure such as a bigdepot where a large amount of coins are stored, criminalswill find a way to exploit that weakness, hack through thesecurity and steal the coins.

    But what if you could eliminate that
    price volatility by tying a digital cointo an asset that has real, stable andhistorical value like gold.

    What if that gold digital
    coin was traded person to person without any centralizedintermediary like a bank or other institution inthe way.

    You would have created a
    revolution in digital coins.

    This is
    exactly what Digix has done.

    Digix has
    taken all of the innovative realitiesin a current digital coin, the blockchain, transactionalprivacy, minimal transfer fees and backedit up with the world's oldest and longest standingstore of value, gold.

    With the Digix
    tokens, you own actual physical gold stored in avault in Singapore, one of the world's safestand most private locations in the world.

    You can redeem
    your Digix tokens for physical gold any time youwish. Or you can trade your digital gold backedDigix tokens on the Ethereum blockchainfor goods, services or other digital assets.

    And because Digix tokens are transacted
    person to person, there is no centralized depot forcriminals or hackers to exploit.

    So if you have a
    family member that you want to send money to, Digix tokens give you away to send value to them that can go acrossthe world without any bank or other intermediarygetting in the way.

    Or if you have a business online or you are
    an artist selling your art work, with Digixtokens you can accept payment from anyone, anywhere inthe world without the hassle of dealing with banks or paying their bloatedfees.

    Digix tokens are the next evolution
    of digital coins, marrying the best of thenew way of sending value person to person,anywhere in the world, instantly without any intermediary.

    And with the stability and peace of mind
    of the world's oldest currency,gold.
    A portal to asset management
    The digital asset marketis worth over $12B to dateand continues to expand rapidly in value and choice.

    It's getting hard to stay on top of it all.

    There is no quick and easy way to track and gain exposure to this
    exciting new asset class.

    Melonport is
    the first application to enable open,competitive and decentralized digital asset managementsolutions. As well as quick visibility and access to theperformance of other asset managers.

    With Melonport,
    anyone will be able to easily setup and customize a portfolioon the blockchain using a Melon friendlyinterface and we really do mean anyone.

    reduces management costs. Most fixed coststraditionally incurred when managing portfolios areeliminated by Melon smart contracts which automateoperations such as clearing and settlement, performancemonitoring and broadcasting your validated trackrecord.

    Melonport leverages the visibility
    and transparency inherent to blockchains,so that performance can be tracked giving talented managers theopportunity to be sought out and rewarded.

    So whether you are an
    individual or saver managing your own personaldigital portfolio or a large institutional assetmanager acting on behalf of 100s of clients,Melonport can radically simplify your workload,lower your costs and grow your reputation.

    The Melon
    protocol is split into two parts. Thecore and an open ever expanding universe of useful modules.

    Melon Core links all asset management functions together
    and enables all transactions to be possible.

    Melon Modules are optional customized functions
    selected by the portfolio manager.

    There are two ways you
    can take part in Melonport's excitingjourney.

    Anyone can contribute in the upcoming
    pre-sale of a fixed supply of Melon tokens to fund our nextdevelopment phase which is building out a full suiteof robust, secure asset management tools.

    You'll be able to use the core protocol by paying in Melon tokens.

    Developers can also build Melon modules
    and earn Melon tokens proportionate to the value that their modulesadd to the network. The more useful their modules, the moregreater the rewards.

    This adds to a network
    effect where the interest of tokenholders, developers and portfolio managers arebeautifully aligned, re-enforcing one another.

    That's the beauty of Melonport. Bringing it all
    The protocol for trading tokens
    The0x protocol is a new way to trade tokensand cryptocurrencies with other people. It's peer to peer,so you don't have to rely on an intermediary like a bank or abroker. All you need is a crypto wallet thatsupports ethereum like Coinbase wallet orMetamask.

    Let's look at an example of how 0x works.

    Say you want to trade an ethereum token for
    another. If you know who you want to trade with, you cansend them an 0x order via instant message or email.Then all they need to do is accept the trade and it willexecute.

    Think of it like trading cards with a
    friend except it's electronic and more secure.

    If you don't have anyone to trade with, you can visit a
    0x relayer.

    Relayers are marketplaces that connect
    buyers and sellers. They are like digital bulletinboards where anyone can post a buy or sell order.Each order contains everything neededto make a transaction happen.

    After you find an order you
    like, you just confirm it with your crypto wallet and the0x protocol securely completes the trade.

    That's how easy it is to trade cryptocurrency with

    Several relayers exist today
    and the 0x team expects many more to appear overtime. Any developer can create arelayer using 0x's open source software.And relayers can serve an endless number of differentcommunities.

    For example gamers might use a
    relayer to trade in game items. Musicfans might use a relayer to buy concert tickets.And businesses might use relayers to buy and sell filestorage and processing power.

    These are just a few
    examples. There are countless more.

    Just as the internet enabled millions of unique
    websites, 0x hopes to enable millions of uniqueglobal marketplaces. And that could make theglobal economy more efficient foreveryone.
    Decentralized future contracts
    Introducing0xFutures, the first peer to peer platformto trade future contracts running on the blockchain.

    Meet Paul. Paul is a developer who gets paid in
    bitcoin. Paul loves his bitcoin but he hatesto see the price go up and down especially whenit goes down. He would love to have a way to stabilizehis bitcoin holding and to keep the same value overtime.

    Meet Lucy. Lucy is a
    mega crypto enthusiast and really thinks that this thing isgoing to the moon. So she would liketo put her crypto to work to take aleveraged position.

    If the price
    moves, she will make even more money.

    0xFutures which is a fullydecentralized trading platform where Paul and Lucycan create a smart contract that will track theprice of any asset. Bitcoin,ethereum, gold or anything elsereally.

    In their case it will be bitcoin.

    With 0xFutures, every future contract is a
    smart contract running on the ethereum blockchain between the twoparticipants. This means that the funds arenot held by a 3rd party but bythe smart contract itself.

    This makes 0xFutures
    decentralized, peer to peer andtrustless.

    Here is how it works.

    Let's say that
    Paul wants to create a contractthat tracks the price of bitcoin. He can either be long if hethinks that the price is goingup or be short if he thinks the price is going to go down.

    he wants to stabilize his bitcoin holdings,he will be on the short side. He then sets the contractamount, that's the money that is inplay.

    0xFutures uses the DAI as
    collateral. The DAI is a stable token that doesn'tfluxuate over time. One DAI isworth $1.

    Let's say he sets the contract
    amount to be 100 DAI which is the equivelentof $100.

    So Paul creates a
    smart contract using 0xFutures that will beliving on the ethereum blockchain.

    Now Lucy
    wants to join this contract and takePaul's opposite position by goingon the long side.

    If the price of
    bitcoin goes up by let's say30%, then Lucy who is long will be up by 30%.

    If in the contrary the price of bitcoin goes
    down by X%, then it'sPaul who will see his share increase by the sameamount.

    At some point Paul may want to take his profit or loss
    and release his DAI's from the contract.He can do so by selling his side of the contract to anotheruser who will replace him.

    Once the contract has
    been rolled, Paul receives his fundsheld in the contract directly to his wallet.

    0xFutures, every trade is its own smartcontract on the ethereum blockchainbetween two people.

    There is no custodian,
    no centralized system and no counterpartyrisk.

    Start today.
    High speed asset transfers
    Payments are one of the obviouskiller applications of blockchains. Butunfortunately blockchain's current transaction capacity is verylimited and therefore unable to support significantadoption.

    Full blocks, high fees and
    long confirmation times are the known effects of this limitation.

    The problem is scalability.

    Currently the ethereum network is only able to confirm
    roughly 10 transactions per second. Before blockchainswill see wide spread adoption for every day payments,they will need to be able to process roughly 100,000transactions per second.

    Adoption also
    requires that the cost of transfers is negligible andthe confirmation time is within a subsecond ratherthan in the range of minutes.

    The Raiden
    network aims to solve these problems. It uses a mix of meshpayment channels, deposits and cryptographictricks to allow for secure token transfers offchain.

    Instead of using the blockchain as a global node
    tree for all transfers, the blockchain is only used as asystem to eventually settle netted claims that resulted fromoffchain transfer activity.

    This approach allows
    the Raiden network to scale with the number of users andtheir transfers. The more users participate, themore transfers can happen concurrently.

    transfers are extremely cheap, fast andprivate.

    The Raiden network will compliment ethereum
    such that it can become a global scaled payment infrastructurefor everyday purchases by all of us as well as for theupcoming machine to machine economy.

    original idea of blockchain is to provide a purely pure to pureversion of electronic cash. Our mission is toprovide the technology which allows this visionto scale towards widespread adoption.

    If you want to learn more about the Raiden network, watch
    our next video or check out ourwebsite.
    Simple wallet-to-wallet token trading