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Stablecoin pegged to USD
Money, we all use it, but what is it? We carry it around and exchange it for the stuff we need. And keep some back for a rainy day. We trust that one piece of money is the same as any other. And we hope that what we have today is not worth less than it was yesterday.

 money having to perform so many different functions, it's no surprise that it has taken on so many different forms.

As money evolves, we
 arrive at bitcoin. Created without a central authority is less vulnerable to issuance corruption than standard fiat money.

With this unique
 commissionless nature, it redefines what money is and what it can do. But it's not quite perfect money.

Bitcoin's fixed supply
 creates a speculative investment and with that a money with a high degree of volatility. 

DIA is a solution to that volatility. A cryptocurrency
 using collateral to back its value and interest rate mechanisms to stabilize its price. 

DAI is created by locking collateral with
 Maker, a decentralized platform on the ethereum blockchain.

 currency collateralization and interest adjustments ensure DIA has low volatility against its external reference point, the US Dollar. 

DAI, the next step in money

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I'm Brendan Eich, I created Javascript, Netscape and then founded the Mozilla project and Firefox. And I am now doing Brave, it's a new browser and a new system for properly valuing user attention. 


Brave software is introducing
 an innovative solution, blockchain based digital advertising.

Online advertising was once simpler, it consisted
 of advertisers, publishers and users. 


Digital advertising has evolved
 into an opaque and inefficient marketplace. Publishers, advertisers and users are all being conned by this system. It's hard to believe but we are paying to be bothered by ads, our mobile phone bill is going toward all the bandwidth spent on ads and trackers. Up to $23 a month according to the New York Times.

 media sites we've seen have as many as 70 trackers calling out using your battery, slowing down the page load and increasing data costs. 

Users are now trying to protect themselves with ad blocking
 which is on over 600,000,000 phones and desktops and rising. 

So we
 realized something needed to be done. We think the solution must involve a decentralized digital ad exchange based on the blockchain.

Brave is implementing this in stages. Our
 first stage is already in the Brave browser which blocks ads and trackers but also have a ledger system for rewarding sites based on user attention.

The second phase
 is when we try to move towards a decentralized ad exchange and that must involve a new kind of currency for user attention, and that's the Basic Attention Token.

The token is derived
 from and therefore denominates user attention. Attention is really just focused mental engagement on an advertisement, great content, on whatever the user is looking at.

The browser can anonymously
 and privately monitor your attention as you view pages in tabs and it can do this in a way that is highly accurate and highly private.

 think this is essential to avoiding fraud and malvertising problems on the current ecosystem. 

Publishers will receive tokens when are viewed,
 users also get a share for their attention if they choose to receive ads. From that share they can then donate back to publishers they wish to support.

We also see publishers
 being paid in tokens able to use those tokens to award users to promote their content.

And if they
 like, they can charge for premium content that is paid in tokens. 

BAT should
 become a new standard that is used in the entire advertising ecosystem. We believe that this combination of blockchain, smart contract browser analytics and accountable open source code and auditability is the future of advertising on the internet. 

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Create and manage DAOs
Moderator: Up next we have Igor from POA can you come over there? Jorge from Aragon. Let's welcome Jorse to the stage. 

Jorge: OK. I'm Jorge Izqueierdo and we are building the world's first
 digital [inaudible].

Before we start talking about
 that, we like to talk about this pyramid that [inaudible] have been talking about for these. 

As all the parts of the technology stack have been
 commoditized, we think that there is only governance that is not commoditized. And eventually we think that crypto networks will make it or break it, [inaudible] 

Bad governance is very, very hard and when governance fails in the
 real world, bad stuff happens.

We have this example in my home country
 in Spain with the Catalonia thing. We have examples here in the US where bad governance burnt down [inaudible]. Or [inaudible] 

But we now have this
 amazing tool that allows massive coordination [inaudible] and it also allows a test bed for testing new governance processse without [inaudible] without people [inaudible]. 

This is very cool. We are experimenting a lot with
 this and we feel like [inaudible] 

Now going a bit more technical,
 we've developed this framework called aragonOS which is the 3rd iteration which was [inaudible]. But now it's a more generic protocol [inaudible] can use if they need [inaudible] governance which basically [inaudible] same thing [inaudible] one without the other.

This is also a hackathon for us. We are
 testing [inaudible]. So check out our [inaudible] let us know if something is broken or really [inaudible]

 are also doing a funny airdrop. We are airdropping [inaudible] doing fun stuff with that during the week [inaudible]

You have all of the information
 here and links. That's all, thank you. 
Returning the power of insurance to the people
Insurance it helps protect us from risk. But what happened before insurance companies existed?

In the past
 communities would pull resources together to protect individuals from risks they all faced. Pooling risk works better the more people there are in the pool. The more diversified the pool is, the more reliable the numbers are.

This has
 led to the dominance of large profit driven insurance companies. But what if there was a way to bring back the community aspect?

 technology can strip out inefficiencies and move value back to communities through reduce administrative governance and regulatory costs. 

Introducing Nexus Mutual,
 an open community alternative to insurance. 

Built on the ethereum
 blockchain, it allows members to share risk together without the need for an insurance company. 

Starting with smart contract cover, securing
 risks and potential bugs in smart contract code. Members can earn rewards for assessing risk and voting on each others claims. They own all the assets in the pool, so any surplus goes directly back to the community. 

Join us to return the power of insurance back to the
iXledger is a next generation insurance marketplace. We use blockchain technology and smart contracts to offer brokers and insurers an end to end solution that's faster, more intuitive and more secure than anything else on the market. 

A summary of key information is presented to you on the homescreen.
 Open tenders and their statuses are listed at the top enabling you to easily keep track of them from one place.

Let's go ahead and make a new

Creating a tender is
 easy. Add your details, upload your documents and the platform does the hard work.

Whether you are a broker
 or an insurer, reach a broader market within seconds. Reduce your distribution costs and get access to the latest tender data available. 

Cut out meetings,
 emails and paperwork with secure and audited live messaging and handling of multiple quotes simultaneously.

iXledger makes reaching an
 agreement easier for everyone. 

Review, digitally sign and distribute the agreement without
 delay in a blockchain environment that's more secure than ever. 

Payments are made securely with IXT tokens on the
 blockchain platform ensuring transactions are streamlined and transparent.

The platform also supports
 premiums, claims and policy management, all integrating seamlessly in your existing workflow and IT systems.

Thanks for watching our video. For more information check out
 our website. 
Instant crypto-backed loans
Meet Bruce and Tom. Like many modern people, they've both invested in cryptocurrencies. 

They just came across this last minute travel deal but
 it expires in 30 minutes. The problem is, none of them has the cash to pay for it.

Next week bitcoin might surge 20%.
 I really don't want to sell my crypto right now and lose all potential profits. Plus I've got to pay exchange and withdrawal fees not to mention the heavy income taxes. 

Even if I sell my coins now, the travel deal will be gone by the time
 I get the cash.

Bruce, what about him?
 Well Bruce already paid. How did he get the cash so quickly?

It's simple. Bruce
 just got an instant crypto backed loan from Nexo. The world's first instant loan secured by crypto assets.

Nexo is powered by Credissimo, a leading
 European fintech group.

Here is how it works.
 You place your crypto in your Nexo wallet on the blockchain. And without any credit checks, you get instant cash from Nexo. No exchange fees, no hidden fees, no taxes.

Best of all you retain all the
 profit from your crypto.

With the
 flexibility of your Nexo loan, you get cash to spend whenever you need it while keeping your crypto.

Who would you rather
 be? Bruce or Tom?

Join Bruce and enjoy your crypto
 wealth today without selling your assets. 

Nexo, the world's first crypto-backed
The home of token trading
In a world where many of our assets are held by others, at Ethfinex we believe in returning control to the user.

 why we design tools that give traders choice. From a huge choice of trading options to create unique strategies, to choosing your level of custody and trusting us with assets for safety. Keeping full control for flexibility or somewhere in between.

But it doesn't stop
 there. We also give our traders control of Ethfinex itself through our Nectar token.

Nectar holders have the power
 to propose and vote on Ethfinex governance decisions from choosing our mission statement to deciding which tokens can be traded on the platform.

We even give a share of trading
 fees from voted in tokens back to customers, so traders research and choose the tokens they believe will be successful in the long term.

 means Ethfinex will always reflect the tokens our community wants to trade rather than those with the biggest pockets or best connections.

Using Ethfinex means being part of
 Ethfinex and being part of Ethfinex means joining the financial evolution of today. 
High speed asset transfers
Payments are one of the obvious killer applications of blockchains. But unfortunately blockchain's current transaction capacity is very limited and therefore unable to support significant adoption.

Full blocks, high fees and
 long confirmation times are the known effects of this limitation. 

The problem is scalability.

Currently the ethereum network is only able to confirm
 roughly 10 transactions per second. Before blockchains will see wide spread adoption for every day payments, they will need to be able to process roughly 100,000 transactions per second.

Adoption also
 requires that the cost of transfers is negligible and the confirmation time is within a subsecond rather than in the range of minutes.

The Raiden
 network aims to solve these problems. It uses a mix of mesh payment channels, deposits and cryptographic tricks to allow for secure token transfers offchain. 

Instead of using the blockchain as a global node
 tree for all transfers, the blockchain is only used as a system to eventually settle netted claims that resulted from offchain transfer activity.

This approach allows
 the Raiden network to scale with the number of users and their transfers. The more users participate, the more transfers can happen concurrently.

 transfers are extremely cheap, fast and private.

The Raiden network will compliment ethereum
 such that it can become a global scaled payment infrastructure for everyday purchases by all of us as well as for the upcoming machine to machine economy.

 original idea of blockchain is to provide a purely pure to pure version of electronic cash. Our mission is to provide the technology which allows this vision to scale towards widespread adoption. 

If you want to learn more about the Raiden network, watch
 our next video or check out our website. 
Autonomous Digital Currency
Today's digital currencies don't scale and suffer from disruptive hard forks. Hard forks can result in lose of investor funds. They also damage investor confidence and can lead to attacks. 

 was built to solve these problems. A hybrid proof of work, proof of stake system ensures that no group can master the flow of transactions or make changes without input from the community.

Decred is the only
 decentralized self ruling currency where everyone has a real voice.

Decred gives
 participants the tools necessary to make decisions about the technical direction of the currency. All participants have a say in its future direction, budget and which projects are developed and presented for vote.

We believe that striking a
 balance between infrastructure owners and currency holders is the only way to build a robust currency now and for the long term. 

Decred has shown resilience where others have
 failed. Thanks to our modular platform, that allows us to integrate new features without disrupting the service. 

Decred's transparency and scalability has not
 gone unnoticed. We won accolades from fellow developers, industry experts and the media.

Launched in February
 of '16, we are completely independent, community funded, community owned.

Decred is engineers,
 artists, entrepreneurs. 

Decred is a global community that
 believes in financial independence and community based governance.

We are the
 currency of choice for anyone who wants to take charge of their financial lives.

 are the digital currency of the people.

Learn more about the
 future of finance at decred.org 
Cryptocurrency for world adoption
Evolution is behind all great achievements. It has allowed us to go from ideas, to space.

It has empowered
 us to turn our dreams into reality.

 distributed ledger technology is the most sophisticated phenomenon in the evolution in the digital world. It is the future.

Energi is the first cryptocurrency
 that brings together some of the most powerful ideas in cryptocurrency.

 beyond just the technical infrastructure. 

We are talking about something that is expansionary at
 its core and this goes beyond common features such as improving on transaction speed, mass scalability, low fees.

 has all of these but the truly game changing proposition here is Energi's decentralized governance and treasury system. And that's a system that not only makes Energi self sustaining but is also a self re-enforcing phenomenon.

That's the
 evolution of cryptocurrency. 

Essentially it's a healthy growth snowball
 effect. As awareness increases, so does its treasury economic power and so does adoption fueled by it.

An organization to be
 self funding, to be able to propel itself and pay its developers, pay its team and to do so in an accelerating way where every dollar you invest in the organization yields to a dollar of greater growth.

It's a positive
 feedback loop.

The development, the marketing, the operations,
 the expansion... A self funded treasury that is well directed is an incredibly powerful machine.

You are
 creating no longer just a cryptocurrency but a living, breathing organization. Something that can be as powerful as world governance. 

In theory banks are a good idea. Bob needs some extra money and he goes to his bank and the bank gives Bob the money and over time Bob pays it back plus some interest. Everyone wins, right?

Well not if you
 are Bob.

Banks understand how dependent
 people are on them, this makes them powerful and ensures they are the ones that make the rules. Rules that are in their best interest, not people like Bob.

Need a credit card? A small business
 loan? Glad to help. Just sign here, here and here. 

Want to show your crypto as part of your
 assets? Forget it Bob. Banks treat crypto like monopoly money. Why does it have to be like this?

It's time for a change.
 Some smart person once said, the world needs banking but it doesn't need banks. Banks generate obscene profits from taking your deposits and giving them out to borrowers. 

Celsius is different. We
 take crypto deposits and use them to lend dollars back to our community so that you our members can keep the profits, earn more interest and pay less for loans.

While banks focus on their own
 profits, our model is built on the community's best interest so that people like you, me and Bob can enjoy the financial freedom we all deserve.

With Celsius
 you can earn up to 5% interest on coins stored in your Celsius wallet. Think of it as your crypto savings account and when you need that dollar loan to let's say pay off your credit card or for a new business loan, you can use your crypto as collateral with a much lower interest rate.

Because it's an asset backed
 loan and you aren't selling your crypto, you won't have to pay tax right away. Meanwhile your coins are stored safely with our custodian and once your loan is paid off, your coins are returned.


Finally the 99%
 has a chance to turn the tables. We now have a way to bank that works for us, not against us.

Here is the cool part. If we bring
 100,000,000 people into crypto, we the people will be the ones in charge. Not the big banks. 

Welcome to banking on the
A free legal repository
Stablecoins are digital assets stored on the blockchain. They are useful for reducing the price volatility of native cryptocurrencies like bitcoin or ether.

They hold the potential to make
 blockchain based commerce more accessible to parties who may be reluctant to expose themselves to cryptocurrency price volatility.

This could be
 particularly true in loan transaction where parties could suffer significant losses relative to more stable fiat currencies like the USD.

So we
 decided to revisit our prior loan demonstration and refactor it to support MakerDAO's DAI stablecoin.

The DAI is a stablecoin
 based on ether and enabled through a sophisticated decentralized mechanism for collateralizing ether and decentralizing governance through related Maker tokens. 

We won't go into great detail about the mechanism in this demo.

At the end of the day the goal of the DAI stablecoin is to reduce
 price volatility.

Let's return to our prior loan demonstration and
 pull up the note.

In this revised
 text you can see that the lender is no longer loaning ether but is now loaning a certain number of DAI stablecoin tokens which are very closely tied to the USD in value.

We'll go ahead and execute this agreement
 between the lender and borrower. 

 [silence] [silence] [silence] [silence] [silence] [silence] [silence] [silence] [silence] [silence] 

Now the borrower will draw against the loan using a
 rudimentary user interface we built and described in our prior loan demonstration to interact with the loan smart contract.

Let's check the borrower's
 balance of DAI before we start. 

Sure enough there were no

Now let's draw against the
 loan. Now let's check the borrower's balance of DAI again in their wallet. 

Sure enough 100 DAI has been transferred to the

 we can see that the balance owing is now 100 DAI. And the draw that happened.

The borrower can also repay using
 DAI. Again this is all being mediated by a smart contract behind this user interface. [silence] [silence] [silence] 

Now we can see that the balance
 owing in DAI has dropped. The payment has been recorded. [silence] 

And the borrower's balance of DAI has
 decreased in their wallet.

There you can go. You can see with the power of
 Open Law's contract automation and blockchain enabled contract and capabilities combined with a stablecoin like MakerDAO's DAI, we are broadening the audience and relevance of blockchain based commercial transactions. 
Distributed, open and extensible naming system
[music] [music] 

The ethereum name service
 announced via Twitter Monday January 14th that it has launched a fully redesigned ENS manager.

The ENS manager interface is built
 with non technical users in mind, allowing for individuals to search for names, manage addresses and create sub domains for names.

One community member noticed a possible
 issue with the apps address look up functionality. But ENS developer Jeff Lowe quickly addressed it. He even indicated that there are plans to later incorporate registration functionality into the manager.

For more news and updates,
 make sure to read today's distributed digest on ETHNews.com [music] [music] 
Simple wallet-to-wallet token trading
Welcome to the world of crypto where the global friction free power of blockchain has given software projects the ability to fund their development by selling tokens.

This year alone token sales
 have raised over $1B USD and this number is growing rapidly. But how do you buy and collect and trade tokens? 

Welcome to Airswap, the simplest way to trade.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain and with the Swap protocol,
 Airswap gives you privacy, security and choice on a global peer to peer trading network with no intermediaries and no trading fees.

 makes it easy to both buy and sell tokens. You can browse tokens and connect directly with others to trade. When ready to trade, Airswap gives you price suggestions that you can use during negotiation.

Once the price is
 agreed, your trade is settled on the Ethereum blockchain quickly, securely and privately.

 gives you the power to trade on a global, decentralized trading platform.

So what can be built on

Developers can develop their own storefront,
 selling tokens to buyers from around the world. Run their own auctions, picking the best price out of a number of bidders. And create marketplaces, allowing groups of people to trade peer to peer.

Airswap is a global token trading
 ecosystem, decentralized, borderless and friction-free.

Your key to joining the Airswap ecosystem
 is the Airswap membership token. 

So join us and be a part of the decentralized future
 at Airswap.io 
Unbank the banked
OmiseGO is one of those projects that so many people are excited about. 


We are building a decentralized
 exchange network that's going to connect different payment systems together. 

 [music] [music] [music] [music] 

My name is
 Casima and I'm the director of engineering for Plasma here at OmiseGO. 

So what is Plasma?
 Plasma is basically an architecture framework for scaling blockchains. 

The goal is to be able to do billions of state updates
 per second on this network which is publically accountable on the public chain.

The nice thing about Plasma
 is it doesn't require any changes to the ethereum base layer. So pretty much anyone can spin off a Plama system whenever. 

This version is working on the official
 [inaudible] network that is created by OmiseGO. It supports ERC20 tokens. 

What do you do have OmiseGO?
 I'm taking care of the [inaudible]. That sounds like a big responsibility. Yes. 

 we are OmiseGO the big core challenge we are trying to address is financial inclusion. How do you make payments through wallets available to everyone in an easy to understand manner.

I think what's missing a lot in the blockchain
 space is how do you just make it accessible to normal people? And I think [inaudible] in terms of the identity and KYC and key management, those are all going to help address a lot of [inaudible] issues. 

 looked at OmiseGO last summer when I saw that Vitalik was meeting with the Central Bank of Thailand. The more I learned about OmiseGO, the more the [inaudible] pervious work and really resonated with me. 

 [music] [music]

I was sold. I really wanted to be a part of this

 [music] [music] [music] [music] [music] [music] [music] 
A peer-to-peer marketplace for rare digital items
It's twenty something, something and you just got yourself an Axie friend. Some sweet neon District pants. Or [inaudible] some precious [inaudible]. And now you want to sell them for some real money. But how? 

You could just go out into that big old internet and find somebody who seems
 trustworthy and hope all goes well in a trade. But if you are a little weary of this option or just want to open up your sale to the masses, you should check out OpenSea.

OpenSea is a live marketplace for all
 things NFT. Its beatiful UI includes smart categorization, filtering and a bidding system.

With OpenSea you are sure to
 find a seller at the price you want for your item. Everyone wins.

To start you want to create a
 Metamask account through Google Chrome, Brave, Firefox or Opera. Simply search for the add-on extension, download and after inputting your pneumonic phrase from your current ethereum based wallet or creating a new account and writing down the seed words, sail on over to OpenSea.

Creating a new OpenSea account is
 simple. Go to account settings in the top right, it'll ask to link to your Metamask wallet and you'll go through a few confirmation screens and signing of the contract. Setup and verify your email and you are all set. 

To list, simply go to the
 item, state your price and click to host on OpenSea which only takes a minimal amount of gas the first time you initiate that contract type or item class.

To purchase, you can buy items outright
 with the Eth you have in your wallet or if you prefer to try luck in bidding on items, simply go to your account and swap your Eth for Weth and place your bids.

If somebody thinks the price is right, the item is

 it, you are ready.

Soon enough you'll be slashing,
 blasting, racing or breeding your way across the blockchain.