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Game-changing blockchain casino technology
Funfair is a developer of the platform, protocol, technology and games. We license the games to affiliates and whitelabel casinos. They are the ones that market it around the world to players.

 the moment in the online gaming industry, players don't always trust the online casinos.

 Technologies is approaching the problem with trust in online gaming by building games that can't cheat. 

There are two specific areas that we think
 we can bring to this that no one else is. The first one is in the presentation of the games. We've been working with video games for years, we know how to make things fun, exciting, fast, engaging.

The second area is around the actual
 underlying way in which we interact with the chain.

The blockchain is a public
 ledger that is completely transparent, that anyone is allowed to see. Because all our games run on the blockchain, we get the fairness and the ability to be able to see the game isn't cheating them.

One of the problems with blockchain
 games is that they have a transaction fee, a gas cost for every transaction. The technology we've pioneered is called fate channels. These all the games to run in realtime at faster than blockchain speeds and yet they don't have a gas cost for each transaction. 

In the conventional online casino world, people have to make
 deposits with credit cards into the casinos' own account. So the players lose control of their own funds. 

In our games the player keeps control of their funds at all times.
 They don't make a deposit, they don't need to make a withdrawal. They just play the games directly from their own cash wallet.

In order to play the games, people use FUN
 tokens. FUN tokens are also used inside the game for various services like random numbers and they are used outside the game to reward affiliates and whitelabeled casinos.

We are building a broad range of products. Everything from
 slot machines to table games, blackjack, baccarat, roulette.

We are building it all on top of this

Our players want games that look
 good. That sound good. That play well. That are competitive with anything else that's out there and yet they are provably fair and lower cost which means players can win more.

We built a great team and I'm
 really excited about what we'll be able to do in the future. 
Rent your bandwidth and earn.
Privacy has long been considered as our basic right and without being aware we are rapidly losing it.

 are being spied upon by our private data captured and secretly used by private entities, criminal organizations and hackers.

Even our own
 governments are quietely passing laws that make it legal to spy on us without our consent.

 it shouldn't be this gloomy.

Today we can and we should fix

 VPN is a great solution but today many simply trust some centralized VPN provider without knowing what really happens to their data behind closed doors.

For many, that is a big

By 2019 the VPN market is estimated
 to be a 70 billion dollar industry. So how can we fix it?

What if you wouldn't have to bother about trusted
 VPN provider? Here comes Mysterium network. The first decentralized VPN service powered by open source technology and ethereum blockchain and smart contracts. 

Mysterium Network will offer us a new
 level of privacy not matched by currently operating centralized VPN providers.

We invite you to
 join us in building this future. A future that respects our privacy. [music] 
Open-source medical encyclopedia
In the medical field the most up to date information saves lives every single day. But right now the best advice in medicine is locked up behind expensive paywalls. And not everyone can afford to pay for it.

The PeerAtlast blockchain exists
 for one purpose, to create and maintain a world class, peer reviewed, ad free medical library on your mobile compatible platform at no charge to the user.

We will eliminate the paywall that
 separates timely peer reviewed medical advice from physicians and the public.

 advice adds great value to care givers. Large publishing companies figured this out and have cornered the market.

Now they can set
 the prices, charge high subscription fees to create the best information. PeerAtlas's blockchain was created by American doctors. We believe that blockchain technology can replace paywall technology to spread the world's best medical advice across the internet.

 paywalls directly increase the already high cost of medical care. That's why we are out to change the status quo.

 solution is an online subscription-free, ad-free platform.

It offers evidence based
 support for clinical decisions, primarily through the use of medical articles and algorithms. 

Healthcare providers around the globe can use our
 information to help them make the best decisions using the most recent discoveries researched by the brightest minds in medicine for their patients.

Medical algorithms are submitted both independently
 and collaboratively by qualified and verified individuals. They are then peer reviewed by teams of world renowned physicians, authors and editors.

It's a rigorous
 process designed to create evidence based recommendations using the most current medical information.

We will earn the trust of patients and their
 physicians along the way.

Our blockchain
 ledger will support the construction and maintenance of a complete and cutting edge library of medicine on our current online platform.

We aim to recruit the best physicians that our money can buy
 in every specialty.

 library is intended to aid a wide community of medical professionals including specialists, general practitioners, physicians assistants, nurse practitioners and registered nurses.

And all of this information will be served to the
 general public without cost or advertisements. 

PeerAtlas will sign contracts with physicians
 to create its library at first while continually improving its user interface with blockchain bounties for developers.

Later a voluntary
 donation system using the PeerAtlas blockchain will benefit new content creators directly and motivate them to keep top quality advice flowing to patients.

Many ethical
 compromises present in some of today's finest medical resources are absent by design in PeerAtlas.

These conflict of interests
 include reliance on advertising revenue. Reliance on subscription revenue. Financial relationships with drug companies or the manufacturers of medical devices. And founders compromised by fiscal or ideological dependence.

PeerAtlas has taken steps to harness
 its powerful blockchain technology to reward qualified individuals that can help its mission in a transparent and ethical manner.

The mission of PeerAtlas is to instantly spread the most
 modern techniques and knowledge in healthcare, free of charge, worldwide.

 are looking for people who share our vision. People who want to change which patients are treated with the best available medical knowledge and techniques.

We are looking for people
 who want to save lives. 
Real world assets into NFT's
[silence] [silence] [silence] [silence] 

0xcert is the first open protocol built
 to support the future of unique assets. This means you can convert your ID, university degree, artwork or even a house into a non fungible token on the blockchain safely stored in your wallet.

[inaudible] provides a framework for
 developers to build powerful, decentralized applications on top of it enabling easy deployment and management of non fungible tokens. 

It hides blockchain complexity and enables
 anyone to create, own and validate unique assets on chain. 

Have you heard of Cryptokitties?
 Since non fungibles have been identified as the new driver behind the blockchain revolution, they are just the first example of what's possible.

With simplified
 KYC process, unique and secure in game items, copyright registration, your priceless baseball card collection, real estate, join us in exploring the opportunities. 

 [silence] [silence] [silence] [silence] [silence] [silence] [silence] [silence] [silence] [silence] 
Block thieves from stealing your coins
Hey there, today we'll be doing a quick demonstration of Blockd by sending all my ether to a burn address.

Blockd provides
 reactive blockchain security by replacing unauthorized transactions with ones that send your funds [inaudible].

Here is the dashboard.
 You will see that I have active blockers protecting 163 and they'll send all of my ether to safety account 7DF.

So we are going to get right into this and
 pretend to be a hacker. Go to Blockd.co for more information if you want to know more about how it works. 

Let's say I gained access to your
 account. I got your private key. I stole your hardware wallet or something like that. And now I have it on my MetaMask. 

Here we are on account and I
 want to steal it all. I'm going to send it to my address at address one and send the max amount. 

So when we send
 this we should see a transaction going from 163 to 001. Let's up etherscan and refresh this and see what happened.

So instead of sending
 to address 1, it's sent to my safety account at 7BF.

So all my ether is now safe here in
 my safety account. In other words they got Blockd.

There is a free limited public beta open
 on Blockd.co at the moment. Thanks for watching. 
Incentivized P2P File-Sharing
There are so many ways of sharing files out there but all of them have one significant drawback. Users get nothing in return when they seemingly share their files with others.

Imagine a file sharing platform
 that rewards you with cryptocurrency for sharing files.


Upfiring is an Ethereum blockchain
 based platform for sharing, seeding and downloading files. With Upfiring all the nodes in the network can communicate with one another directly and without any intermediaries. 

Unlike traditional file sharing P2P networks,
 Upfiring administers and governs all transactions using smart contracts. 

This provides decentralized control over
 file encryption, authentication and ensure the ease of information sharing.

 receive UFR tokens for adding files to the system and seeding them.

You can use your UFR
 tokens to download files from other users and send them to crypto exchanges to convert them into other cryptocurrencies.

Do you want to join us
 in shaping the future of file sharing? 

Get it on our ICO.
(THETA - $????)
Next generation video delivery powered by you
Technology today is amazing. But somehow streaming quality and load times are still terrible. 

Everyone has a computer with extra bandwidth
 to spare, especially when a machine is not being used. And now you can make money but putting that bandwidth to use thanks to Theta token.

Here is how it works. When you are watching your
 favorite streamer or when you area sleep, Theta client will tap into your extra bandwidth to relay video streams to local viewers.

They'll enjoy improved
 stream quality and loading times while you earn Theta tokens. The more you deliver, the more you earn.

With your tokens you can send donations
 to your favorite streamers, unlock premium content and buy and gift virtual items.

Theta is a new blockchain
 built by SLIVER.tv, a leading e-Sports live streaming start-up based in Silicon Valley that has raised more than $17M in venture financing. Has over 2 million users and is growing quickly.

 completed a $20M private token sale in early 2018 and launched its live testnet in June 2018.

Three weeks
 after launch, over 300,000 users from 149 different countries have shared video on the Theta testnet. Over 40% bandwidth offloaded, improved quality and reach all thanks to you, the Theta community.

Theta is a native
 blockchain and open source infrastructure that any partner can build on.

Theta Network, next generation video
 delivery powered by you.

 us at ThetaToken.org 
Prediction market platform
Gnosis is the engine for forecasting the future.

A prediction market enables
 users to leverage their unique knowledge by buying and selling shares in the outcome of an event. If the event results in the direction that you predicted, they earn a profit.

Otherwise, a loss is incurred.

This incentivizes
 users to only participate in markets that they believe they possess unique insight into. 

Markets can be based on any future event that is clearly resolvable,
 such as the outcome of an election or a sports match. The outcome of an upcoming news event, or the price of a stock.

Gnosis enables the creation of these
 markets on a decentralized financial platform. For you this means there is no risk of markets being removed, funds being lost, or websites being inaccessible.

Odds are not set by a centralized
 bookmaker as they are will traditional betting, but through peers participating with a market scoring role.

 follow a life-cycle from initial creation to a participation period, during which shares can be bought and sold to a resolution where oracles are used to close the market in the direction corresponding to the real world outcome.

The Gnosis platform makes
 creating [inaudible] for a topic you care about, as easy as setting up a Facebook page.

 example, a company could benefit from a prediction market to guide their decision making. Or a school could create a custom market for their sports events.

Interested to see what Gnosis
 can do for you? Sign-up and trade now. 
Convert token to another
Today there are 1000s of cryptocurrencies and the future holds millions more. What makes these tokens the most useful is seamlessly converting between them at any time.

Imagine your coffee shop
 points were accepted at any cash register in the world or your airline miles could pay your phone plan with a click of a button.

Say hello Bancor, the world's first decentralized
 liquidity network. A place where you can convert any token to any other.

No exchanges, no
 order books. No buyers and sellers.

 invented the world's first smart token, a digital currency with an embedded converter that allows is to be automatically exchanged for any token in its network.

The Bancor network consists of other
 tokens all connected through BNT. So every token can always be converted into any other.

Any token you
 have for any token you want instantly, automatically and directly from your wallet.

Start converting tokens
 today from any device at Bancor.network [silence] 
Lisk will make it easy for developers to build..
[music] [music] 

 apps or dAPPS are super hot right now. Enormous sums of money and brain power are flowing into the sector, and very exciting things are happening.

 what a pity that it's so hard for beginnings to gain a foothold. Developing and bringing your dAPP to market was no walk in the park until now.

Say hello to
 Lisk, a platform for DAPPS and custom blockchains written in Javascript. Developers can build, publish, distribute and monetize their DAPPS using our custom built cryptocurrency powered system. 

Are you worried that it's too difficult or it's going to be a pain
 to learn all these new languages and toolkits? Not with Lisk.

We're doing it very differently.

You can write DAPPS for Lisk in Javascript, a
 language that over 100,000 coders are fluent in instead of new and unproven languages used by other projects.

It makes for a much lower barrier to entry
 and encourages rapid development cycles.

With Lisk, every decentralized
 application is running in its own side chain with no limits as opposed to a single bloated blockchain.

Lisk has a strong focus on
 an excellent user experience, making it accessible for everyone.

Do you want to sell your
 own dApp and rapidly turn your start-up into a successful business? With our integrated dApp store you can.

Are you ready for

Get your share of Lisk in the
 ICO, it will only last a few weeks so this is your chance.

Lisk, changing the
 way you dAPP. 
How much of your life is stored digitally? Your photos, your files, your most intimate conversations. 

It's all on a
 hard drive somewhere and it's probably easy to access by you but also by the cloud storage companies you trust.

Those companies
 have a track record of handing over your data to governments. Their first priority is to make profit for their shareholders, not your privacy. 

Then there is
 cyber crime. It is become a bigger business than the trade of illicit drugs due to the enormous amount of data stored on cloud servers, they are a target that's hard for hackers to exist.

It's time to take
 security and privacy back into our own hands.

 uses decentralization and encryption to ensure that only you can access your files. The Safe network is completely distributed. There is no central point of control or weakness. The software connects unused computing capacity to form a global network that can handle all data and communications.

It's not just about
 storage, it allows you to safely run any app that exists today while paying you for your contribution.

Here is how it works.
 You create an account without the need to identify yourself and decide how much space you want to dedicate to the network. 

As the space is used,
 Safe coins are given as a reward. Safe coin has a market value and can be freely traded just like bitcoin.

Before you
 upload a file, it is encrypted on your computer. It is then fragmented into small pieces and spread at random throughout the network. Data is stored with redundancy and files are autonomously moved by the network as connected computers are turned on and off.

Only you have the credentials to make it
 available again.

 data and your thoughts belong only to you. You decide what to do with them, no one else. 

MaidSafe -
 privacy, security and freedom for everyone. 
A collective of decentralized marketplaces
Historically we have been conditioned to think that progress requires centralized structures to govern and lead us on the path to economic prosperity. 

Huge corporations, institutions and governments
 have controlled the decision making process and shaped our future.

With the
 advent of the sharing economy, companies such as Uber or AirBnB have brought the power of user networks at the forefront, resulting in lower prices and better user experiences. 

Dispite the obvious progress, the end
 user still pays high costs due to the fees charged for the service, has minimal say in the evolution of these platforms. And might even have his private data sold to 3rd parties.

But what if you could
 create a network of online marketplaces and communities that function as decentralized, autonomous organizations?

 if you could recreate the internet's most popular applications and services, while eliminating rent seeking, centralized decision making and the sale of personal data.

And what if non technical
 users could create and administer these organizations? Gain voting rights and use new means of coordination through financial incentives.

 District0x, a collection of decentralized marketplaces and communities known as districts.

By combining
 technology such as Ethereum, Paragon and IPFS, Distric0x allows users to create, operate and govern districts that are open and extendable, allowing enhanced functionality and customization through auxiliary modules. 

Every district runs a market or bulletin board
 application with functionality such as posting, listings, search and filtering, ranking and reputation or payments and invoicing.

Let's have a look at
 Ethlance, a freelance job market and the first district on the Distric0x network. Ethlance allows users to list and apply for open positions, rank and provide feedback and send and receive invoices.

 does not charge any fees and users only pay the necessary cost of gas to the Ethereum network in order to perform these actions.

Since its launch, projects
 such as Status, Aragon, WeTrust and many more have used the platform to hire key staff.

As opposed to present
 day solutions, Ethlance is built and run by the people at the lowest possible cost for the end user. 

But Ethlance is only the beginning. Soon
 Distric0x will comprise global marketplaces and help the local communities.

Anybody will be able to easily
 design and deploy their own districts to the Distric0x network.

If you want to be a
 part of the decentralized future, contribute and leave the communities of tomorrow, then join Distric0x now. 
An open platform for live video broadcasting
Livepeer is a platform for video transcoding and distribution. 

This is Doug, he's using Livepeer to live
 stream a workshop to his viewers around the world. Doug, our broadcaster, sends video into the Livepeer network. Livepeer transcodes the data into all the formats and bitrates that his viewers can consume.

This is a really important
 broadcast for Doug. How does he know the experience will be high quality?

There are two key actors in the Livepeer
 network that ensure the quality of the live stream -- transcoders and delegators.

 perform the job of transcoding the stream into another bit rate or packaging format for all of Doug's viewers. And delegators are token holders who stake towards transcoders.

Doug knows
 that his transcoder has been nominated by 100s of tokenholders who have chosen to stake their token towards the transcoder. And that is where you come in.

As a token holder
 you want to participate in the network by staking Livepeer token towards a transcoder. You can think about staking like putting a deposit down. Your tokens are locked up for a period of time and then you can take them back or stake towards a different transcoder.

Doing this
 helps ensure the network is more secure.

 cool thing is you earn additional Livepeer token just from staking your token with the transcoder as a reward for ensuring a high quality and secure network.

First when Doug
 pays fees into the network, both transcoders and delegators like you earn a portion of those fees for the work that you are doing to secure the network.

 Livepeer also mints new token over time much like Bitcoin block rewards which are split amongst delegators and transcoders that do honest work. The easiest way for you to stake your tokens is to visit our explorer. 

This will
 display a list of active transcoders on the network. It's your job as a token holder to research transcoders based upon their performance, statistics, rates they are charging and stake your tokens.

 are always here to help if you head on over to Discord. [silence] 
Crypto Trading
Understanding the blockchain technology can be a hard task since a highly technical language is used to describe the technology, thus making the real world implications of the protocol hard to discern.

Thankfully the Loopring protocol
 solves this problem along with others that may face the average crypto user such as the poor user experience of trying to trade on a decentralized exchange, DEX, with anemic trade volume. And the majority of bids are highly opportunistic and out of the money.

Having to keep coins in
 multiple exchanges so you can quickly execute trades on fast moving trade opportunities. And the constant need to transfer tokens between the CEX and your wallet to prevent major losses to a hacked exchange account.

With Loopring, you don't have to worry about
 that. Our ring matching technology can split up a trade across multiple counter-parties that will make trades execute more efficiently than other protocols. 

This is a big differentiator compared to other
 DEX protocols.

The Loopring protocol can be used
 by wallets, DEX, CEX and HEX which makes the liquidity potential far greater than competing protocols.

We put an end to all of these
 problems and many more.

Loopring is the
 perfect platform for you to execute simple, profitable and secure trades.

Visit us at
Sports Betting Exchange Built on Augur and 0x
With the sports betting market being so fragmented and the fact that sportsbooks are centralized authorities that can take weeks to pay or even take your money entirely in case of default, it's no wonder why anyone wouldn't move to blockchain prediction markets.

But even they
 still may take days to confirm the result of events. 

 the other hand, scanning several markets for the best odds is a time consuming process. You could look for advice but risk being misled lying about their records and employee unethical tactics. 

Introducing BlitzPredict. Smart contracts for
 smarter predictions.

The BlitzPredict aggregator
 is constantly scanning the market. You can be sure to always get the best odds available on the time of your wager.

With our auditable
 liquidity reserve, you could be certain that you'll always get paid immediately at the conclusion of an event.

 apply techniques from the financial markets, giving users the opportunity to execute smart contracts when certain criteria are met such as a positive line movement.

Last but not least,
 we reward our communittee's participation. Users can take advantage of our staking options through our expert analytics portal, we can encourage and ensure collaboration and contributions to the platform.

Learn more at
 www.blitzpredict.io and follow us on our social media channels for updates. 
The consensus-driven map of the world
FOAM is building a decentralized proof of location protocol that offers a higher level of security and network strength than conventional location based services. 

 become a location service provider, a radio beacon stakes a safety deposit of FOAM tokens to participate in the network as a zone anchor. And searches three other beacons nearby.

Once four zone anchors are connected,
 they ping messages back and forth to synchronize their clocks.

After reaching consensus
 on the time, a zone is established and the zone anchors are rewarded in FOAM tokens. 

A location customer enters the
 zone and requests a presence claim. Then it transfers the zone authorities a fee.

Each zone authority
 detects its distance to the location customer by measuring the time it takes to receive a message.

Once measured, the zone
 authorities store the information on their local blockchain to reach consensus on what happened. 

The presence claim is sent to
 verifiers. They receive it and check the data against the data recorded within other zones.

This is
 then printed in the ethereum blockchain and made public. And the location customer receives its verified location claim through a decentralized application. 

 of location has uses across an array of verticals. Mobility and transportation. Location based gaming and supply chains.