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Decentralized Finance and Cryptobanking
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Modern financial systems have enabled rapid economic
 expansion and improved the lives of billions. However their centralized design cannot meet today's growing financial needs.

 Aurora. The decentralized crypto banking and financial platform.

By combining
 a real time decentralized asset exchange with the world's first decentralized bank, Aurora creates a stable financial platform that anybody, regardless of geographic location or status can use to secure their financial freedom. 

Here is how.

IDEX, Aurora's
 hybrid decentralized exchange allows any ethereum crypto currency to be traded securely and in real time. Traders can place and fill multiple market orders at once and cancel orders instantly without incurring gas costs.

 operates hand and hand with the Boreal, Aurora's price stable crypto currency.

Backed by a combination of
 crypto currency reserves and debt, Boreals are accepted at their target value for payment for IDEX trading fees and eventually for other services within the growing dApp economy. 

IDEX and the Boreal will migrate to operate on
 Snow Globe, a side chain protocol that enables multiple high performance exchanges to share liquidity.

Snow Globe will expand the number of exchanges
 backing the Boreal and serve as the foundation that enables Aurora to scale to the level of the current financial system.

As Boreal usage
 grows, Aurora will begin to issue loans in the currency through the first crypto bank.


Blockchain based identity and credit systems
 will allow for accurate risk assessment, enabling decentralized capital to bring a digital banking solution to consumers in all parts of the world.

Aurora will be the first fully decentralized crypto
 banking and financial platform where anybody in the world can trade, borrow or grow their wealth securely and in real time.

Join the
 evolution of finance today. 
cyber security pen testing on ethereum
As technology advances, hackers are continuously evolving their methods and yet due to traditional penetration testing and paper [inaudible] models, strong penetration testing solutions have remained unattainable for SMEs leaving them highly vulnerable. 

The time has come for that to change.
 Introducing Buglab, the affordable, versatile blockchain solution for asset pen testing. At its core, Buglab provides two distinct platforms designed to help SMEs across the globe navigate the threats of the digital space.

Buglab contests and the
 vigilante protocol. 

With contests, expert security researchers compete
 against one another in competitions launched by clients. Here is how they work.

The scope is
 defined and the contest begins. For pen testers, it's a race against the clock to scour the client's infrastructure for vulnerabilities.

Submissions are
 timestamped on the blockchain, ensuring transparency and immutability which Buglab triages, ranks and scores the severity of identified vulnerabilities.

Real time reporting
 allows clients and pen testers to work on repairs immediately. When the content ends, pen testers are ranked according to their cumulative discoveries. To safe guard their identities, they are then rewarded by the BGL token. 

Meanwhile clients receive a comprehensive
 contest report. In addition to pen testing contests, Buglabs vigilante protocol provides an avenue for whitehats globally to share their own vulnerability discoveries.

Upon identifying vulnerabilities,
 white hats connect with Buglab who then partners with CERT and CSIRTs all over the world to verify the findings. After which the company at risk will be notified.

Once the company
 fixes the identified vulnerabilities, the white hat is automatically rewarded using smart contract with BGL tokens from the vigilante protocol reserve.

Finally the companies are also
 invited to directly reward the white hat and launch a Buglab contest to take precautions against further potential data breaches.

To learn
 more about Buglab contests, the vigilante protocol and how SMEs can change the way digital asset pen testing is done, visit our website. 
On-chain liquidity provider
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Let me share with you a quick overview of Kyber Network.

Kyber is working towards a future
 where any token is usable anytime, anywhere.

Today there are already
 1000s of different tokens and protocols. And we expect this number to explode over the next few years.

The innovation is obviously amazing.
 However there is one major problem that we need to address. The vast majority of these tokens are used [inaudible] or for their own specific use cases leading to a fragmented ecosystem where the usability of both tokens and applications are extremely limited. 

What Kyber is doing is becoming
 the bridge between the whole universe of tokens and applications and allowing the tokens to [inaudible] anywhere.

 example, for gold token holders, they should be able to use the tokens to buy a t-shirt, to play video games or event invest in hedge funds. And of course it's not just about gold tokens but any kind of tokens that one might hold.

Let me
 explain a little bit on how things work. At the heart of Kyber, there is a decentralized liquidity network which enables anyone to openly contribute liquidity by being a reserve. And at the same time, any applications can freely integrate and have access to the liquidity pool.

Tokens supported
 by the network will become instantly usable across all the integrated applications. 

I know it sounds a little bit [inaudible], so let me
 give you a few examples.

Say you have a lot of
 OMG tokens and you want to use them but your favorite t-shirt store only wants to accept stablecoins. So once the store integrates with Kyber, you can purchase a t-shirt using OMG or any token of your choice. [inaudible] will receive the payment in their preferred token, be it DAI, ETH or TrueUSD.

This is possible because Kyber's
 liquidity network supports instant token to token transactions.

 for any decentralized financial applications including [inaudible] index fund that have integrated with Kyber, you would then be able to contribute to the fund in different tokens that are available on Kyber.

 the same [inaudible] the fund can instantly rebalance its portfolio into its desired mix of tokens. 

Everything is done on the smart contract and fully
 on chain leading to a fully secure, transparent and verifiable financial system.

As you can see from these two simple
 examples, what Kyber focuses on is removing as much friction as possible for the uses of any kind of tokens across any kind of use case.

We do
 so by enabling three things. First of all making it easy for any applications to integrate with Kyber. Secondly, removing risk and uncertainty from every single transaction. And lastly by making the whole process transparent and secure.

We believe that the
 removal of these barriers is critical for mainstream adoption for decentralized applications. 

We do not see a future in which
 you have to hold and buy 50 different tokens to use 50 different dApps. Token holders should be able to use any tokens they have to access all the use cases available.

On the flip side, decentralized
 applications should dramatically expand their user base by integrating with Kyber and accepting any kind of tokens.

Let me end with some thoughts on how
 we view the blockchain space today.

 off we believe liquidity is not just about trading but liquidity really boils down to usability or how [inaudible] tokens can be used across many different applications and use cases with as little friction as possible.

When that is
 achieved, the entire decentralized ecosystem will be able to work much better together to realize its full potential.

 we believe that the first phase of the tokenized world really arrived when bitcoin created its own token as we know it. Following ethereum isolated the evolution by making it easy for developers and asset holders to create the token without deploying their whole new chain

 we are now is a world that has an exploding number of tokens, [inaudible] as a result, the next phase has to be one where tokens [inaudible] become usable and accepted in as many ways as possible.

This is the future that
 Kyber is going towards. One where the decentralized ecosystem operates together seamlessly and where any tokens are usable any time, anywhere. [music] 
CargoX is reshaping the global logistics industry
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The bill of lading is the oldest standardized
 document in cargo shipping. This three fold legal document holds the key to cargo ownership which makes it the most valuable piece of paper in global logistics.

Slow and expensive, prone
 to human error, loss and counterfeiting, the workflow of this important document remained basically unchanged to this day.

 is a new force on the logistics market with a mission to forever change the bill of lading. 

Latest developments
 in blockchain technology have enabled us to create a bullet proof smart bill of lading workflow. 

Instead of printing the bill and the hassle
 and expenses involved with couriers, with CargoX creating and sending a smart BL is just a few clicks away and available at a mere 10% of the price.

If the BL is loss or
 stolen, it takes weeks to issue a new one. In the meantime, the cargo is already in the destination port and the importer is paying hundreds of dollars per day in costs. 

With CargoX smart BL,
 this can never happen. Let us show you how easy it is to create a send a smart BL using an every day example.

 soon as the cargo is loaded, the logistics company creates a new smart BL in our web based application and sends it to the exporter. 

This and all of the following steps utilize the latest
 encryption protocols to transfer the digital BL in a matter of minutes and at a fraction of the cost associated with paper based BLs. 

When payment for goods is received, the exporter transfers
 the smart BL to the importer with just a few clicks.

Sounds too good to be true? It's actually
 even better.

The inner workings of the blockchain
 are based on open standards and decentralized. Most importantly, they are verifiable by anyone at any time. 

For our users, this means
 the ultimate security, enterprise level reliability and peace of mind.

Within hours of the ship leaving port,
 the importer receives the smart BL and the transfer to the release agent can be made. 

 ahead of its cargo, the smart BL is already at its final destination and the goods can be released as soon as the ship arrives. 

No delays, no

 into the future. 
Decentralized communications protocol for journalists and citizens
The journalism industry today is on a dangerous path. There is really only a handful of ways to pay for the news. 

Journalism is sometimes
 referred to as the first draft of history.

This is a sacred institution
 that is facing an existential threat like never before. 

Papers have been closing and downsizing for years and that affects all of

The world is changing. Technology introduces
 new challenges, new opportunities.

 need a radically new business model or we are going to see journalism be eradicated.

We are using blockchain and
 crypto economics to pursue that end. [music] [music] [music] 

I am Matthew Iles, I'm the CEO of the Civic Media Company. Our mission is to create a
 network committed to the cause of independent sustainable journalism around the world.

The funding models of
 journalism have been eroding around us for the last 20 years or so. The internet wrongly taught us that stuff should be free. And then you monetize the attention that you've accrued to 3rd party advertisers.

Print advertising, digital
 advertising, a lot of those have basically disappeared. And local news organizations are under terrible duress. 

It's systematically starved entire
 swaves of populations from having real critical information about what's happening around them.

That's not conducive to serving citizens
 and finding and reporting on under reported stories.

We need to flip this
 incentive model on its head and that's what we are trying to do at Civil.

When I first thought of
 Civil, I wanted to create a decentralized marketplace for sustainable journalism, having no idea how to actually build it.

And then I discovered

The point of Civil is to take the big media company
 out of the equation.

We are trying to effectively
 rewrite the technology stack of the entire journalism industry from the bottom up in a permanent and publicly owned manner.

I'm passionate about journalism
 because of what it means to a free and open and just society. But as an entrepreneur, I'm obsessed with the business model problem. I think it's one of the most wicked business model problems that any industry is facing.

Public trust in the media is at
 a historic low today. We think there is an opportunity to build a new model quite literally from the ground up that prioritizing the process that goes into reporting these stories and that provides a new level of transparency to readers.

Civil provides journalists with the tools
 they need to build sustainable businesses.

From subscription
 businesses to crowd funding models and beyond, businesses that prioritize the process of quality journalism. 

We are recruiting a community that will govern the platform and will ensure that
 publishers on Civil are always adhering to the highest journalistic standards.

Civil is built on the ethereum
 blockchain. This is as much as anything a decentralized publicly owned concept. So we need to get ourselves out of the way as rapidly as possible. And we are using technology called tokens to do that. 

The Civil token is a consumer token. It is a
 voting stake on the platform.

Token holders
 will have a vote on who can publish on Civil and will play a pivotal role in holding them accountable with economic incentives built right into the technology.

It's a unique opportunity
 to shape the future of journalism and help preserve it for generations to come.

We can't do this without
 you. We can't do this without distributing our tokens to as many mission aligned people, journalists, organizations as possible.

The first set of news rooms that have
 signed onto Civil are known as the first fleet. They've been in the trenches of journalism. They have seen the problems of making good quality news and journalism in the 21st century.

Civil is seeking to be a platform
 for us, not a publisher.

The journalism you see up here
 today are the owners of the Colorado Sun and we will be the ones calling the shots.

Civil has deliberately
 chosen to focus its initial news rooms on local, international, investigative and policy journalism.

We have a ton of news rooms that we are launching with that we are really excited about.

When you encounter a news room on Civil,
 you'll know that that news room has committed to publish according to the purpose, values, working standards of our platform which is called the Civil Constitution.

The point of the Civil Constitution is
 to make sure that we all have a common understanding so that we can have a generally agreed upon framework that any news room, any journalism on the platform agrees to abide by. 

The Civil Media Company is not the arbiter
 of whether or not you are doing that, the public is.

We are at the very beginning
 of what we think is a long road but it's one we believe will inject new life into journalism at a critical time and ensure it survives and thrives long into the future. 
Invest, own, and trade security tokens.
If you're watching this, you are among the 2% of people that understand that the future of trading assets is going to look very different from how it looks now.

 real estate for example. Big chunky illiquid investments dominated by a select few with a tremendous amount of money being redirected to middlemen. 

That's going to change.

 Blockimmo, a blockchain powered real estate platform. Our platform enables investments in properties, fundraising for development projects and traditional private property exchanges.

For all three we cut out middlemen,
 resulting in an efficient and decentralized system so that the value stays between the key parties involved. 

You are probably thinking blockchain is crypto, right? It's all just
 speculation and talk of innovation without any real execution.

Wrong. That's where we
 come in.

Blockchain will change every area in our
 lives. We are coding the future. We are leveraging the technology. We are investing in our skill set every day with simplified and streamlined real estate. With a system of smart contracts on the ethereum blockchain, the foundation of our software stack.

 enables a simple, robust platform. 

Security is a top priority. We've architected and
 implemented each layer in our stack with our users safety in mind. We've battle testing our software with a series of external audits and an on-going bug bounty.

We stay curious. We
 train our brain every day and hire only a select few. The ones with the right fundamental right set.

Even so, we are able to grow exponentially
 through smartly executing technology.

Our aim is to bridge the technology gap between blockchain and
 the user and our strategy is simple.

Constantly iterate and ship.

By improving and
 simplifying the user experience on a daily basis, we bridge the tech gap and deliver true value to our users.

Within the blockchain
 ecosystem, it's time to get shit done and that's exactly what we've been doing.

We will keep building and improving the awesomeness of the
 technology. But it's going to be product first.

So this is really happening? Yes.
 Do you think you'll adopt when the time comes?

 again. The time has come and you can be part of it today.

Join us as a team member, as a client,
 as an investor or as a partner.

 join the real estate platform of the future today. 
Video game on ethereum blockchain
Blocklords is coming to ethereum. 

The first grants to energy blockchain game is about to
 undergo some huge changes. 

March your armies across the map like never
 before. Fight the banded menace to improve your [inaudible] 

Amass countless resources
 to craft the ultimate items. 

 off those who would take what is yours. Conquer the city and you will become lord. Once powerful enough, you might even dream of becoming king of the land. But first you will have to prove yourself.

Now introducing
 NFT heroes. Forge your hero in battle and sell him for the highest offer. Or conquer the world.

Your hero,
 your choice.

Get the first
 batch of limited edition NFTs at the DGaming store and bide your time my lord. 

 ethereum. Coming soon. 
Casino built on ethereum
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0xUniverse is a blockchain-based space strategy
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Ethereum smart wallet
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Argent is a gateway to the blockchain space,
 more specifically to ethereum.

We have solved
 the core security and usability issues of blockchain for users by really moving security and logic at the protocol layer.

 Argent, you get the same experience as you are used to with your bank. So imagine a bank that is fully distributed, we don't hold your money, we don't hold your assets. You are in control of your assets and your identity but you don't need to backup a private key on paper. You don't need to worry about someone stealing your assets. The smart contract will protect them. 

And we abstract complex concepts like transaction fees or
 gas fees in the ethereum space. 

Here I've passed face
 ID, I'm now in Argent and it looks like a very sick wallet with all my assets. But what's unique is the private key on the phone doesn't hold any assets. It's really just a remote control to your smart contract that is in the blockchain with your assets. It's your smart contract, you control it.

Here for example I'll send a few
 DAI. I pick a friend, let's say I send 2 DAI and that's literally easier than with your typical banking app. You don't have to worry about fees as Argent takes care of all of that complexity.

So what you will see in the coming
 months is the launch of decentralized finance service where the wallet will take care of all of the complexity and on your phone in one tap you'll be able to open a secured loan with Maker or earn interest with Compound.

That's something where a smart wallet
 can do in an elegant way. 

With Argent, we use
 AWS to get the same benefits. It's a small team, you can build really powerful platforms.

We use many of the typical
 services from [inaudible] with [inaudible] currently.

Then AWS
 also offers very specific services that we need. For example, KMS is a very important component for us. It allowed us to save a lot of time to access [inaudible] infrastructure.

 while we don't hold assets of users, we still interact with the blockchain. So we still need it to be able to hold private keys, sign with these private keys for various services and KMS makes that very easy and very fast to develop.

 find out more about Argent, go on our website and you can access the links to the app on iOS or Android. 
Noob friendly wallet
I'm Austin Griffith, I'm the director of research at Gitcoin. I created the Burner Wallet and we are using it here at the conference at ethereum 2019.

The Burner
 Wallet is a fast web wallet. No downloads, no seed phrases, instant onboarding.

You pick up your
 burner wallet, it exists in your browser and you can go right up to a food truck and scan a QR code and buy a meal.

The Burner Wallet runs on a side chain called
 xDAI and that ramps in and out to ethereum. 

That's the best part about the Burner Wallet, no technical
 background. I don't want to hit you with a seed phrase or block times or any of that. I want you to be able to use it right away.

My mom can use a Burner Wallet.

If you want to
 setup a Burner Wallet, you can hit request in your Burner Wallet and request $5 for hot dogs and setup your shop. It'll give you a QR code, you can post that in your window and you are good to go.

 you want to run a full on event, reach out to me but also there is a ton of content online.

 to host a Burner Wallet is one of my medium articles. It goes through all the mechanics of how it works. 
Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform
Exchange crypto within minutes. Or buy with a credit card.

 from 100 currencies listed. Enjoy the best market rates. Only one transparent fee.

24 hour live support.
 Swap easily and fast with Changelly. 
Art trading on blockchain
Transform ownership into art all with

Without any digital or physical art work,
 the art is just ownership of the non physical art work.

This might sound strange but artists have been trying
 to make ownership into art for centuries. 

Yves Klein, the famous French artist sold empty
 space over a river for a pile of gold. But now you can buy pure ownership with 0xownsart.

 visit our website, select the version you want to buy and make your purchase. 

 runs on the ethereum blockchain. So you'll need to install Metamask and get some ethereum in your wallet.

All you need is to deposit your ethereum into
 the contract first. Buy art work from your balance and set your resale price.

Don't forget
 to keep resale price higher than the current price so that you can make a profit.

Once someone else matches your
 price, your balance will be credited and you can buy the art work again. Or withdraw your ethereum. 

Enjoy being a blockchain art collector
 with 0xownsart today. 
Blockchain Battle Royale
Rated R for ridiculous. 

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Decentralized Ethereum Chicken Hunting Game.
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Blockchain game
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