Singularis a sci fi epic adventure televisionseries about the path the world could take as decentralizationscales and artificial intelligenceemerges, leading to conscious systems that guideus into a technological singularity,propelling the human race, us homosapiens,into the next level of human evolution,what we are calling homotrascendous.

You'll be able to watch Singular through our transaction video on
demand portal, And byutilizing decentralized methodologies and applications,SingularDTV is innovating across all facetsof the entertainment industry, from how wefund our projects to how we share them with theworld.

SingularDTV's rights, revenue and royalty management
platform will address today's lackof transparency and fundamentally change the prominenceof creative accounting in the entertainment industry.

rights management platform will empower creates, bygiving them back control over their creativeoutput.

Singular has partnered
with a venture production studio ConsensysSystems who are programming this new decentralized world on Ethereum'srevolutionary blockchain, a technology where you cancreate your vision of a more prosperity future. Amore interactive and connected society. Adecentralized world of transparency and incorruptiblesystems.

It's societal engineering at
its most innovative andbold and [inaudible] altruistic.

is a unique tokenized ecosystem,made up of a centrally organized governancecomponent as well as a decentralized autonomous organizationalcomponent.

This new structure is the SingularDTV
CODE which stands for centrallyorganized distributed entity.Its tokens called Singlesallow the user to benefit from and maneuver through the SingularDTVecosystem.

This is Zach [inaudible], co-creator of the TV series Singular
saying thank you and please visit our website to learn more.

We need your support in launching the first
ever decentralized television series.
What if I told you there was a new digitalcoin that married the best aspects of currentcryptocoins with the safety and stability of gold,the oldest continuous store of value known to humanity.

Cryptocoins in their current form have two major
drawbacks. One, volatility.You simply cannot reliably transact with a cointhat has more short-term price volatility than competingtraditional options.

Centralization. If you
have a single point of failure such as a bigdepot where a large amount of coins are stored, criminalswill find a way to exploit that weakness, hack through thesecurity and steal the coins.

But what if you could eliminate that
price volatility by tying a digital cointo an asset that has real, stable andhistorical value like gold.

What if that gold digital
coin was traded person to person without any centralizedintermediary like a bank or other institution inthe way.

You would have created a
revolution in digital coins.

This is
exactly what Digix has done.

Digix has
taken all of the innovative realitiesin a current digital coin, the blockchain, transactionalprivacy, minimal transfer fees and backedit up with the world's oldest and longest standingstore of value, gold.

With the Digix
tokens, you own actual physical gold stored in avault in Singapore, one of the world's safestand most private locations in the world.

You can redeem
your Digix tokens for physical gold any time youwish. Or you can trade your digital gold backedDigix tokens on the Ethereum blockchainfor goods, services or other digital assets.

And because Digix tokens are transacted
person to person, there is no centralized depot forcriminals or hackers to exploit.

So if you have a
family member that you want to send money to, Digix tokens give you away to send value to them that can go acrossthe world without any bank or other intermediarygetting in the way.

Or if you have a business online or you are
an artist selling your art work, with Digixtokens you can accept payment from anyone, anywhere inthe world without the hassle of dealing with banks or paying their bloatedfees.

Digix tokens are the next evolution
of digital coins, marrying the best of thenew way of sending value person to person,anywhere in the world, instantly without any intermediary.

And with the stability and peace of mind
of the world's oldest currency,gold.
Thesedays,it seems like nothingis safe from tampering. Huge corporationsare hacked, digital evidence modified, importantrecords are faked.

changes all that.

You create a
digital fingerprint of your data, so privateinformation stays private. Factom thenpublishes that digital fingerprint in a permanent ledger,distributed across the globe.

data is locked in place by the blockchain.One of the most secure networks onthe planet.

powerful new tools that hold governments, corporations and institutionsaccountableforever.

allows you to create transparent public records.This can make fraud, corruption andforgery a thing of the past.

volume of information that can be secured with Factom isunlimited.

For example, we secured the entire project
Gutunberg, over 29,000 books on theblockchain with a singlehash.

Factor could secure the entire human genome
or every bank record in existence.

With Factom, you'd never lose your child's birth
certificate and no one could ever take creditfor your work.

Factom let's us build a better world that's safe, secure,
private andhonest.
We all have lots of valuable filesthat we want to store in the cloud for safe keeping,family photos, music, work documents ordeveloper's application data.

Today in cloud storage,
a single company controls your data and in recentyears the trend has increasingly been for companies toabuse the privacy rights of users in pursuit of higherprofits.

That's why we
created Sia, a collaborative cloud fordata storage.

Sia is a peer to peer network formed of
many hosts located around the world, removingthe centralized server reduces storage costsand it improves access speed and reliability.

Your encrypted files are spread across multiple
nodes, no single host holds any significant piece.

It's a decentralized distributed storage
network that's tracked by smart contracts.

Data is encrypted using keys which only the uploader

Sia blows traditional storage
out of the cloud, putting you back incontrol.

Discover the new standard
in data storage
Steem was built to empowerpeople across the world. The Steem blockchainhas many ways for the regular person to earncryptocurrency.

In Steem, regular
people get rewarded with Steem for created and curatingcontent as well as for mining, trading andholding the currency.

Similar to other cryptocurrencies,
it pays contributors bycreating new tokens at a set rate with specificrules.

The technology that powers Steem
has publicly demonstrated its ability to process thousands ofactions per second which is more than enough capacityto handle several times the activity of some popularsocial media platforms such as

In social media applications, Steem
rewards users with Steem dollars and votingpower for posting and curating quality content from all overthe internet.

One application for this is

50% of
Steem's content rewards are paid asSteem Power which gives the winners more power tocurate content and get Steem rewards. And the other50% of all Steem's content rewards are paid in Steemdollars which drives their use.

In payments and
remittance, the Steem dollar is a cryptocurrencythat is always worth about $1 worth ofSteem.

With this, anyone can reward,
pay and remit to others without the monetaryand cognitive costs of price swings.

stability of the Steem dollar represents an opportunityto serve the 2 billion unbanked people on ourplanet.

For other types of people, Steem represents
opportunities for our creators, curators,remitters, merchants, market makers,shoppers, entrepreneurs, bloggers,commenters, internet readers,community leaders, referrers and sign-up party hosts.

Check out Steem's informational website, to learn more.

Or meet
up with the community in the Steem Slack channel byfollowing thislink.
Imagine a company,this company has a lot of expenses butwhat if you could remove those expenses and give themoney saved to the shareholders as profit?

Imagine you could be one of these
shareholders and you could trade your shares with anyone,as easy as sending email but without anymiddlemen, brokers or commissions.

Well now you can with Bitshares.

are shares of digital companies that are traded directlyfrom person to person over the internet. Digitalcompanies exist entirely in software,and it runs on the computers of the customers that use them.

was the firm digital company that calls its sharescoins and promoted their use as a form of money.

Bitshares goes beyond Bitcoin to offer
many new and more profitable companies inindustries like banking, stock exchanges,auctions, music, voting,lotteries, insurance and many more.

does for business what Bitcoin is doingfor money.

To learn more,

apps or dAPPS are super hotright now. Enormous sums ofmoney and brain power are flowing into the sector,and very exciting things are happening.

what a pity that it's so hard for beginnings to gain afoothold. Developing and bringing yourdAPP to market was no walk in the park untilnow.

Say hello to
Lisk, a platform for DAPPS and custom blockchainswritten in Javascript. Developers can build,publish, distribute and monetize their DAPPS usingour custom built cryptocurrency powered system.

Are you worried that it's too difficult or it's going to be a pain
to learn all these new languages and toolkits? Notwith Lisk.

We're doing it very differently.

You can write DAPPS for Lisk in Javascript, a
language that over 100,000 coders are fluent in insteadof new and unproven languages used by otherprojects.

It makes for a much lower barrier to entry
and encourages rapid developmentcycles.

With Lisk, every decentralized
application is running in its own side chainwith no limits as opposed to a single bloatedblockchain.

Lisk has a strong focus on
an excellent user experience, making itaccessible for everyone.

Do you want to sell your
own dApp and rapidly turn your start-up into a successfulbusiness? With our integrated dApp store youcan.

Are you ready for

Get your share of Lisk in the
ICO, it will only last a few weeks so this is yourchance.

Lisk, changing the
way youdAPP.
Welcome to Status, yourgateway to the decentralized web.

As we
become more connected via technology, webecome part of a seemingly endlessnetwork of institutions and 3rd party services,claiming to make our lives easier.

These institutions
serve as a trusted middleman to help facilitateour transactions. While this maysound great, serious problemsexist.

We now have a fragmented system of identities and
passwords. We have placed far toomuch of our personal data in the hands of others and wehave given too much power to banks and legalsystems.

Luckily, there is another way.

the decentralized web on the Ethereum public blockchain.The blockchain is a decentralizeddatabase that stores a registry of assets,smart contracts and transactions across aglobally connected peer to peer network.

used to its full potential, it will fundamentallychange our conception of how the internet,finance and law works. And it can completelyeliminate our reliance on trusted3rd parties.

It's not an app. It's not a company.
It's not owned by anyone rather it'san open system owned byeveryone.

So how do we interact with the next
generation of the internet? How do we ensure itremains decentralized?


Just as browsers provide a gateway
to websites and institutions, Statusprovides a gateway to decentralized apps and services.More than an app, Status is a community,governed by its own users and givesaccess to a world free from controllinginterests and censorship. It works with a number ofdecentralized apps built on Ethereumto replace your wallet and bank, combining them with amessenger and browser.

Simply put, Status
is an open portal to the future web.

Meet Justin, Justin has recently moved
from London to LA. It's a sunny morning andJustin is ready to get his day started.

He gets
dressed, grabs his cell phone and hits the road,feeling empowered with the capabilities of Statusin his pocket.

First stop is the local coffee
shop. No wallet? No problem. Justin pays forhis coffee with Ether from his Statuswallet. And while waiting for his coffee,he checks his stock portfolio and sees gold is up big overnight. Time to cash out some of his holdings.

Justin opens up Status and trades a portion of his Digix
gold tokens for a more stable currency.Not content with his gold earnings, he heads back to Statusand starts scanning Ethlance for work. He's a graphicdesigner and looking for a freelance gig.

Within seconds, he finds numerous companies
in his field looking for people just likehim.

He's in luck, he quickly finds a two week
freelance gig for a local agency. They message back almostimmediately. He is perfect for the job,they just need some background information beforefinalizing the contract.

Via uPort, Justin
shares the requested credentials to prove hisidentity. And Justin has now paid for coffee, conquered themarkets, and landed a job all while usingStatus.

He has done this freely without
middlemen and on his own terms.

makes all of this possible in a simple and seamlessway.

Join Status now and become part of the
decentralized web.
Gnosis is the engine forforecasting the future.

A prediction market enables
users to leverage their unique knowledge by buying andselling shares in the outcome of an event. If theevent results in the direction that you predicted, they earn aprofit.

Otherwise, a loss is incurred.

This incentivizes
users to only participate in marketsthat they believe they possess unique insight into.

Markets can be based on any future event that is clearly resolvable,
such as the outcome of an election or a sportsmatch. The outcome of an upcoming news event, or the priceof a stock.

Gnosis enables the creation of these
markets on a decentralized financialplatform. For you this means there is no risk ofmarkets being removed, funds being lost, orwebsites being inaccessible.

Odds are not set by a centralized
bookmaker as they are will traditional betting,but through peers participating with a market scoring role.

follow a life-cycle from initial creation to aparticipation period, during which shares can be boughtand sold to a resolution where oracles are usedto close the market in the direction corresponding to thereal world outcome.

The Gnosis platform makes
creating [inaudible] for a topic you careabout, as easy as setting up a Facebook page.

example, a company could benefit from a predictionmarket to guide their decision making. Or a school could create a custommarket for their sports events.

Interested to see what Gnosis
can do for you? Sign-up and trade now.

Augur is a prediction market
platform that rewards the user for correctly predictingfuture events.

markets allow users to purchase and sell shareson the outcome of an event. The current marketprice of a share is the estimate of the probabilityof an event actually occurring.

prices of each share adds up to $1, soif you buy a share at even odds it will cost you $0.50.If you end up being right, you'll receive$1.00 for that share.

These markets
rely on the scientific principle known as the wisdomof the crowd which states that if you ask enoughpeople something, their average answer is usuallyfar more accurate than any expert.

This allows
us to create one of the most powerfulforecasting tools. The problem withprevious prediction markets is that they werecentralized, allowing them to be easily shut down.

problem is that with any prediction market,someone has to report what actually happenedafter the event occurred.

In centralized
markets, one person does this which meansthere can be mistakes or outright manipulation.

With Augur, we'll have 1000s of
users reporting on these outcomes usingsomething called reputation. Using Augur,anyone, anywhere in the worldcan create a market asking a question about anything.

makers provide some initial fundingfor the market, and in return receives some tradingfees.

Anybody can freely buy and
sell shares on the outcome of that marketand the current share prices provide the best estimateof that event occurring.

Imagine being
able to Google questions about things that haven'thappened yet and receiving accurate odds oftheir occurrence.

That power, the power to
glimpse into the future is what we believe everyoneshould have access to.