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  • Steem is a social blockchain that grows communit..
    Steem was built to empowerpeople across the world. The Steem blockchainhas many ways for the regular person to earncryptocurrency.

    In Steem, regular
    people get rewarded with Steem for created and curatingcontent as well as for mining, trading andholding the currency.

    Similar to other cryptocurrencies,
    it pays contributors bycreating new tokens at a set rate with specificrules.

    The technology that powers Steem
    has publicly demonstrated its ability to process thousands ofactions per second which is more than enough capacityto handle several times the activity of some popularsocial media platforms such as Reddit.com

    In social media applications, Steem
    rewards users with Steem dollars and votingpower for posting and curating quality content from all overthe internet.

    One application for this is

    50% of
    Steem's content rewards are paid asSteem Power which gives the winners more power tocurate content and get Steem rewards. And the other50% of all Steem's content rewards are paid in Steemdollars which drives their use.

    In payments and
    remittance, the Steem dollar is a cryptocurrencythat is always worth about $1 worth ofSteem.

    With this, anyone can reward,
    pay and remit to others without the monetaryand cognitive costs of price swings.

    stability of the Steem dollar represents an opportunityto serve the 2 billion unbanked people on ourplanet.

    For other types of people, Steem represents
    opportunities for our creators, curators,remitters, merchants, market makers,shoppers, entrepreneurs, bloggers,commenters, internet readers,community leaders, referrers and sign-up party hosts.

    Check out Steem's informational website,
    Steem.io to learn more.

    Or meet
    up with the community in the Steem Slack channel byfollowing thislink.
    A Blockchain Entertainment Studio, Smart Contract
    Singularis a sci fi epic adventure televisionseries about the path the world could take as decentralizationscales and artificial intelligenceemerges, leading to conscious systems that guideus into a technological singularity,propelling the human race, us homosapiens,into the next level of human evolution,what we are calling homotrascendous.

    You'll be able to watch Singular through our transaction video on
    demand portal, SingularDTV.com. And byutilizing decentralized methodologies and applications,SingularDTV is innovating across all facetsof the entertainment industry, from how wefund our projects to how we share them with theworld.

    SingularDTV's rights, revenue and royalty management
    platform will address today's lackof transparency and fundamentally change the prominenceof creative accounting in the entertainment industry.

    rights management platform will empower creates, bygiving them back control over their creativeoutput.

    Singular has partnered
    with a venture production studio ConsensysSystems who are programming this new decentralized world on Ethereum'srevolutionary blockchain, a technology where you cancreate your vision of a more prosperity future. Amore interactive and connected society. Adecentralized world of transparency and incorruptiblesystems.

    It's societal engineering at
    its most innovative andbold and [inaudible] altruistic.

    is a unique tokenized ecosystem,made up of a centrally organized governancecomponent as well as a decentralized autonomous organizationalcomponent.

    This new structure is the SingularDTV
    CODE which stands for centrallyorganized distributed entity.Its tokens called Singlesallow the user to benefit from and maneuver through the SingularDTVecosystem.

    This is Zach [inaudible], co-creator of the TV series Singular
    saying thank you and please visit our website atSingularDTV.com to learn more.

    We need your support in launching the first
    ever decentralized television series.
    Peer-to-peer sellers and shops network
    Peer to peer network for social betting
    Peer-to-peer ETH-to-fiat marketplace
    Localethereum.comis the new private way to buy andsell ether. Until now there has been no easy way to tradeether. With tedious verificationprocesses, expensive fees and no cash options,traders are getting the raw end of the day.

    localethereum is changing the game. It's aprivate peer to peer marketplace where you andonly you have complete control of yourdata and trades.

    Here is how it works.
    To buy ether find a seller you are happy with orcreate a new buy offer. Traders on localethereumare real people just like you. Offers can befiltered by price, distance andmethod. Whether it be face to face, bank transfer or something else.

    When you open a trade messages are
    encrypted with a secret key making itimpossible for anybody else to know what you are saying.

    This secret key is stored in your browser and never touches
    the internet. Once you've agreed on thedetails, the seller deposits etherinto a multi sig escrow smart contract.

    When both parties are
    happy, the ether is released and thatsecret key is destroyed erasing the message historyforever.

    In the case of a dispute, traders can call in
    an arbitrator for help. By providing the arbitratorthe secret key, they'll be able to decrypt themessages and work with both parties to make a fairdecision.

    Afterwards the parties
    give each other a rating. These ratings form aweb of trust that is available for everyone tosee to ensure that you are always safe when tradingether.

    Localethereum makes trading ether
    with strangers feel like you are trading with friends.And in the future localethereum will harnessthe power of Swarm and Whisper to go completelydecentralized.

    The marketplace is launching
    soon. Be the first to hear major announcementsby joining the waiting list.

    And it's
    all thanks to Ethereum.
    Find freelancers and bounty programs for any task
    Inthe natural world bees are the originalbounty hunters, gathering nectar from far and widefor themselves and their hive to thriveon.

    As humans we use bounties every time we complete a task and
    get something in exchange. A bounty is a reward or a prizegiven for any completed task. So bounties are at the verycore of how the world already works.

    it's built on the Ethereum blockchain, the Bounties Network is changing the waywe collaboratein a world full of incentives. All it takes is acomputerand internet connection to access our buzzing, decentralizedmarketplace of meaningful projects and talent fromaround the world.

    With just three easy steps,
    creating and collaborating on the Bounties Network isso simple you should probably start using it today.

    Bounties are issued
    for tasks and projects featuring a clear description, fullsubmission criteria and clear deadline. The reward for each bounty isclearly marked and fully staked inEth, ERC20 or any token on Ethereum right from thestart.

    created the bounties are open to anyone so they can be fulfilledfrom anywhere in the world.

    Remember all you need is yourself,
    a computer and aninternet connection.

    Submissions are
    reviewed and the best work gets accepted. Thereward is then automatically released so allthat waiting to get paid is no longer a problem.

    to their open yet secure format, bounties can be used asthe framework of choice for a wide range ofapplications.

    The Bounties Network
    is buzzing with possibility. So join our community andstart running your world on bounties.[silence]
    Decentralized Insurance
    Today'sinsuranceindustry suffers from lack of transparency and misalignedincentives. Insurance companies will try to minimize payouts andmaximize profits.

    Sound familiar?

    So is there a way of winning
    back trust?

    Well yes and this is percisely
    where Etherisc comes in. Etherisc is thefirst platform for decentralized insuranceworldwide and is committed to bringing backmutality into the insurance business.

    that purpose, we are developing the so called decentralizedinsurance protocol which is secure andaccessible to anyone.

    We provide the
    ground breaking opportunity to create and offer insuranceproducts for everybody.

    Hang on
    a minute, that sounds all great you mightsay. But how does it work?

    By utiilzing
    blockchain technology, Etherisc opensthe door to a whole range of safe, transparent and fairinsurance applications. With the help of blockchain,we make sure that the claims process ishighly automated and visibile to anyone.

    By cutting out
    unnecessary intermediaries, we can reachsubstantially higher payouts. Becauseless cost means more payout. That's how insurance shouldbe.

    We are directly tapping
    into one of the biggest global markets. So can I try thisright now?

    Well of course you
    can. Etherisc has launched the flight delayedapp which has been successfully employed around the globeand already won more than 100 paying customers.

    It is
    also used as a prime example for the power of smartcontracts by blockchain educators worldwide.

    So did we get you interested?

    Then how can you

    will organize a DIP token generating event to raise thefunds for a Swiss foundation. By investing inthe tokens, you provide the base for an emerging decentralizedinsurance market.

    Be part of the
    future of insurance.

    Visit us at

    we are reinventinginsurance.
    A betting and unique social elements deliver an en

    Betting has been
    around for 1000s of years and used to be a fun andsocial activity. Well notfor everyone.

    But over time betting turned into
    a huge business dominated by middlemen and challenged bya number of serious problems.

    betting looks more like a complex science with unfairodds, low transparency, high fees and lowreturns and little social involvement. But itdoesn't have to be that way anymore.

    With bethereum, we are bringing
    fun and social back into betting.

    In bethereum, you bet with friends and other players,
    not against a bookmaker. With us, the housedoesn't win because there is no house.

    We are
    developing the most intuitive and engaging betting platformin the market, poweredby innovative gamification featuresfor a truly rewarding experience.

    and tournaments, player chat and leaderboardsand social achievements are just some of thegaming elements that will make bethereum absolutely unique.

    All this while
    blockchain technology ensures full transparency andtrust with smart contracts securely handlingevery bet and automatically paying outthe winnings.

    Bethereum will also
    integrate games by external developers and support abroad ecosystem of players, white labeledcustomers and conventional betting operators,game creators and marketing affiliates.

    The whole platform is
    fueld by our bether token which is used tohandle all bets and transactions and even to paycommissions to 3rd parties.

    Not long from now
    everyone will be able to win again.

    Stay tuned for news and updates
    while we bring you the future of betting.
    Digital advertising
    I'mBrendanEich, I created Javascript, Netscape and then foundedthe Mozilla project and Firefox. And Iam now doing Brave, it's a new browser and anew system for properly valuing user attention.


    Brave software is introducing
    an innovative solution,blockchain based digital advertising.

    Online advertising was once simpler, it consisted
    of advertisers, publishers and users.


    Digital advertising has evolved
    into an opaque and inefficient marketplace.Publishers, advertisers and users are all being conned bythis system. It's hard to believe but we are paying to bebothered by ads, our mobile phone billis going toward all the bandwidth spent on ads andtrackers. Up to $23 a month according to the New York Times.

    media sites we've seen have as manyas 70 trackers calling out using your battery, slowing down thepage load and increasing data costs.

    Users are now trying to protect themselves with ad blocking
    which is on over 600,000,000 phones and desktops and rising.

    So we
    realized something needed to be done. Wethink the solution must involve a decentralizeddigital ad exchange based on theblockchain.

    Brave is implementing this in stages. Our
    first stage is already in the Brave browser whichblocks ads and trackers but also have a ledger systemfor rewarding sites based on user attention.

    The second phase
    is when we try to move towards adecentralized ad exchange and that must involvea new kind of currency for user attention, and that's theBasic Attention Token.

    The token is derived
    from and therefore denominates user attention. Attentionis really just focused mental engagement on anadvertisement, great content, on whatever the useris looking at.

    The browser can anonymously
    and privately monitor your attention as youview pages in tabs and it can do this in a way thatis highly accurate and highly private.

    think this is essential to avoiding fraudand malvertising problems on the current ecosystem.

    Publishers will receive tokens when are viewed,
    users also get a share for their attention if they choose to receive ads.From that share they can then donate back to publishersthey wish to support.

    We also see publishers
    being paid in tokens able to use those tokens toaward users to promote their content.

    And if they
    like, they can chargefor premium content that is paid in tokens.

    BAT should
    become a new standard that is used in theentire advertising ecosystem. We believe that thiscombination of blockchain, smart contractbrowser analytics and accountable open sourcecode and auditability is the future of advertisingon the internet.

    MaidSafe developed the SAFE Network to provide pri
    How much of your life isstored digitally? Your photos, yourfiles, your most intimate conversations.

    It's all on a
    hard drive somewhere and it's probably easy toaccess by you but also by the cloud storagecompanies you trust.

    Those companies
    have a track record of handing over your data togovernments. Their first priority is to makeprofit for their shareholders, not your privacy.

    Then there is
    cyber crime. It is become a bigger business than the trade ofillicit drugs due to the enormous amount ofdata stored on cloud servers, they are a targetthat's hard for hackers to exist.

    It's time to take
    security and privacy back intoour own hands.

    uses decentralization and encryptionto ensure that only you can access yourfiles. The Safe network is completelydistributed. There is no central point ofcontrol or weakness. The softwareconnects unused computing capacity to form aglobal network that can handle all data andcommunications.

    It's not just about
    storage, it allows you to safely run anyapp that exists today while paying you foryour contribution.

    Here is how it works.
    You create an account withoutthe need to identify yourself anddecide how much space you want to dedicate to the network.

    As the space is used,
    Safe coins are given as a reward. Safe coin hasa market value and can be freely tradedjust like bitcoin.

    Before you
    upload a file, it is encrypted onyour computer. It is then fragmented into smallpieces and spread at random throughout thenetwork. Data is stored with redundancyand files are autonomously moved by thenetwork as connected computers are turned on andoff.

    Only you have the credentials to make it
    available again.

    data and your thoughts belong only toyou. You decide what to do with them,no one else.

    MaidSafe -
    privacy, security and freedom foreveryone.