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  • Contract wallet paired with a debit card
    Forasmuch potential that peopel say blockchain and cryptocurrency has,we aren't seeing a lot of that materialize as itstands. Because the spaceis an absolute mess. Something needsto change before this technology breaks into themainstream.

    This is exactly what we are trying to do
    with Token.

    was first introduced to bitcoin by achildhood friend of mine who was a realtechnologist. And this for me was amoment where it clicked. Maybe this bitcoin thingcould actually change something.

    I took the big step to leave
    university to pursue something in theindustry.

    and [inaudible] met in Taiwan. I think we really connectedbecause he essentially opened my eyes to what was possiblewith the advent ofethereum.

    There were these very early ethereum projects like Digix
    and Maker who were making tokensthat we thought could really impact the livesof people across the world.

    and Mal had multiple ideas ofthings we could do with ethereum but TokenCard justmade sense on a practical levelbecause it was something that was currently neededwithin this space.

    I mean an actual way to use

    There is this massive
    [inaudible] between people like us and the rest of the world who can't use thisstuff. What we wanted to do wastry and build a bridge to cross that[inaudible].

    We had a few initial conversations
    with VCs. I'd say at the time we were way tooearly for traditional funding routes becauseethereum wasn't a concept that waswell understood. Blockchain was just sort ofbecoming the buzzword withinfinance.

    Thankfully we had a bit of a plan
    B where we thought the onlypeople in the world who cared as much abour our idea that we did was theethereum community itself.

    Our idea resonates
    so well with almost everyone inthis space that it only took a few weeks for usto build a very strong community.

    If you think about how start-ups
    normally get funded, you would haveoversight over how you are using funds andchannels to make sure that you are building your businessproperly.

    So we're being very patient with how we are
    building, making sure we hire the right people.And that we don't fall into a lot ofpitfalls that potentially you could fall intowith this level of independence.

    what we are trying to doat token is we are trying to lead a crusade.One where people willbe able to unplug from the old systems and to takecontrolof their own financialdestiny.
    Zcoin - Private Financial Transactions
    Zcoin is a digital cryptocurrencythat puts financial privacy at theforefront where your transactions are completely untraceable.

    It is built on the solid fundamentals
    of the Zerocoin paper, one of the mostcited cryptography papers' today.

    and most other cryptocurrencies are not really anonymous asall transactions since the founding of the coin arepermanently open for the public to view.

    governments and law enforcement agencies havemade significant strides in using meta data andpattern analysis to reveal the real world identities of bitcoinholders.

    This is a serious privacy

    Imagine having all of your transaction history
    and spending habits revealed orworse, innocently editing up with coins that have beentainted from illegal activities.

    Not only is your
    privacy at risk, your coins could be seizedor you could even be implicated in crime you didn'tcommit.

    Other attempts to anonymize transactions
    involving mixing transactions with other people'stransactions but this still means that the real transaction is somewhere inthere. And its privacy is reliant on howmany transactions you are mixing with.

    These models still provide
    an analyzable network map of links.

    Zcoin uses zero knowledge proofs to
    make truly untraceable coins.

    You mint a coin by
    burning it up and generate a mathematicalproof that you burn it.

    This proof allows you to redeem a new
    coin with new previous transactionhistory. A clean slate.

    The genius lays
    in that the proof doesn't reveal which coin youminted, thus there is no relationship that can be drawn from the coin that youminted and the brand new coni that you redeemed.

    No history to analyze. No mixing
    required. Just truly untraceablecoins.

    Reclaim your digital financial

    Zcoin. Mint.
    Spend. Repeat.
    æternity is a scalable blockchain platform that en
    Welcome to the internet ofvalue. Meet Aeternity.

    is Aeternity? Aeternity is a newblockchain platform that solves the issues ofscalability, privacy and transactionspeed.

    Built by an experienced
    team, Aeternity is a next generation technologythat takes the lessons from big projects like Bitcoinand Ethereum.

    What makes Aeternity different from other

    Aeternity has
    several unique features that make it different from otherblockchains. The technology aims to be ready formainstream adoption by providing three keyelements.

    One, state
    channels. Users interact with each other instantly andprivately. Your business interactions arekept off chain without having to exposeyour transactions or smart contracts publicly.

    also keeps the blockchain light and robust for years.

    There is no limit to the volume of transactions being
    processed at the same time. Aeternity is lighteningfast.

    Two, the hybrid proof of
    work and proof of stake system.Consensus is achieved by proof ofwork, this means that people can mine the tokens on almostall devices including smart phones.

    This is truely decentralized mining.

    The governance
    mechanism runs a proof of stake model basedon prediction markets.

    Three, the
    oracle machine. Oracle machines allowyou to connect real world data to smartcontracts. Any publicly availabledata can be integrated such as electionresults, weather conditions, sportevent results, and commodityprices like gold and oil.

    open up the field for major use cases.Think of financial applications,supply chain management, information markets,insurance andgaming.

    Combining these three elements,
    Aeternity breaks the bottleneck to even further adoption ofblockchain technology with countless use casesand payment solutions, trade finance, andthe internet of things.

    How is
    Aeternity unique?

    Aeternity will come with the
    essential applications available at the launch of theplatform, making it immediately useful.

    Aeternity is working on educational programs
    to support businesses and developers to findtheir own use cases.

    An incubator foundation
    will support projects that build upon theAeternity platform.

    Aeternity, a light
    and secure platform to bring the blockchain technology to thenext level.

    Join us at Aeternity.com
    Credit on the blockchain
    The traditional credit system hasconnected lenders and borrowers for decades. Evaluatingcredit risks, limits and logistics but alsoadding lots of beaurocracy, geographiclimitations and excluded the unbanked from the financialsystem.

    With the internet, new peer to peer
    loans accelerated the process and reducedcosts. But the risk was still too big for the lenderand credit lending was still assymetric.

    created a solution and it's called Ripio CreditNetwork.

    Ripio Credit Network is a protocol based
    on smart contracts and blockchaintechnology that opens the door to global credit. Connectinglenders and borrowers with RCN tokens which allowlendings on any currency, anywhere in the world.

    The network works like this. The borrower
    makes a credit request from hiswallet provider. The wallet provider generates a smartcontract and broadcasts it to the network.Then several agents seal thatcontract.

    First an ID verifier identifies the borrower
    for security reasons. Then ascoring agent analyzes the probabilities of adefault. Then an oracle informs the exchangerate between currencies. Finally theco-signer manages the credit conditions in the borrowers country ofresidence, distributing the lenders risk and adding to the termsnoted on the contract. The co-signed contract is then listedin the order book of an online exchange.

    the other side of the network, the lenders create tradingorders and RCN tokens on the exchangeincluding their lending conditions. When the lenders ordermatches the conditions on the smart contract,the loan takes place.

    The RCN tokens
    are transferred to the corresponding wallet providerwhich trades the RCN tokens to localcurrency and grant credit to the borrower.

    reducing the traditional banking brokerage costsand management fees, the Ripio credit protocolallows better conditions for both lenders and borrowers.

    Credit Network sets the stage fora decentralized, trustworthy, predictableand efficient peer to peer global credit networkthat will help many ideas and projectsall over the world to becomea reality.

    A Blockchain Jurisdiction
    Before nations, beforeborders, there was the [inaudible] super continent. Since thenthe world has been divided by tectonicshifts, widening oceans and stifiling politics.

    Nation states are crumbling
    under the weight of local and global challengesthat they see in capable of solving.

    Rather than embracing a
    borderless world and increasing personalfreedoms, governments and multi national organizations haveoverseen a surge in beaurocracy, protectionism andever greater intrusions into our personallives.

    To prevent a drift toward tyranny, we need
    drastic change.

    is Bitnation's decentralizedjurisdiction platform. Using Pangeayou can build voluntary nations, [inaudible] contractsand resolve disputes with other citizens andaccess the services you need.

    This is our vision of
    jurisdiction as a service. A global market for governanceservices.

    The Pangea
    arbitration token ot PAT is an ethereum based in app tokenthat powers the Pangea platform.

    When you
    create a contract, complete a contract or resolve adispute on Pangea, you receive non tradeable reputationtokens through Lucy our AI bot. Accumulatingreputation tokens earns you tradeablePAT tokens. This ensures that you can't buy agood reputation or acquire it through popularity.

    But if you earn one, you will be rewarded.

    Imagine a world
    where people can freely choose which voluntarynations and jurisdictions they want to be partof. A world where voluntary nations offer a choice ofservices under their own laws and policies andcompete for citizens in a free marketthat rewards good governance.

    You too
    can be part of the future of governanceby joining the Pangea token sale.

    Welcome to the internet of soverignty.
    Welcome to Pangea.

    Smart cryptocurrency for gaming
    Imagine that every game has real lifevalue. Imagine having true ownership of items.Imagine eradicating grey market trading.Imagine leveling your character through multiplegames. Imagine being protected from scammers andhackers. Imagine fair micro transactions.

    Enjin coin will make that happen.

    It's a
    smart gaming cryptocurrency powered by a suite of tools that willenable game developers to explore a new frontier ingaming.

    Blockchain, here is how it works explained in
    five simple steps.

    Game developers acquire a
    certain amount of Enjin coin through an officialpartnership, crowd funding or a cryptocurrency exchange.

    Developers then use the Enjin platform and
    SDKs to create or mint blockchain based gamingitems. These can be anything from abundantitems like custom in game currencies, generic loot and mineable resourcesto non fungible unique items like rare cards,readable creatures, scarce weapons or mightly heroes.

    Once the game is released, gamers can complete
    quests and win tokenized rewards. Loot unique in game itemsfrom enemies. Collect fungible resources andearn Enjin [inaudible] assets.

    Gamers can also
    use Enjin coin to securely purchaseblockchain items from in game stores or trade with each other.

    Gamers keep and own blockchain based items in their private and secure
    Enjin wallets. Every transaction, whetherit's trading, purchasing or selling items, hasto be confirmed by the gamer via the Enjin wallet.

    In case they are unable to sell them, players can melt their virtual items
    back into Enjin coin. This gives the player assurance knowing thattheir game items will always hold some value.

    Melting is a
    huge value proposition for gamers, making them morelikely to purchase virtual items.

    the Enjin developer portal and start using the Enjin platformtoday.
    Cut out the video game middleman
    Refereum is a point systempaired with a crypto token that is currently experiencing ahuge boom in their community.

    In this video we'll take a
    look at how the system works and walk through the mainsite.

    Here on the landing page you
    will find an intro video that talks about the needfor Refereum and what problem it solves which is toconnect game publishers more directly with influencers to driveadvertisement of their game and products.

    even get some free points to get started.

    What's really interesting about
    this system is it's already integrated withTwitch, Discord, Google and Facebook using Unity.

    After signing up, logging in is simple by just
    selecting which partner service you want to use like I'm about to do withTwitch.

    This brings us to
    the various ways to earn Refereum points. The quickest way to buildup points is to purchase games using the links providedon their site enticing players with some ofhottest multiplayer games, some are worth enough points tobump users up over 800 points.

    Another way to earn
    points is by watching streamers signed up for Refereum viaTwitch. Compatible streams will be displays here on the siteto make it easy to earn points for watching.

    earn one point for each hour watched and streamersearn three points per hour as long as they and theirviewers are registered with Refereum.

    videos will earn bonus points helping users get to the nextlevel.

    Next is the cheapest way to earn a large
    amount of points quickly, sharing referrallinks. Each person that signs up for your linkwith Twitch or Discord will earn you 100 points and if theyjoin Telegram, the main chatroom for Refereum,that's another 200 points for you.

    Each person
    that signs up gets you an additional 20 points.

    These huge incentives help to grow this community larger every

    Leaders own bonus points
    for their high level of activity and that brings us to the rewardssystem.

    Various tiers grant a token
    payout of the actual cryptocurrency backing Refereum.This is a shared pool system that sends an equal amount oftokens to everyone in that tier.

    For example, if 500 people were in bronze
    then everyone will receive 1000 tokens. To keep thingsrevolving, seasons last a various length andgive users a limited time to move up the tiers beforepoints reset and they start all over inthe new season.

    Tokens can be used to buy games and merch,
    so the utilization of this system is quitehigh because of the integration and size of the communitythey are targeting, Refereum should only continue to buildmomentum.

    That's why it's very important to follow the instructions on the
    account page and set an ETH deposit address to claim thetoken distributions.

    We would recommend MyEtherWallet
    due to its versatilityin holding many different ERC20 coins like Refereum.

    To simplify the process, MyEtherWallet recommends
    using their Google Chrome extension to be able to view your altcoinholds with ease of access.

    Thanks for watching and check back soon for more
    Financial ecosystem to support the inclusion of th
    In the world today, more than2 billion people do not have bankingaccess. To even use basic financial services,they have to go through intermediaries and corrupt infrastructure,suffer high costs with slow and complicatedprocesses.

    This hinders the overall growth and
    entrenches poverty.

    LaLa World is
    all set to change this financial ecosystem. LaLaWorldis proposing an integrating ofadvanced biometrics and blockchain technology in order tocreate a financial ecosystem basedon a digital identification called LaLaID focusing on the inclusion of the under bankedand the under served in the financial world.

    LaLa World
    eliminates the need for intermediarieswhich strongly reduces settlement time andcreates efficiencies allowing anyone and everyoneto take part in the global economy where you live inSoutheast Asia, Europe, Middle East ofAfrica.

    It is the aim of LaLa World
    to help you connect to the global economy, empowering entrepreneurshipand assisting you in bringing prosperity to yourfamily and community.

    LaLa World introduces
    its LaLa wallet. An innovative,secure and easy to use platform which let's you pay your bills.Store and spend and transfer fiatand cryptocurrencies to anywhere in the world for afraction of the cost.

    Get peer to peer as well as
    micro loans at 0% fee. All through yoursmartphone.

    Cash is still the king
    so the LaLa wallet effortlessly allows youto locate a nearby LaLa store to top up andcash out regardless of a bankaccount.

    LaLa wallet transactions are reliable, quick,
    secure and inexpensive. With 100%backed by ethereum based cryptocurrencies, asa result money can move around the continentat the speed of the blockchain.

    LaLa World aims to
    revolutionize how individuals,small businesses and micro entrepreneurs transact.Make domestic and cross boder payment. Borrowmoney and associated product like insurances,cards, wealth and other general banking products by harnessing thepower ethereum and hyperledgerblockchains.

    LaLa World, empowering the
    other underbanked with a brand new financial servicesecosystem.
    Adblocker Extension with Crypto Rewards
    Hi I'm [inaudible] which inGreek mythology means wise centaur. But thatdoesn't matter right now. Get!

    What does matter is I'm
    CTO of Adbank. What's Adbank? Let me show you.

    Right now if you are
    a digital advertiser, you give your money to a middle manand he takes a huge chunk of it and gives the rest to a publisher.

    Adbank is the new platform that gets rid of this
    guy. Come on guys, take it. It's yours, grab it!Don't be shy!

    How do we do it?

    A peer to peer advertising platform built on the blockchain.

    Don't know what the blockchain
    is? Ask your nerdiest friend.

    The blockchain is a


    How does this work without the middle man?

    You know how Uber doesn't own any cars, they built a platform
    that connects people together directly.

    Well it would be so cliche to say we are the
    Uber of digital advertising so I won'tsay it. But I'll singit.

    We're the Uber
    of [inaudible] advertising.

    I hate it when people say that.

    So why does that matter?
    Well we are 100%transparent. Open source and fully auditable.

    Hey Adbank, did we say how much we charge? Yup it's on the
    blockchain. What about you middleman?I won't tell you.

    does transparencymatter? Fraud, fraud,fraud. 56% of all website traffic isbots. 56%, that's overhalf. That means right now you are paying for pantsbut you are getting pantsed.Stop getting pant robbed.

    Get both pant legs now and
    we are going to do it. How?

    Artificial intelligence plus the blockchain allows us to
    differentiate between bots and genuinepeople.

    That means with Adbank you can
    stop paying to show your ads to theseguys and start showing them to theseguys.

    How do you accept lots of cash?

    Plus we are Canadian. So we are stopping fraudsters
    without every raising ourvoice.

    If you like having more cash and you don't like being defrauded
    and you want to know exactly where your money isgoing, then voila -- Adbank.

    You can trust me
    because my name means wise centaur.

    that matters.

    A Blockchain Entertainment Studio, Smart Contract
    Singularis a sci fi epic adventure televisionseries about the path the world could take as decentralizationscales and artificial intelligenceemerges, leading to conscious systems that guideus into a technological singularity,propelling the human race, us homosapiens,into the next level of human evolution,what we are calling homotrascendous.

    You'll be able to watch Singular through our transaction video on
    demand portal, SingularDTV.com. And byutilizing decentralized methodologies and applications,SingularDTV is innovating across all facetsof the entertainment industry, from how wefund our projects to how we share them with theworld.

    SingularDTV's rights, revenue and royalty management
    platform will address today's lackof transparency and fundamentally change the prominenceof creative accounting in the entertainment industry.

    rights management platform will empower creates, bygiving them back control over their creativeoutput.

    Singular has partnered
    with a venture production studio ConsensysSystems who are programming this new decentralized world on Ethereum'srevolutionary blockchain, a technology where you cancreate your vision of a more prosperity future. Amore interactive and connected society. Adecentralized world of transparency and incorruptiblesystems.

    It's societal engineering at
    its most innovative andbold and [inaudible] altruistic.

    is a unique tokenized ecosystem,made up of a centrally organized governancecomponent as well as a decentralized autonomous organizationalcomponent.

    This new structure is the SingularDTV
    CODE which stands for centrallyorganized distributed entity.Its tokens called Singlesallow the user to benefit from and maneuver through the SingularDTVecosystem.

    This is Zach [inaudible], co-creator of the TV series Singular
    saying thank you and please visit our website atSingularDTV.com to learn more.

    We need your support in launching the first
    ever decentralized television series.
    Steem is a social blockchain that grows communit..
    Steem was built to empowerpeople across the world. The Steem blockchainhas many ways for the regular person to earncryptocurrency.

    In Steem, regular
    people get rewarded with Steem for created and curatingcontent as well as for mining, trading andholding the currency.

    Similar to other cryptocurrencies,
    it pays contributors bycreating new tokens at a set rate with specificrules.

    The technology that powers Steem
    has publicly demonstrated its ability to process thousands ofactions per second which is more than enough capacityto handle several times the activity of some popularsocial media platforms such as Reddit.com

    In social media applications, Steem
    rewards users with Steem dollars and votingpower for posting and curating quality content from all overthe internet.

    One application for this is

    50% of
    Steem's content rewards are paid asSteem Power which gives the winners more power tocurate content and get Steem rewards. And the other50% of all Steem's content rewards are paid in Steemdollars which drives their use.

    In payments and
    remittance, the Steem dollar is a cryptocurrencythat is always worth about $1 worth ofSteem.

    With this, anyone can reward,
    pay and remit to others without the monetaryand cognitive costs of price swings.

    stability of the Steem dollar represents an opportunityto serve the 2 billion unbanked people on ourplanet.

    For other types of people, Steem represents
    opportunities for our creators, curators,remitters, merchants, market makers,shoppers, entrepreneurs, bloggers,commenters, internet readers,community leaders, referrers and sign-up party hosts.

    Check out Steem's informational website,
    Steem.io to learn more.

    Or meet
    up with the community in the Steem Slack channel byfollowing thislink.