Imagine if the cloudwasn't up here, but down herewith us.

That's Storj.

is a cloud shared by the community. It'spotentially the largest, cheapest and mostsecure cloud available. What you share is what youget.

You can even be paid by renting your
extra space. But how is it more secure?

Each file is
shredded, encrypted and spread across the networkuntil you are ready to use it again. And you can be sure the files aresafe because the keys are in yourpocket, not a company.

you have access to your stuff.

Because the network
is shared, you don't have to worry about slow download speeds comingfrom one place. We are all helping to makethe system blazing fast.

If you have
some extra space laying around, you'll get paid byusers who need more than they can share. It's like renting out your emptyhard drives.

A cloud with security, no downtime and
speed at a fraction of thecost.[silence]
I'mBrendanEich, I created Javascript, Netscape and then foundedthe Mozilla project and Firefox. And Iam now doing Brave, it's a new browser and anew system for properly valuing user attention.


Brave software is introducing
an innovative solution,blockchain based digital advertising.

Online advertising was once simpler, it consisted
of advertisers, publishers and users.


Digital advertising has evolved
into an opaque and inefficient marketplace.Publishers, advertisers and users are all being conned bythis system. It's hard to believe but we are paying to bebothered by ads, our mobile phone billis going toward all the bandwidth spent on ads andtrackers. Up to $23 a month according to the New York Times.

media sites we've seen have as manyas 70 trackers calling out using your battery, slowing down thepage load and increasing data costs.

Users are now trying to protect themselves with ad blocking
which is on over 600,000,000 phones and desktops and rising.

So we
realized something needed to be done. Wethink the solution must involve a decentralizeddigital ad exchange based on theblockchain.

Brave is implementing this in stages. Our
first stage is already in the Brave browser whichblocks ads and trackers but also have a ledger systemfor rewarding sites based on user attention.

The second phase
is when we try to move towards adecentralized ad exchange and that must involvea new kind of currency for user attention, and that's theBasic Attention Token.

The token is derived
from and therefore denominates user attention. Attentionis really just focused mental engagement on anadvertisement, great content, on whatever the useris looking at.

The browser can anonymously
and privately monitor your attention as youview pages in tabs and it can do this in a way thatis highly accurate and highly private.

think this is essential to avoiding fraudand malvertising problems on the current ecosystem.

Publishers will receive tokens when are viewed,
users also get a share for their attention if they choose to receive ads.From that share they can then donate back to publishersthey wish to support.

We also see publishers
being paid in tokens able to use those tokens toaward users to promote their content.

And if they
like, they can chargefor premium content that is paid in tokens.

BAT should
become a new standard that is used in theentire advertising ecosystem. We believe that thiscombination of blockchain, smart contractbrowser analytics and accountable open sourcecode and auditability is the future of advertisingon the internet.

Money,we alluse it, but what is it? We carry it aroundand exchange it for the stuff we need. And keep someback for a rainy day. We trust that one piece of money isthe same as any other. And we hope that what we have today isnot worth less than it was yesterday.

money having to perform so many differentfunctions, it's no surprise that it has taken on so many differentforms.

As money evolves, we
arrive at bitcoin. Created without a centralauthority is less vulnerable toissuance corruption than standard fiat money.

With this unique
commissionless nature, it redefines what moneyis and what it can do. But it's not quiteperfect money.

Bitcoin's fixed supply
creates a speculative investmentand with that a money with a high degree ofvolatility.

DIA is a solution to that volatility. A cryptocurrency
using collateral to back its value and interest ratemechanisms to stabilize its price.

DAI is created by locking collateral with
Maker, a decentralized platform on the ethereumblockchain.

currency collateralization and interest adjustmentsensure DIA has low volatilityagainst its external reference point, the US Dollar.

DAI, the next step in money

We live in a worldwhere over 2 billion adults still don't have bank accounts --over 2 billion!

That's 3x the entire population of

Not having a bank account makes it nearly impossible to track
spending or make transactions with other parties.

Cryptocurrencies like Ether are creating a world where
people that haven't had access to traditional bankingsystems can now manage money digitally by using the one piece oftechnology that even unbanked populations haveaccess too -- smartphones.

But there are some
drawbacks. Buying and selling cryptocurrencies can beconfusing, difficult to process and time intensive.

imagine having a global network ofcryptocurrencies where people can get Ether as easily asthey get cash at ATMs, to spend at businessesthat accept it as payment.


With Dether users can create secure
wallets within seconds using only their smartphones.Once registered, you can easily locate other buyers andsellers of Ether for secure, seamless Ether for cashtransactions.

The intuitive user interface
also allows users to quickly pinpoint businesseswhere they can buy goods and services directly usingEther while even taking advantage of special discounts andbenefits.

And because Ether is fully
decentralized, funds are never held up by 3rdparties.

Dether breaks barriers to Ethereum mass
adoption, revolutionizing the way the world hasaccess to cryptocurrencies and how they spend itjust like cash in every day life.

Visit to learnmore.
What if you could own thevirtual world?Create, develop and trade withoutlimits. Make genuine connections. Earnreal money.

Decentraland, a fully immersive platform powered by the

land,design your experience.And transform the way people see the world.

Purchase the first ever
virtual real estate, getstarted today.
BlockchainCuties is a new crypto collectable game where you can collect thecutest pets, breed them, give them awesome gear and send them onadventures to get precious loot.

There is a huge range of
cuties to choose from. You can breed and collect a wide selection ofanimals such as cats, puppies, bear cubs,lizards, hedgehogs and so much more in the future.

You are the sole owner of all of your cuties. Each cutie
is 100% unique and completely belongs to youforever. You can trade or transfer themanytime to anyone just like a regular cryptocurrency.

In case the value of your cutie increases, you can
actually earn money by selling it.

You can
test your cutie's skills in battles and level the up. If you arebrave enough, you can challenge your cutie's abilities in battles againstbosses. Your cuties will get not only aunique experience but can also obtain an item or a gift as areward.

Breed unique cuties. Our
cuties are made of different parts that are combined together according to theirgene set. Each animal species has specific gene combinationswhich if selected properly can resultin a unique looking cutie.

You can also
buy a limited edition unique cutie that is not onlypowerful but also super rare.

These pets
can also go on special adventures in which onlyunique pets can actually participate in.

Want to get a
personal unique cutie made from your own drawing? Well now youcan!

Our artists will create a cute pet
version of your character that not only looks amazing but also isextra strong.

Join the game, buy a cutie
and send it on adventures to become the most powerfulcutie.
Are you a crypto enthusiast? Areyou familiar with non fungible tokens, also knownas NFTs? Guess what, there is now a decentralizedauction based auction platform for people like you.

Auctionity is where you can create and participate
in a real time auction hosted by the communitymembers.

How does Auctionity work?

The user deposits his NFT onto the Auctionity
smart contract and can select[inaudible] on the auction.

He can then decide to get help from
the community to promote his auction simply byrewarding the community with a 0% - 50%commission on the final sale price.

The [inaudible]
his account with Ether onto the Auctionity smartcontract and bids on the auction.

The winner will get
NFT ownership, the seller will get Ether and the community rememberswill be rewarded. That's a win, win, win.

50% [inaudible] such as
bloggers who promote new auctions on their websitewith an extra 30% for the one who brings the winner.

20% goes to the seller's [inaudible] such
as NFT [inaudible] allowing the customer to sell theassets on the Auctionity platform.

20% goes to the auctioneer who [inaudible] theauction [inaudible] room.

Auctionity, auctions go viral andthe community gets rewarded.

You are a crypto enthusiast?
Become an active contributor and leverage the power of yourcommunity.

Ready to start? Visit
and make a deal.[silence]
Today there are 1000s ofcryptocurrencies and the future holds millions more. Whatmakes these tokens the most useful is seamlessly convertingbetween them at any time.

Imagine your coffee shop
points were accepted at any cash register inthe world or your airline miles could pay your phone plan with a click of abutton.

Say hello Bancor, the world's first decentralized
liquidity network. A place where you can convertany token to any other.

No exchanges, no
order books. No buyers and sellers.

invented the world's first smart token, adigital currency with an embedded converter that allows is tobe automatically exchanged for any token in itsnetwork.

The Bancor network consists of other
tokens all connected through BNT. So every tokencan always be converted into any other.

Any token you
have for any token you want instantly, automaticallyand directly from your wallet.

Start converting tokens
today from any device at[silence]
It'sjust a matter oftime. This is a processor,it executes small tasks at breakneckspeeds from your computer, your phone and your smartwatch. You don't need to know how it works, you only care that it isfast.

Golen is fast.

And here is you, needing to simulate
a neural network but your little computerjust isn't up the task. But if you connected toGolem, you could simulate neural networks, sequenceDNA, render complex imagery or whatever you needto do in a fraction of the time.

Let me show you how it

Golem is a distributed
super computer. It taps into a global network of unused computingpower and it's decentralized. This means that no one owns itand anyone can use it, even you.

When someone has a
job for Golem, it automatically finds the best computersavailable for the job and pays them for the power that theyprovide.

One of them can be your computer, that could be
your money.

Whether it's training artificial intelligence or
rendering physical models, Golemscales with the task. And it's all made possiblethanks to the Ethereum blockchain.

more, developers can tap into this network bybuilding apps on its platform, creating infinitepossibilities.

So get ready, Golem is the
future of computing. It's just a matter of time.[silence]
Moderator: Up nextwe have Igor from POAcan you come over there? Jorge from Aragon.Let's welcome Jorse to the stage.

Jorge: OK. I'm Jorge Izqueierdo and we are building the world's first
digital [inaudible].

Before we start talking about
that, we like to talk about this pyramidthat [inaudible] have been talking about for these.

As all the parts of the technology stack have been
commoditized, we think that there is onlygovernance that is not commoditized. And eventually wethink that crypto networks will make it or breakit, [inaudible]

Bad governance is very, very hard and when governance fails in the
real world, bad stuff happens.

We have this example in my home country
in Spain with the Catalonia thing. We haveexamples here in the US where badgovernance burnt down [inaudible]. Or [inaudible]

But we now have this
amazing tool that allows massive coordination[inaudible] and it also allows a test bedfor testing new governance processse without[inaudible] without people [inaudible].

This is very cool. We are experimenting a lot with
this and we feel like [inaudible]

Now going a bit more technical,
we've developed this framework called aragonOS which isthe 3rd iteration which was [inaudible].But now it's a more generic protocol [inaudible]can use if theyneed [inaudible] governance which basically[inaudible] same thing [inaudible] one withoutthe other.

This is also a hackathon for us. We are
testing [inaudible]. So checkout our [inaudible] let us know if somethingis broken or really [inaudible]

are also doing a funny airdrop. Weare airdropping [inaudible] doingfun stuff with that during the week[inaudible]

You have all of the information
here and links. That's all, thank you.