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A lot of the worlds' information is trapped and unused. We are building a protocol to change that.

Erasure let's
 you predict the more valuable things that you know. And as you build a reputation predicting things, you can earn cryptocurrency by selling your predictions.

These could be
 stockmarket predictions, predictions about bitcoin or sports or anything.

We think there are brilliant people
 out there with unique information and Erause is going to set that information free.

Erause is an unstoppable
 decentralized data market. [silence] 

When I started Numerai,
 I knew there was a way to crowdcourse models. I knew that people would contribute models to datasets that we gave them. But I didn't think it was possible to crowdsource data.

I don't think a true information
 marketplace has worked yet because it has been challenging to prove to people that if they submit valuable data, they are guaranteed to be rewarded for it.

More over, there hasn't been an immutable
 ledger that everybody can look back to to see for sure that somebody has made accurate predictions over time. It turns out that cryptocurrencies coupled with blockchain solve both of those problems. And that is the root of what Erasuse is getting at. 

 economics, there is this term called market collapse. Market collapse is when there is no way to discern the quality of something and there ends up being no market for it.

That's what is happening with financial data at the
 moment especially prediction data.

If someone sends me an
 email, I have all these predictions, I'm really good at predicting the stock market, I would immediately delete the email. I can't trust that that person has anything that's any good.

But there probably is someone in the
 world who could send me an email like that and would actually be legitimate. 

So if you can use a technology
 to solve this problem of market collapse, you can get the people who are very good to actually earn the full price for their predictions. 

Without staking, your incentive would be
 to submit a million predictions and on the off chance that three of them hit and you got a pay out, then why not submit as many as you could? 

Staking makes it so that there are not only
 positive economic incentives but also negative economic incentives.

This is one of the main problems with the
 internet right now. There really are no negative economic incentives. It costs next to nothing to send an email. So if you want something that is very high quality, it turns out there has to be some cost and or punishment. 

Erasure is a decentralized
 data marketplace and it uses Numeraire as its token. So what Numeraire has done over the last year is show that people want to stake Numeraire tokens on predictions. And when they do stake them, it's a sign that those predictions are going to work really well.

Now if we could extend this to other
 financial data, for example predictions on crypto and extend it to other hedge funds so that other hedge funds can use Numeraire to buy data feeds, then that's a whole different game. It will totally decentralize Numeraire and allow anybody to use it. Any hedge fund to buy data with it and any data provider to submit to it.

Erause could be better than
 Numerai. [silence] 
Professional Network
Finding the right developer is a tough task for any organization. Short listing tech candidates from a pool of applicants is a nightmare. Are you spending a lot of time on assessing applicants? Struggling to find the right candidate for the job?

If you find it frustrating and
 time consuming, introducing Indorse. A skill validation platform to evaluate candidates using AI chat bots and expert developers. It's easy to get started.

Create a magic
 link for your existing job postings, share it with your candidates and you are done.

Candidates can either submit their
 previous work or complete an assignment. A pool of experts then evaluates the candidates for you. The experts are the developers with tremendous experience in the domain and are spread across the globe.

You get a report of
 your short listed candidates sent right to your email.

Hiring just got simple. Get a demo now
 to see it in action.

Open-source identity system
In 2007 the world made a step forward in connectivity with the introduction of the smartphone. 

Since then nothing has really changed. Just more
 versions of the same old thing -- boring. 

Now let's take a look at the new leap in the technological
 evolution. Meet the uPort, the most technologically advanced smart computer to ever occupy your wrist. A step that will revolutionize the industry. A beautifully desired well crafted piece of wrist bling that keeps you connected with ease and a whole lot more.

Imagine a world that will eliminate the burden
 of all the extras and simplify your existence while opening your world to unlimited possibilities. Welcome the uPort.

 the uPort AKA universal passport and the uPort software system aka the unlimited possibilities original revolutionary technology.

Open your eyes to health monitoring.
 Payment systems. Internet connectivity. Stand alone phone. Gameplay. Access systems. Key wallet. Replacement password. Replacement and identification systems access. And your very own personal assistant which will help you to monitor any and all of your needs.

Everything in your current smartphone but
 just a whole lot more.

 universal password, the uPort. The key to your world.

 and www.universalpassport.com [music] [music] 
An adult cam platform
[music] [music]

 a world where for every hard earned dollar you made, only 50 cents of it actually went into your pocket. 

Where at any given moment your bank account can be
 frozen or shut down.

 world where your clients' payments can be reversed because they got caught with their pants down.

 you it's a fantasy but for us it's a problem that only gets worse.

Companies like
 Paypal, Visa, Mastercard and others have systematically declined a service and redlined us, leaving room for shady companies to come in and fuck us with fees. 

But that will all change with
 SpankChain, the first in browser blockchain based micro payment processor and live video platform for the adult industry. With 5% fees or less, no charge backs and user anonymity meaning you'll get to pay less for the same great content while never having to give out your credit card or other sensitive personal information. 

But for us performers, SpankChain is not just decentralized
 infrastructure, it's a revolution. 

SpankChain gives us control over our finances, our
 content and our revenue.

For decades porn
 has advanced technology from Super 8 film to the VHS. Now it's time to take that leap forward again on our terms.

SpankChain's technology gives us the
 tools and the freedom to manage our own sites. Connect to decentralized marketplaces and control our future without those greedy corporate hands violating us. 

SpankChain is the key for near term cryptocurrency

Join us and
 together we can disrupt the adult industry, creating a better future for all. 

One that represents sex positivity
 and transcends the inefficiencies of legacy banking institutions. 

To learn more about SpankChain and join the global
 token sale event, head over to SpankChain.com 

Providing value through discussion
Welcome to a brief introduction of the Primas app. The first truly decentralized app that puts you in control.

Primas is a
 place where you make the rules and can openly share ideas with those willing to listen.

But how does it work?

 Primas is an idea publishing and sharing platform. On the home screen, you can browse through the latest articles and see what is trending in your groups as well as some others you might be interested in.

You can even write your own piece on your phone.
 Or on your computer using your web editor.

Groups are
 where Primas comes alive. Catch up with what's happening in the areas or industries that interest you. And support the verified original authors. 

 the value tab, you can keep track of your earnings and see the value of your contributions. Check out and customize your personal profile to fit your personality. 

Most importantly know that you are contributing
 to our movement to restore health to the internet. 
Contract wallet paired with a debit card
For as much potential that peopel say blockchain and cryptocurrency has, we aren't seeing a lot of that materialize as it stands. Because the space is an absolute mess. Something needs to change before this technology breaks into the mainstream.

This is exactly what we are trying to do
 with Token.

 was first introduced to bitcoin by a childhood friend of mine who was a real technologist. And this for me was a moment where it clicked. Maybe this bitcoin thing could actually change something.

I took the big step to leave
 university to pursue something in the industry.

 and [inaudible] met in Taiwan. I think we really connected because he essentially opened my eyes to what was possible with the advent of ethereum.

There were these very early ethereum projects like Digix
 and Maker who were making tokens that we thought could really impact the lives of people across the world.

 and Mal had multiple ideas of things we could do with ethereum but TokenCard just made sense on a practical level because it was something that was currently needed within this space.

I mean an actual way to use

There is this massive
 [inaudible] between people like us and the rest of the world who can't use this stuff. What we wanted to do was try and build a bridge to cross that [inaudible].

We had a few initial conversations
 with VCs. I'd say at the time we were way too early for traditional funding routes because ethereum wasn't a concept that was well understood. Blockchain was just sort of becoming the buzzword within finance.

Thankfully we had a bit of a plan
 B where we thought the only people in the world who cared as much abour our idea that we did was the ethereum community itself.

Our idea resonates
 so well with almost everyone in this space that it only took a few weeks for us to build a very strong community. 

If you think about how start-ups
 normally get funded, you would have oversight over how you are using funds and channels to make sure that you are building your business properly.

So we're being very patient with how we are
 building, making sure we hire the right people. And that we don't fall into a lot of pitfalls that potentially you could fall into with this level of independence.

 what we are trying to do at token is we are trying to lead a crusade. One where people will be able to unplug from the old systems and to take control of their own financial destiny. 
Zcoin - Private Financial Transactions
Zcoin is a digital cryptocurrency that puts financial privacy at the forefront where your transactions are completely untraceable. 

It is built on the solid fundamentals
 of the Zerocoin paper, one of the most cited cryptography papers' today.

 and most other cryptocurrencies are not really anonymous as all transactions since the founding of the coin are permanently open for the public to view.

 governments and law enforcement agencies have made significant strides in using meta data and pattern analysis to reveal the real world identities of bitcoin holders.

This is a serious privacy

Imagine having all of your transaction history
 and spending habits revealed or worse, innocently editing up with coins that have been tainted from illegal activities.

Not only is your
 privacy at risk, your coins could be seized or you could even be implicated in crime you didn't commit.

Other attempts to anonymize transactions
 involving mixing transactions with other people's transactions but this still means that the real transaction is somewhere in there. And its privacy is reliant on how many transactions you are mixing with.

These models still provide
 an analyzable network map of links. 

Zcoin uses zero knowledge proofs to
 make truly untraceable coins.

You mint a coin by
 burning it up and generate a mathematical proof that you burn it.

This proof allows you to redeem a new
 coin with new previous transaction history. A clean slate.

The genius lays
 in that the proof doesn't reveal which coin you minted, thus there is no relationship that can be drawn from the coin that you minted and the brand new coni that you redeemed. 

No history to analyze. No mixing
 required. Just truly untraceable coins.

Reclaim your digital financial

Zcoin. Mint.
 Spend. Repeat. 
Web browser with ad blocker
The browsers of today are broken. They have been overtaken by a barrage of sneaking and annoying ads. Trackers that follow your habits and cookies that build profiles and all other sorts of internet clutter that is taking precidence over the content that you want to see.

In fact these
 useless bytes can take up to a whopping 50% of page load times with a third of it anxiously trying to learn more about you.

To make
 matters worse, some ad blockers are even letting ads through when large advertisers pay them. 

But do you really want a leaky ad blocker?

It's because of these very reasons that we
 developed Brave. A new browser that kicks internet crud to the curb and makes it faster, safer and better to surf the web than your current browser.

With Brave, everything you need is built right

We integrated technology that automatically blocks
 trackers, annoying ads and shields everything that can cramp your style and disrupt your privacy.

With it you can expect increased speeds almost
 2x faster on laptops and up to 4x faster on mobile. And unlike any other browser, Brave allows you to support your favorite publishers with automatic micro payments.

It's a win win for you and your favorite

To top it all off, Brave is open source
 because we truly believe it's our web and we need to fix it together.

Ask yourself this
 question, do you want a web browser made for the internet of today? 

If so, try Brave. It's faster.
 Safer and ad free. [silence] 
A portal to asset management
The digital asset market is worth over $12B to date and continues to expand rapidly in value and choice. 

It's getting hard to stay on top of it all.

There is no quick and easy way to track and gain exposure to this
 exciting new asset class.

Melonport is
 the first application to enable open, competitive and decentralized digital asset management solutions. As well as quick visibility and access to the performance of other asset managers.

With Melonport,
 anyone will be able to easily setup and customize a portfolio on the blockchain using a Melon friendly interface and we really do mean anyone.

 reduces management costs. Most fixed costs traditionally incurred when managing portfolios are eliminated by Melon smart contracts which automate operations such as clearing and settlement, performance monitoring and broadcasting your validated track record.

Melonport leverages the visibility
 and transparency inherent to blockchains, so that performance can be tracked giving talented managers the opportunity to be sought out and rewarded.

So whether you are an
 individual or saver managing your own personal digital portfolio or a large institutional asset manager acting on behalf of 100s of clients, Melonport can radically simplify your workload, lower your costs and grow your reputation.

The Melon
 protocol is split into two parts. The core and an open ever expanding universe of useful modules. 

Melon Core links all asset management functions together
 and enables all transactions to be possible. 

Melon Modules are optional customized functions
 selected by the portfolio manager.

There are two ways you
 can take part in Melonport's exciting journey.

Anyone can contribute in the upcoming
 pre-sale of a fixed supply of Melon tokens to fund our next development phase which is building out a full suite of robust, secure asset management tools. 

You'll be able to use the core protocol by paying in Melon tokens.

Developers can also build Melon modules
 and earn Melon tokens proportionate to the value that their modules add to the network. The more useful their modules, the more greater the rewards.

This adds to a network
 effect where the interest of tokenholders, developers and portfolio managers are beautifully aligned, re-enforcing one another. 

That's the beauty of Melonport. Bringing it all
 together. [silence] [silence] 
I'm Brendan Eich, I created Javascript, Netscape and then founded the Mozilla project and Firefox. And I am now doing Brave, it's a new browser and a new system for properly valuing user attention. 


Brave software is introducing
 an innovative solution, blockchain based digital advertising.

Online advertising was once simpler, it consisted
 of advertisers, publishers and users. 


Digital advertising has evolved
 into an opaque and inefficient marketplace. Publishers, advertisers and users are all being conned by this system. It's hard to believe but we are paying to be bothered by ads, our mobile phone bill is going toward all the bandwidth spent on ads and trackers. Up to $23 a month according to the New York Times.

 media sites we've seen have as many as 70 trackers calling out using your battery, slowing down the page load and increasing data costs. 

Users are now trying to protect themselves with ad blocking
 which is on over 600,000,000 phones and desktops and rising. 

So we
 realized something needed to be done. We think the solution must involve a decentralized digital ad exchange based on the blockchain.

Brave is implementing this in stages. Our
 first stage is already in the Brave browser which blocks ads and trackers but also have a ledger system for rewarding sites based on user attention.

The second phase
 is when we try to move towards a decentralized ad exchange and that must involve a new kind of currency for user attention, and that's the Basic Attention Token.

The token is derived
 from and therefore denominates user attention. Attention is really just focused mental engagement on an advertisement, great content, on whatever the user is looking at.

The browser can anonymously
 and privately monitor your attention as you view pages in tabs and it can do this in a way that is highly accurate and highly private.

 think this is essential to avoiding fraud and malvertising problems on the current ecosystem. 

Publishers will receive tokens when are viewed,
 users also get a share for their attention if they choose to receive ads. From that share they can then donate back to publishers they wish to support.

We also see publishers
 being paid in tokens able to use those tokens to award users to promote their content.

And if they
 like, they can charge for premium content that is paid in tokens. 

BAT should
 become a new standard that is used in the entire advertising ecosystem. We believe that this combination of blockchain, smart contract browser analytics and accountable open source code and auditability is the future of advertising on the internet. 

 [music] [music] 
SALT Lending is the first crypto lending platform
Even if you bought bitcoin in 2016 and kept it until 2017, you could've made a profit of over 700% if you had kept all of those coins that is.

Even though us bitcoiners love to hodl,
 chances are you've already had to sell some to pay for your bitcoin fueled lifestyle.

Imagine this,
 what if you could hodl bitcoin and have money to spend at the same time.

In 2017
 this is finally a reality with Salt.

Salt is a next generation
 lending platform for blockchain backed loans. We make it easy to get cash without having to sell your favorite investment.

Here is how it works. Joining is
 fast and easy. With quick approval and no credit checks, the only thing you need to get started is to purchase SALT, built on an ERC 20 smart contract which allows you to purchase membership on the salt lending platform. 

Once you become a member, you can put up your bitcoins and
 other blockchain assets as collateral and borrow money from our extensive network of lenders.

The application process is
 fast and as soon as you pay back your loan, you get your collateral back with no early repayment fees.

Now you can get cash
 to pay bills, remodel your home, buy a car or even start a new business and your crypto is right there if you need it.

Salt, keep your crypto,
 get your cash. 
Affordable, private, secure cloud storage
Imagine if the cloud wasn't up here, but down here with us. 

That's Storj.

 is a cloud shared by the community. It's potentially the largest, cheapest and most secure cloud available. What you share is what you get.

You can even be paid by renting your
 extra space. But how is it more secure?

Each file is
 shredded, encrypted and spread across the network until you are ready to use it again. And you can be sure the files are safe because the keys are in your pocket, not a company.

 you have access to your stuff.

Because the network
 is shared, you don't have to worry about slow download speeds coming from one place. We are all helping to make the system blazing fast.

If you have
 some extra space laying around, you'll get paid by users who need more than they can share. It's like renting out your empty hard drives.

A cloud with security, no downtime and
 speed at a fraction of the cost. [silence] 
æternity is a scalable blockchain platform
Welcome to the internet of value. Meet Aeternity.

 is Aeternity? Aeternity is a new blockchain platform that solves the issues of scalability, privacy and transaction speed.

Built by an experienced
 team, Aeternity is a next generation technology that takes the lessons from big projects like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

What makes Aeternity different from other

Aeternity has
 several unique features that make it different from other blockchains. The technology aims to be ready for mainstream adoption by providing three key elements.

One, state
 channels. Users interact with each other instantly and privately. Your business interactions are kept off chain without having to expose your transactions or smart contracts publicly.

 also keeps the blockchain light and robust for years. 

There is no limit to the volume of transactions being
 processed at the same time. Aeternity is lightening fast.

Two, the hybrid proof of
 work and proof of stake system. Consensus is achieved by proof of work, this means that people can mine the tokens on almost all devices including smart phones. 

This is truely decentralized mining.

The governance
 mechanism runs a proof of stake model based on prediction markets.

Three, the
 oracle machine. Oracle machines allow you to connect real world data to smart contracts. Any publicly available data can be integrated such as election results, weather conditions, sport event results, and commodity prices like gold and oil.

 open up the field for major use cases. Think of financial applications, supply chain management, information markets, insurance and gaming.

Combining these three elements,
 Aeternity breaks the bottleneck to even further adoption of blockchain technology with countless use cases and payment solutions, trade finance, and the internet of things.

How is
 Aeternity unique?

Aeternity will come with the
 essential applications available at the launch of the platform, making it immediately useful. 

Aeternity is working on educational programs
 to support businesses and developers to find their own use cases.

An incubator foundation
 will support projects that build upon the Aeternity platform.

Aeternity, a light
 and secure platform to bring the blockchain technology to the next level.

Join us at Aeternity.com
Credit on the blockchain
The traditional credit system has connected lenders and borrowers for decades. Evaluating credit risks, limits and logistics but also adding lots of beaurocracy, geographic limitations and excluded the unbanked from the financial system.

With the internet, new peer to peer
 loans accelerated the process and reduced costs. But the risk was still too big for the lender and credit lending was still assymetric.

 created a solution and it's called Ripio Credit Network.

Ripio Credit Network is a protocol based
 on smart contracts and blockchain technology that opens the door to global credit. Connecting lenders and borrowers with RCN tokens which allow lendings on any currency, anywhere in the world. 

The network works like this. The borrower
 makes a credit request from his wallet provider. The wallet provider generates a smart contract and broadcasts it to the network. Then several agents seal that contract.

First an ID verifier identifies the borrower
 for security reasons. Then a scoring agent analyzes the probabilities of a default. Then an oracle informs the exchange rate between currencies. Finally the co-signer manages the credit conditions in the borrowers country of residence, distributing the lenders risk and adding to the terms noted on the contract. The co-signed contract is then listed in the order book of an online exchange.

 the other side of the network, the lenders create trading orders and RCN tokens on the exchange including their lending conditions. When the lenders order matches the conditions on the smart contract, the loan takes place.

The RCN tokens
 are transferred to the corresponding wallet provider which trades the RCN tokens to local currency and grant credit to the borrower.

 reducing the traditional banking brokerage costs and management fees, the Ripio credit protocol allows better conditions for both lenders and borrowers.

 Credit Network sets the stage for a decentralized, trustworthy, predictable and efficient peer to peer global credit network that will help many ideas and projects all over the world to become a reality.

 Credit Network. [silence] 
A Blockchain Jurisdiction
Before nations, before borders, there was the [inaudible] super continent. Since then the world has been divided by tectonic shifts, widening oceans and stifiling politics. 

Nation states are crumbling
 under the weight of local and global challenges that they see in capable of solving.

Rather than embracing a
 borderless world and increasing personal freedoms, governments and multi national organizations have overseen a surge in beaurocracy, protectionism and ever greater intrusions into our personal lives.

To prevent a drift toward tyranny, we need
 drastic change. 

 is Bitnation's decentralized jurisdiction platform. Using Pangea you can build voluntary nations, [inaudible] contracts and resolve disputes with other citizens and access the services you need.

This is our vision of
 jurisdiction as a service. A global market for governance services.

The Pangea
 arbitration token ot PAT is an ethereum based in app token that powers the Pangea platform.

When you
 create a contract, complete a contract or resolve a dispute on Pangea, you receive non tradeable reputation tokens through Lucy our AI bot. Accumulating reputation tokens earns you tradeable PAT tokens. This ensures that you can't buy a good reputation or acquire it through popularity. 

But if you earn one, you will be rewarded.

Imagine a world
 where people can freely choose which voluntary nations and jurisdictions they want to be part of. A world where voluntary nations offer a choice of services under their own laws and policies and compete for citizens in a free market that rewards good governance.

You too
 can be part of the future of governance by joining the Pangea token sale. 

Welcome to the internet of soverignty.
 Welcome to Pangea. 

Smart cryptocurrency for gaming
Imagine that every game has real life value. Imagine having true ownership of items. Imagine eradicating grey market trading. Imagine leveling your character through multiple games. Imagine being protected from scammers and hackers. Imagine fair micro transactions. 

Enjin coin will make that happen.

It's a
 smart gaming cryptocurrency powered by a suite of tools that will enable game developers to explore a new frontier in gaming.

Blockchain, here is how it works explained in
 five simple steps.

Game developers acquire a
 certain amount of Enjin coin through an official partnership, crowd funding or a cryptocurrency exchange. 

Developers then use the Enjin platform and
 SDKs to create or mint blockchain based gaming items. These can be anything from abundant items like custom in game currencies, generic loot and mineable resources to non fungible unique items like rare cards, readable creatures, scarce weapons or mightly heroes. 

Once the game is released, gamers can complete
 quests and win tokenized rewards. Loot unique in game items from enemies. Collect fungible resources and earn Enjin [inaudible] assets.

Gamers can also
 use Enjin coin to securely purchase blockchain items from in game stores or trade with each other. 

Gamers keep and own blockchain based items in their private and secure
 Enjin wallets. Every transaction, whether it's trading, purchasing or selling items, has to be confirmed by the gamer via the Enjin wallet. 

In case they are unable to sell them, players can melt their virtual items
 back into Enjin coin. This gives the player assurance knowing that their game items will always hold some value.

Melting is a
 huge value proposition for gamers, making them more likely to purchase virtual items.

 the Enjin developer portal and start using the Enjin platform today.