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    Moderator: Up nextwe have Igor from POAcan you come over there? Jorge from Aragon.Let's welcome Jorse to the stage.

    Jorge: OK. I'm Jorge Izqueierdo and we are building the world's first
    digital [inaudible].

    Before we start talking about
    that, we like to talk about this pyramidthat [inaudible] have been talking about for these.

    As all the parts of the technology stack have been
    commoditized, we think that there is onlygovernance that is not commoditized. And eventually wethink that crypto networks will make it or breakit, [inaudible]

    Bad governance is very, very hard and when governance fails in the
    real world, bad stuff happens.

    We have this example in my home country
    in Spain with the Catalonia thing. We haveexamples here in the US where badgovernance burnt down [inaudible]. Or [inaudible]

    But we now have this
    amazing tool that allows massive coordination[inaudible] and it also allows a test bedfor testing new governance processse without[inaudible] without people [inaudible].

    This is very cool. We are experimenting a lot with
    this and we feel like [inaudible]

    Now going a bit more technical,
    we've developed this framework called aragonOS which isthe 3rd iteration which was [inaudible].But now it's a more generic protocol [inaudible]can use if theyneed [inaudible] governance which basically[inaudible] same thing [inaudible] one withoutthe other.

    This is also a hackathon for us. We are
    testing [inaudible]. So checkout our [inaudible] let us know if somethingis broken or really [inaudible]

    are also doing a funny airdrop. Weare airdropping [inaudible] doingfun stuff with that during the week[inaudible]

    You have all of the information
    here and links. That's all, thank you.
    Built on the ethereum blockchain, Erasure works b
    A lot of the worlds'information is trapped and unused. We are building a protocol tochange that.

    Erasure let's
    you predict the more valuable things that you know. And as youbuild a reputation predicting things, you canearn cryptocurrency by selling your predictions.

    These could be
    stockmarket predictions, predictions about bitcoin or sportsor anything.

    We think there are brilliant people
    out there with unique information andErause is going to set that informationfree.

    Erause is an unstoppable
    decentralized data market.[silence]

    When I started Numerai,
    I knew there was a way to crowdcoursemodels. I knew that people would contribute models todatasets that we gave them. But I didn't think it was possibleto crowdsource data.

    I don't think a true information
    marketplace has worked yet because it has been challengingto prove to people that if they submitvaluable data, they are guaranteed to be rewarded forit.

    More over, there hasn't been an immutable
    ledger that everybody can look backto to see for sure that somebody has made accurate predictions overtime. It turns out that cryptocurrenciescoupled with blockchain solve both of thoseproblems. And that is the root of what Erasuse is getting at.

    economics, there is this term called marketcollapse. Market collapseis when there is no way to discern thequality of somethingand there ends up being nomarket for it.

    That's what is happening with financial data at the
    moment especially prediction data.

    If someone sends me an
    email, I have all these predictions, I'm really good atpredicting the stock market, I would immediately delete the email.I can't trust that that personhas anything that's anygood.

    But there probably is someone in the
    world who could send me an email likethat and would actually be legitimate.

    So if you can use a technology
    to solve this problem of market collapse,you can get the people who are very good to actuallyearn the full price for theirpredictions.

    Without staking, your incentive would be
    to submit a million predictions and on the offchance that three of them hit and you got apay out, then why not submit as many as you could?

    Staking makes it so that there are not only
    positive economic incentives but alsonegative economic incentives.

    This is one of the main problems with the
    internet right now. There really are no negative economic incentives.It costs next to nothing to send anemail. So if you want something that is very highquality, it turns out there has to be some cost and orpunishment.

    Erasure is a decentralized
    data marketplace and it uses Numeraireas its token. So what Numeraire has done over the lastyear is show that people want tostake Numeraire tokens onpredictions. And when they do stakethem, it's a sign that those predictions are going to workreally well.

    Now if we could extend this to other
    financial data, for example predictions on cryptoand extend it to other hedgefunds so that other hedge funds can use Numeraireto buy data feeds, then that'sa whole different game. It willtotally decentralize Numeraire and allow anybodyto use it. Any hedge fund to buydata with it and any data provider to submit toit.

    Erause could be better than
    An open platform for live video broadcasting
    Livepeer is a platformfor video transcoding and distribution.

    This is Doug, he's using Livepeer to live
    stream a workshop to his viewers around the world.Doug, our broadcaster, sends video into the Livepeernetwork. Livepeer transcodes the datainto all the formats and bitrates that his viewerscan consume.

    This is a really important
    broadcast for Doug. How does he know the experience will behigh quality?

    There are two key actors in the Livepeer
    network that ensure the quality of the livestream -- transcoders and delegators.

    perform the job of transcoding the stream into anotherbit rate or packaging format for all of Doug'sviewers. And delegators are token holderswho stake towards transcoders.

    Doug knows
    that his transcoder has been nominated by100s of tokenholders who have chosen to stake theirtoken towards the transcoder. And thatis where you come in.

    As a token holder
    you want to participate in the network by staking Livepeertoken towards a transcoder. You can think about staking likeputting a deposit down. Your tokens are lockedup for a period of time and then you can take themback or stake towards a different transcoder.

    Doing this
    helps ensure the network is more secure.

    cool thing is you earn additional Livepeer token just from stakingyour token with the transcoder as a reward for ensuringa high quality and secure network.

    First when Doug
    pays fees into the network, both transcoders and delegators likeyou earn a portion of those fees for thework that you are doing to secure the network.

    Livepeer also mints new token over time much likeBitcoin block rewards which are split amongst delegatorsand transcoders that do honest work. The easiest wayfor you to stake your tokens is to visit our explorer.

    This will
    display a list of active transcoders on the network. It'syour job as a token holder to research transcoders basedupon their performance, statistics, rates theyare charging and stake your tokens.

    are always here to help if you head on over toDiscord.[silence]
    A dAppXplorer Hosted Project!
    BlockchainCuties is a new crypto collectable game where you can collect thecutest pets, breed them, give them awesome gear and send them onadventures to get precious loot.

    There is a huge range of
    cuties to choose from. You can breed and collect a wide selection ofanimals such as cats, puppies, bear cubs,lizards, hedgehogs and so much more in the future.

    You are the sole owner of all of your cuties. Each cutie
    is 100% unique and completely belongs to youforever. You can trade or transfer themanytime to anyone just like a regular cryptocurrency.

    In case the value of your cutie increases, you can
    actually earn money by selling it.

    You can
    test your cutie's skills in battles and level the up. If you arebrave enough, you can challenge your cutie's abilities in battles againstbosses. Your cuties will get not only aunique experience but can also obtain an item or a gift as areward.

    Breed unique cuties. Our
    cuties are made of different parts that are combined together according to theirgene set. Each animal species has specific gene combinationswhich if selected properly can resultin a unique looking cutie.

    You can also
    buy a limited edition unique cutie that is not onlypowerful but also super rare.

    These pets
    can also go on special adventures in which onlyunique pets can actually participate in.

    Want to get a
    personal unique cutie made from your own drawing? Well now youcan!

    Our artists will create a cute pet
    version of your character that not only looks amazing but also isextra strong.

    Join the game, buy a cutie
    and send it on adventures to become the most powerfulcutie.
    æternity is a scalable blockchain platform that en
    Welcome to the internet ofvalue. Meet Aeternity.

    is Aeternity? Aeternity is a newblockchain platform that solves the issues ofscalability, privacy and transactionspeed.

    Built by an experienced
    team, Aeternity is a next generation technologythat takes the lessons from big projects like Bitcoinand Ethereum.

    What makes Aeternity different from other

    Aeternity has
    several unique features that make it different from otherblockchains. The technology aims to be ready formainstream adoption by providing three keyelements.

    One, state
    channels. Users interact with each other instantly andprivately. Your business interactions arekept off chain without having to exposeyour transactions or smart contracts publicly.

    also keeps the blockchain light and robust for years.

    There is no limit to the volume of transactions being
    processed at the same time. Aeternity is lighteningfast.

    Two, the hybrid proof of
    work and proof of stake system.Consensus is achieved by proof ofwork, this means that people can mine the tokens on almostall devices including smart phones.

    This is truely decentralized mining.

    The governance
    mechanism runs a proof of stake model basedon prediction markets.

    Three, the
    oracle machine. Oracle machines allowyou to connect real world data to smartcontracts. Any publicly availabledata can be integrated such as electionresults, weather conditions, sportevent results, and commodityprices like gold and oil.

    open up the field for major use cases.Think of financial applications,supply chain management, information markets,insurance andgaming.

    Combining these three elements,
    Aeternity breaks the bottleneck to even further adoption ofblockchain technology with countless use casesand payment solutions, trade finance, andthe internet of things.

    How is
    Aeternity unique?

    Aeternity will come with the
    essential applications available at the launch of theplatform, making it immediately useful.

    Aeternity is working on educational programs
    to support businesses and developers to findtheir own use cases.

    An incubator foundation
    will support projects that build upon theAeternity platform.

    Aeternity, a light
    and secure platform to bring the blockchain technology to thenext level.

    Join us at Aeternity.com
    Rotating savings and credit association
    Imagine a worldwhere banks and insurance companies have no conflict ofinterest with their customers. This is in sharpcontrast with today's world where you can't get aloan if you don't already have money or good credit.It's a catch-22.

    When you purchase insurance they are
    happy to receive your payments but once you tryto file a claim, they'll fight tooth andnail because your claim affects their profit, profit that could befunneled towards bureaucracy, bonuses andad campaigns.

    Today's banks and insurance companies
    offer undifferentiated products but unlike otherindustries where commoditized products result in lowmargins, banks and insurance firms havehealthy margins year after year.

    Why is
    that? It is because they aren't selling just a productbut also their role as a trusted 3rdparty.

    We believe there is an alternative. We
    believe that social capital and personal trustnetworks can be leveraged to create financialservices that have aligned interest with their users and policy holderswith no need for a trusted 3rdparty.

    In fact we can and have been doing so
    for millenia.

    This approach leverages
    personal reputation and social ties and drawsupon 2000 years of resilience, effectiveness andefficiency in offering credit and insuranceto communities around theworld.

    Today we are building our first product, a ROSCA
    platform powered by blockchain. A platform that enablesthe creation of social safetynets that address economic uncertainty and providesopportunity for growth.

    It's the first of a series of
    products that include credit identities andscores. Lending, mutual insurance and muchmore all of which leverage the untapped socialcapital and trust networks that already exist.

    At WeTrust our vision is to amplify
    the strengths of social capital andreputation based networks while addressing their weaknesses, scalability,fraud and lack of innovation.

    Imagine a future where users and policy holders
    are treated as first class citizenson a platform powered by technology and properincentives.

    Join us on this mission to
    create an alternative financial system, one which wecan be proud to support.