Inthe natural world bees are the originalbounty hunters, gathering nectar from far and widefor themselves and their hive to thriveon.

As humans we use bounties every time we complete a task and
get something in exchange. A bounty is a reward or a prizegiven for any completed task. So bounties are at the verycore of how the world already works.

it's built on the Ethereum blockchain, the Bounties Network is changing the waywe collaboratein a world full of incentives. All it takes is acomputerand internet connection to access our buzzing, decentralizedmarketplace of meaningful projects and talent fromaround the world.

With just three easy steps,
creating and collaborating on the Bounties Network isso simple you should probably start using it today.

Bounties are issued
for tasks and projects featuring a clear description, fullsubmission criteria and clear deadline. The reward for each bounty isclearly marked and fully staked inEth, ERC20 or any token on Ethereum right from thestart.

created the bounties are open to anyone so they can be fulfilledfrom anywhere in the world.

Remember all you need is yourself,
a computer and aninternet connection.

Submissions are
reviewed and the best work gets accepted. Thereward is then automatically released so allthat waiting to get paid is no longer a problem.

to their open yet secure format, bounties can be used asthe framework of choice for a wide range ofapplications.

The Bounties Network
is buzzing with possibility. So join our community andstart running your world on bounties.[silence]
Localethereum.comis the new private way to buy andsell ether. Until now there has been no easy way to tradeether. With tedious verificationprocesses, expensive fees and no cash options,traders are getting the raw end of the day.

localethereum is changing the game. It's aprivate peer to peer marketplace where you andonly you have complete control of yourdata and trades.

Here is how it works.
To buy ether find a seller you are happy with orcreate a new buy offer. Traders on localethereumare real people just like you. Offers can befiltered by price, distance andmethod. Whether it be face to face, bank transfer or something else.

When you open a trade messages are
encrypted with a secret key making itimpossible for anybody else to know what you are saying.

This secret key is stored in your browser and never touches
the internet. Once you've agreed on thedetails, the seller deposits etherinto a multi sig escrow smart contract.

When both parties are
happy, the ether is released and thatsecret key is destroyed erasing the message historyforever.

In the case of a dispute, traders can call in
an arbitrator for help. By providing the arbitratorthe secret key, they'll be able to decrypt themessages and work with both parties to make a fairdecision.

Afterwards the parties
give each other a rating. These ratings form aweb of trust that is available for everyone tosee to ensure that you are always safe when tradingether.

Localethereum makes trading ether
with strangers feel like you are trading with friends.And in the future localethereum will harnessthe power of Swarm and Whisper to go completelydecentralized.

The marketplace is launching
soon. Be the first to hear major announcementsby joining the waiting list.

And it's
all thanks to Ethereum.
Livepeer is a platformfor video transcoding and distribution.

This is Doug, he's using Livepeer to live
stream a workshop to his viewers around the world.Doug, our broadcaster, sends video into the Livepeernetwork. Livepeer transcodes the datainto all the formats and bitrates that his viewerscan consume.

This is a really important
broadcast for Doug. How does he know the experience will behigh quality?

There are two key actors in the Livepeer
network that ensure the quality of the livestream -- transcoders and delegators.

perform the job of transcoding the stream into anotherbit rate or packaging format for all of Doug'sviewers. And delegators are token holderswho stake towards transcoders.

Doug knows
that his transcoder has been nominated by100s of tokenholders who have chosen to stake theirtoken towards the transcoder. And thatis where you come in.

As a token holder
you want to participate in the network by staking Livepeertoken towards a transcoder. You can think about staking likeputting a deposit down. Your tokens are lockedup for a period of time and then you can take themback or stake towards a different transcoder.

Doing this
helps ensure the network is more secure.

cool thing is you earn additional Livepeer token just from stakingyour token with the transcoder as a reward for ensuringa high quality and secure network.

First when Doug
pays fees into the network, both transcoders and delegators likeyou earn a portion of those fees for thework that you are doing to secure the network.

Livepeer also mints new token over time much likeBitcoin block rewards which are split amongst delegatorsand transcoders that do honest work. The easiest wayfor you to stake your tokens is to visit our explorer.

This will
display a list of active transcoders on the network. It'syour job as a token holder to research transcoders basedupon their performance, statistics, rates theyare charging and stake your tokens.

are always here to help if you head on over toDiscord.[silence]
We are living in revolutionarytimes. The blockchain technologychanges everything.

It distributes power among
many instead of centralizing it in the hands of theelitest few. chose blockchain as its
business ideology. The immediate result was the birth ofStox, an open source ethereum basedprediction market platform where people can trade the outcomeof events in almost any imaginable category --sports, celebrity marriages,election results and even the weather.

Set your
prediction and trade it.

It is a peer to peer,
decentralized global platform built on the samesystem of trust that is the core of the blockchainvision.

The power behind the Stox platform
is the STX digital token, a trading currency that willincrease in volume with each and every trade anywhere on theglobe. is a real company, making
real business with 200 employeesworldwide. Top programmers and marketing specialists,we generate over $50M in revenue.

Our 3 million registered users will become the initial driving
force behind the STX token.

We open the
door for other industry leaders to join ourecosystem and enjoy the benefits of the STX token.

Together we can grow into the largest decentralized
market in the ethereum ecosystem.

Stox, the future of trading.

Betting has been
around for 1000s of years and used to be a fun andsocial activity. Well notfor everyone.

But over time betting turned into
a huge business dominated by middlemen and challenged bya number of serious problems.

betting looks more like a complex science with unfairodds, low transparency, high fees and lowreturns and little social involvement. But itdoesn't have to be that way anymore.

With bethereum, we are bringing
fun and social back into betting.

In bethereum, you bet with friends and other players,
not against a bookmaker. With us, the housedoesn't win because there is no house.

We are
developing the most intuitive and engaging betting platformin the market, poweredby innovative gamification featuresfor a truly rewarding experience.

and tournaments, player chat and leaderboardsand social achievements are just some of thegaming elements that will make bethereum absolutely unique.

All this while
blockchain technology ensures full transparency andtrust with smart contracts securely handlingevery bet and automatically paying outthe winnings.

Bethereum will also
integrate games by external developers and support abroad ecosystem of players, white labeledcustomers and conventional betting operators,game creators and marketing affiliates.

The whole platform is
fueld by our bether token which is used tohandle all bets and transactions and even to paycommissions to 3rd parties.

Not long from now
everyone will be able to win again.

Stay tuned for news and updates
while we bring you the future of betting.
Say hello to MEvU, the onlydecentralized peer to peer betting platformmade exclusively for players to bet on anything, any time against anyone.

MEvU makes it fun and easy to create
to create custom bets from the comfortof your home on anything.

Who can chug a beer the fastest? Win
a round of golf? Or be the first to lose 10 lbs.

Have your friends already lost all their money to you in MEvU bets?

Keep on playing by accessing a global pool of competitors. Create a
bet and challengethe world. Or browse available bets to match with your opponant onsupport sports. Make any event more interesting by havingthe chance to win rewards and braggingrights by climbing the leader boards.

And the best part? By decentralizing its core
features on the ethereum blockchain, MEvU smart contractsexecute payouts quickly, securly andautomatically all while reducing fees from thestandard industry fee of 10% to aslow as 2%.

frees you of middlemen such as financial institutions,casinos or bookie algorithsm.

It allows a betting based competition
without reliance on payment processors. Reducesoperational regulatory burdens and protectsagainst organizational corruption such asfraud and embezzlement.

MEvU users that hold
MUV tokens can earn even more rewardsby becoming oracles and reporting on game outcomes.

by the ethereum blockchain, MEvU is the future of betting.

MEvU brings betting back to its
basics, between people. The way it was meant to be.

MEvU. Match. Bet. Play.
In2007 the world made a step forward inconnectivity with the introduction of the smartphone.

Since then nothing has really changed. Just more
versions of the same old thing -- boring.

Now let's take a look at the new leap in the technological
evolution. Meet the uPort, the mosttechnologically advanced smart computer to ever occupy yourwrist. A step that will revolutionize theindustry. A beautifully desired well craftedpiece of wrist bling that keeps you connected with ease and a whole lotmore.

Imagine a world that will eliminate the burden
of all the extras and simplify yourexistence while opening your world to unlimitedpossibilities. Welcome the uPort.

the uPort AKA universal passportand the uPort software system aka the unlimitedpossibilities original revolutionarytechnology.

Open your eyes to health monitoring.
Payment systems. Internet connectivity. Stand alonephone. Gameplay. Access systems. Keywallet. Replacement password. Replacement and identificationsystems access. And your very own personalassistant which will help you to monitor any and all of yourneeds.

Everything in your current smartphone but
just a whole lot more.

universal password, the uPort. The key to yourworld.
Online advertisements areessential to providing a freeinternet. Unfortunately the user is often bombarded by ads,leading many to use ad blockers.

This is detrimental to the internet. But what if there
was a way you could clean up digital advertisingwhile making the internet a better place?

With adChain, you can. The adChain
registry is the first token curated registry poweredby the blockchain to provide a list of the bestad supported sites.

use ad token to apply to theregistry. If a member thinks the website isbad, they can sue their ad token to challenge the application.The ad token community then votes tosupport or oppose.

If the majority
supports the application, the website getsadmitted. And the challenger forfeits theirad token which is paid out to voters on the winningside.

In the end the community creates a
list of the best ad supported websites and members canearn ad token in the process.
Understanding the blockchaintechnology can be a hard task sincea highly technical language is used to describe the technology, thusmaking the real world implications of the protocol hard todiscern.

Thankfully the Loopring protocol
solves this problem along with others that may face theaverage crypto user such as the pooruser experience of trying to trade on adecentralized exchange, DEX, with anemic trade volume.And the majority of bids are highly opportunistic and out of themoney.

Having to keep coins in
multiple exchanges so you can quickly execute trades onfast moving trade opportunities. And the constantneed to transfer tokens between the CEX and yourwallet to prevent major losses to a hacked exchangeaccount.

With Loopring, you don't have to worry about
that. Our ring matching technology can split up atrade across multiple counter-parties that will maketrades execute more efficiently than other protocols.

This is a big differentiator compared to other
DEX protocols.

The Loopring protocol can be used
by wallets, DEX, CEX and HEXwhich makes the liquidity potential far greater than competingprotocols.

We put an end to all of these
problems and many more.

Loopring is the
perfect platform for you to executesimple, profitable and secure trades.

Visit us at
How much of your life isstored digitally? Your photos, yourfiles, your most intimate conversations.

It's all on a
hard drive somewhere and it's probably easy toaccess by you but also by the cloud storagecompanies you trust.

Those companies
have a track record of handing over your data togovernments. Their first priority is to makeprofit for their shareholders, not your privacy.

Then there is
cyber crime. It is become a bigger business than the trade ofillicit drugs due to the enormous amount ofdata stored on cloud servers, they are a targetthat's hard for hackers to exist.

It's time to take
security and privacy back intoour own hands.

uses decentralization and encryptionto ensure that only you can access yourfiles. The Safe network is completelydistributed. There is no central point ofcontrol or weakness. The softwareconnects unused computing capacity to form aglobal network that can handle all data andcommunications.

It's not just about
storage, it allows you to safely run anyapp that exists today while paying you foryour contribution.

Here is how it works.
You create an account withoutthe need to identify yourself anddecide how much space you want to dedicate to the network.

As the space is used,
Safe coins are given as a reward. Safe coin hasa market value and can be freely tradedjust like bitcoin.

Before you
upload a file, it is encrypted onyour computer. It is then fragmented into smallpieces and spread at random throughout thenetwork. Data is stored with redundancyand files are autonomously moved by thenetwork as connected computers are turned on andoff.

Only you have the credentials to make it
available again.

data and your thoughts belong only toyou. You decide what to do with them,no one else.

MaidSafe -
privacy, security and freedom foreveryone.