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Crypto game
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The genesis of Blockfight really came from some
 of the early crypto games that were out there. Now these were essentially basic wagering games, many of them had no graphics. Many of them had no game play as we would define it as game players. And yet they were making 100s of 1000s of dollars and continue to do so even today.

We recognize that if we were to apply some
 really fun game mechanics to that, not only would we have the makings of a successful game, we would have a game that's really engaging both to cryptocurrency users and down the line mainstream gamers as well.

Blockfight offers a
 number of really great features such as collectables where you have a trophy room and every time you beat a monster, you get that monster in your trophy room.

We can introduce
 new monsters, we can introduce special edition monsters and keep that broaden appeal.

You can also fight monsters
 in different venues. One of them is a cave, one of them is an ice cavern and we are going to be introducing new venues as well. 

Some great animation in the game. It's all
 3D modeling. High definition audio. And it's just a really fun, dice rolling fighting game. 

We set out to make this as a
 1st game because it's nice and simple. We know it's going to appeal to the crypto gaming community.

As I mentioned earlier
 there were a lot of games that were out there in the early games that continue to have success that use a similar dice rolling, play to win mechanic with wagering that a lot of people have a lot of fun with.

What we wanted to do is take that to
 the next level and apply some really fun proven game mechanics to it so there is a lot of visual and audio appeal beyond just the opportunity to win some halo. 

Halo is earned primarily through
 wagering in the game. In the game you can select your risk level which determines your payout. You can go anywhere from a low risk, low payout model to a high risk, high payout and everything in between. And everything is based on sliding scale and players can choose how they want to play and to what extent they want to risk. 
Peer to peer sports betting
Hi everyone, I wanted to spend a little bit of time with you going through the web app that we've developed at because I think it's fantastic and I don't think we talk about it enough. And you are probably missing out on a bunch of features that we all know as we've been very close to it from the start. 

Basically what you've got
 is a fast, easy to use access to odds on sporting events. And a method of placing a bet on the blockchain, using peer to peer bets. As you know we are all about peer to peer bets. 

So using the blockchain to make sure it's all fair and
 honest for individual betting for individuals. 

Let's see all sports.
 So let's go to Football, let's look at some of the games coming up. Maybe the Bundesleague game with Bayern Munich for example which is on Saturday. There are lots of things you can bet on there. We'll stick to something simple, who is going to win the game? Munich, draw or Frankfurt?

It has to be Bayern Munich
 to win. And the odds reflect that.

Here we have the
 odds that are being offered by a bunch of players.

 other players are the part of the peer to peer...

 are risking their money and laying these bets. So they are essentially taking the other side of the bet. In this particular case they are taking the draw or Frankfurt bet. 

 [inaudible] better odds [inaudible] you can then lay any bet.

And these are arranged by the best
 odds for the point of the bettor or the punter, that's me in this particular case.

So [inaudible]
 best odds you are going to get [inaudible]

Typically what you'll find is the
 higher the odds, the lower the bets because they'll risk less money. 

Let's bet on that. So I'll
 put 1000 BETR onto Bayern to win.

It's not just BETR you can place bets on? You can do
 ETH as well and hopefully EOS very soon?

I don't have the Ether
 in this account, so I'll do BETR.

But as you
 said you can see your currency box down here if you want to bet Ether which saves you one step from getting BETR tokens.

And of course
 as you said EOS very soon now which is a massive addition to our product.

 of their apps are gambling based. A great market for us. So looking forward to that.

So that bet is placed.
 You can go to my bets here and see the bets that have closed.

 click the little icon there and it will take you to etherscan. And that's the public record. 

So that's that transaction. The
 actual bet itself. 

 on the other side for the layor, the risk [inaudible] 

So when you place a
 bet, the bettors money goes into a pot and the layors risk goes into the pot and it's there and it's in escrow and no one can touch it. 

That's pretty much how the
 thing works.

There you have it. Thank
 you for watching our sneak preview of all the good things on offer at and we look forward to welcoming you there to place a few bets and try it out in real life. 
Bringing Trust and Security to IoT
Every day our world becomes more dependent on the billions of devices and censors that surround us called the internet of things.

Billions of IoT
 devices are already deployed and 5 million new ones come online every day.

The IoT helps deliver
 our water and our electricity, coordinate our manufacturing processes and deliver medicine allowing physicians to monitor pacemakers and insulin pumps and a world of other devices.

 the world of IoT isn't safe. We have to protect it from criminals and other bad actors and the consequences of failing to protect the IoT are monumental.

The IoT ecosystem is also being
 empowered by smart devices with greater device interoperability and the ability to conduct transactions independently. 

Imagine in healthcare a patient wearing an insilin
 pump securely sharing blood chemistry data with outside researchers and healthcare monitoring systems.

 home meters negotiating with the power grid to find the best deal hour by hour for electricity. Or industrial machines ordering and replenishing rare materials directly from suppliers to avoid downtime and meet production schedules. 

None of this can be done safely without securing the internet of
 things and enabling [inaudible] autonomous financial transactions.

Today's alternative solutions fail to
 understand the enormous security problems of IoT. They only offer partial point solutions to address them. 

Strong security is too often an after thought.
 You need an IoT cybersecurity platform of the future that integrates identity validation, reputation of devices and ledgered transactions.

This is why we
 created Atonomi.

Atonomi leverages
 blockchain technology and is a secured decentralized ledger of things, providing a new security protocol and infrastructure to enable billions of IoT devices to have trusted interoperability for both data and commerce. 

Blockchain technology is a lot of things to a
 lot of people but in the world of cybersecurity and the IoT, it can provide three essential services.

 device identity and trust based on consensus. Two, decentralized infrastructure to reduce the attack surface. Three, an historical baseline of how devices behave.

These three services are at the core of the
 Atonomi network.

The Atonomi network is a
 blockchain based platform which enables the ecosystem to support secure interactions with IoT devices. This infrastructure is open globally to all participating manufacturers and device users. And is based on these four key elements.

Our identity registry service
 validates device identity and establishes route of trust enabling a device to engage in autonomous transactions with other validated devices.

 reputation protocol enables registered devices to validate a device's reputation stored on the blockchain to establish trust before exchanging data or commerce. 

Our native Atonomi token.

The Atonomi
 token is used by the Atonomi network for device registration, activation, reputation management and commerce transactions.

Device manufacturers,
 distributors, device owners and auditors will all seek Atonomi token rewards for participating in the Atonomi network and our fully extensible architecture that supports an ecosystem of vertical IoT applications to be built on top.

Why Atonomi?
 The world needs Atonomi because the IoT can never reach its full potential without an independent service which establishes immutable identity, handles reputation and trust and allows devices to conduct autonomous device to device transactions.

Because the whole
 world needs a secure IoT infrastructure, Atonomi is designed as an open and extensible IoT solution. This means that anyone can build upon our platform to meet the custom needs of specific industry. 

Atonomi, with our device identity registration
 service, reputation protocol, token based secure ecosystem and extensible architecture, are making the world of IoT and beyond a safer and more secure place.

Atonomi, for the autonomous
 secure IoT. 
Online Learning Platform
BitDegree, revolutionizing education via blockchain.

 it is a pathway to your career and your desired income. But there are many things that are just not right.

Courses of study are not focused enough. Your head gets
 crammed with lots of unnecessary information. Study materials are not up to date. A gap between the needs of employers and student knowledge already exist and is widening. And of course studies cost a fortune.

Our mission
 is to change that. So we gathered a team of software engineers, blockchain geeks and start up advisors and embraced the challenge to revolutionize education via blockchain.

 is the world's first blockchain powered online education platform offering tokens for scholarship and promoting tech talent acquisition.

How does that
 work? Choose from 1000s of the best IT courses online. Earn BitDegree tokens as a scholarship and reward. Get connected with world changing companies.

 solves most of the problems.

Learn only the things you need
 for the most lucrative sphere or IT. All your progress will be visible for your future employers. They may be keeping a warm nest just for you.

We can't stress this enough.
 Not only is all of it entirely free, but also you will get paid for your progress with our BitDegree token.

How is that
 even possible?

Through your future employers, they are the ones who will
 gladly finance the courses.

 for the right person to fill a position is a very tedious job. With us, you get to develop the exact skills a company is looking for at the time. It's a unique tool for businesses to recruit tech talent and shape global education to their needs.

We are establishing BitDegree on a solid existing base
 of 29 million at 000webhost hostinger, a world wide community that is loyal, web passionate and is open to innovative learning.

We connect employers
 searching for educated talent those who are passionate to learn. And to spice things up, we power the effort with a blockchain based reward system.

Just like the knowledge you gather here, BitDegree
 tokens may enhance your fortune in the future.

Learning has
 never been so open, approachable and job oriented.

Learn, earn, grow.

Start a course on BitDegree now.
Decentralized ad network
Welcome to AdEx Network. 

AdEx is a decentralized advertising
 platform aimed at changing the online advertising landscape as we know it.

AdEx makes life easier
 for all the parties that participate in the advertising process. 

First, we would like to introduce
 publishers. Publishers can sign up to AdEx to better monetize their websites. They will generate revenue depending on how many clicks the ads achieve and will verify ad delivery so advertisers only pay for real impressions.

They will have the option to
 accept or decline bids and will have full control over what ads appear on their site.

But most importantly
 they will be dealing directly with advertisers with no middlemen.


In order to purchase ad space, advertisers
 will need ADX tokens that they can purchase with fiat currency. Advertisers can also use detailed targeting to reach the right audience for their services or products.

Our platform makes sure
 to deliver the ads to real people, only so the ad fraud possibilities are minimized.

 finally advertisers budgets go completely to publishers with no middlemen in between and with no fees or commissions paid to AdEx.

And our last party,
 the users.

AdEx allows users to regain control
 over their privacy and to get meaningful, targeted ads.

AdEx is a platform
 made to improve online advertising experience. No more extra fees. No more unclear reporting. And no more unwanted ads.

Let's make advertising
 great again. 
Distributed computation
It's just a matter of time. This is a processor, it executes small tasks at breakneck speeds from your computer, your phone and your smart watch. You don't need to know how it works, you only care that it is fast.

Golen is fast.

And here is you, needing to simulate
 a neural network but your little computer just isn't up the task. But if you connected to Golem, you could simulate neural networks, sequence DNA, render complex imagery or whatever you need to do in a fraction of the time.

Let me show you how it

Golem is a distributed
 super computer. It taps into a global network of unused computing power and it's decentralized. This means that no one owns it and anyone can use it, even you.

When someone has a
 job for Golem, it automatically finds the best computers available for the job and pays them for the power that they provide.

One of them can be your computer, that could be
 your money.

Whether it's training artificial intelligence or
 rendering physical models, Golem scales with the task. And it's all made possible thanks to the Ethereum blockchain.

 more, developers can tap into this network by building apps on its platform, creating infinite possibilities.

So get ready, Golem is the
 future of computing. It's just a matter of time. [silence] 
Digital gold standard
What if I told you there was a new digital coin that married the best aspects of current cryptocoins with the safety and stability of gold, the oldest continuous store of value known to humanity. 

Cryptocoins in their current form have two major
 drawbacks. One, volatility. You simply cannot reliably transact with a coin that has more short-term price volatility than competing traditional options.

Centralization. If you
 have a single point of failure such as a big depot where a large amount of coins are stored, criminals will find a way to exploit that weakness, hack through the security and steal the coins.

But what if you could eliminate that
 price volatility by tying a digital coin to an asset that has real, stable and historical value like gold.

What if that gold digital
 coin was traded person to person without any centralized intermediary like a bank or other institution in the way.

You would have created a
 revolution in digital coins.

This is
 exactly what Digix has done.

Digix has
 taken all of the innovative realities in a current digital coin, the blockchain, transactional privacy, minimal transfer fees and backed it up with the world's oldest and longest standing store of value, gold.

With the Digix
 tokens, you own actual physical gold stored in a vault in Singapore, one of the world's safest and most private locations in the world.

You can redeem
 your Digix tokens for physical gold any time you wish. Or you can trade your digital gold backed Digix tokens on the Ethereum blockchain for goods, services or other digital assets. 

And because Digix tokens are transacted
 person to person, there is no centralized depot for criminals or hackers to exploit.

So if you have a
 family member that you want to send money to, Digix tokens give you a way to send value to them that can go across the world without any bank or other intermediary getting in the way.

Or if you have a business online or you are
 an artist selling your art work, with Digix tokens you can accept payment from anyone, anywhere in the world without the hassle of dealing with banks or paying their bloated fees.

Digix tokens are the next evolution
 of digital coins, marrying the best of the new way of sending value person to person, anywhere in the world, instantly without any intermediary. 

And with the stability and peace of mind
 of the world's oldest currency, gold. 
Scan any smart contract easily with QSP
[music] [music] 

 Richard Ma, CEO and co-founder of Quantstamp. The reason why Quantstamp exists is because smart contracts are vulnerable to hacks and we make sure that they are safe for everyone to use.

In January of
 2017, there were only around 10,000 smart contracts. Today there are more than 8 million smart contracts and it's no longer possible for manual human experts to check all of these contracts individually.

Quanstamp is really bringing
 automation to the security auditing industry so that eventually when there are billions of smart contracts, we can still make sure they are all safe. 

Here at Quantstamp we are on a mission to
 help as many companies as we can to explore blockchain in a secure way, so they can thrive ten years from now.

To this day Quantstamp has secured
 over $500M worth of smart contracts. 

Richard Ma, CEO and software developer at Quantstamp.

Borrow/Lending decentralized

On this video we are going to be talking about

Compound.Finance is a borrowing platform allowing you to
 lend and borrow cryptocurrencies in a fully decentralized manner.

The platform allows you to
 borrow regular cryptocurrencies like BAT and stablecoins such as DAI which are pegged to the USD.

We'll be taking a look at their current platform with
 Mike and also possibly doing some borrowing of our own.

Let's go take a look at Compound.Finance
 with Mike.

So now
 we are going to talk about Compound.Finance 

This is a lending platform.
 It's a lending and borrowing platform that has its own decentralized protocol for holding onto assets and letting people borrow.


As you see it's a dApp,
 so you connect with Metamask. This is the app and usually when you sign in... This message isn't up here... 

 they had an issue where there was a vulnerability found by a community member. They are swapping out some of the contracts and looking at auditing some of the relationships that happen between the frontend and backend.

Have you
 earned interest on the money? 

I have.

So we lent $23
 originally. And on a variable 9.5% APR we have made 5 cents. 

When did you do this?

 couple weeks ago. 

So you can earn money over time lending out
 ETH or DAI in this case for you to other people. DAI is basically just dollars. You lend it out and you earn interest. 8% a year.

But you said before it
 was more.

Before it was
 around 15%. It changes, it goes up and down.

Based on what?

It's based off of the collaterlization
 that's being supplied as well as the price of the underlying asset.

 reminds me of MakerDAO.

 has a lot of common pieces.

The interest is super
 simple. Easy to use as well. I wish the borrowing activity wasn't paused so you could look. But you can go in and check out the data. 

Either send in to one of the collateralizers
 or borrow.

I think it's really fascinating
 because with traditional assets, you put your house up as collateral. But they have to do a lot of research around who has liens on that house etc. And you can basically come in and take [inaudible] something like security tokens.

 it. It's immediately authenticated through the blockchain like it is now.

Now I
 take out money, I borrow a certain amount and if I don't pay it back in enough time or something happens to the value of my house, then I get liquidated etc. 

That's how CDPs work. I think the more platforms that come out
 like this is really fascinating. The more we can get real world assets on the blockchain that are verified, the cooler platforms like this can become. 

 the rules won't change. It's not like somebody in some part of the basket down the line changed how their particular financing is working and it has this huge affect that changes what you are borrowing and one day you go to consolidate your loans and everything is messed up because somebody in some basket messed something up.

 it is blockchain, because it is a smart contract, the logic governing it stays the same. The rules don't change.

 are very much at an incubation stage. As we see here, the borrowing is down now and there is a bit of chaos here because there was a vulnerability in the smart contract.

That can happen as
 we are at the very early stages. I think when it matures it'll be really awesome.

What is
 the risk modeling? Instead of [inaudible] now we are dealing with technology hazards.

What happens if the
 core protocol has an issue? Who takes care of making people whole?

There is no human. It's all

Aside from being terrifying,
 it's really cool. 

 this is Compound.Finance 
Factom is a blockchain innovations company that em
These days, it seems like nothing is safe from tampering. Huge corporations are hacked, digital evidence modified, important records are faked.

 changes all that.

You create a
 digital fingerprint of your data, so private information stays private. Factom then publishes that digital fingerprint in a permanent ledger, distributed across the globe.

 data is locked in place by the blockchain. One of the most secure networks on the planet.

 powerful new tools that hold governments, corporations and institutions accountable forever.

 allows you to create transparent public records. This can make fraud, corruption and forgery a thing of the past.

 volume of information that can be secured with Factom is unlimited.

For example, we secured the entire project
 Gutunberg, over 29,000 books on the blockchain with a single hash.

Factor could secure the entire human genome
 or every bank record in existence. 

With Factom, you'd never lose your child's birth
 certificate and no one could ever take credit for your work. 

Factom let's us build a better world that's safe, secure,
 private and honest. 
Decentralized Insurance
Today's insurance industry suffers from lack of transparency and misaligned incentives. Insurance companies will try to minimize payouts and maximize profits.

Sound familiar?

So is there a way of winning
 back trust?

Well yes and this is percisely
 where Etherisc comes in. Etherisc is the first platform for decentralized insurance worldwide and is committed to bringing back mutality into the insurance business.

 that purpose, we are developing the so called decentralized insurance protocol which is secure and accessible to anyone.

We provide the
 ground breaking opportunity to create and offer insurance products for everybody.

Hang on
 a minute, that sounds all great you might say. But how does it work?

By utiilzing
 blockchain technology, Etherisc opens the door to a whole range of safe, transparent and fair insurance applications. With the help of blockchain, we make sure that the claims process is highly automated and visibile to anyone.

By cutting out
 unnecessary intermediaries, we can reach substantially higher payouts. Because less cost means more payout. That's how insurance should be.

We are directly tapping
 into one of the biggest global markets. So can I try this right now?

Well of course you
 can. Etherisc has launched the flight delayed app which has been successfully employed around the globe and already won more than 100 paying customers.

It is
 also used as a prime example for the power of smart contracts by blockchain educators worldwide. 

So did we get you interested?

Then how can you

 will organize a DIP token generating event to raise the funds for a Swiss foundation. By investing in the tokens, you provide the base for an emerging decentralized insurance market.

Be part of the
 future of insurance.

Visit us at

 we are reinventing insurance. 
Stablecoin pegged to USD
Money, we all use it, but what is it? We carry it around and exchange it for the stuff we need. And keep some back for a rainy day. We trust that one piece of money is the same as any other. And we hope that what we have today is not worth less than it was yesterday.

 money having to perform so many different functions, it's no surprise that it has taken on so many different forms.

As money evolves, we
 arrive at bitcoin. Created without a central authority is less vulnerable to issuance corruption than standard fiat money.

With this unique
 commissionless nature, it redefines what money is and what it can do. But it's not quite perfect money.

Bitcoin's fixed supply
 creates a speculative investment and with that a money with a high degree of volatility. 

DIA is a solution to that volatility. A cryptocurrency
 using collateral to back its value and interest rate mechanisms to stabilize its price. 

DAI is created by locking collateral with
 Maker, a decentralized platform on the ethereum blockchain.

 currency collateralization and interest adjustments ensure DIA has low volatility against its external reference point, the US Dollar. 

DAI, the next step in money

 [music] [music] 
Returning the power of insurance to the people
Insurance it helps protect us from risk. But what happened before insurance companies existed?

In the past
 communities would pull resources together to protect individuals from risks they all faced. Pooling risk works better the more people there are in the pool. The more diversified the pool is, the more reliable the numbers are.

This has
 led to the dominance of large profit driven insurance companies. But what if there was a way to bring back the community aspect?

 technology can strip out inefficiencies and move value back to communities through reduce administrative governance and regulatory costs. 

Introducing Nexus Mutual,
 an open community alternative to insurance. 

Built on the ethereum
 blockchain, it allows members to share risk together without the need for an insurance company. 

Starting with smart contract cover, securing
 risks and potential bugs in smart contract code. Members can earn rewards for assessing risk and voting on each others claims. They own all the assets in the pool, so any surplus goes directly back to the community. 

Join us to return the power of insurance back to the
iXledger is a next generation insurance marketplace. We use blockchain technology and smart contracts to offer brokers and insurers an end to end solution that's faster, more intuitive and more secure than anything else on the market. 

A summary of key information is presented to you on the homescreen.
 Open tenders and their statuses are listed at the top enabling you to easily keep track of them from one place.

Let's go ahead and make a new

Creating a tender is
 easy. Add your details, upload your documents and the platform does the hard work.

Whether you are a broker
 or an insurer, reach a broader market within seconds. Reduce your distribution costs and get access to the latest tender data available. 

Cut out meetings,
 emails and paperwork with secure and audited live messaging and handling of multiple quotes simultaneously.

iXledger makes reaching an
 agreement easier for everyone. 

Review, digitally sign and distribute the agreement without
 delay in a blockchain environment that's more secure than ever. 

Payments are made securely with IXT tokens on the
 blockchain platform ensuring transactions are streamlined and transparent.

The platform also supports
 premiums, claims and policy management, all integrating seamlessly in your existing workflow and IT systems.

Thanks for watching our video. For more information check out
 our website. 
Instant crypto-backed loans
Meet Bruce and Tom. Like many modern people, they've both invested in cryptocurrencies. 

They just came across this last minute travel deal but
 it expires in 30 minutes. The problem is, none of them has the cash to pay for it.

Next week bitcoin might surge 20%.
 I really don't want to sell my crypto right now and lose all potential profits. Plus I've got to pay exchange and withdrawal fees not to mention the heavy income taxes. 

Even if I sell my coins now, the travel deal will be gone by the time
 I get the cash.

Bruce, what about him?
 Well Bruce already paid. How did he get the cash so quickly?

It's simple. Bruce
 just got an instant crypto backed loan from Nexo. The world's first instant loan secured by crypto assets.

Nexo is powered by Credissimo, a leading
 European fintech group.

Here is how it works.
 You place your crypto in your Nexo wallet on the blockchain. And without any credit checks, you get instant cash from Nexo. No exchange fees, no hidden fees, no taxes.

Best of all you retain all the
 profit from your crypto.

With the
 flexibility of your Nexo loan, you get cash to spend whenever you need it while keeping your crypto.

Who would you rather
 be? Bruce or Tom?

Join Bruce and enjoy your crypto
 wealth today without selling your assets. 

Nexo, the world's first crypto-backed
The home of token trading
In a world where many of our assets are held by others, at Ethfinex we believe in returning control to the user.

 why we design tools that give traders choice. From a huge choice of trading options to create unique strategies, to choosing your level of custody and trusting us with assets for safety. Keeping full control for flexibility or somewhere in between.

But it doesn't stop
 there. We also give our traders control of Ethfinex itself through our Nectar token.

Nectar holders have the power
 to propose and vote on Ethfinex governance decisions from choosing our mission statement to deciding which tokens can be traded on the platform.

We even give a share of trading
 fees from voted in tokens back to customers, so traders research and choose the tokens they believe will be successful in the long term.

 means Ethfinex will always reflect the tokens our community wants to trade rather than those with the biggest pockets or best connections.

Using Ethfinex means being part of
 Ethfinex and being part of Ethfinex means joining the financial evolution of today.