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  • Blockchain software architecture
    EOS is aiming to become a decentralized operatingsystem that can support industrial scale decentralized applications.

    That sounds pretty amazing knowing what we
    know about the scalability of public blockchains.

    EOS claims that they'll have the
    ability to conduct millions of transactions persecond all without transaction fees.

    So how could they possibly offer

    They claim to have solved the biggest problem in the
    blockchain space,scalability.

    In comparison to traditional payment channels,
    Visa handles 1667 transactions per second while bitcoinmanages about 7 transactions per second.

    The reason for this is
    that public blockchains like bitcoin currently requiretotal consensus across nodes. EOS's solution to thisis called delegated proof of stake or dPOS.

    understand the following, you should probably have a good grasp on regular proof ofstake.

    In typical proof of stake algorithms,
    a block producer is chosen from a pool of stakers based on variousselection algorithms that typically take into account the amount oftokens staked or the amount of time the tokens have been staked.

    In the dPOS
    system, the block producers are chosen instead by a vote. Anyonethat holds EOS tokens can vote on who the block producers should befor each block.

    21 blocks are produced in each round of voting.
    20 are made by the top 20 producers votedfor and the 21st is made by a random selection based on the number ofvotes other producers have received.

    So if there are two producers
    remaining after the top 20 are selected, they each have a chance toproduce the final block based on their final counts.

    is a way to ensure that block producers are not always the same few people.

    Block producers are incentivized to act honestly because they can be
    voted out by the users on any given cycle.

    SO instead of competing
    with other nodes, they work together to validate transactions asquickly and efficiently as possible.

    Block producers are also required to
    be active in order to keep the chain moving. Any producer who hasn't produceda block in the last 24 hours is removed from voting consideration.

    In this way, instead of reaching consensus
    across every node in the network like bitcoin,EOS uses a democratically selected pool of 21 validators to achieve consensus muchfaster.

    This does of course come at the cost of some decentralization.
    To take control of the EOS consensusmechanism, we only need to gain control of 50% of theproducers. In this case that's 11 nodes.

    On the bitcoin
    network you'd need to gain control of millions and millions of dollars worth of miningpower to successfully attack the network.

    dPOS is a key part of delivering the revolutionary speed and
    efficiency that dPOS promises.

    By explaining how it works we've already
    covered a major part of what makes EOS unique andeffective. But there is much more to learn, so let's delve into that now.

    EOS has a 5% yearly inflation rate and 1% of that is used
    to reward its block producers. A producer's share of that 1%is based on their number of blocks produced as well as thevoting reward.

    The other 4% is put into savings for a
    worker proposal fund that can be used to invest into anyone willingto improve the EOS infrastructure.

    The one huge and final difference between
    EOS and other dApp platforms like ethereum is EOSruns on an ownership model similar to an operatingsystem. Ethereum on the other hand can be thought of as renting outcomputation power in exchange for the transaction fees.

    What this means is anyone on the network is entitled
    to an amount of resources proportional to the number of tokens they own.

    So the
    amount of tokens you own is effectively how much of the network you own and canuse.

    This in a sense removes transaction fees
    because you can always use the part of the network that you own to process yourtransactions.

    It does however mean there is a barrier to entry
    to use the network effectively.

    If you own very
    few coins, you have very little access to the networks' capailities.

    It can be tough to use the blockchain as a hobbyist or casual user if
    several tokens are required to interact with the chain.

    If you are someone who owns
    a higher number of coins, you can use the network more efficiently. But youalso have a larger amount of money invested.

    This means that you are
    more exposed to any price swings that affect the token. It also means touse the chain to its full potential, one has to have a higher level ofpurchasing power.

    EOS has both interest in technology and a
    strong team behind them. They have every opportunity to do somethingspecial.

    While they mechanisms and philosopies
    certainly have potential holes, all blockchains do.

    It's great to see drastically
    different systems working in the space and we areexcited to see what EOS' uniquevisionbringstothetable.[silence][silence][silence]
    One Frictionless Experience To Send Money Globally
    What isRipple?

    Rising into the ranks of the top five
    cryptocurrencies within the pasttwo months in terms of market cap.

    Ripple has been getting a lot of
    attention. Let's take a look at the basics of thisplatform.

    The Ripple ecosystem
    consists of two main technologies. Thefirst is the Ripple protocol which is an open sourceprotocol for inter institutional transactions.

    The second is XRP which is the native currency of
    the Ripple network and can be used as a denominationwhen transactions are initiated on the Ripple network.

    The primary participants
    in the Ripple ecosystem are gatewayswhich serve as central exchangepoints. Validator nodes who validate transactionsusing a consensus protocol as opposed to miningwhich you may see with other currencies.

    Individual wallet owners
    as well as market makers who provideliquidity by trading on the Rippleplatform.

    The consensus ledger is a perfect record
    of all Ripple accounts determined by the servers on thenetwork.

    A new ledger is created every
    few seconds. Whenever new transactionsare introduced into the network,servers on the network share information about thesecandidate transactions with each other in order to start the process ofachieving consensus.

    This continues
    until a super majority of peers agree on aset of candidate transactions to be addedto the new ledger.

    This is called
    the consensus process.

    Using the
    last validated ledger as a startingpoint, nodes evaluate candidate transactionsfrom trusted peers calledvalidators.

    Transactions that fail to be validated can be
    validated in a future round ofconsensus.

    Gateways are an important aspect
    of the Ripple network. They allow you to depositfunds in exchange for Ripple, withdraw funds by redeemingRipple or transfer Ripple to another user.

    They function much like banks however
    all transactions on gateways are stored on thisshared Ripple ledger.

    A few things to keep in mind
    regarding Ripple. One of Ripple's main value propositions is to allowfor low cost speedy internationaltransfer of funds between institutions.

    Each time Ripple is transferred, a small amount of Ripple is
    burned. The primary reason for this is todeter an attack on the network from aflood of transactions.

    Ripple doesn't use
    mining and proof of work like other cryptocurrenciessuch as bitcoin. Its validationmechanism is the consensus protocol.

    Ripple is
    already being used by several banks atfinancial institutions.

    I hope you
    enjoyedthis briefintroduction to Ripple.
    Dash - Dash is Digital Cash You Can Spend Anywhere
    In this video we'll be goingover the basic features of Dash.

    Dash was originally launched as
    XCOIN in January of 2014, rebrandedas DarkCoin so after. And then in March2015, given its current name of Dash in reference to the wordDigital Cash.

    Dash is a cryptocurrency
    platform focused on innovating in theareas of privacy, transaction speedand decentralized governance.

    in the Dash ecosystem includewallet holders who can send and receive cryptocurrencyusing their private and public keys. Miners whocreate blocks and validate transactions through a proof of workalgorithm. And masternodes which are unique toDash and provide an additional layer of functionality that we will look atnext.

    Masternodes are participants who
    put up a minimum of 1000 Dash coinsas collateral in order to provide additional functionality andgovernance to the network in exchangefor a percentage of block rewards.

    Masternodes facilitate
    private send, instant send and alsodetermine how funds in the treasury arespent.

    Block rewards are split as follows. 45%
    goes to the miners, 45% goes to the masternodesand the remaining 10% goes to the treasury.

    The treasury funds can be used to fund
    projects which further the Dash platform. These are voted on by theMasternodes.

    PrivateSend is an
    optional service offered by masternodes for a smallfee. It mixes a senders' transaction with identicalinputs for multiple users into a singletransaction with several outputs.

    This makes directly tracing
    a transaction nearly impossible.

    Transaction amounts
    sent must be multiples of pre-determined amounts to allow forefficient mixing.

    Instant send
    is another optional service offered by masternodesfor a small fee. This allows for near instant transactionsby locking transaction inputs while they await beingrecorded on the blockchain. Blocking the inputs preventsdouble spending of transactions.

    Thank you for joining
    Blockchain Healthcare Platform
    Healthcare provision worldwide hasbecome highly inefficient and expensive.

    In the US alone, up to 1 trillion dollars
    is wasted through administrative coins,over-utilization and fraud.

    This waste is caused by
    outdated and cumbersome healthcare systems which placean enormous strain on patients,doctors and administrators..

    A change is urgently

    Meet Solve.Care, the
    global blockchain solution for healthcarecoordination, administration and payment.

    The Solve.Care platform harnesses blockchain
    technology to reduce the hefty clinical and ITsystem costs attached to our current healthcare structure.

    Solve.Care's ecosystem connects patients, doctors,
    employers and insurers.

    The platform
    consists of the Care.Wallet, Care.Card,Care.Marketplace and Care.Coin.

    The center of the
    Solve.Care experience is the Care.Wallet personalized healthcarecoordinator which allows patients and providers toadminister healthcare in an easy way.

    The Care wallet functions through decentralized healthcare apps
    called care cards.

    With care cards, patients
    can enroll in health insurance, manage health insurance benefitsand make instant appointments and review and paybills.

    Doctors can issue prescriptions and coordinate with
    specialists. Employers can administer benefits andreduce costs.

    As the care community
    evolves, further utility and value willbe added through Care.Marketplace which is an app store wheredevelopers can build and release their own care card applications.

    The Solve.Care platform runs on two
    tokens, CareCoin and Solvetoken.

    CareCoin is a stable payment token used to pay
    doctors, labs and hospitals.The Solve tokens is the gas of the platform,used to conduct transactions and access Solve.Care's tools andservices.

    Taken together, the Solve.Care system makes
    healthcare higherquality, more affordable and easier foreveryone.

    The future of healthcare is here.
    GXChain is a fundamental blockchain for the global
    Manyof usare bombarded daily by target and precise advertising.Especially regarding our personalinformation, consumption habits, behaviordata etc.

    Big Data brings great convenience to our
    life but it also turns us into walkingdata targets devoid ofprivacy.

    The leakage of
    data information means that we andour information can be viewed any timefrom anywhere.

    Widespread public
    concern at how large corporations collect and use ourdata has led to a raft of data managementsecurity regulation from governments.

    poor supervision can't prevent the blackmarket.

    Internet companies own huge amounts of
    data and their motives can hardly besaid to be altruistic.

    a result, the burgeoning black market encouragesthe act of data trafficking.

    At this critical
    juncture, the GXChain team has bravelytaken up the mantel of public privacy and safetyby developing a fundamental blockchainfor the global data economy calledGXChain designed to build atrusted data internet of valueon the GXChain.

    The user gives authorization for the process
    to begin. And once the data is encrypted anduploaded, the users owntrusted digital identity is generated. Andthe private data key is handed overto the user.

    The process is analogous to locking someone's
    personal data in a safe to which only theowner or the data has thesole key that can authorize decryption.

    addition, there is no centralized storage ofdata and any request to use the data must be authorized by theuser.

    Meanwhile users will
    benefit from any value generated by the use of thedata.

    allows users to regain dataownership so that users will no longer become victims of datatrafficking.

    GXChain is not
    fighting this battle alone. It provides acomplete technical solution including amodulized side chain storage service calledBars which solve the problem of limited data storagespace on the main chain.

    And a
    virtual machine for the programmablesmart contract which allows developers todevelop rich blockchain applications, providingmulti dimensional services to globalusers.

    GXChain will work with developers to
    create an ecosystem of blockchain applicationsthat respect the privacy and rights ofusers' data.

    GXChain will help
    users regain their data ownership andallow them greater control over andbenefits from the growing data revolution in a safe andpractical manner.[silence][silence][silence]
    A free and lightning fast peer-to-peer transaction
    Bitcoin started a newera and brought us the new technology. Even bitcoin isthe pioneer of the blockchain field. It suffersfrom fast growing adoption.

    The most significant
    problems are insufficient transaction capacity,slow confirmation and high transaction fees.

    Then many new respective blockchains came out one after
    another in the past few years to address the shortcomingof bitcoin.

    However none of them are able to
    solve such weaknesses of bitcoin and neitherare able to interoperate with eachother.

    Decentralized applications remain isolated in their
    respective blockchains they reside on asthey cannot access digital assets on the other blockchain.

    To do so they have to depend on a centralized
    exchange to facilitate their transaction. Thislack of ability to exchange and use information betweenblockchains makes the solutionsinefficient.

    It makes the process slow and
    expensive and obstruct the blockchain technologydevelopment.

    If blockchain ever grows,
    it needs an internet for all blockchains. A silo breaker withenough capacity, fast confirmation and lowtransfer fees.

    Mixin Network
    came as a solution provider. Mixin Networkis an inter-operable publicchain powered by trusted execution environment,asynchronous BFT anddirected acyclic graph.

    My methods of secret
    sharing scheme, key fragmentation, punitivePOS and multi-signature on privatekeys.

    To achieve high security,
    lightening speed, zero transferfees, ease of use, inter-operationand unlimited scalability.

    Mixin Networks
    supports 12 public chains includingbitcoin, bitcoin cash,ethereum, ethereum classic, EOS,Ripple, Sia, Litecoin,Dash, Dogecoin, ZCash andNEM.

    Mixin is working on supporting the top
    50 blockchains. More than 40,000tokens could be transferred freelyand instantly in Mixin Network. Cumulativetransactions exceeded 100 million.

    Network aims to mix all blockchains in onenetwork to build a ecosystem in blockchain world.

    Mixin Network, the ecosystem
    welcomes all the co-build, copyrightprograms, social network programs, informationprograms, gaming programs are joining MixinNetwork gradually.

    The ecosystem is growing bigger than

    Network, mix all blockchains inonenetwork.[silence]
    Tezos is a new platform for smart contracts and de
    Tezosis an all new start contract platform built from scratchwith security and future growth in mind.

    Smart contracts reduce
    costs, save time and provide new optionsfor automating complex transactions.

    In the future
    smart contracts will allow you to check into your hotel as you unlock thedoor. Or allow internet routers to dynamicallynegotiate and allocate bandwidth.

    Smart contracts can help
    manage access rights to your healthcarerecords. They might let you insure your picnic usingmicro weather insurance.

    But all blockchain platforms face a big
    challenge. How does everyone agree on changes to theprotocol and upgrades to the platform itself?

    When participants can't come to consensus on the direction of the
    network, growth stalls or worse hard forks split thenetwork.

    Tezos solves these problems.

    other smart contract platforms, Tezos has a formalgovernance mechanism on the blockchain itself.

    We enable token holders
    to make decisions about how the protocol shouldevolve.

    All decisions are made transparently on the blockchain.

    Once a decision is
    made, the Tezos platform pushes the upgrade automatically to the network.

    Tezos starts with the [inaudible] protocol
    but its governance mechanism allows token holders to upgradeall aspects of the platform. Caneven change the rules for decision making.

    Beacuse Tezos starts with a unique modular design,
    with cleanly separated layers,upgrading the protocol is as simple as changing out one layer for another.

    There is no need for hard forks.

    Tezos is
    written in [inaudible] a statically typedfunctional programming language.

    Formal verification can
    ensure the security of a platform by proving the correctness of itscode.

    It's typically a difficult
    process but writing it in [inaudible] makes it much easier.

    And Tezos also features
    a new smart contract programminglanguage called [inaudible] also designed to facilitateformal proofs.

    When your smart contract is handling high
    value transactions, you want it to perform asintended. [inaudible] makes sure ofthat.

    This is Tezos. A smart contract platform but with formally verifiable
    code and integrated selfgovernance.[silence]
    Open source P2P digital currency
    What is Litecoin?Litecoin is a decentralizedonline currency created in October2011.

    Litecoin can be used to purchase services such as website
    development or to buy goods like jewelleryor tea.

    Litecoin provides a safe or easy way for merchants to
    accept money as there are no fees to receive payments and no charge backs.

    All transactions are recorded on a public
    ledger known as the blockchain, so payments can be immediately verified.

    With Litecoin you can
    send money anywhere in the world, to anyoneinstantly.

    The transaction fees are considerably
    less than those charged by major credit card companies,traditional bank transfers and even other digital paymentprocessors.

    For example, a business in Singapore can
    receive a payment from a customer in San Francisco in a matter ofsecond. Additionally, both parties have clear proof that the paymentwas sent was received.

    Litecoin works using
    secure software that allows you to make payments as easily as sending anemail.

    You can send and store them securely on your computer
    or your mobile device.

    There will only ever be
    84 million litecoins. So you'll never have to worryabout inflation decreasing the value of yourLitecoins.

    Litecoin has a stable, established marketplace consisting of
    many exchanges that handle tens of millions ofdollars of Litecoin trades every day.

    You can
    use these trusted exchanges to trade your dollars, euros and other fiatcurrencies for Litecoin.

    The possibilities are

    Welcome to the future of
    commerce. Welcometo Litecoin.

    You can learn
    more about LitecoinatLitecoin.com
    Blockchain network
    In this video we'll be going over the basicfeatures of Cardano.

    Hoskinson is one of the co-founders of ethereum. In 2015along with the Cardono Foundation, he foundedCardano.

    Cardano is a platform composed
    of a settlement layer to handle cryptocurrencytransactions and a computing layer which is built to handlesmart contracts.

    The idea here is to separate the accounting
    of transactions from the reasons why transactions are being performed.

    The settlement
    layer is the first layer to be developed by theCardona team. ADA is the native cryptocurrencyfor Cardano. ADA may be used to send andreceive digital funds on the settlementlayer.

    Cardano allows for decentralized
    applications also knownas dApps which run directly on the blockchain rather than oncentralized servers.

    Cardano features
    a proof of stake consensus algorithmcalled Ouroboros to validate transactions.

    was developed by a team of cryptographersfor multiple academic institutions. It is specificallydesigned to be modular, future proof andflexible as consensus algorithms evolve overtime.

    In a proof of stake
    algorithm, the participant who will create the next block israndomly selected proportional to the size of their stake in thecurrency.

    As a proof of
    stake algorithm, Cardano is not dependent onmining like proof of work algorithms like the one that bitcoinuses.

    Time in Cardano
    is divided into epochs which are further divided intoslots. Slots are short time periods around 20seconds. Each slot has oneslot leader. Only the slot leader can create one and onlyone block in their assigned slot.

    fees in a given epoch are collected in a virtualpool and distributed to these slotleaders.

    Not all participants
    on the network are involved in choosing the next slotleader. In order to qualify, participants must hold aminimum threshold stake in the currency. If they quality,they are considered electors for the nextepoch.

    Slot leader election is performed using a distributed method of
    generating a randomnumber. The inputs are secret seeds generated by the participantsand the final output is an identifier for aspecific existing coin.

    The owner of this coin will become
    a slow leader.

    All concepts that are
    implemented in Cardano follow an academic peer reviewprocess.

    An interesting feature in the pipeline
    currently is sidechains which will allow for greater scalabilityand new features without forking the blockchain.

    Another is
    quantum resistant signatures which will prevent an attackfrom a quantum basedcomputeron the network.
    A dAppXplorer Hosted Project!
    IOTA is a cryptocurrency platformdesigned to innovate in the areas ofscalability, transaction speed,transaction cost and provide a platform for themachine economy.

    IOTA was founded in 2015
    by the IOTA Foundation. The native cryptocurrencyfor transactions on the IOTA platform iscalled MIOTA.

    most cryptocurrencies, IOTA does not useblockchains or miners in their protocol. IOTA usesa technology called Tangle which is a data structurebased on directed acyclicgraphs.

    A new transaction starts out as
    unconfirmed. In this graph the grey blocksrepresent unconfirmed transactions also knownas tips.

    Every participant on the network has to actively
    participate its consensus byvalidating two past transactions whenever a new transaction iscreated.

    Once unconfirmed transactions are
    validated as tips by new transactions,they become partially accepted transactionsrepresented as red blocks in this graph.

    A recipient validates transactions by randomly
    selecting a set of tips and calculating the percentage ofthem which are able to directly reach theirtransaction.

    This ratio can be used as a scale of
    confidence in the amount of validation performedon a transaction.

    A transaction that can be
    reached by all tips is considered completelyvalidated by consensus and is represented by a green block in thisgraph.

    IOTA transactions
    have zero fees. The fee is substitutedby the work done by the participants in validatingtwo past transactions and by participating inconsensus on the state of the network.

    Since validation is
    distributed, in theory the validationspeed should increase as more participants join the network.

    IOTA's core features uniquely position the platform
    to serve the machine economy, allowingsmart devices to send micro transaction between each other withouthumaninventioninvolved.
    A parallel, dual-chain ecosystem.
    Hcashis a distributed ledger cryptocurrencyin both blockchain and blockless based directedacyclic graph systems.

    Here are 7 reasons
    why Hcash can be revolutionary cryptocurrency.

    One, Hcash is Hive.
    Hcash has a dual sidechain composed of blockchainand DAG systemsdesigned to implement an unrestricted flow of information andvalue between blockchain based and blockless baseddistributed systems.

    Hcash is hidden. Hcash will adopt zero knowledgeproofs technology to achieve bi-directionalencryption and many otherareas demanding transactional privacy.

    Hcash is hybrid. The consensus mechanismfor Hcash is PoW plusPoS open-governance model.

    holders are able to participate in significantcommunity wide decision making including protocolupdate and upgrading through a PoS miningmechanism.

    Four, Hcash is
    hierarchy DAO governance. Decentralizedautonomy organization is the driving force behindfuture advancement and provides theHcash community with continual vitality.

    Five, Hcash is
    hard. Hcash takes quantum resistanceinto considering from the very beginning of systemdesign. Therefore Hcash still has a natural advantageof over systems at the system level even afterthe rise of practical quantum computers.

    Six, Hcash is Haven.
    Hcash holders can transfer between public andprivate addresses through their own wallet or clientpanel.

    The transaction or delivery across different
    systems can be requested for public addressed or privateaddressed coins.

    Hcash is handy. Hcashenables Hcash holders to transfer unlimited timeswith a limited block size.

    Hcash is a revolutionary cryptocurrencyand makesblockchainbetter.
    0xBitcoin is directly competing against Ether as a
    0xBitcoin is the first fullydecentralized ERC20 token and is the firstpurely mined token on ethereumand it aims to be the primary medium of exchange and store ofvalue on the ethereum network.

    The 0xBitcoin token was deployed to the ethereum blockchain
    in February 2018 with the followingattributes. -- First mineable token.ERC20 compatible. No pre mine orinstamine. No ICO.

    was never intended to act as a currency and 0xBitcoinwill allow ether to fulfill itsfull intended purpose of securing the ethereum network.

    0xBitcoin takes the best properties of bitcoin and
    ethereum and combines them into one token.It can be mined exactly like bitcoin but transferred10x faster and 100xcheaper.

    0xBitcoin combines the bitcon properties
    of block rewards, proof of work issuanceand a 21 million coin capwith the ethereum properties of speed,dApps and DEXtrading.

    Unlike Ether, it interacts with smart contracts for storing
    and transferring value. While bitcoin can only betraded using centralized means,0xBitcoin can be traded permissionlesslyvia smart contracts which cannot be affected or controlledby central entities.

    It is also immune to
    51% attacks.

    Add all this to the proven market
    demand for a faster version of bitcoinas we've seen in Litecoin's success andit is plain that 0xBitcoin fills a hole in thecrypto market space.

    People are excited about the project
    in no small part due to the decentralization ofthe token and the active and engagedcommunity which has sprung up around the token.

    The community has
    achieved several key milestones since the project'slaunch including creating an EIPspecifically for mineable tokens. Creation of miningpools with multiple new mining clients as well ason-going development of Lava Wallet,Quarry and Off-chain transactions.

    0xBitcoin is a unique project backed by a
    passionate community dedicated to making it the primary transfer ofvalue for theethereumnework.
    The Blockchain Database Cloud
    We are V.Systems,blockchain opens up the centralized system to a safer decentralizedenvironment. Currently we are seeing a whack of blockchainapplications in the market for businesses inleveraging blockchain and scalability which are two of the biggestchallenges making the technology difficult toutilize.

    V.SYSTEMS is created to transform the industry.

    Sunny King the creator of
    proof of stake consensus returned in 2018to launch a revolution to the blockchain world again.This time he's been working with a great of world leading databasescientists to create the V.Systemsproject with the vision to rearchitect the blockchain andestablish the digital economy era.

    We have
    created V.Systems and SPoSconsensus. V.Systems is a blockchain databasecloud project which will deliver the world's first object orienteddatabase with general purpose and is empoweredto carry out complex decentralizedapplications.

    SPoS is a high performance version of proof of
    stake consensus which enables a dramatic risein the speed, scalability and security of blockchaintech against a 51% attack.

    We follow the original PoS consensus
    which allows our users to gain more control throughstaking. The supernodes also carry out block mintingactivities at a guaranteed rate while rewarding coin holders.

    V.Systems is working on providing the world's
    first full featured blockchain data for storing objectoriented data and will support more complexapplications such as finance, gaming and socialmedia that depend on extensive databasestorage and operative abilities.

    The platform is
    offering cloud developing and modular design tools which will beuser and developer friendly whileenabling enterprise developers to focus on doing business on theblockchain instead of struggling with difficult codingissues.

    The other key functions of V.Systems are
    side chain management, start assetsmanagement, consensus management, inter chainprocessing and transaction processing.

    The V.Systems platform
    also keeps a sharp eye on cutting edgeblockchain technologies including toolsetsto setup blockchains for functionality and smart contract toolswhich improve scalability and usability.

    Join Sunny King to
    rearchitect the blockchain. The future ofblockchain is for everybody and starts right here.
    Platform for building financial products
    Let's talk about another emergingcryptocurrency called Stellar.As always mentioned, I am not a financialadvisor. I'm simply sharing this information that I havefound by doing some research to determine if Stellar is a goodinvestment for myself.

    let's get to the brief summary of what Stellaris.

    Stellar is a leap frog technology that
    connects people, payment systems and banks with afocus on the developing world.

    It let's you facilitate
    multi currency and asset transactionsquickly, reliably and for a fraction of a penny byusing a crypto asset called Lumens as a bridge.

    Stellar Lumens
    trades under both the XLMand STR ticker. The Stellar Lumens team wants tomake monetary transactionscheaper, quicker and more reliable than they are under currentsystems.

    In addition, their protocol would connect people from all over the
    world by allowing for more efficient cross borderpayments.

    Lumens are pre mined, so there is no
    mining involved like bitcoin or DASH.

    The supply of
    Lumen increases at a fixed rate of1% a year. It has been proven to be able to securelyprocess over 1000 transactions per secondwith a billion unique user accounts.

    Stellar is
    based on a consensus algorithm rather thanmining. This means transactions confirm in afew seconds.

    It is fast, real time settlement with
    2 to 3 seconds.

    You can buy Stellar Lumens
    at Bittrex, Poloniex and Binance.

    Next we will
    discuss some good reasons Stellar is a goodinvestment.

    Stellar is partnering with IBM and
    ClickX to develop a blockchain based cross border paymentsolution proven to significantly reducetransaction costs and increase transaction speeds.

    Also Deloitte, Parkway Projects and Tempo have started building
    services on Stellar's network.

    cross border payment solution is already processinglive transactions in 12 currency corridorsacross the Pacific island, Australia, New Zealand andthe UK.

    Overall Stellar
    is another coin in the crypto world that providessimilar solutions as other blockchain platformssuch as Ripple but with some twists.

    So please do your own
    research before jumping in.

    Do you have any thoughts on pros and cons
    of Stellar?[silence][silence][silence][silence]