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Professional Network
Finding the right developer is a tough task for any organization. Short listing tech candidates from a pool of applicants is a nightmare. Are you spending a lot of time on assessing applicants? Struggling to find the right candidate for the job?

If you find it frustrating and
 time consuming, introducing Indorse. A skill validation platform to evaluate candidates using AI chat bots and expert developers. It's easy to get started.

Create a magic
 link for your existing job postings, share it with your candidates and you are done.

Candidates can either submit their
 previous work or complete an assignment. A pool of experts then evaluates the candidates for you. The experts are the developers with tremendous experience in the domain and are spread across the globe.

You get a report of
 your short listed candidates sent right to your email.

Hiring just got simple. Get a demo now
 to see it in action.

An adult cam platform
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 a world where for every hard earned dollar you made, only 50 cents of it actually went into your pocket. 

Where at any given moment your bank account can be
 frozen or shut down.

 world where your clients' payments can be reversed because they got caught with their pants down.

 you it's a fantasy but for us it's a problem that only gets worse.

Companies like
 Paypal, Visa, Mastercard and others have systematically declined a service and redlined us, leaving room for shady companies to come in and fuck us with fees. 

But that will all change with
 SpankChain, the first in browser blockchain based micro payment processor and live video platform for the adult industry. With 5% fees or less, no charge backs and user anonymity meaning you'll get to pay less for the same great content while never having to give out your credit card or other sensitive personal information. 

But for us performers, SpankChain is not just decentralized
 infrastructure, it's a revolution. 

SpankChain gives us control over our finances, our
 content and our revenue.

For decades porn
 has advanced technology from Super 8 film to the VHS. Now it's time to take that leap forward again on our terms.

SpankChain's technology gives us the
 tools and the freedom to manage our own sites. Connect to decentralized marketplaces and control our future without those greedy corporate hands violating us. 

SpankChain is the key for near term cryptocurrency

Join us and
 together we can disrupt the adult industry, creating a better future for all. 

One that represents sex positivity
 and transcends the inefficiencies of legacy banking institutions. 

To learn more about SpankChain and join the global
 token sale event, head over to SpankChain.com 

Providing value through discussion
Welcome to a brief introduction of the Primas app. The first truly decentralized app that puts you in control.

Primas is a
 place where you make the rules and can openly share ideas with those willing to listen.

But how does it work?

 Primas is an idea publishing and sharing platform. On the home screen, you can browse through the latest articles and see what is trending in your groups as well as some others you might be interested in.

You can even write your own piece on your phone.
 Or on your computer using your web editor.

Groups are
 where Primas comes alive. Catch up with what's happening in the areas or industries that interest you. And support the verified original authors. 

 the value tab, you can keep track of your earnings and see the value of your contributions. Check out and customize your personal profile to fit your personality. 

Most importantly know that you are contributing
 to our movement to restore health to the internet. 
On social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, there is value that is transferred between users called Like.

Whether it's a picture of a dog, a poem or a short
 video, for every contribution to the community likes are expected as a recognition for a good job. And they become an incentive for creating new content.

But as
 there are an unlimited supply of likes, nobody ever ran out of them. Likes have no actual value and users give away likes to low quality content.

What if we can create scarcity value on
 likes by turning them into a freely transferable tradeable token with a limited issuance? 

What would happen if we transformed likes into
 Like Coins?

On one hand you'd have to think
 twice before handing out your tokens in exchange for low quality contributions because your stock of Like Coin is limited.

On the other hand you'd be able to give
 away as many Like Coins that you wish on certain content that you've really enjoyed. You could earn your Like Coins back.

But this would mean that you should've actually contributed
 to the social network.

Today all social networks
 are turning to video as the dominant resource for engaging users on their platforms. But video still relies upon a huge cost on storage and bandwidth.

By using a token such as
 Like Coin called Flixx, Flixxo users are engaged in helping improve video distribution network by lending their storage space and their bandwidth in exchange for tokens. 

Spending Flixx for consuming the content they really want to
 watch. And earning Flixx back for making the network stronger whether it was a smartphone, a tablet or desktop computer or even a smart TV, Flixxo smartly uses any device connected to the internet turning it into part of a decentralized and incentivized peer to peer network that has no structural costs. And unlimited scaling possibilities. 
FansTime is a block chain based business in the e
The global entertainment industry is massive and growing. It's valued at over $300 billion worldwide. 

And we the fans, we really make it all

 many inefficiencies and challenges still remain in this industry. 

For example, 3rd parties hold all
 the control leaving value creators fighting an up hill battle. 

Furthermore their identities are often
 stolen and their hard earned reputation is ruined.

 many creators are exploited by their agents and platforms. 

And finally access and discovery is just not that
 easy for fans and creators alike.

So introducing FansTime, the first blockchain
 based fandom ecosystem aimed at solving all of those problems. 

It consists of three separate components. First,
 an individual intellectual property value system. Two, international crowdfunding platform. Three, global membership awards system.

So all of these come together to
 create a way to fairly value a creators' IP and empower creators and fans alike.

So you
 may be asking what will this look like for us fans and consumers? 

Well first
 there is going to be a celebrity time exchange where you can buy and trade time just like a token. And you can already access this via our app available on the Google Playstore. 

And then there is going to be
 an exclusive token exchange where you can support your favorite creators by buying their special tokens. 

Finally there is going to be a Fans Rights
 Mall where you can use your time and tokens to buy exclusive access and special products. 

All of this is made
 possible by the FTI token which is used for all ecosystem transactions. 

So are you excited about this project? Join
 us on Telegram 
Decentralized social network
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There is a crisis occuring
 in the social networking world. Surveillance, algorithm manipulation and censorship are infecting the web at unprecedented levels.

For the
 first time in history, millions of users are abandoning traditional centralized social apps in favor of freedom based alternatives.

 is leading the way in this mass internet migration built on a foundation of internet freedom, reach, rewards and decentralization.

Instead of restricting
 your reach, Minds amplifies it.

Instead of selling your personal data,
 Minds protects it.

Instead of exploiting your contributions,
 Minds rewards you for them.

 are challenging one of the most complete monopolies in American life. You think you can provide an alternative?

We are
 building our own ad network, open source, anyone can inspect it and peer review it. It's fully transparent on the blockchain.

This is how things have to be. It can't be proprietary.

The integration
 of the blockchain allows Minds to add an essential layer of decentralization and transparency to the network.

On Minds you own tokens for your contributions
 which include generating high quality content, referring new users, maintaining an active channel, developing code and more.

Tokens can be used to boost your content for expanded
 reach, either from another channels' audience or the full Minds network.

By storing these transactions on
 smart contracts, the source of all advertising campaigns becomes publicly available and auditable on the blockchain.

Tokens can also be used to send
 payment to other channels either as a tip or in exchange for exclusive digital services.

Smart contracts enable
 content creators to autonomously own the relationships with their supporters or advertisers, eliminating any risk of demonetization or censorship.

There is a clear movement
 taking place, with the rapid rise of open source and decentralized technology.

Control of the internet has fallen into
 the hands of the few and it is time to give it back to the people.

The next big network is not going to be a centralized
 site. It's going to be a multitude of networks inter-operating so that it actually can't get censored. 

A community of developers - Building the future of
[silence] [silence] 

Giveth is
 the happy ending of the DAO. It's taking the same idea of putting a bunch of money in one spot for a cause but making it a non profit cause.

 has in the middle a simple GoFundme layer just like Kickstarter and all of these things where you are kind of a marketplace where you are trying to match people who have money and a desire to change the world to people who have the time and the plan to make that change a reality. 

The current charity system, there is this charity in the middle
 that kind of blocks the extra value that can be transferred. They take the money and route it over from these guys to these guys. But they don't get to connect the people. They are in the way.

I really believe that communities
 are what change the world. 

If we put
 these guys in the same chat room, then beautiful ideas will come out of it. It's not just about sharing the resources of money, it's about sharing the resources of ideas and time and effort and connecting everybody together.

We live in a world where you can
 tweet Donald Trump and yet you don't know who is using your donations for something.

It just doesn't make any

So we have this GoFundMe layer in the middle
 and above that we have a community layer, building a culture of altruism and experimenting with decentralized governance which is something that's really near and dear to my heart.

I really hope Giveth
 can be a playground for DAOs to come in and if you want to experiment with a decentralized governance protocol, you can actually test it by starting a charity.

Take your UI, take your smart
 contracts and then say we want to do the most good for homelessness. And beta test it. Air drop some money to all of your supporters and then let them have control over the donations and see how it works out.

Giveth is a playground for
 that. We have the Gofundme layer, the network of communities and there is basically a chat room. And the smart contract layer which is another thing we have a huge advantage of because Giveth was started by the White Hat Group and we have the best smart contract developers in the world.

One of the big
 reasons for that is we aren't trying to make money. We are really truly an altruistic loosely grouped set of hackers that are just trying to make the world a better place. 

We have no legal entity and that
 is by design because without a legal entity you can't make a profit.

Everything is
 happening in the smart contract realm. And everything is loose and fun and experimental. 
GitHub on video for developers
If you are a beginner looking to learn a new skill, online course sites are a dime a dozen.

What if you are past the beginner
 stage? If you are at the intermediate or advanced level, there aren't a lot of options out there for you.

That's the problem the
 education ecosystem solves. 

Professional development is an industry that is
 worth about $360 billion. But most of the online education companies that exist today are all competing in the beginner space.

That is
 why the education ecosystem is focused on people who have already passed the beginner stage. 

Our beta has connected 1 million professionals
 worldwide. And with our new education token, that number is only going to grow. 

The education tokens is an ERC20
 token which lives on the ethereum blockchain. That means it can be bought, sold and traded outside of the ecosystem just like any other cryptocurrency.

But our token
 exists primarily to power a new system of incentives which will reward everyone who brings positive value to the ecosystem at any level.

Learners will use education tokens
 to pay for their subscriptions, to donate to creators. To request specific projects or materials and engage in Q&A with project creators.

 return learners are rewarded for positive behavior like practicing with project materials and watching projects.

Similarly, project
 creators will be rewarded with tokens. The more view time their projects get, the more education tokens they receive. 

API creators who extend the platforms' functionality will be
 rewarded with tokens as well. So will users who find and report bugs on the system.

 tokens are also used for governance.

 example, holding education tokens will give users the power to vote on the future of the platform. Not just what projects are being created but the features that the development team implements. And what new project topics to support.

We have learned a lot from other token
 models like SteemIt which is a blogging platform that rewards its users with tokens when they write awesome content. And the more power the users have, the more they create projects which matches what viewers want to watch.

How do we make sure these tokens have
 value? To start with, the token is designed to have as much utility as possible in the education ecosystem meaning as long as people are using the network, they will need tokens. And as the size of the userbase grows, so does the demand for tokens.

To help further offset
 this, a percentage of all tokens spent on subscriptions annually are burned removing them from circulation and increasing the value of all remaining tokens.

 13% of all the tokens created have been reserved as incentives for project creators over the next three years. Our goal is to have 10,000 new projects created in the next 3 years.

We want to partner up
 with schools, libraries, colleges and other online education companies. 

Our mission is to be the place on the web
 for professional development. And our education token is the central part of that. 
Social media ecosystem
More than 3 billion people are engaged on social networks. The total content made on social network platforms is worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

It is the users who have developed
 these platforms through their content, posts, shares and likes. 

But the value created by users
 is distributed among company owners and shareholders. The content creators do not get compensated.

 this fair? No this is not a fair distribution.

 is why Foresting was born to change this. 

Foresting breaks the
 traditional platforms unfair system and provides a fair value distribution for users through blockchain technology.

The users are the true owners of the
 platform. For every act of posting, commenting, sharing and reading content, the user will be rewarded with PTON tokens.

Just as the seeds
 grow and become trees and forests. 

We make a forest through a new value system
 for a fairer world. 

Work 4 hours a day. Share
 every moment. And manage your life. 

Decentralized social news platform
The Sapien rewards engine is now live and automatically rewarding users with SPN for interacting with the platform.

These actions include creating high quality
 content, commenting and voting on posts. The more SPN a user stakes, the more rewards they earn.

How does this work?

Bloggers like Sam can be stake and earn
 SPN from the rewards engine for sharing his stories on the Sapien platform.

Kim leaves insightful posts
 or comments in any community she is a part of. Currators like her spend time voting on content, similar to ever other social platform. Except now all of them receive SPN for contributing to the ecosystem and adding value to the Sapien community. 

How are SPN rewards determined? By community

Introducing Charges.
 With Charges, the Sapien community controls the rewards engine. Each user is allocated a certain number of Charges per day according to their staking tier. If they think a post is valuable, they can give it a charge.

 day SPN rewards are distributed based on the number of Charges each post received. The more charges you get, the more SPN rewards you earn. 

As users all around the world begin adding value to the
 network by posting, commenting and voting on content, the SPN token becomes the fuel for a robust, tokenized social network that fairly rewards users for their efforts.

Stake your SPN
 tokens today and start earning with the Sapien rewards engine. 
Decentralized social media platform that rewards all content
Build, posts, photos, videos and stories are uploaded to mainstream social media every day. But very few profit from it.

What if you could be rewarded
 for posting on social media platforms based on the likes, comments and shares that you earn?

Introducing Mithril.

We created a whole new concept called
 social mining on the ethereum blockchain. Users can acquire Mithril tokens by simply using applications within the decentralized Mithril ecosystem.

Join us
 on Telegram. 

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