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The consensus-driven map of the world
FOAM is building a decentralized proof of location protocol that offers a higher level of security and network strength than conventional location based services. 

 become a location service provider, a radio beacon stakes a safety deposit of FOAM tokens to participate in the network as a zone anchor. And searches three other beacons nearby.

Once four zone anchors are connected,
 they ping messages back and forth to synchronize their clocks.

After reaching consensus
 on the time, a zone is established and the zone anchors are rewarded in FOAM tokens. 

A location customer enters the
 zone and requests a presence claim. Then it transfers the zone authorities a fee.

Each zone authority
 detects its distance to the location customer by measuring the time it takes to receive a message.

Once measured, the zone
 authorities store the information on their local blockchain to reach consensus on what happened. 

The presence claim is sent to
 verifiers. They receive it and check the data against the data recorded within other zones.

This is
 then printed in the ethereum blockchain and made public. And the location customer receives its verified location claim through a decentralized application. 

 of location has uses across an array of verticals. Mobility and transportation. Location based gaming and supply chains. 

Property listings on the blockchain
[music] [music] 

Technology is advancing at the speed of light.
 Innovative new business models are disrupting traditional markets around the world. But the real estate industry has been left behind.

Vendors, buyers and agents are
 locked into outdated online listing services that charge excessive fees to list properties while subjecting visitors to intrusive ads.

These multiple listing services monopolize
 the market and dictate conditions while also capturing and commoditizing your personal information. 

That's all about to change.

Welcome to
 REX, a revolutionary new global listing platform where it is free to list and search for properties. A platform where you won't be bombarded by ads, where you are in complete control of your data where transactions take days, not months.

A platform that pays you
 to participate.

REX connects
 vendors, buyers and agents over a powerful open network that rewards you for our contributions.

REX combines three
 innovative technologies. The blockchain, data distribution and digital currencies to create the world's most advanced global real estate listing service.

And it's completely free.
 Instead of money, REX uses a digital currency called the Rex token which enables frictionless transactions. Users are paid in REX tokens to list properties or provide market data and tokens can be exchanged within the platform for features and services.

REX is hosted on a global
 peer to peer distributed network, so there are no paywalls or access restrictions. Anyone, anywhere in the world can list properties and view listings at no cost.

If you'd like to join the real estate
 revolution, then visit today to discover how REX can help you sell more property and transact more efficiently. 
Democratizing Real Estate
Meridio is a blockchain based platform for fractional ownership of real estate.

Here is how it works.

Mike owns an office building
 worth $20M and it generates good cashflow for him and his investors. But he wants to liquidate a portion of his equity to fund another development.

Sarah wants to invest in real estate
 but only wants to invest $1000. Traditionally $1000 wouldn't allow Sarah to invest in individual properties meaning Mike can't help Sarah and Sarah can't help Mike until Meridio.

Using Meridio,
 Mike can divide his office property into tokens or digital shares that represent equity or debt in the underlying asset. Mike can then sell those tokens to a wider capital pool of both institutional and individual investors.

Meanwhile Sarah now has the ability
 to make real estate investments at a fraction of the cost previously required.

Mike keeps the property
 financials up to date on Meridio and manages any payouts from rental income using a smart contract that automatically distributes earnings to token holders like Sarah.

Since Meridio operates on the ethereum blockchain,
 it's easy for property owners like Mike to manage the portfolio and track current investors, prices and trades.

Issue dividends to a large number of
 investors, seamlessly recapitalize assets.

If Sarah wants to sell her shares in the
 property, she doesn't have to deal with contracts, lawyers or even Mike. She simply sells her tokens on the open market and the smart contract is updated accordingly.

Investors of all sizes from
 Sarah to institutional asset managers now have unparalleled liquidity in real estate investments. Exposure to individual asset deals. Visibility into the underlying asset's performance and details.

Thanks to Meridio
 the real estate market is now more liquid, efficient and accessble which helps both Mike and Sarah.

 to the future of real estate. 
open source hotel ecosystem
We live in times where travel has become part of our every day life. On the surface, the travel industry looks super competitive with lots of companies fighting for your business.

But your favorite travel website
 has a hidden secret, everything they are selling comes from just a few middlemen companies and they are taking a huge chunk of the profit, up to 20%.

This prevents new, innovative, cost saving
 companies from entering the market and allows a few large middlemen to take money out of the pockets of consumers and travel suppliers.

But there is a better way.

Introducing Winding Tree, the travel industry's
 open blockchain platform for booking and securing transactions without intermediaries. 

By breaking currently concentrated distribution
 landscape, innovative new companies can bring their new ideas to market.

Winding Tree is a set of smart contracts that
 live on a public blockchain and an API which can be integrated into any POS system making it easy for anyone to list and find inventory.

The Leak token is the fuel of the platform
 which allows for transacting on the Winding Tree blockchain and making fee free international payments.

 Tree enables permissionless innovation and true competition for the travel industry. 

 part in the token generation event on February 1st and join the conversation on our social 
Sports betting stuff
Chào m?ng b?n ??n v?i Degens, n?i nh?ng ng??i thua cu?c chi?n th?ng.

Degens, có tên g?i chính th?c là SportCrypt
 là m?t sàn cá c??c th? thao ngang hàng phân c?p tr?c tuy?n trên công ngh? blockchain ethereum t? n?m 2017.

V?i m?t ??n v? cá c??c th? thao ?i?n hình,
 Ng??i ch?i ??t c??c vào nhà cái theo t? l? c??c ???c xác ??nh b?i nhà cái. Không có gì l? khi nhà cái luôn th?ng!

??n v?i
 Degens, n?i b?n có th? tr? thành nhà cái và thi?t l?p t? l? c??c c?a riêng b?n.

Các kèo ??t c??c c?a b?n ???c kh?p ngang hàng
 v?i nh?ng ng??i có ý ki?n ??trái ng??c v? k?t qu? c?a m?t tr?n ??u, lo?i b? nhà cái và các lo?i phí liên quan t? ph??ng trình.

Degens không phát minh ra khái ni?m sàn
 cá c??c th? thao, Matchbook và Betfair ?i tiên phong trong l?nh v?c này h?n m?t th?p k? qua, ch?ng minh tính kh? thi và ph? bi?n c?a mô hình sàn giao d?ch này.

Degens ?ã phát huy mô hình này và
 công ngh? h?p ??ng thông minh ethereum cách m?ng tích h?p ?? ?em l?i nh?ng l?i th? cho ng??i ch?i:

# 1) T? giám sát.

 Degens ???c phân c?p và s? d?ng các h?p ??ng thông minh
 mã ngu?n m? do ?ó ti?n c?a ng??i ch?i luôn trong t?m ki?m soát c?a b?n.

# 2) ?n danh.

 Không c?n ??ng ký. Quy?n riêng t? luôn ???c ??m b?o.

 # 3) Không th? ng?n c?n
 chi?n th?ng.

Degens không ch?n b?t k? ng??i ch?i nào
 hay khu v?c nào. 

 # 4) Phí th?p nh?t trong l?nh v?c.

 0,5% cho c??c th?ng.

 # 5) Ti?n ?i?n t?. Các l?nh c??c ???c th?c hi?n
 s? d?ng Ether, ti?n ?i?n t? t? nhiên c?a ethereum blockchain c?ng nh? DAI, stablecoin phân quy?n hàng ??u theo giá tr? c?a ??ng ?ô la M?.

Hãy ghé th?m chúng tôi t?i