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A peer-to-peer marketplace for rare digital items
It's twenty something, something and you just got yourself an Axie friend. Some sweet neon District pants. Or [inaudible] some precious [inaudible]. And now you want to sell them for some real money. But how? 

You could just go out into that big old internet and find somebody who seems
 trustworthy and hope all goes well in a trade. But if you are a little weary of this option or just want to open up your sale to the masses, you should check out OpenSea.

OpenSea is a live marketplace for all
 things NFT. Its beatiful UI includes smart categorization, filtering and a bidding system.

With OpenSea you are sure to
 find a seller at the price you want for your item. Everyone wins.

To start you want to create a
 Metamask account through Google Chrome, Brave, Firefox or Opera. Simply search for the add-on extension, download and after inputting your pneumonic phrase from your current ethereum based wallet or creating a new account and writing down the seed words, sail on over to OpenSea.

Creating a new OpenSea account is
 simple. Go to account settings in the top right, it'll ask to link to your Metamask wallet and you'll go through a few confirmation screens and signing of the contract. Setup and verify your email and you are all set. 

To list, simply go to the
 item, state your price and click to host on OpenSea which only takes a minimal amount of gas the first time you initiate that contract type or item class.

To purchase, you can buy items outright
 with the Eth you have in your wallet or if you prefer to try luck in bidding on items, simply go to your account and swap your Eth for Weth and place your bids.

If somebody thinks the price is right, the item is

 it, you are ready.

Soon enough you'll be slashing,
 blasting, racing or breeding your way across the blockchain. 
A collective of decentralized marketplaces
Historically we have been conditioned to think that progress requires centralized structures to govern and lead us on the path to economic prosperity. 

Huge corporations, institutions and governments
 have controlled the decision making process and shaped our future.

With the
 advent of the sharing economy, companies such as Uber or AirBnB have brought the power of user networks at the forefront, resulting in lower prices and better user experiences. 

Dispite the obvious progress, the end
 user still pays high costs due to the fees charged for the service, has minimal say in the evolution of these platforms. And might even have his private data sold to 3rd parties.

But what if you could
 create a network of online marketplaces and communities that function as decentralized, autonomous organizations?

 if you could recreate the internet's most popular applications and services, while eliminating rent seeking, centralized decision making and the sale of personal data.

And what if non technical
 users could create and administer these organizations? Gain voting rights and use new means of coordination through financial incentives.

 District0x, a collection of decentralized marketplaces and communities known as districts.

By combining
 technology such as Ethereum, Paragon and IPFS, Distric0x allows users to create, operate and govern districts that are open and extendable, allowing enhanced functionality and customization through auxiliary modules. 

Every district runs a market or bulletin board
 application with functionality such as posting, listings, search and filtering, ranking and reputation or payments and invoicing.

Let's have a look at
 Ethlance, a freelance job market and the first district on the Distric0x network. Ethlance allows users to list and apply for open positions, rank and provide feedback and send and receive invoices.

 does not charge any fees and users only pay the necessary cost of gas to the Ethereum network in order to perform these actions.

Since its launch, projects
 such as Status, Aragon, WeTrust and many more have used the platform to hire key staff.

As opposed to present
 day solutions, Ethlance is built and run by the people at the lowest possible cost for the end user. 

But Ethlance is only the beginning. Soon
 Distric0x will comprise global marketplaces and help the local communities.

Anybody will be able to easily
 design and deploy their own districts to the Distric0x network.

If you want to be a
 part of the decentralized future, contribute and leave the communities of tomorrow, then join Distric0x now. 
The sharing economy has redefined how the world does business. Millions of people all over the world are contributing their time, skills and resources into this new economy. 

Uber drivers are replacing taxi drivers.
 AirBnB hosts are competing with hotel chains. And Elance contractors are displacing full time workers. 

And buyers are finding that they prefer
 products and services from individual suppliers rather than from large faceless corporate entities.

Yet even in the sharing economy there are still unnecessary
 middlemen. Companies like Lyft, Postmates and Fiverr are centralized companies that control user identity and transaction data.

They take
 huge fees often as high as 20% to 30%. We can do better.

 Origin. The blockchain based platform where dozens of decentralized peer to peer marketplaces are currently being built. Buyers and sellers for all different types of goods and services can meet without rent seeking intermediaries and transact in a more open and transparent way.

Users now own their own data
 and can use their single sign on Origin accounts to buy and sell across any marketplace built on the Origin platform.

Origin enabled businesses are able to
 lower fees, reduce censorship and give back to early participants in the community.

Built on the
 ethereum blockchain and IPFS, Origin leverages cutting edge blockchain technology to put the sharing economy directly in the hands of the people.

It's time
 internet marketplaces catch up to the blockchain revolution and become truly peer to peer.

 the Origin community today and get to know the new and improved future of the sharing economy. 
Peer-to-peer sellers and shops network
We live in a world where over 2 billion adults still don't have bank accounts -- over 2 billion!

That's 3x the entire population of

Not having a bank account makes it nearly impossible to track
 spending or make transactions with other parties. 

Cryptocurrencies like Ether are creating a world where
 people that haven't had access to traditional banking systems can now manage money digitally by using the one piece of technology that even unbanked populations have access too -- smartphones.

But there are some
 drawbacks. Buying and selling cryptocurrencies can be confusing, difficult to process and time intensive.

 imagine having a global network of cryptocurrencies where people can get Ether as easily as they get cash at ATMs, to spend at businesses that accept it as payment.


With Dether users can create secure
 wallets within seconds using only their smartphones. Once registered, you can easily locate other buyers and sellers of Ether for secure, seamless Ether for cash transactions.

The intuitive user interface
 also allows users to quickly pinpoint businesses where they can buy goods and services directly using Ether while even taking advantage of special discounts and benefits.

And because Ether is fully
 decentralized, funds are never held up by 3rd parties.

Dether breaks barriers to Ethereum mass
 adoption, revolutionizing the way the world has access to cryptocurrencies and how they spend it just like cash in every day life.

 Dether.io to learn more. 
Find freelancers and bounty programs for any task
In the natural world bees are the original bounty hunters, gathering nectar from far and wide for themselves and their hive to thrive on.

As humans we use bounties every time we complete a task and
 get something in exchange. A bounty is a reward or a prize given for any completed task. So bounties are at the very core of how the world already works.

 it's built on the Ethereum blockchain, the Bounties Network is changing the way we collaborate in a world full of incentives. All it takes is a computer and internet connection to access our buzzing, decentralized marketplace of meaningful projects and talent from around the world.

With just three easy steps,
 creating and collaborating on the Bounties Network is so simple you should probably start using it today.

Bounties are issued
 for tasks and projects featuring a clear description, full submission criteria and clear deadline. The reward for each bounty is clearly marked and fully staked in Eth, ERC20 or any token on Ethereum right from the start.

 created the bounties are open to anyone so they can be fulfilled from anywhere in the world.

Remember all you need is yourself,
 a computer and an internet connection.

Submissions are
 reviewed and the best work gets accepted. The reward is then automatically released so all that waiting to get paid is no longer a problem.

 to their open yet secure format, bounties can be used as the framework of choice for a wide range of applications.

The Bounties Network
 is buzzing with possibility. So join our community and start running your world on bounties. [silence] 
Platform auctioning NFT in ETH
Are you a crypto enthusiast? Are you familiar with non fungible tokens, also known as NFTs? Guess what, there is now a decentralized auction based auction platform for people like you. 

Auctionity is where you can create and participate
 in a real time auction hosted by the community members.

How does Auctionity work?

The user deposits his NFT onto the Auctionity
 smart contract and can select [inaudible] on the auction.

He can then decide to get help from
 the community to promote his auction simply by rewarding the community with a 0% - 50% commission on the final sale price.

The [inaudible]
 his account with Ether onto the Auctionity smart contract and bids on the auction.

The winner will get
 NFT ownership, the seller will get Ether and the community remembers will be rewarded. That's a win, win, win. 

50% [inaudible] such as
 bloggers who promote new auctions on their website with an extra 30% for the one who brings the winner. 

20% goes to the seller's [inaudible] such
 as NFT [inaudible] allowing the customer to sell the assets on the Auctionity platform.

 20% goes to the auctioneer who [inaudible] the auction [inaudible] room.

 Auctionity, auctions go viral and the community gets rewarded.

You are a crypto enthusiast?
 Become an active contributor and leverage the power of your community.

Ready to start? Visit Auctionity.com
 and make a deal. [silence] 
Blockchain enabled energy trading platform
[music] [music] 

The way we produce and consume electricity is changing.
 New technology is allowing us to make electricity at home. Store it and use it to power all of our daily needs.

What has become apparent
 is that people want the ability to trade excess energy locally.

To make this possible a new
 support technology has been developered and it's called Power Ledger.

Power Ledger is an energy trading platform
 that allows consumers with solar panels on their roof to sell their excess electricity to their neighbors. 

The energy system in the past was a one way street, large scale power
 stations that pushed electricity through networks to consumers who got what they were given at a price that they were given as well.

The energy system of the future is far more complex with power stations
 virtually on people's roofs.

Buying and
 selling energy with energy flowing in multiple directions between consumers and generators.

The Power Ledger system can deal with that

The energy market is grown up to buy home grown electricity any more than a
 supermarket is geared up to buy home grown tomatoes. Our platform allows consumers to sell energy directly to their neighbors, meaning we can transition to that cleaner, greener, more locally generated energy future.

 Power Ledger hardware and an easy to use app, participants can trade a unit called Sparkz which are backed up by a blockchain bond called Power tokens.

The platform makes the
 trade easy, frictionless and instantaneous.

So people who produce
 electricity get a more realistic price and people who consume it get a much better deal. And trials have been showing that it works. 

Our first trial was at the National Lifestyle
 Villages and that went from August until December '16. We showed how peer to peer trading would work between what they call prosumers, people with solar panels and consumers, people that didn't.

It demonstrated that people that didn't have solar
 panels could purchase renewable electricity more cheaply than if they were to buy it from their energy company. 

And those that did have solar panels, could get a better

That was a very successful trial, showing how a
 platform could integrate into households. 

This is an awesome community. It has a very
 strong environmental stance. The village generates [inaudible] amount of solar power. We have 130 solar systems in the village at the present moment. People at Power Ledger came down and installed some hardware into the meter boxes and also provided us with an easy to use app.

 anywhere in the world we can download and see in real time the performance of our solar systems and also the rate of recovery and what we were making from our panels from the sale of that excess energy. 

It's really exciting.

It was a bit hard
 initially to catch up because it's new technology and we come from the generation that doesn't belong to that. But that said, marvelous. I could finally see how much electricity I was using for that. And having some control over it. 

How do we make sure that
 it works?

The Power Ledger
 platform is backed by a team of leaders in their field.

Our team includes blockchain
 experts, full stack developers and energy experts.

 cover both ends of the supply spectrum. We are not only experts in the blockchain and technology, but also experts in the areas being deployed with energy trading.

I would describe myself as a power nerd. I've got
 almost 20 years of experience in the energy industry and I'm really excited about the future of energy.

The other thing that's great about Power
 Ledger is that nobody gets left behind. Even if you can't afford to buy solar panels yourself, you can buy cleaner, greener and cheaper solar energy from your neighbors.

To find out more about the benefits of peer
 to peer energy trading and access plenty of information, go to PowerLedger.io 

 [music] [music] 
Monetize your data

Data has become an increasingly important
 part of the modern world. It has become the fuel of the modern economy.

We created Wibson to
 help people to gain control over their data and participate in the benefits their data creates.

With Wibson, we want
 to give users an easy way to profit from their data and participate in the digital currency economy. 

Companies are using people's data without their
 knowledge, so we provide tools for people to take back control and on the other hand once you've got control, you can start profiting from it. You can start monetizing your own data for your own benefit.

Wibson gives them
 a way to participate directly in the exchange of their data. They can decide if they want to sell their data, which data they want to sell, how it's being sold and how it will be used.

So they become an equal partner
 in the data marketplace.

All the
 information the user is sharing with Wibson, it's never stored in a central server. It's stored inside the user's device so he has full control at all times of his information.

The consumer is able to
 sell their data through a smart phone app. They connect the services that they use like Facebook and Google and even their device data and they make the information about the types of data that they have available to the data buyer. The data buyer then provides an offer which includes the price, how they intend to use the data, whether it's anonymous of identified. And then the data seller can decide if they want to accept the offer.

Wibson has a social mission. We want
 to see a world where data increases productivity and fosters open innovation that benefits everyone. -- We believe individuals should have the right to own their data, to control who uses their data, for what purposes and to participate in the benefits that your data generates.

It's their data, they own it and they should
 know what's happening with it. 
Decentralized Android app store
The mobile applications market is a fast growing industry expanding year after year. However large corporations have taken control and are establishing their own rules.

 developers come with great ideas and products but they have to put up with large commissions and take away a large chunk of the profits.

 addition, many appstores impose censorship and some countries cannot get access to applications. 

The PlayMarket 2 team, a group of highly skilled and
 capable individuals have decided to change the situation and create their own decentralized Android app store.

This is an unblockable and
 uncensored smart contract and blockchain based platform providing freedom for developers and users.

Big brother is no longer watching you and
 telling you what to do.

Freedom is independence. Freedom
 is the opportunity to choose.

 will get the market back into the hands of the people together.

Invest in PlayMarket 2, we will reduce all
 commissions for developers, both financial and organizational and we will provide access to applications and ensure a stable payment of dividends to token holders.

PlayMarket 2
 is a new era in the mobile app industry. 
(EXY - $????)
bring communities closer together via calls
All around the world, people are trying to exchange knowledge over the internet using various calling apps like Skype or WhatsApp. 

The problem is it's inefficient.
 Both for the people who are seeking advice online and experts who provide them with knowledge.

The solution would be
 a decentralized calling platform that allows recipients to get money directly from the calling person based on the conversation time. 

Introducing Experty, a blockchain based
 Skype-like calling application. Exchange your knowledge for money on the global market.

Knowledge providers set their
 minute rates. Share their Experty profiles with advice seekers via email or social media and get paid for every minute of your time spent on a consultation call.

Experty doesn't need banks or
 3rd party services since the transfer happens automatically using cryptocurrencies. 

Use cases include legal or medical
 consultations. Business advice, contacting popular bloggers or YouTubers or talking to professors during online courses.

Influencers reach their audience by
 sharing their call links over website, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or email.

Experty can empower people worldwide and democratizes
 the digital consultations market. 
Blockchain for ticketing industry.
We all love buying tickets to our favorite events online. It's quick, it's easy and there is a whole lot of choice. But with extortionate fees and ticket fraud on the rise, there is no surprise that people are starting to get tired of getting ripped off.

That's why Aventus, a revolutionary ticketing platform let's
 users buy without having to worry about the [inaudible].

On many popular ticketing platforms,
 fraudsters use special computer software like bots that buy up to 60% of tickets as soon as they are released. Making them sell out in rapid time.

These tickets are then advertised on resale platforms
 at sky high prices, ripping fans off or stopping them from going to events.

What's more,
 some tickets are completely counterfeit that are listed several times meaning excited fans turn up to an event only to be rejected at the door.

The problem is
 there is no sign of this behavior changing in the industry any time soon. Why? Because sell outs make money.

At Aventus we don't think that's
 fair. So unlike many other ticketing platforms, our blockchain based platform won't stand for uncontrolled resale and counterfeit tickets.

 Aventus, event organizers can create, manage and promote their events or tickets for a fraction of the cost. They can control price and receive commissions on tickets resold.

If that wasn't
 enough, Aventus even rewards ticket buyers by identifying fraudulent activity or attending or promoting events.

Sounds good? We think so

Want a fairer and more secure system
 when buying or selling tickets? A transparent system that creates nwe revenue streams for event organizers and brings back the fun of buying tickets? 

With Aventus, that can become a

To find out further information or discover how you can
 disrupt the unfair ticketing industry, head to Aventus.io and join our Slack group at Slack.Aventus.io or follow us on Twitter at @AventusSystems 
Collect and trade unique, single-edition digital artworks.
[music] [music] 

 is art. It's an experience. But it's art that is born on the blockchain. So it has a digital identity.

Digital art is really interesting because
 it has an intangiblness to it. It's ethereal in nature. But it also kind of lives everywhere at once. 

The internet has been a little bit of a mixed
 blessing for artists, especially artists who do digital work. They are creating these digital objects but they don't truely own them.

Facebook owns all your likes, Instagram owns
 all your posts. And this really isn't a good model for digital creators.

So I really wanted to build a tool
 to give power back to the creative individuals that are making these platforms successful. 
Set of blockchain solutions based on global cultural industry.
So we all know in the world of online shopping there are two kinds of people. The buyers and the sellers.

Buyers worry about getting
 exactly what they ordered and in good condition.

Sellers worry about prompt payment
 while maintaining their hard earned reputation. 

As such, buyers and sellers rely on a relationship built on
 trust with peer to peer e-commerce using a system of user reviews to protect both parties.

But the problem is these online reputations
 don't transfer from platform to platform meaning sellers of all kinds are locked into large monopolistic marketplaces that set all the rules and take a hefty cut while limiting the options for buyers who can easily become the victims of scammers. 

 Ink protocol. A decentralized payment and reputation system powered by the ethereum blockchain. 

Ink protocol lets users safely buy and sell goods on
 any marketplace while taking their online reputation with them.

How does it work?

When Ink
 protocol is integrated into the marketplace and our buyer sees something they like, they can go ahead and pay directly on the website or with a single tap on the Ink payout.

Payment can be
 made using the XNK token or any other currency that gets automatically converted.

While payment is held in
 escrow through decentralized smart contracts, the seller gets confirmation of the purchase and ships the goods.

Once the package arrives as advertised,
 the buyer confirms receipt.

Finally the seller receives their
 payment and gets their star rating from the buyer.

If there are any disputes during the
 transaction, these are quickly and impartially resolved through a 3rd party mediator.

Buyer and seller ratings are stored on
 the blockchain along with all the reviews across all marketplaces.

This decentralized reputation network
 means buyers always know who they are dealing with, protecting them from bad experiences. And sellers can safely branch out to any platform allowing them to find lower transaction fees and new markets.

Ink protocol
 is a free and open source community for any one and any marketplace anywhere in the world.

Find out
 more with Paywithink.com 
Blockchain meets freelancer needs
Meet John. John has been out of college for almost 2 years. Unfortunately like many others, John hasn't found a full time job in his field. His weekend bartending job makes good money but it's only two days a week and requires him to work odd hours.

Monday through
 Friday John goes on job boards like Upwork where he finds work as a freelance writer. Some days he's lucky enough to win a proposal. When he does, he has to pay transaction fees as high as 20% back to the website just to be paid for his writing.

With few options for work, John continues
 submitting work proposals to win freelance clients.

Last week John was lucky enough
 to win a job bid. He spent all day and night completing the project but when he went to submit the finished document to the client, the client wasn't happy at all. The client quickly informs John that he's not paying for the work and no longer wishes to be in contact ever again.

John thought that the work that he did was his best
 effort, after all it did meet the requirements submitted in the proposal. But the client thought the document lacked creativity and was not professional grade.

What should happen in this type of
 situation? Who wins?

Industry statistics
 show that 50% of freelance projects cancel or end with dissatisfaction for both the freelancer or client.

The freelancer
 industry of today doesn't have any platform that builds trust between the freelancer and employer due to a lack of trust, low confidence and high transaction rates, freelancers avoid using these platforms all together.

Yet as the
 gig economy grows, both freelancers and employers need a platform that builds trust and increases satisfaction equally on both ends.

Both parties need a website with a high level of

That's where
 we come in.

Freelanex allows both freelancers and
 employers to equally benefit from the privileges of the freelance economy. Join our movement to make freelancing more decentralized. 

We have the widest range of payment options
 available and the lowest commission fees at just 2%.

We accept both fiat currencies and
 digital currencies.

 is built on a decentralized blockchain platform using intelligent, programmable smart contracts. 

We provide the most technologically advanced
 solutions for user data and transaction security.

We cover everything from conflict resolution
 issues to contract disputes.

 your professional network with our community of industry leading freelancers and clients. 
Art trading on blockchain
Transform ownership into art all with 0xowns.art.

Without any digital or physical art work,
 the art is just ownership of the non physical art work.

This might sound strange but artists have been trying
 to make ownership into art for centuries. 

Yves Klein, the famous French artist sold empty
 space over a river for a pile of gold. But now you can buy pure ownership with 0xownsart.

 visit our website, select the version you want to buy and make your purchase. 

 runs on the ethereum blockchain. So you'll need to install Metamask and get some ethereum in your wallet.

All you need is to deposit your ethereum into
 the contract first. Buy art work from your balance and set your resale price.

Don't forget
 to keep resale price higher than the current price so that you can make a profit.

Once someone else matches your
 price, your balance will be credited and you can buy the art work again. Or withdraw your ethereum. 

Enjoy being a blockchain art collector
 with 0xownsart today. 
Decentralized hotel booking
Tom loves traveling. When it comes to booking, he likes to use online travel agencies to save time and stay under budget. But Tom doesn't know that in every $100 he spends, $20 to $30 go to the online booking agencies. Two, over booking, inaccurate room descriptions and false reviews happen frequently on these online booking platforms. 

What you experience is often very different than what is
 described on these websites.

Three, when you have a
 dispute, these online platforms are often absent or slow to react, even after they take a big chunk of your money. They aren't eager to fix the problem for you.

Is there a better way to book your accommodations?
 Meet Tripio, the future of travel booking, built on blockchain.

Tripio's goal is to help the
 online travel industry improve by leveraging the decentrailzed, tamper resistant and traceable features of the blockchain technologies. 

Tripio builds a verifiable trust network
 among strangers. All transactions will be supported and protected by smart contracts. These smart contracts connect service providers and customers directly without any middle man.

There is no need
 for centralized systems to ensure the process of payments, reviews, and arbitrations.

Smart contracts will be
 automatically executed according to agreed rules and terms.

On Tripio,
 you have access to accurate and reliable room descriptions and customer reviews. Two, you can pay your host directly with digital currency, saving the middleman mark up and conversion cost. 

Three, if a dispute happens, the Tripio
 smart contract automatically initiates an arbitration process that leverages your fellow travellers for a fair and efficient solution.

Last but not least, the Tripio team
 has already run a successful travel marketplace for three years. They served over 3 million customers with flying colors. They have more than 80,000 venues on their platform and this number is growing by the day.

Come and join us in building the
 new era of tourism.

For more information and
 further discussions, join us on Telegram.