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P2P sports betting exchange using ETH/DAI
Welcome to Degens, where losers win.

Degens, formally known as SportCrypt
 is a decentralized peer to peer sports betting exchange that has been live on the ethereum blockchain since 2017.

With a typical sportsbook,
 the players bet against the house at odds determined by the house. No wonder the house always wins!

 Degens, where you can be the house and set your own odds.

Your bets are matched peer to peer
 with those with a contrary opinion on the outcome of a match, eliminating the house and its associated fees from the equation.

Degens didn't invent the sports
 betting exchange concept, Matchbook and Betfair pioneered this concept over a decade ago, proving the viability and popularity of the exchange model.

Degens has taken this model and
 integrated revolutionary ethereum smart contract technology which provides the following advantages for players:

#1) Self custody.

Degens is decentralized and uses open source
 smart contracts thus player funds are always in your control.

#2) Anonymous.

No sign-up required. Privacy ensured.

#3) Unstoppable

Degens doesn't block any players
 nor any regions. 

#4) Industry's lowest fees.

0.5% on winning bets.

#5) Cryptocurrency.

Bets are made
 using Ether, the native cryptocurrency of the ethereum blockchain as well as DAI, the leading decentralized stablecoin that tracks the US Dollar.

Visit us at
Decentralized prediction market
[music] [music] 

Augur is a prediction market
 platform that rewards the user for correctly predicting future events.

 markets allow users to purchase and sell shares on the outcome of an event. The current market price of a share is the estimate of the probability of an event actually occurring.

 prices of each share adds up to $1, so if you buy a share at even odds it will cost you $0.50. If you end up being right, you'll receive $1.00 for that share.

These markets
 rely on the scientific principle known as the wisdom of the crowd which states that if you ask enough people something, their average answer is usually far more accurate than any expert.

This allows
 us to create one of the most powerful forecasting tools. The problem with previous prediction markets is that they were centralized, allowing them to be easily shut down.

 problem is that with any prediction market, someone has to report what actually happened after the event occurred.

In centralized
 markets, one person does this which means there can be mistakes or outright manipulation. 

With Augur, we'll have 1000s of
 users reporting on these outcomes using something called reputation. Using Augur, anyone, anywhere in the world can create a market asking a question about anything.

 makers provide some initial funding for the market, and in return receives some trading fees.

Anybody can freely buy and
 sell shares on the outcome of that market and the current share prices provide the best estimate of that event occurring.

Imagine being
 able to Google questions about things that haven't happened yet and receiving accurate odds of their occurrence.

That power, the power to
 glimpse into the future is what we believe everyone should have access to. 
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Betting has been
 around for 1000s of years and used to be a fun and social activity. Well not for everyone. 

But over time betting turned into
 a huge business dominated by middlemen and challenged by a number of serious problems.

 betting looks more like a complex science with unfair odds, low transparency, high fees and low returns and little social involvement. But it doesn't have to be that way anymore.

With bethereum, we are bringing
 fun and social back into betting. 

In bethereum, you bet with friends and other players,
 not against a bookmaker. With us, the house doesn't win because there is no house.

We are
 developing the most intuitive and engaging betting platform in the market, powered by innovative gamification features for a truly rewarding experience.

 and tournaments, player chat and leaderboards and social achievements are just some of the gaming elements that will make bethereum absolutely unique.

All this while
 blockchain technology ensures full transparency and trust with smart contracts securely handling every bet and automatically paying out the winnings.

Bethereum will also
 integrate games by external developers and support a broad ecosystem of players, white labeled customers and conventional betting operators, game creators and marketing affiliates.

The whole platform is
 fueld by our bether token which is used to handle all bets and transactions and even to pay commissions to 3rd parties.

Not long from now
 everyone will be able to win again.

Stay tuned for news and updates
 while we bring you the future of betting. 
Sports Betting Exchange Built on Augur and 0x
With the sports betting market being so fragmented and the fact that sportsbooks are centralized authorities that can take weeks to pay or even take your money entirely in case of default, it's no wonder why anyone wouldn't move to blockchain prediction markets.

But even they
 still may take days to confirm the result of events. 

 the other hand, scanning several markets for the best odds is a time consuming process. You could look for advice but risk being misled lying about their records and employee unethical tactics. 

Introducing BlitzPredict. Smart contracts for
 smarter predictions.

The BlitzPredict aggregator
 is constantly scanning the market. You can be sure to always get the best odds available on the time of your wager.

With our auditable
 liquidity reserve, you could be certain that you'll always get paid immediately at the conclusion of an event.

 apply techniques from the financial markets, giving users the opportunity to execute smart contracts when certain criteria are met such as a positive line movement.

Last but not least,
 we reward our communittee's participation. Users can take advantage of our staking options through our expert analytics portal, we can encourage and ensure collaboration and contributions to the platform.

Learn more at and follow us on our social media channels for updates. 
Casino built on ethereum
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Peer to peer sports betting
Hi everyone, I wanted to spend a little bit of time with you going through the web app that we've developed at because I think it's fantastic and I don't think we talk about it enough. And you are probably missing out on a bunch of features that we all know as we've been very close to it from the start. 

Basically what you've got
 is a fast, easy to use access to odds on sporting events. And a method of placing a bet on the blockchain, using peer to peer bets. As you know we are all about peer to peer bets. 

So using the blockchain to make sure it's all fair and
 honest for individual betting for individuals. 

Let's see all sports.
 So let's go to Football, let's look at some of the games coming up. Maybe the Bundesleague game with Bayern Munich for example which is on Saturday. There are lots of things you can bet on there. We'll stick to something simple, who is going to win the game? Munich, draw or Frankfurt?

It has to be Bayern Munich
 to win. And the odds reflect that.

Here we have the
 odds that are being offered by a bunch of players.

 other players are the part of the peer to peer...

 are risking their money and laying these bets. So they are essentially taking the other side of the bet. In this particular case they are taking the draw or Frankfurt bet. 

 [inaudible] better odds [inaudible] you can then lay any bet.

And these are arranged by the best
 odds for the point of the bettor or the punter, that's me in this particular case.

So [inaudible]
 best odds you are going to get [inaudible]

Typically what you'll find is the
 higher the odds, the lower the bets because they'll risk less money. 

Let's bet on that. So I'll
 put 1000 BETR onto Bayern to win.

It's not just BETR you can place bets on? You can do
 ETH as well and hopefully EOS very soon?

I don't have the Ether
 in this account, so I'll do BETR.

But as you
 said you can see your currency box down here if you want to bet Ether which saves you one step from getting BETR tokens.

And of course
 as you said EOS very soon now which is a massive addition to our product.

 of their apps are gambling based. A great market for us. So looking forward to that.

So that bet is placed.
 You can go to my bets here and see the bets that have closed.

 click the little icon there and it will take you to etherscan. And that's the public record. 

So that's that transaction. The
 actual bet itself. 

 on the other side for the layor, the risk [inaudible] 

So when you place a
 bet, the bettors money goes into a pot and the layors risk goes into the pot and it's there and it's in escrow and no one can touch it. 

That's pretty much how the
 thing works.

There you have it. Thank
 you for watching our sneak preview of all the good things on offer at and we look forward to welcoming you there to place a few bets and try it out in real life. 
Bet on ethereum price.
Hello. So I'm going to be showing you Yolorekt. It's and it's like a betting site that's on the price.

Right now
 it's determining the game's strike price which has kind of fluctuated. It's going to land on 190.62. 

So that's going to stay right there in the center
 of the screen. And the red will turn green when it goes up, stays red when it goes down. But you are going to bet whether it's going to go up or down.

 just throw $2 that it's going to stay down. And then you wait. It matters how fast you get your bet in. It matters how much you bet as far as what you are going to get in the return.

 last time I was on here there was like 7 people combined in the bet down and bet up and everyone was betting change and dollars and I was losing a lot. It's a game of chance really.

It's pulling the
 numbers from the Coinbase price websocket API I guess. So it's using real time price and there is no way to predict it. You kind of guess and hope. I guess if you are watching the markets you can assume which way it's going to go.

Now we hit the waiting
 phase. And this is where I like doing this at work while I'm doing something else because you can peek over and you don't have to watch it and get real stressed about it.

You just kind of wait it out. I will probably
 speed this up so you don't have to listen to me talk. [silence] [silence] [silence] 

I don't know if I mentioned this earlier but it's using the
 price of ethereum to gauge it.

 you go. I got rekt again. It seems to happen on the regular for me.

 do find this entertaining. I win occasionally and it does make it worthwhile. I had a little run there that was pretty sweet. I just threw something like $15 in and have been watching it slowly dwindle away since.

Like I said, you got this cool down
 period where you can get your emotions right and get over your losses and get back into it. [silence] [silence] [silence] 
Prediction market platform
Gnosis is the engine for forecasting the future.

A prediction market enables
 users to leverage their unique knowledge by buying and selling shares in the outcome of an event. If the event results in the direction that you predicted, they earn a profit.

Otherwise, a loss is incurred.

This incentivizes
 users to only participate in markets that they believe they possess unique insight into. 

Markets can be based on any future event that is clearly resolvable,
 such as the outcome of an election or a sports match. The outcome of an upcoming news event, or the price of a stock.

Gnosis enables the creation of these
 markets on a decentralized financial platform. For you this means there is no risk of markets being removed, funds being lost, or websites being inaccessible.

Odds are not set by a centralized
 bookmaker as they are will traditional betting, but through peers participating with a market scoring role.

 follow a life-cycle from initial creation to a participation period, during which shares can be bought and sold to a resolution where oracles are used to close the market in the direction corresponding to the real world outcome.

The Gnosis platform makes
 creating [inaudible] for a topic you care about, as easy as setting up a Facebook page.

 example, a company could benefit from a prediction market to guide their decision making. Or a school could create a custom market for their sports events.

Interested to see what Gnosis
 can do for you? Sign-up and trade now. 
Earn in weekly data science competitions
A lot of the worlds' information is trapped and unused. We are building a protocol to change that.

Erasure let's
 you predict the more valuable things that you know. And as you build a reputation predicting things, you can earn cryptocurrency by selling your predictions.

These could be
 stockmarket predictions, predictions about bitcoin or sports or anything.

We think there are brilliant people
 out there with unique information and Erause is going to set that information free.

Erause is an unstoppable
 decentralized data market. [silence] 

When I started Numerai,
 I knew there was a way to crowdcourse models. I knew that people would contribute models to datasets that we gave them. But I didn't think it was possible to crowdsource data.

I don't think a true information
 marketplace has worked yet because it has been challenging to prove to people that if they submit valuable data, they are guaranteed to be rewarded for it.

More over, there hasn't been an immutable
 ledger that everybody can look back to to see for sure that somebody has made accurate predictions over time. It turns out that cryptocurrencies coupled with blockchain solve both of those problems. And that is the root of what Erasuse is getting at. 

 economics, there is this term called market collapse. Market collapse is when there is no way to discern the quality of something and there ends up being no market for it.

That's what is happening with financial data at the
 moment especially prediction data.

If someone sends me an
 email, I have all these predictions, I'm really good at predicting the stock market, I would immediately delete the email. I can't trust that that person has anything that's any good.

But there probably is someone in the
 world who could send me an email like that and would actually be legitimate. 

So if you can use a technology
 to solve this problem of market collapse, you can get the people who are very good to actually earn the full price for their predictions. 

Without staking, your incentive would be
 to submit a million predictions and on the off chance that three of them hit and you got a pay out, then why not submit as many as you could? 

Staking makes it so that there are not only
 positive economic incentives but also negative economic incentives.

This is one of the main problems with the
 internet right now. There really are no negative economic incentives. It costs next to nothing to send an email. So if you want something that is very high quality, it turns out there has to be some cost and or punishment. 

Erasure is a decentralized
 data marketplace and it uses Numeraire as its token. So what Numeraire has done over the last year is show that people want to stake Numeraire tokens on predictions. And when they do stake them, it's a sign that those predictions are going to work really well.

Now if we could extend this to other
 financial data, for example predictions on crypto and extend it to other hedge funds so that other hedge funds can use Numeraire to buy data feeds, then that's a whole different game. It will totally decentralize Numeraire and allow anybody to use it. Any hedge fund to buy data with it and any data provider to submit to it.

Erause could be better than
 Numerai. [silence] 
Peer-to-peer igaming
Hero is introducing reward based peer to peer betting on the blockchain. The odds in current systems are always in favor of the betting providers and bookmakers, making conditions unfair for the player. 

Social dynamics are lost as interfering
 middlemen prevent direct peer to peer interactions. 

Most centralized systems are non transparent,
 so it's difficult to follow what's going on behind the scenes, making it impossible to know who you are dealing with.

All of those issues can be traced back
 to the middleman.

What if instead of
 one middleman, the whole community takes charge of the moneyflow and the conditions of the bet. Everyone can join the network, making it possible to create a variety of games. These games can be of any type, limited only by the imagination of the community. 

Players can bet on the outcome of these
 games. Winners are rewarded for their correct predictions, leaving a small pot for the hero network. 

Part of this pot enables providers to create more
 games and enhance the overall gaming experience.

Another pot is used as a general dividend for all
 token holders.

Hero's economy
 is built to expand the network, creating a huge variety of new games and organic growth of the hero community, putting the community first as well as making betting transparent and enjoyable again is Hero's mission.

Join today and
 grow with us. 
Prediction markets platform
We are living in revolutionary times. The blockchain technology changes everything.

It distributes power among
 many instead of centralizing it in the hands of the elitest few. chose blockchain as its
 business ideology. The immediate result was the birth of Stox, an open source ethereum based prediction market platform where people can trade the outcome of events in almost any imaginable category -- sports, celebrity marriages, election results and even the weather.

Set your
 prediction and trade it.

It is a peer to peer,
 decentralized global platform built on the same system of trust that is the core of the blockchain vision.

The power behind the Stox platform
 is the STX digital token, a trading currency that will increase in volume with each and every trade anywhere on the globe. is a real company, making
 real business with 200 employees worldwide. Top programmers and marketing specialists, we generate over $50M in revenue. 

Our 3 million registered users will become the initial driving
 force behind the STX token.

We open the
 door for other industry leaders to join our ecosystem and enjoy the benefits of the STX token. 

Together we can grow into the largest decentralized
 market in the ethereum ecosystem. 

Stox, the future of trading.
Blockchain lottery based on Ethereu
Fire Lotto is an international blockchain lottery with a guaranteed prize pool of more than $1 USD. The lottery is based on the blockchain of ever rising price of cryptocurrencies. 

The interface of the program resembles traditional
 lotteries and is clear even with people with little computer knowledge.

A player can choose between
 three kinds of lotteries with drawing taking place every six hours. And the [inaudible] instant lottery, an analog of the traditional Fortune's wheel in ethereum and bitcoin.

The prize pool varies between
 $7000 and $1M depending on the type of lottery.

The prize drawing is guaranteed
 by the smart contract algorithm which gives full anonymity and transparency in the distribution of funds. 

The principle of blockchain
 totally rules out anybody's intervention. The drawing and crediting of funds to the wallets of winners takes place automatically and is controlled by the algorithm of the program only.

The source code of which is put on the web and is
 available to the public for checking.

 of the funds received from the sales of tickets is contributed to the prize fund which is a record figure for these types of lotteries.

The maximum amount of winning is not
 limited and can reach multi million amounts.

The winner receives money instantly and the entire
 amount of winning is not taxed.

In addition
 to the usual participation in lottery, the players have an opportunity of buying tokens and being a co-owner of Fire Lotto by receiving a percentage of profit from each drawing.

The smart contract guarantees
 an investor a bonus of 10% of ticket sales. 15% of funds are invested by its creators in the promotion of the lottery.

The cost of tokens will
 continue to increase, so the bonus payment will become for their holders an almost never ending source of income yielding from 20% to 50% per annum.

You can buy Fire Lotto
 tokens at the lowest price at the start of preliminary sales in early January. 
Decentralized crypto casino
Welcome to Bethash. Are you looking to try your hand at Hashdice? Well you've come to the right place.

To play simply
 select dice, enter your bet amount and select a number using the payout slider shown here. 

After this, click bet and Bethash will do the

If the last two numbers of the next bet hash are
 lower than what you selected, you'll win up to 98x your bet.

You might be thinking where does this
 hash come from?

Well the hash is a completely
 random sequence of characters generated by the EOS block producers. And cannot be predicted in advance.

The two numbers closest to the
 end of this hash is taken as the winning number for hash dice.

Now accepting ethereum, IOST
 and bitcoin with tether coming soon.

Can't get enough?
 Looking for a way to play hash dice even while you sleep? Check out the auto bet function. Simply set your bet, activate auto bet and watch as the cash rolls in.

 now at 
Transparent Blockchain Lottery
What are the chances of winning the lotery? About the same as meeting an astronaut in the street. And it's even more likely that he gets struck by lightening at the very same moment.

Stop. Lottery needs a revolution.

Lotteries like any form of
 gambling can be manipulated against its participants. Despite the high degree of regulations claimed by the organizers.

Due to the high degree of centralization of the lottery
 system, organizers wield a considerable amount of power that's liable to be abused due to the current lack of transparency.

 fees, delayed payments for winners and the trouble in opening global access for players and almost impossible chances of winning are issues that need to be addressed.

Let's move to the
 digital era with Loteo and make a revolution in every possible way.

In Loteo you only
 bet against other purchased tickets. So your chances to win are much higher than in standard lotteries.

There is a winner in every drawing.

 to the blockchain, the system is secure, transparent and you can track all transactions that are executed by smart contract rather than having to do it individually. 

Your winning amount is instantly credited to your
 account and you can withdraw it within seconds.

Loteo is the first lottery of its kind
 to connect players from all around the world, even those on places with low bank infrastructure. 

We change untrusted organization
 to trust it and we make 100% availability of our service for all players with fast and secure payment options.

Loteo operates
 in a 100% fair, trustworthy and transparent way.

The lottery
 revolution starts today. Come to join me on my mission to the moon. 
Blockchain for casinos
[music] [music] [music] [music] 

Hi my name is Michael and I'm DAO.Casino's

I have two decades of versatile experience in
 IT as a software developer, architect and delivery manager in such companies as [inaudible] etc. 

 DAO.Casino I'm responsible for the delivery of the casino platform. And all the details such as blockchain integration, the wallet and so on.

I previously spent several years
 working for Russian iBanking software development company and during this period I watched the industry become increasingly centralized and state owned. 

By 2017 I had become fascinated
 by decentralized solutions and first explored the blockchain space with attempts at creating start-ups related to crypto exchanges.

 time has moved on, I've evolved into venturing deeper into blockchain technology.

 has a very interesting project with a capacity to create a whole new generation for the gambling industry using revolutionary solutions for gambling 3.0

Starting my job at DAO.Casino
 afforded me the opportunity to be a part of that journey.

Aside from blockchain
 being a very technically interesting and challengingly complex technology, I'm interested in it for wider reasons too. I'm driven by the capacity of blockchain to provide humanity with a chance to build more democratic societies, harnessing and leveraging decentralization and censorship resistance. 

DAO.Casino's platform
 consists of several high level components. The blockchain itself is designed to enable high speed transactions with finality and on chain random beacon smart contracts that increase transparency and calculations [inaudible] gambling process. Casinos, game developers, affiliates, gamers.

[inaudible] customization,
 preferences, game files and all the things for which there is no way to store in blockchain. 

Compared to existing casino models,
 DAO.Casino [inaudible]. The main benefits of our tech include depositless gaming as casinos on our platform don't own player's assets for any period of time. Instead tokens are reserved only during the game session and are locked into smart contracts on the blockchain.

That way platform owners need not
 worry about custody management which players can rest assure they won't have accounts blocked.

Provably fair, our technology provides immutable
 mathematical proof of fairness in the game along with game results which send proof that all processes from the random numbers to the game logic are truly fair and have not been tampered with.

Transparent revenue share calculations. All
 calculations concerning distribution of [inaudible] affiliates, game developers, casino owners, are made on the blockchain for complete transparency. 

Transactions are validated and submitted to the blockchain by
 validators or block producers. On most blockchains validators receive a reward for creating blocks through transaction verification.

To become a validator
 in proof of work protocol such as bitcoin or ethereum, you need high performance computing devices, graphic cards or ASICs.

 in delegated proof of stake protocol, you also need to own a certain number of tokens classed as your stake. The number of blocks that you can produce is proportional to your stake. 

You can run your own node, server with blockchain
 and delegate your tokens to it. Or you can delegate tokens to someone else's node.

So to become a
 DAO.Casino blockchain validator, you have to run a blockchain node and stake some bets to it.

 blockchain node code is open source. You can find it on our DAO.Casino git repository. 

The near term goal is to launch testnet 2.0
 with governance implemented. Governance for those who don't know is basically a set of rules for the future evolution of the blockchain and its internal management. 

Currently our testnet work has passed a
 series of benchmark tests which confirm it having the highest standards of reliability and performance. In our latest load test it was 1000 transactions per second. With that load we have achieved [inaudible] finality. This shows that our [inaudible] finality algorithm is not sensitive to the amount of transactions per second and can give extremely quick finality under enormous pressure.

We have issued an article on our website answering
 this question in detail. But briefly we need an established working blockchain with high performance and sure block time that scales.

We need deterministic
 finality and we've implemented it with the [inaudible] on chain random beacon. We know that we can implement it, [inaudible] fork.

We need
 [inaudible] mature virtual machines. [inaudible] that assembly and [inaudible]

There will be a token
 bridge. You freeze [inaudible] in ethereum and receive the same amount of tokens on the DAO.Casino blockchain.

All previous
 games were developed using our SDK. We [inaudible] backward compatible as we possibly could with a few little changes, all JS code will continue working. 

Either way game developers will have to rewrite the code that was
 written in Solidity language [inaudible] 

Our new SDK tutorial will be
 available in Q3.

Thank you for your
Risk free lottery
PoolTogether is a revolutionary no loss lottery. Buy a ticket for a chance to win and if you don't win get all your money back. Here is how it works.

In a traditional
 lottery, many people buy lottery tickets. All of the money goes into an institution and a winner is randomly chosen.

One person gets a lot
 of money, everyone else loses money.

But here is how PoolTogether works. People
 buy a PoolTogether savings ticket and all of the money from the ticket goes into a smart contract. Our smart contract stores the money in an interest earning account and at the end of the pool everyone gets their money back.

But one lucky person also gets all the
 interest earned on all the money. Everyone has a chance to win but no one loses.

This is
 a big idea because it turns the most popular money losing game in the world into a savings game and that will help all people achieve financial security.

We hope you play with us.