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Web browser with ad blocker
The browsers of today are broken. They have been overtaken by a barrage of sneaking and annoying ads. Trackers that follow your habits and cookies that build profiles and all other sorts of internet clutter that is taking precidence over the content that you want to see.

In fact these
 useless bytes can take up to a whopping 50% of page load times with a third of it anxiously trying to learn more about you.

To make
 matters worse, some ad blockers are even letting ads through when large advertisers pay them. 

But do you really want a leaky ad blocker?

It's because of these very reasons that we
 developed Brave. A new browser that kicks internet crud to the curb and makes it faster, safer and better to surf the web than your current browser.

With Brave, everything you need is built right

We integrated technology that automatically blocks
 trackers, annoying ads and shields everything that can cramp your style and disrupt your privacy.

With it you can expect increased speeds almost
 2x faster on laptops and up to 4x faster on mobile. And unlike any other browser, Brave allows you to support your favorite publishers with automatic micro payments.

It's a win win for you and your favorite

To top it all off, Brave is open source
 because we truly believe it's our web and we need to fix it together.

Ask yourself this
 question, do you want a web browser made for the internet of today? 

If so, try Brave. It's faster.
 Safer and ad free. [silence] 
The first pure mined ERC20 Token for Ethereum
0xBitcoin is the first fully decentralized ERC20 token and is the first purely mined token on ethereum and it aims to be the primary medium of exchange and store of value on the ethereum network. 

The 0xBitcoin token was deployed to the ethereum blockchain
 in February 2018 with the following attributes. -- First mineable token. ERC20 compatible. No pre mine or instamine. No ICO.

 was never intended to act as a currency and 0xBitcoin will allow ether to fulfill its full intended purpose of securing the ethereum network. 

0xBitcoin takes the best properties of bitcoin and
 ethereum and combines them into one token. It can be mined exactly like bitcoin but transferred 10x faster and 100x cheaper.

0xBitcoin combines the bitcon properties
 of block rewards, proof of work issuance and a 21 million coin cap with the ethereum properties of speed, dApps and DEX trading.

Unlike Ether, it interacts with smart contracts for storing
 and transferring value. While bitcoin can only be traded using centralized means, 0xBitcoin can be traded permissionlessly via smart contracts which cannot be affected or controlled by central entities.

It is also immune to
 51% attacks.

Add all this to the proven market
 demand for a faster version of bitcoin as we've seen in Litecoin's success and it is plain that 0xBitcoin fills a hole in the crypto market space.

People are excited about the project
 in no small part due to the decentralization of the token and the active and engaged community which has sprung up around the token.

The community has
 achieved several key milestones since the project's launch including creating an EIP specifically for mineable tokens. Creation of mining pools with multiple new mining clients as well as on-going development of Lava Wallet, Quarry and Off-chain transactions. 

0xBitcoin is a unique project backed by a
 passionate community dedicated to making it the primary transfer of value for the ethereum nework. 
The world of financial technology is changing at a breathtaking pace and people are living longer and longer. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? How about 30 years? 

Retirement isn't a sexy topic but it's smart to plan
 ahead. How safe is your financial future?

Pension funds are in deep trouble because they can't
 support the aging population. Others are going bankrupt after making bad decisions behind closed doors.

How about
 you? Sure you made a lot of money on the markets but shouldn't you lock in your profits? Those green candles could turn red tomorrow. It's time for long term thinking. It's time for Auctus, the world's first retirement planning platform and community powered and secured by the blockchain.

It's a completely
 decentralized open source platform that allows you to plan your long term goal oriented investments. It's run entirely by the community and everything is open and transparent. And because it's fully decentralized, you don't have to trust anyone with your capital.

Knowledge is power. Learn how small
 changes to your plan can have enormous impact on your returns. Get advise from human or robo advisors on how to balance and manage your portfolio of bonds, stocks and crypto assets.

 automate the process entirely. Advisors are rewarded for good advise with the AUC token which powers the platform and supports an ecosystem of 3rd party services and tools.

Since there are no middlemen,
 the fees are tiny and that has a big impact on your returns.

It's time to take matters
 into your own hands.

 smart contract powered retirement plans. 
Crypto lending
In theory banks are a good idea. Bob needs some extra money and he goes to his bank and the bank gives Bob the money and over time Bob pays it back plus some interest. Everyone wins, right?

Well not if you
 are Bob.

Banks understand how dependent
 people are on them, this makes them powerful and ensures they are the ones that make the rules. Rules that are in their best interest, not people like Bob.

Need a credit card? A small business
 loan? Glad to help. Just sign here, here and here. 

Want to show your crypto as part of your
 assets? Forget it Bob. Banks treat crypto like monopoly money. Why does it have to be like this?

It's time for a change.
 Some smart person once said, the world needs banking but it doesn't need banks. Banks generate obscene profits from taking your deposits and giving them out to borrowers. 

Celsius is different. We
 take crypto deposits and use them to lend dollars back to our community so that you our members can keep the profits, earn more interest and pay less for loans.

While banks focus on their own
 profits, our model is built on the community's best interest so that people like you, me and Bob can enjoy the financial freedom we all deserve.

With Celsius
 you can earn up to 5% interest on coins stored in your Celsius wallet. Think of it as your crypto savings account and when you need that dollar loan to let's say pay off your credit card or for a new business loan, you can use your crypto as collateral with a much lower interest rate.

Because it's an asset backed
 loan and you aren't selling your crypto, you won't have to pay tax right away. Meanwhile your coins are stored safely with our custodian and once your loan is paid off, your coins are returned.


Finally the 99%
 has a chance to turn the tables. We now have a way to bank that works for us, not against us.

Here is the cool part. If we bring
 100,000,000 people into crypto, we the people will be the ones in charge. Not the big banks. 

Welcome to banking on the
CargoX is reshaping the global logistics industry
[music] [music] [music] [music] 

The bill of lading is the oldest standardized
 document in cargo shipping. This three fold legal document holds the key to cargo ownership which makes it the most valuable piece of paper in global logistics.

Slow and expensive, prone
 to human error, loss and counterfeiting, the workflow of this important document remained basically unchanged to this day.

 is a new force on the logistics market with a mission to forever change the bill of lading. 

Latest developments
 in blockchain technology have enabled us to create a bullet proof smart bill of lading workflow. 

Instead of printing the bill and the hassle
 and expenses involved with couriers, with CargoX creating and sending a smart BL is just a few clicks away and available at a mere 10% of the price.

If the BL is loss or
 stolen, it takes weeks to issue a new one. In the meantime, the cargo is already in the destination port and the importer is paying hundreds of dollars per day in costs. 

With CargoX smart BL,
 this can never happen. Let us show you how easy it is to create a send a smart BL using an every day example.

 soon as the cargo is loaded, the logistics company creates a new smart BL in our web based application and sends it to the exporter. 

This and all of the following steps utilize the latest
 encryption protocols to transfer the digital BL in a matter of minutes and at a fraction of the cost associated with paper based BLs. 

When payment for goods is received, the exporter transfers
 the smart BL to the importer with just a few clicks.

Sounds too good to be true? It's actually
 even better.

The inner workings of the blockchain
 are based on open standards and decentralized. Most importantly, they are verifiable by anyone at any time. 

For our users, this means
 the ultimate security, enterprise level reliability and peace of mind.

Within hours of the ship leaving port,
 the importer receives the smart BL and the transfer to the release agent can be made. 

 ahead of its cargo, the smart BL is already at its final destination and the goods can be released as soon as the ship arrives. 

No delays, no

 into the future. 
Bringing Trust and Security to IoT
Every day our world becomes more dependent on the billions of devices and censors that surround us called the internet of things.

Billions of IoT
 devices are already deployed and 5 million new ones come online every day.

The IoT helps deliver
 our water and our electricity, coordinate our manufacturing processes and deliver medicine allowing physicians to monitor pacemakers and insulin pumps and a world of other devices.

 the world of IoT isn't safe. We have to protect it from criminals and other bad actors and the consequences of failing to protect the IoT are monumental.

The IoT ecosystem is also being
 empowered by smart devices with greater device interoperability and the ability to conduct transactions independently. 

Imagine in healthcare a patient wearing an insilin
 pump securely sharing blood chemistry data with outside researchers and healthcare monitoring systems.

 home meters negotiating with the power grid to find the best deal hour by hour for electricity. Or industrial machines ordering and replenishing rare materials directly from suppliers to avoid downtime and meet production schedules. 

None of this can be done safely without securing the internet of
 things and enabling [inaudible] autonomous financial transactions.

Today's alternative solutions fail to
 understand the enormous security problems of IoT. They only offer partial point solutions to address them. 

Strong security is too often an after thought.
 You need an IoT cybersecurity platform of the future that integrates identity validation, reputation of devices and ledgered transactions.

This is why we
 created Atonomi.

Atonomi leverages
 blockchain technology and is a secured decentralized ledger of things, providing a new security protocol and infrastructure to enable billions of IoT devices to have trusted interoperability for both data and commerce. 

Blockchain technology is a lot of things to a
 lot of people but in the world of cybersecurity and the IoT, it can provide three essential services.

 device identity and trust based on consensus. Two, decentralized infrastructure to reduce the attack surface. Three, an historical baseline of how devices behave.

These three services are at the core of the
 Atonomi network.

The Atonomi network is a
 blockchain based platform which enables the ecosystem to support secure interactions with IoT devices. This infrastructure is open globally to all participating manufacturers and device users. And is based on these four key elements.

Our identity registry service
 validates device identity and establishes route of trust enabling a device to engage in autonomous transactions with other validated devices.

 reputation protocol enables registered devices to validate a device's reputation stored on the blockchain to establish trust before exchanging data or commerce. 

Our native Atonomi token.

The Atonomi
 token is used by the Atonomi network for device registration, activation, reputation management and commerce transactions.

Device manufacturers,
 distributors, device owners and auditors will all seek Atonomi token rewards for participating in the Atonomi network and our fully extensible architecture that supports an ecosystem of vertical IoT applications to be built on top.

Why Atonomi?
 The world needs Atonomi because the IoT can never reach its full potential without an independent service which establishes immutable identity, handles reputation and trust and allows devices to conduct autonomous device to device transactions.

Because the whole
 world needs a secure IoT infrastructure, Atonomi is designed as an open and extensible IoT solution. This means that anyone can build upon our platform to meet the custom needs of specific industry. 

Atonomi, with our device identity registration
 service, reputation protocol, token based secure ecosystem and extensible architecture, are making the world of IoT and beyond a safer and more secure place.

Atonomi, for the autonomous
 secure IoT. 
Online Learning Platform
BitDegree, revolutionizing education via blockchain.

 it is a pathway to your career and your desired income. But there are many things that are just not right.

Courses of study are not focused enough. Your head gets
 crammed with lots of unnecessary information. Study materials are not up to date. A gap between the needs of employers and student knowledge already exist and is widening. And of course studies cost a fortune.

Our mission
 is to change that. So we gathered a team of software engineers, blockchain geeks and start up advisors and embraced the challenge to revolutionize education via blockchain.

 is the world's first blockchain powered online education platform offering tokens for scholarship and promoting tech talent acquisition.

How does that
 work? Choose from 1000s of the best IT courses online. Earn BitDegree tokens as a scholarship and reward. Get connected with world changing companies.

 solves most of the problems.

Learn only the things you need
 for the most lucrative sphere or IT. All your progress will be visible for your future employers. They may be keeping a warm nest just for you.

We can't stress this enough.
 Not only is all of it entirely free, but also you will get paid for your progress with our BitDegree token.

How is that
 even possible?

Through your future employers, they are the ones who will
 gladly finance the courses.

 for the right person to fill a position is a very tedious job. With us, you get to develop the exact skills a company is looking for at the time. It's a unique tool for businesses to recruit tech talent and shape global education to their needs.

We are establishing BitDegree on a solid existing base
 of 29 million at 000webhost hostinger, a world wide community that is loyal, web passionate and is open to innovative learning.

We connect employers
 searching for educated talent those who are passionate to learn. And to spice things up, we power the effort with a blockchain based reward system.

Just like the knowledge you gather here, BitDegree
 tokens may enhance your fortune in the future.

Learning has
 never been so open, approachable and job oriented.

Learn, earn, grow.

Start a course on BitDegree now.
Autonomous Digital Currency
Today's digital currencies don't scale and suffer from disruptive hard forks. Hard forks can result in lose of investor funds. They also damage investor confidence and can lead to attacks. 

 was built to solve these problems. A hybrid proof of work, proof of stake system ensures that no group can master the flow of transactions or make changes without input from the community.

Decred is the only
 decentralized self ruling currency where everyone has a real voice.

Decred gives
 participants the tools necessary to make decisions about the technical direction of the currency. All participants have a say in its future direction, budget and which projects are developed and presented for vote.

We believe that striking a
 balance between infrastructure owners and currency holders is the only way to build a robust currency now and for the long term. 

Decred has shown resilience where others have
 failed. Thanks to our modular platform, that allows us to integrate new features without disrupting the service. 

Decred's transparency and scalability has not
 gone unnoticed. We won accolades from fellow developers, industry experts and the media.

Launched in February
 of '16, we are completely independent, community funded, community owned.

Decred is engineers,
 artists, entrepreneurs. 

Decred is a global community that
 believes in financial independence and community based governance.

We are the
 currency of choice for anyone who wants to take charge of their financial lives.

 are the digital currency of the people.

Learn more about the
 future of finance at 
Cryptocurrency for world adoption
Evolution is behind all great achievements. It has allowed us to go from ideas, to space.

It has empowered
 us to turn our dreams into reality.

 distributed ledger technology is the most sophisticated phenomenon in the evolution in the digital world. It is the future.

Energi is the first cryptocurrency
 that brings together some of the most powerful ideas in cryptocurrency.

 beyond just the technical infrastructure. 

We are talking about something that is expansionary at
 its core and this goes beyond common features such as improving on transaction speed, mass scalability, low fees.

 has all of these but the truly game changing proposition here is Energi's decentralized governance and treasury system. And that's a system that not only makes Energi self sustaining but is also a self re-enforcing phenomenon.

That's the
 evolution of cryptocurrency. 

Essentially it's a healthy growth snowball
 effect. As awareness increases, so does its treasury economic power and so does adoption fueled by it.

An organization to be
 self funding, to be able to propel itself and pay its developers, pay its team and to do so in an accelerating way where every dollar you invest in the organization yields to a dollar of greater growth.

It's a positive
 feedback loop.

The development, the marketing, the operations,
 the expansion... A self funded treasury that is well directed is an incredibly powerful machine.

You are
 creating no longer just a cryptocurrency but a living, breathing organization. Something that can be as powerful as world governance. 

Distributed, open and extensible naming system
[music] [music] 

The ethereum name service
 announced via Twitter Monday January 14th that it has launched a fully redesigned ENS manager.

The ENS manager interface is built
 with non technical users in mind, allowing for individuals to search for names, manage addresses and create sub domains for names.

One community member noticed a possible
 issue with the apps address look up functionality. But ENS developer Jeff Lowe quickly addressed it. He even indicated that there are plans to later incorporate registration functionality into the manager.

For more news and updates,
 make sure to read today's distributed digest on [music] [music] 
Open-source medical encyclopedia
In the medical field the most up to date information saves lives every single day. But right now the best advice in medicine is locked up behind expensive paywalls. And not everyone can afford to pay for it.

The PeerAtlast blockchain exists
 for one purpose, to create and maintain a world class, peer reviewed, ad free medical library on your mobile compatible platform at no charge to the user.

We will eliminate the paywall that
 separates timely peer reviewed medical advice from physicians and the public.

 advice adds great value to care givers. Large publishing companies figured this out and have cornered the market.

Now they can set
 the prices, charge high subscription fees to create the best information. PeerAtlas's blockchain was created by American doctors. We believe that blockchain technology can replace paywall technology to spread the world's best medical advice across the internet.

 paywalls directly increase the already high cost of medical care. That's why we are out to change the status quo.

 solution is an online subscription-free, ad-free platform.

It offers evidence based
 support for clinical decisions, primarily through the use of medical articles and algorithms. 

Healthcare providers around the globe can use our
 information to help them make the best decisions using the most recent discoveries researched by the brightest minds in medicine for their patients.

Medical algorithms are submitted both independently
 and collaboratively by qualified and verified individuals. They are then peer reviewed by teams of world renowned physicians, authors and editors.

It's a rigorous
 process designed to create evidence based recommendations using the most current medical information.

We will earn the trust of patients and their
 physicians along the way.

Our blockchain
 ledger will support the construction and maintenance of a complete and cutting edge library of medicine on our current online platform.

We aim to recruit the best physicians that our money can buy
 in every specialty.

 library is intended to aid a wide community of medical professionals including specialists, general practitioners, physicians assistants, nurse practitioners and registered nurses.

And all of this information will be served to the
 general public without cost or advertisements. 

PeerAtlas will sign contracts with physicians
 to create its library at first while continually improving its user interface with blockchain bounties for developers.

Later a voluntary
 donation system using the PeerAtlas blockchain will benefit new content creators directly and motivate them to keep top quality advice flowing to patients.

Many ethical
 compromises present in some of today's finest medical resources are absent by design in PeerAtlas.

These conflict of interests
 include reliance on advertising revenue. Reliance on subscription revenue. Financial relationships with drug companies or the manufacturers of medical devices. And founders compromised by fiscal or ideological dependence.

PeerAtlas has taken steps to harness
 its powerful blockchain technology to reward qualified individuals that can help its mission in a transparent and ethical manner.

The mission of PeerAtlas is to instantly spread the most
 modern techniques and knowledge in healthcare, free of charge, worldwide.

 are looking for people who share our vision. People who want to change which patients are treated with the best available medical knowledge and techniques.

We are looking for people
 who want to save lives. 
Lisk will make it easy for developers to build..
[music] [music] 

 apps or dAPPS are super hot right now. Enormous sums of money and brain power are flowing into the sector, and very exciting things are happening.

 what a pity that it's so hard for beginnings to gain a foothold. Developing and bringing your dAPP to market was no walk in the park until now.

Say hello to
 Lisk, a platform for DAPPS and custom blockchains written in Javascript. Developers can build, publish, distribute and monetize their DAPPS using our custom built cryptocurrency powered system. 

Are you worried that it's too difficult or it's going to be a pain
 to learn all these new languages and toolkits? Not with Lisk.

We're doing it very differently.

You can write DAPPS for Lisk in Javascript, a
 language that over 100,000 coders are fluent in instead of new and unproven languages used by other projects.

It makes for a much lower barrier to entry
 and encourages rapid development cycles.

With Lisk, every decentralized
 application is running in its own side chain with no limits as opposed to a single bloated blockchain.

Lisk has a strong focus on
 an excellent user experience, making it accessible for everyone.

Do you want to sell your
 own dApp and rapidly turn your start-up into a successful business? With our integrated dApp store you can.

Are you ready for

Get your share of Lisk in the
 ICO, it will only last a few weeks so this is your chance.

Lisk, changing the
 way you dAPP. 
Zcoin - Private Financial Transactions
Zcoin is a digital cryptocurrency that puts financial privacy at the forefront where your transactions are completely untraceable. 

It is built on the solid fundamentals
 of the Zerocoin paper, one of the most cited cryptography papers' today.

 and most other cryptocurrencies are not really anonymous as all transactions since the founding of the coin are permanently open for the public to view.

 governments and law enforcement agencies have made significant strides in using meta data and pattern analysis to reveal the real world identities of bitcoin holders.

This is a serious privacy

Imagine having all of your transaction history
 and spending habits revealed or worse, innocently editing up with coins that have been tainted from illegal activities.

Not only is your
 privacy at risk, your coins could be seized or you could even be implicated in crime you didn't commit.

Other attempts to anonymize transactions
 involving mixing transactions with other people's transactions but this still means that the real transaction is somewhere in there. And its privacy is reliant on how many transactions you are mixing with.

These models still provide
 an analyzable network map of links. 

Zcoin uses zero knowledge proofs to
 make truly untraceable coins.

You mint a coin by
 burning it up and generate a mathematical proof that you burn it.

This proof allows you to redeem a new
 coin with new previous transaction history. A clean slate.

The genius lays
 in that the proof doesn't reveal which coin you minted, thus there is no relationship that can be drawn from the coin that you minted and the brand new coni that you redeemed. 

No history to analyze. No mixing
 required. Just truly untraceable coins.

Reclaim your digital financial

Zcoin. Mint.
 Spend. Repeat. 
Steem is a social blockchain that grows communit..
Steem was built to empower people across the world. The Steem blockchain has many ways for the regular person to earn cryptocurrency.

In Steem, regular
 people get rewarded with Steem for created and curating content as well as for mining, trading and holding the currency.

Similar to other cryptocurrencies,
 it pays contributors by creating new tokens at a set rate with specific rules.

The technology that powers Steem
 has publicly demonstrated its ability to process thousands of actions per second which is more than enough capacity to handle several times the activity of some popular social media platforms such as 

In social media applications, Steem
 rewards users with Steem dollars and voting power for posting and curating quality content from all over the internet.

One application for this is

50% of
 Steem's content rewards are paid as Steem Power which gives the winners more power to curate content and get Steem rewards. And the other 50% of all Steem's content rewards are paid in Steem dollars which drives their use.

In payments and
 remittance, the Steem dollar is a cryptocurrency that is always worth about $1 worth of Steem.

With this, anyone can reward,
 pay and remit to others without the monetary and cognitive costs of price swings.

 stability of the Steem dollar represents an opportunity to serve the 2 billion unbanked people on our planet.

For other types of people, Steem represents
 opportunities for our creators, curators, remitters, merchants, market makers, shoppers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, commenters, internet readers, community leaders, referrers and sign-up party hosts. 

Check out Steem's informational website, to learn more.

Or meet
 up with the community in the Steem Slack channel by following this link. 
æternity is a scalable blockchain platform
Welcome to the internet of value. Meet Aeternity.

 is Aeternity? Aeternity is a new blockchain platform that solves the issues of scalability, privacy and transaction speed.

Built by an experienced
 team, Aeternity is a next generation technology that takes the lessons from big projects like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

What makes Aeternity different from other

Aeternity has
 several unique features that make it different from other blockchains. The technology aims to be ready for mainstream adoption by providing three key elements.

One, state
 channels. Users interact with each other instantly and privately. Your business interactions are kept off chain without having to expose your transactions or smart contracts publicly.

 also keeps the blockchain light and robust for years. 

There is no limit to the volume of transactions being
 processed at the same time. Aeternity is lightening fast.

Two, the hybrid proof of
 work and proof of stake system. Consensus is achieved by proof of work, this means that people can mine the tokens on almost all devices including smart phones. 

This is truely decentralized mining.

The governance
 mechanism runs a proof of stake model based on prediction markets.

Three, the
 oracle machine. Oracle machines allow you to connect real world data to smart contracts. Any publicly available data can be integrated such as election results, weather conditions, sport event results, and commodity prices like gold and oil.

 open up the field for major use cases. Think of financial applications, supply chain management, information markets, insurance and gaming.

Combining these three elements,
 Aeternity breaks the bottleneck to even further adoption of blockchain technology with countless use cases and payment solutions, trade finance, and the internet of things.

How is
 Aeternity unique?

Aeternity will come with the
 essential applications available at the launch of the platform, making it immediately useful. 

Aeternity is working on educational programs
 to support businesses and developers to find their own use cases.

An incubator foundation
 will support projects that build upon the Aeternity platform.

Aeternity, a light
 and secure platform to bring the blockchain technology to the next level.

Join us at
Efficient & Transparent Distributed Pool Revenue..
In 130 BC, the famous silk road was established. Chains of camels transported goods and wealth from the east to west. It was a time of immense prosperity and wealth from global trading.

Fast forward
 to 2018. Today blockchain has become the camels of a new era. It carries bitcoin. 

BTC, BCH and Litecoin from the
 east to the west.

All these modern
 riches come from the mining pools of MaxiMine.

MaxiMine is the source of the
 modern wealth. Maximize with MaxiMine.