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  • Your smart contracts connected to real world data,
    Smart contracts are poised torevolutionize manyindustries by replacing the need for both traditional legalagreements and centrally automated digitalagreements.

    But smart contracts
    can't access real world data such asdata feeds, APIs or bankingsystems due to blockchain's consensus technologies.

    The way this problem is
    traditionally solved is through the use of blockchainmiddleware called an oracle.

    Oracle's are defined as an agent that finds and
    verifies real world data andsubmits this information to a blockchain to be used insmart contracts.

    But existing
    Oracles are centralizedservices. Any smart contract using such a servicehas a single point offailure, making it no more secure than a traditionalcentrally run digital agreement.

    centralized oracles rely on [inaudible]or manual human input,slowing down the process and bringing in biglevels of trust.

    Chainlink is a secure, cutting edge oracle middleware
    network that is fully decentralizedby being based on blockchain technology.

    It allows smart contracts to access
    key offchain resources like datafeeds, APIs, traditional bank accountpayments, e-signatures, market data, weatherdata, sports scores, commodities trading, healthclaim data and anything else you canconceive of by chainlinkingmultiple data inputs to help eliminate any one point offailure.

    The Chainlink
    network provides reliable tamper proof inputs andoutputs for smart contracts on any blockchain.

    By providing smart
    contracts secure access to key data resources, Chainlinkallows other parties and actors to mimicreal world agreements that require externalproof of performance and various paymentmethods.

    Really without Chainlink,
    smart contract platforms can't expand toofar beyond tokenization and theoccasional enclosed game.

    Chainlink is the
    first technology that will be able to connect enterpriseblockchains, real world data and legacybankingsolving the oracle problem.

    It can all be as
    simple or as complex as thesmart contract creator wishes.

    Chainlink can help so
    many industries. For examplesecurities needing market data. Or insurancecompanies and supply chain companies that both needevidence of events and timestamps.

    Remember high value contracts
    in the finance world would require a decentralizedoracle as it puts all the risk on the oraclerather than the smart contract creator.

    The smart contract
    creator doesn't risk losing money. The nodeoperators do.

    These high value
    contracts don't like single points offailure.

    Decentralization will give them confidence and

    The Chainlink
    ecosystem works on collateraland compensation using the LINKtoken.

    This token doesn't represent equity in or any
    ownership of the company. Itrepresents a certain amount of usage of the Chainlinknetwork.

    Node operators deliver the
    data, APIproviders supply the data and smart contractowners need the data.

    actors run a Chainlink node to stakeLINK as node operators. Two, smartcontract creators compensate nodeoperators in LINK.Three, API providers are compensated bynode operators based on the custom agreement and filters.

    But if the API is
    public, no compensation here will beneeded.

    30% of the LINK
    token supply has been held back to fund futher upgrades anddevelopment. 35% of the LINK token supplywill be going to node operators to helpkickstart the ecosystem.

    the future, if smart contracts usingChainlink take over just a few percent of the derivativesmarket or the API market, this cryptoasset will be a massive disruptor.

    Chainlink has many outstanding partnerships and
    has worked closely with SWIFTin development who have access to banking APIsand provide a messaging standard for more than 11,000 banksworldwide.

    Zeplin OS is an
    operating system for smartcontract applications.

    Factom is a system for securing millions of
    [inaudible] records usingblockchain.

    Accord and OpenLaw
    are related to legal agreements with smartlegal contracts. And each themselves have big partnerships.

    Chainlink is a professional
    project without the usual crypto hype andnoise. And there is a hive of activity on theirGithub.

    It is rumored that mainnet is
    coming soon and in the current testnetmany Chainlinks are live connecting with flight statusinformation, package deliverydata from Fedex, UPS, DHL.And market data from different crypto priceoracles.

    The CEO has been doing more
    talks recently too. And their communication has been slowlyramping up.

    Chainlink is one of the
    very few crypto assets that can really helprevolutionize and streamline so manyindustries.

    Investigate today.