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How much of your life is stored digitally? Your photos, your files, your most intimate conversations. 

It's all on a
 hard drive somewhere and it's probably easy to access by you but also by the cloud storage companies you trust.

Those companies
 have a track record of handing over your data to governments. Their first priority is to make profit for their shareholders, not your privacy. 

Then there is
 cyber crime. It is become a bigger business than the trade of illicit drugs due to the enormous amount of data stored on cloud servers, they are a target that's hard for hackers to exist.

It's time to take
 security and privacy back into our own hands.

 uses decentralization and encryption to ensure that only you can access your files. The Safe network is completely distributed. There is no central point of control or weakness. The software connects unused computing capacity to form a global network that can handle all data and communications.

It's not just about
 storage, it allows you to safely run any app that exists today while paying you for your contribution.

Here is how it works.
 You create an account without the need to identify yourself and decide how much space you want to dedicate to the network. 

As the space is used,
 Safe coins are given as a reward. Safe coin has a market value and can be freely traded just like bitcoin.

Before you
 upload a file, it is encrypted on your computer. It is then fragmented into small pieces and spread at random throughout the network. Data is stored with redundancy and files are autonomously moved by the network as connected computers are turned on and off.

Only you have the credentials to make it
 available again.

 data and your thoughts belong only to you. You decide what to do with them, no one else. 

MaidSafe -
 privacy, security and freedom for everyone. 
Affordable, private, secure cloud storage
Imagine if the cloud wasn't up here, but down here with us. 

That's Storj.

 is a cloud shared by the community. It's potentially the largest, cheapest and most secure cloud available. What you share is what you get.

You can even be paid by renting your
 extra space. But how is it more secure?

Each file is
 shredded, encrypted and spread across the network until you are ready to use it again. And you can be sure the files are safe because the keys are in your pocket, not a company.

 you have access to your stuff.

Because the network
 is shared, you don't have to worry about slow download speeds coming from one place. We are all helping to make the system blazing fast.

If you have
 some extra space laying around, you'll get paid by users who need more than they can share. It's like renting out your empty hard drives.

A cloud with security, no downtime and
 speed at a fraction of the cost. [silence] 
Sia is a decentralized storage platform secured...
We all have lots of valuable files that we want to store in the cloud for safe keeping, family photos, music, work documents or developer's application data.

Today in cloud storage,
 a single company controls your data and in recent years the trend has increasingly been for companies to abuse the privacy rights of users in pursuit of higher profits.

That's why we
 created Sia, a collaborative cloud for data storage.

Sia is a peer to peer network formed of
 many hosts located around the world, removing the centralized server reduces storage costs and it improves access speed and reliability. 

Your encrypted files are spread across multiple
 nodes, no single host holds any significant piece. 

It's a decentralized distributed storage
 network that's tracked by smart contracts. 

Data is encrypted using keys which only the uploader

Sia blows traditional storage
 out of the cloud, putting you back in control.

Discover the new standard
 in data storage at 
Private Encrypted Cloud Storage, Powered by Crypto
Opacity provides encrypted file storage that maintains your privacy by never asking for personal account information.

 online file storage providers don't take adequate steps to protect you and your data. They ask for personal data such as your name, address, email and credit card number which could be unknowably shared with 3rd parties, exposing you to unwanted advertising, malicious activity and identity theft in the event of a data breach.

Unfortunately these data breaches are
 occurring more and more every day.

Opacity intends to change all of

Opacity believes your personal data should never be
 provided in the first place, so you can't become a target for hackers and 3rd parties. 

To accomplish this, Opacity has created a
 private account handle which is your private key that only you hold to unlock your data.

By combining
 your account handle with confidential payments through an ethereum blockchain token called OPQ, both your payment and your personal information stay anonymous and are never tied to your activity with Opacity.

You are in complete
 control of your private data at all times.

By default, Opacity uses 256
 bit encryption as soon as you start to upload a file. Your in browser client encrypts, slices the files and sends them directly to Opacity's servers making sure that your data is safe from start to finish.

In addition to the account
 handle, each file is assigned a private file handle which you can share with anyone in the world. 

Only those people you want in the loop will be able to access
 your data. And that doesn't include advertisers and hackers.

 handle your privacy. 

Learn more at 
The True Blockchain Ecosystem
You need cloud storage. These days we all do.

 you use one of a very few enterprise scale providers. Subject yourself to their rigid pricing and policies and pray that their servers are nearby to provide the right speeds.

You are not alone.

Maybe you've explored the
 P2P decentralized blockchain based alternatives, ended up knee deep in strange github repositories only to realize you'll need a PhD in computer science.

We've been there too. So
 we've come up with a solution -- Endereum. 

A secure and decentralized cloud storage platform.
 Your data is encrypted and stored with redundancy across multiple incentivized hosts with privacy, security and data integrity being paramount.

You get the simplicity
 you are used to, at price points that compete with file sharing blockchains.

Along with a multitude
 of tailored solutions and services that blockchains don't provide such as web hosting, marketing services, code repo management and more.

Endereum a bridge
 between centralized providers and secure decentralized solutions.

We deal with the
 complexity, making your life easier.