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Smart contracts connected to real world data
Smart contracts are poised to revolutionize many industries by replacing the need for both traditional legal agreements and centrally automated digital agreements.

But smart contracts
 can't access real world data such as data feeds, APIs or banking systems due to blockchain's consensus technologies. 

The way this problem is
 traditionally solved is through the use of blockchain middleware called an oracle. 

Oracle's are defined as an agent that finds and
 verifies real world data and submits this information to a blockchain to be used in smart contracts.

But existing
 Oracles are centralized services. Any smart contract using such a service has a single point of failure, making it no more secure than a traditional centrally run digital agreement.

 centralized oracles rely on [inaudible] or manual human input, slowing down the process and bringing in big levels of trust. 

Chainlink is a secure, cutting edge oracle middleware
 network that is fully decentralized by being based on blockchain technology. 

It allows smart contracts to access
 key offchain resources like data feeds, APIs, traditional bank account payments, e-signatures, market data, weather data, sports scores, commodities trading, health claim data and anything else you can conceive of by chainlinking multiple data inputs to help eliminate any one point of failure.

The Chainlink
 network provides reliable tamper proof inputs and outputs for smart contracts on any blockchain. 

By providing smart
 contracts secure access to key data resources, Chainlink allows other parties and actors to mimic real world agreements that require external proof of performance and various payment methods.

Really without Chainlink,
 smart contract platforms can't expand too far beyond tokenization and the occasional enclosed game.

Chainlink is the
 first technology that will be able to connect enterprise blockchains, real world data and legacy banking solving the oracle problem.

It can all be as
 simple or as complex as the smart contract creator wishes. 

Chainlink can help so
 many industries. For example securities needing market data. Or insurance companies and supply chain companies that both need evidence of events and timestamps. 

Remember high value contracts
 in the finance world would require a decentralized oracle as it puts all the risk on the oracle rather than the smart contract creator.

The smart contract
 creator doesn't risk losing money. The node operators do.

These high value
 contracts don't like single points of failure.

Decentralization will give them confidence and

The Chainlink
 ecosystem works on collateral and compensation using the LINK token.

This token doesn't represent equity in or any
 ownership of the company. It represents a certain amount of usage of the Chainlink network.

Node operators deliver the
 data, API providers supply the data and smart contract owners need the data.

 actors run a Chainlink node to stake LINK as node operators. Two, smart contract creators compensate node operators in LINK. Three, API providers are compensated by node operators based on the custom agreement and filters. 

But if the API is
 public, no compensation here will be needed.

30% of the LINK
 token supply has been held back to fund futher upgrades and development. 35% of the LINK token supply will be going to node operators to help kickstart the ecosystem.

 the future, if smart contracts using Chainlink take over just a few percent of the derivatives market or the API market, this crypto asset will be a massive disruptor. 

Chainlink has many outstanding partnerships and
 has worked closely with SWIFT in development who have access to banking APIs and provide a messaging standard for more than 11,000 banks worldwide.

Zeplin OS is an
 operating system for smart contract applications.

Factom is a system for securing millions of
 [inaudible] records using blockchain.

Accord and OpenLaw
 are related to legal agreements with smart legal contracts. And each themselves have big partnerships. 

Chainlink is a professional
 project without the usual crypto hype and noise. And there is a hive of activity on their Github. 

It is rumored that mainnet is
 coming soon and in the current testnet many Chainlinks are live connecting with flight status information, package delivery data from Fedex, UPS, DHL. And market data from different crypto price oracles.

The CEO has been doing more
 talks recently too. And their communication has been slowly ramping up.

Chainlink is one of the
 very few crypto assets that can really help revolutionize and streamline so many industries.

Investigate today.
cyber security pen testing on ethereum
As technology advances, hackers are continuously evolving their methods and yet due to traditional penetration testing and paper [inaudible] models, strong penetration testing solutions have remained unattainable for SMEs leaving them highly vulnerable. 

The time has come for that to change.
 Introducing Buglab, the affordable, versatile blockchain solution for asset pen testing. At its core, Buglab provides two distinct platforms designed to help SMEs across the globe navigate the threats of the digital space.

Buglab contests and the
 vigilante protocol. 

With contests, expert security researchers compete
 against one another in competitions launched by clients. Here is how they work.

The scope is
 defined and the contest begins. For pen testers, it's a race against the clock to scour the client's infrastructure for vulnerabilities.

Submissions are
 timestamped on the blockchain, ensuring transparency and immutability which Buglab triages, ranks and scores the severity of identified vulnerabilities.

Real time reporting
 allows clients and pen testers to work on repairs immediately. When the content ends, pen testers are ranked according to their cumulative discoveries. To safe guard their identities, they are then rewarded by the BGL token. 

Meanwhile clients receive a comprehensive
 contest report. In addition to pen testing contests, Buglabs vigilante protocol provides an avenue for whitehats globally to share their own vulnerability discoveries.

Upon identifying vulnerabilities,
 white hats connect with Buglab who then partners with CERT and CSIRTs all over the world to verify the findings. After which the company at risk will be notified.

Once the company
 fixes the identified vulnerabilities, the white hat is automatically rewarded using smart contract with BGL tokens from the vigilante protocol reserve.

Finally the companies are also
 invited to directly reward the white hat and launch a Buglab contest to take precautions against further potential data breaches.

To learn
 more about Buglab contests, the vigilante protocol and how SMEs can change the way digital asset pen testing is done, visit our website. 
Factom is a blockchain innovations company that em
These days, it seems like nothing is safe from tampering. Huge corporations are hacked, digital evidence modified, important records are faked.

 changes all that.

You create a
 digital fingerprint of your data, so private information stays private. Factom then publishes that digital fingerprint in a permanent ledger, distributed across the globe.

 data is locked in place by the blockchain. One of the most secure networks on the planet.

 powerful new tools that hold governments, corporations and institutions accountable forever.

 allows you to create transparent public records. This can make fraud, corruption and forgery a thing of the past.

 volume of information that can be secured with Factom is unlimited.

For example, we secured the entire project
 Gutunberg, over 29,000 books on the blockchain with a single hash.

Factor could secure the entire human genome
 or every bank record in existence. 

With Factom, you'd never lose your child's birth
 certificate and no one could ever take credit for your work. 

Factom let's us build a better world that's safe, secure,
 private and honest. 
Block thieves from stealing your coins
Hey there, today we'll be doing a quick demonstration of Blockd by sending all my ether to a burn address.

Blockd provides
 reactive blockchain security by replacing unauthorized transactions with ones that send your funds [inaudible].

Here is the dashboard.
 You will see that I have active blockers protecting 163 and they'll send all of my ether to safety account 7DF.

So we are going to get right into this and
 pretend to be a hacker. Go to for more information if you want to know more about how it works. 

Let's say I gained access to your
 account. I got your private key. I stole your hardware wallet or something like that. And now I have it on my MetaMask. 

Here we are on account and I
 want to steal it all. I'm going to send it to my address at address one and send the max amount. 

So when we send
 this we should see a transaction going from 163 to 001. Let's up etherscan and refresh this and see what happened.

So instead of sending
 to address 1, it's sent to my safety account at 7BF.

So all my ether is now safe here in
 my safety account. In other words they got Blockd.

There is a free limited public beta open
 on at the moment. Thanks for watching. 
Rent your bandwidth and earn.
Privacy has long been considered as our basic right and without being aware we are rapidly losing it.

 are being spied upon by our private data captured and secretly used by private entities, criminal organizations and hackers.

Even our own
 governments are quietely passing laws that make it legal to spy on us without our consent.

 it shouldn't be this gloomy.

Today we can and we should fix

 VPN is a great solution but today many simply trust some centralized VPN provider without knowing what really happens to their data behind closed doors.

For many, that is a big

By 2019 the VPN market is estimated
 to be a 70 billion dollar industry. So how can we fix it?

What if you wouldn't have to bother about trusted
 VPN provider? Here comes Mysterium network. The first decentralized VPN service powered by open source technology and ethereum blockchain and smart contracts. 

Mysterium Network will offer us a new
 level of privacy not matched by currently operating centralized VPN providers.

We invite you to
 join us in building this future. A future that respects our privacy. [music] 
Certify and secure all digital assets
Everything is becoming digital. 

 [music] [music]

In any process, our data is copied
 and passed through dozens of devices and networks. 

 presents new opportunities for document fraud with digital files. Like diplomas, photographic evidence. Reports, security footage, research results.

So how can we make sure that important
 digital files are authentic?


 a file is created, V-ID saves the fingerprint of the file in the blockchain. The file may pass all kinds of devices and networks and can be verified at any time.

It may be copied and renamed without losing its
 verified status. But if as little as one byte is changed it changes the fingerprint and V-ID will detect it.

Any recipient
 can verify a file's authenticity in under 5 seconds. That is V-ID, blockchain powered validation.

Learn more at 

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Automated smart contract analysis service
You are a smart contract developer and your code is rock solid. But you know a single mistake in our code could cost millions and it's your responsibility to never leave your customers funds vulnerable to theft.

Sure you'll do a manual security
 audit once you are finished but why wait? How much will it cost to go back and fix what you find? Wouldn't it make sense to scan for vulnerabilities throughout the development life cycle? 

You can. MythX let's your team perform static,
 dynamic and symbolic analysis on your smart contracts on demand during development, testing, deployment and beyond.

MythX doesn't replace a professional audit. It prepares
 you for for it, helping you to detect unintended problems such as re-entrency, overflows, race conditions and other vulnerabilities as quickly as they appear.

There is no need to
 complicate your workflow because MythX works with the tools you already use.

Plus if you are a
 software vendor, you can build MythX into your product, offer it to your customers and earn a revenue share. 

Protect against vulnerabilities, save money,
 gain peace of mind and make ethereum safer.

Get started at 

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My name is Tim Holmes-Mitra, I'm the CTO of Glimpse.

 I'm Alasdair Macdonald and I'm the CEO of Glimpse. 

Glimpse is a privacy technology.
 We are looking at the ad tech industry and we are quite concerned about the different stories you hear in the news all the time with people's data being violated with unknown and unseen actors.

We've seen a number of scandals that have happened over the last
 year whether it be Cambridge Analytica or the hack on Equifax.

We are really trying to solve that problem, its root
 cause. That's by never giving away any of your data. 

Our first industry we want to focus on is
 advertising because that's where we think the biggest problems are. Where that root cause needs to be addressed.

People think
 there is a trade off, you can have targeted advertising or customer privacy and with Glimpse you get both.

So you can have
 privacy and you can have targeted ads and that's why our protocol is so unique.

We applied to [inaudible] because
 we need to work with a public blockchain with our product. That's essential, [inaudible] privacy. And for us ethereum is the real option that is production ready today.

So applying to [inaudible] gets us
 into ConsenSys and connects us with people who have experience already with building production ready technology that is working today on ethereum.

 experience we need, it'll be vital for our project to draw upon that to make sure it is a success.

Our experience at [inaudible]
 has been fantastic. The team itself has been really helpful at connecting us with all the people we are really keen to meet.

The validation to getting to [inaudible] itself has been
 fantastic and then the further validation from the technology point of view, from a privacy point of view, business model, go to market.

All aspects of our business have been looked
 at and refined during this whole process which has been fantastic.

What's next for us? First we are going to go back
 home and apologize to our wives, Christine and Phe, and say sorry for being in San Francisco for two weeks.

Following that, we've opened our seed
 round and we're really keen to speak to hopefully many people interested from this demo day.

Once we've
 achieved that, then it's onto building the beta.

So we've built a prototype
 of what our application does and our technology. So we know it works. We know it's possible. 

We've spoken to tons of experts now. So we know from a
 business and a technologically perspective it's viable. 

Turning something from a prototype into a production ready application
 is a big task. That's really one of the things that we are going to start concentrating on and getting into more detail.

 our architecture, building it to scale, building it for usability and all the challenges that come with that.

 we need to grow the development team as well. So we'll need to bring in UI UX experts and we'll need to bring in more engineers and all of the things that are involved in going from a seed stage company to a company that can bring on clients. 
Data authenticity for autonomous vehicles.
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I'm Steven
 Sturges and I'm the CEO of Sensor.Link.

I'm Pierre and I'm a multi purpose developer at Sensor.Link

I'm Yann-Ael, I'm the CTO at Sensor.Link

At Sensor.Link we are developing a software platform that
 allows data authenticity for autonomous vehicles.

We applied
 to Tachyon for the network mostly, the ConsenSys network which gives us access to a lot of great resources.

Our experience with Tachyon has been very positive.
 The Tachyon accelerator is really well structured. We've had access to a lot of great mentors and to a lot of exterior speakers that have helped us guide our product and build the company to what it is now.

The next step for us is leveraging
 the power of a blockchain in a massive way for adoption, for [inaudible] that are coming [inaudible]. So the next step is going for large scale adoption of our technology and integration.

 next step for us is to get customers, to massively deploy our services and targeting [inaudible] [music] [music] 
Security and compliance platform
[music] [music] [music] 

My name is
 Jisu. I'm leading our team Sooho. We are the team focusing on providing security and compliance platform based on our comprehensive database.

I first came
 across Tachyon program when we were looking for a reliable partner targeting the global market.

We saw
 Tachyon could provide a great relationship global leaders from the blockchain market.

What I learned from
 Tachyon is what I expected. We expected a global relationship with the leader of this market and we met a lot of people during the Tachyon program from the ConsenSys mesh and outside of the ConsenSys mesh. 

They really work hard for me and we
 think more about our company itself.

 the next step we are preparing for financial services based on crypto.

We already have security and
 compliance services and a database. So now we are going to build risk management services for crypto finance. 
Tornado Mixer
Non-custodial anonymous transactions on Ethereum
Hi there today I'd like to show you a new dApp called Tornado Cash. 

With this new dApp, you can now
 make private transactions on the ethereum network. 

It's a non custodial, trustless and serverless
 application that is working right now in a public beta on Kolvan testnet. 

The Tornado Mixer is powered by
 zKsnarks technology. So you can deposit your ether from one address and withdraw this ether to any address with full untraceability. 

So let's get started and see how it actually works.

Let's say I would like to deposit
 one ether which I'm on the Kolvan test network which means it's Kolvan:ether

 order to work with this application, you need to have a web3 enabled browser. You can install a chrome extension called Metamask.

Let's make a deposit. When I
 click deposit, it says that I have to [inaudible] my node and if I lose my node I won't be able to get my deposit back.

So it's very important
 to store these nodes somewhere in a very secure manner. 

So let's copy this node, click
 that I backed up the node and send the deposit. 

So now we need to confirm
 the transaction using Metamask. And then we need wait when this transaction is going to be mined.

 our statistics has been updated and we can see that our anonymity set has been increased by one user which means it was our transaction.

So right now we
 can check how we can withdraw such transactions to any other address.

So let's say
 we copy and paste the same node that we have received from our deposit. And we can see there is a little warning that says there has been zero deposits after our deposit.

 means it's not recommended to withdraw immediately. It's better to wait at least five deposits after your deposit. 

And then we
 can choose which withdrawal method we want to use. One of the options is a relayer, it basically means you can withdraw to any address you want without having ethereum on your account.

And the relayer is going to take a little fee just to
 pay for the transaction fee.

Let's say we
 generated a new account. This address doesn't have any ether on it and I can specify the recipient address and click the button to withdraw.

So now
 we are waiting for the generation proof. OK, that was really fast. So you can now use as the zKsnark proof has been successfully generated. 

So now please click confirm to initiate

Once I click that,
 that's going to send this proof to the relayer server. So the relayer can make a transaction and withdraw your ether. -- As we can see on our block explorer, we should be able to receive one ether minus the transaction fee. That's how much is going tobe received.

So we have just received
 0.99 ether using the awesome Tornado Mixer.

Thank you for watching.
Get paid for unused Internet
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Today there are 3.5
 billion people using the internet in the world, and that number will grow to 5 billion in 2022. 

All these people have an internet connection that is paid
 for but they don't use it 24 - 7.

Did you know that almost 90% of the internet broadband
 which is already paid for remains unused.

Privatix will allow everyone
 to sell this spare bandwidth and get paid for it in crypto. Real money.

With zero investment or
 effort, you can make your idle resources generate profit when you are sleeping.

Stop, who will buy
 it? Where will the money come from? 

That is simple and genius.

People's internet connection and
 bandwidth is highly demanded by businesses who need this scarce and high cost resource to build or sustain their products.

 No problem. Here is one of the most obvious examples of services which can be built on Privatix's network foundation.

 VPN services, 100% anonymous, fast, cheap and unblockable. Based on blockchain that can eliminate the middleman in the face of centralized VPN service providers. 

Real anonyimity and cryption, worldwide coverage
 and low prices, because the payment goes directly to exit gateway owners.

Blockchain CDN, the potential killer of AWS and Akkamai.
 Or residential IP addresses and proxy market with millions of exit points worldwide.

Anti censorship SDK.
 Even monetization solutions for app developers.

Today there is no solution which can connect buyers with
 sellers and ensure their mutual benefit. But blockchain is coming to help.

Based on
 ethereum blockchain, Privatix will build a peer to peer VPN network with 1000s or even millions of participants. This network will have its own crypto economy and built in bandwidth marketplace.

 Privatix network concept is patent pending in the US. Once it is developed it can solve the biggest problems the world wide web is facing right now or in the near future like internet censorship. Cyber security. Privacy protection and easy to use encryption for everyone to speed up the whole internet by using idel worldwide broadband resources.

Join us because our team has a
 proven record of previous projects, significant expertise and experience in cyber security and in the privacy protection area.

 sure, we can deliver.

Check out

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