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The Securities Token Platform
ICOs have raised more than $4 Billion worth of early stage capital, massively disrupting traditional finance. But while token fundraising is a booming trend, the global securities market has yet to participate. 

Stocks, bonds,
 venture capital, private equity and virtually every category of traditional finance function better on the blockchain. 

Equity, LP shares and share units
 will become programmable tokens that are more accessible, liquid and secure than traditional forms of asset ownership.

But no platform exists
 today that bridges the cap between financial securities and the blockchain.

Today business looking
 to join the crypto-revolution by launching their own token have nowhere to go. 

Enter Polymath.

Polymath envisions a
 future where tokenholders replace shareholders in the global economy and every business in the world has immediate access to trillions of dollars of crypto-capital.

Powered by its native
 token Poly, Polymath is ushering in a new era of security token offerings or STOs. 

STOs will soon dominate ICOs
 as financial products of all sorts upgrade to tokens. 

To facilitate this
 mega trend, Polymath is building the world's first decentralized protocol that empowers corporations to launch their own security token by simplifying the technical and legal challenges of a compliant token launch.

With KYC aware token technology,
 Polymath ensure only authorized investors can participate in the network.

By powering the next generation of regulatory
 tokens, Polymath aims to be the catalyst to launch the multi trillion dollar security token revolution. 

Let the stampede begin.

Digital gold standard
What if I told you there was a new digital coin that married the best aspects of current cryptocoins with the safety and stability of gold, the oldest continuous store of value known to humanity. 

Cryptocoins in their current form have two major
 drawbacks. One, volatility. You simply cannot reliably transact with a coin that has more short-term price volatility than competing traditional options.

Centralization. If you
 have a single point of failure such as a big depot where a large amount of coins are stored, criminals will find a way to exploit that weakness, hack through the security and steal the coins.

But what if you could eliminate that
 price volatility by tying a digital coin to an asset that has real, stable and historical value like gold.

What if that gold digital
 coin was traded person to person without any centralized intermediary like a bank or other institution in the way.

You would have created a
 revolution in digital coins.

This is
 exactly what Digix has done.

Digix has
 taken all of the innovative realities in a current digital coin, the blockchain, transactional privacy, minimal transfer fees and backed it up with the world's oldest and longest standing store of value, gold.

With the Digix
 tokens, you own actual physical gold stored in a vault in Singapore, one of the world's safest and most private locations in the world.

You can redeem
 your Digix tokens for physical gold any time you wish. Or you can trade your digital gold backed Digix tokens on the Ethereum blockchain for goods, services or other digital assets. 

And because Digix tokens are transacted
 person to person, there is no centralized depot for criminals or hackers to exploit.

So if you have a
 family member that you want to send money to, Digix tokens give you a way to send value to them that can go across the world without any bank or other intermediary getting in the way.

Or if you have a business online or you are
 an artist selling your art work, with Digix tokens you can accept payment from anyone, anywhere in the world without the hassle of dealing with banks or paying their bloated fees.

Digix tokens are the next evolution
 of digital coins, marrying the best of the new way of sending value person to person, anywhere in the world, instantly without any intermediary. 

And with the stability and peace of mind
 of the world's oldest currency, gold. 
Decentralized future contracts
Introducing 0xFutures, the first peer to peer platform to trade future contracts running on the blockchain. 

Meet Paul. Paul is a developer who gets paid in
 bitcoin. Paul loves his bitcoin but he hates to see the price go up and down especially when it goes down. He would love to have a way to stabilize his bitcoin holding and to keep the same value over time.

Meet Lucy. Lucy is a
 mega crypto enthusiast and really thinks that this thing is going to the moon. So she would like to put her crypto to work to take a leveraged position.

If the price
 moves, she will make even more money.

 0xFutures which is a fully decentralized trading platform where Paul and Lucy can create a smart contract that will track the price of any asset. Bitcoin, ethereum, gold or anything else really.

In their case it will be bitcoin.

With 0xFutures, every future contract is a
 smart contract running on the ethereum blockchain between the two participants. This means that the funds are not held by a 3rd party but by the smart contract itself.

This makes 0xFutures
 decentralized, peer to peer and trustless.

Here is how it works.

Let's say that
 Paul wants to create a contract that tracks the price of bitcoin. He can either be long if he thinks that the price is going up or be short if he thinks the price is going to go down.

 he wants to stabilize his bitcoin holdings, he will be on the short side. He then sets the contract amount, that's the money that is in play.

0xFutures uses the DAI as
 collateral. The DAI is a stable token that doesn't fluxuate over time. One DAI is worth $1.

Let's say he sets the contract
 amount to be 100 DAI which is the equivelent of $100.

So Paul creates a
 smart contract using 0xFutures that will be living on the ethereum blockchain.

Now Lucy
 wants to join this contract and take Paul's opposite position by going on the long side.

If the price of
 bitcoin goes up by let's say 30%, then Lucy who is long will be up by 30%. 

If in the contrary the price of bitcoin goes
 down by X%, then it's Paul who will see his share increase by the same amount.

At some point Paul may want to take his profit or loss
 and release his DAI's from the contract. He can do so by selling his side of the contract to another user who will replace him.

Once the contract has
 been rolled, Paul receives his funds held in the contract directly to his wallet.

 0xFutures, every trade is its own smart contract on the ethereum blockchain between two people.

There is no custodian,
 no centralized system and no counterparty risk.

Start today.
Borrow/Lending decentralized

On this video we are going to be talking about

Compound.Finance is a borrowing platform allowing you to
 lend and borrow cryptocurrencies in a fully decentralized manner.

The platform allows you to
 borrow regular cryptocurrencies like BAT and stablecoins such as DAI which are pegged to the USD.

We'll be taking a look at their current platform with
 Mike and also possibly doing some borrowing of our own.

Let's go take a look at Compound.Finance
 with Mike.

So now
 we are going to talk about Compound.Finance 

This is a lending platform.
 It's a lending and borrowing platform that has its own decentralized protocol for holding onto assets and letting people borrow.


As you see it's a dApp,
 so you connect with Metamask. This is the app and usually when you sign in... This message isn't up here... 

 they had an issue where there was a vulnerability found by a community member. They are swapping out some of the contracts and looking at auditing some of the relationships that happen between the frontend and backend.

Have you
 earned interest on the money? 

I have.

So we lent $23
 originally. And on a variable 9.5% APR we have made 5 cents. 

When did you do this?

 couple weeks ago. 

So you can earn money over time lending out
 ETH or DAI in this case for you to other people. DAI is basically just dollars. You lend it out and you earn interest. 8% a year.

But you said before it
 was more.

Before it was
 around 15%. It changes, it goes up and down.

Based on what?

It's based off of the collaterlization
 that's being supplied as well as the price of the underlying asset.

 reminds me of MakerDAO.

 has a lot of common pieces.

The interest is super
 simple. Easy to use as well. I wish the borrowing activity wasn't paused so you could look. But you can go in and check out the data. 

Either send in to one of the collateralizers
 or borrow.

I think it's really fascinating
 because with traditional assets, you put your house up as collateral. But they have to do a lot of research around who has liens on that house etc. And you can basically come in and take [inaudible] something like security tokens.

 it. It's immediately authenticated through the blockchain like it is now.

Now I
 take out money, I borrow a certain amount and if I don't pay it back in enough time or something happens to the value of my house, then I get liquidated etc. 

That's how CDPs work. I think the more platforms that come out
 like this is really fascinating. The more we can get real world assets on the blockchain that are verified, the cooler platforms like this can become. 

 the rules won't change. It's not like somebody in some part of the basket down the line changed how their particular financing is working and it has this huge affect that changes what you are borrowing and one day you go to consolidate your loans and everything is messed up because somebody in some basket messed something up.

 it is blockchain, because it is a smart contract, the logic governing it stays the same. The rules don't change.

 are very much at an incubation stage. As we see here, the borrowing is down now and there is a bit of chaos here because there was a vulnerability in the smart contract.

That can happen as
 we are at the very early stages. I think when it matures it'll be really awesome.

What is
 the risk modeling? Instead of [inaudible] now we are dealing with technology hazards.

What happens if the
 core protocol has an issue? Who takes care of making people whole?

There is no human. It's all

Aside from being terrifying,
 it's really cool. 

 this is Compound.Finance 
Stablecoin pegged to USD
Money, we all use it, but what is it? We carry it around and exchange it for the stuff we need. And keep some back for a rainy day. We trust that one piece of money is the same as any other. And we hope that what we have today is not worth less than it was yesterday.

 money having to perform so many different functions, it's no surprise that it has taken on so many different forms.

As money evolves, we
 arrive at bitcoin. Created without a central authority is less vulnerable to issuance corruption than standard fiat money.

With this unique
 commissionless nature, it redefines what money is and what it can do. But it's not quite perfect money.

Bitcoin's fixed supply
 creates a speculative investment and with that a money with a high degree of volatility. 

DIA is a solution to that volatility. A cryptocurrency
 using collateral to back its value and interest rate mechanisms to stabilize its price. 

DAI is created by locking collateral with
 Maker, a decentralized platform on the ethereum blockchain.

 currency collateralization and interest adjustments ensure DIA has low volatility against its external reference point, the US Dollar. 

DAI, the next step in money

 [music] [music] 
Instant crypto-backed loans
Meet Bruce and Tom. Like many modern people, they've both invested in cryptocurrencies. 

They just came across this last minute travel deal but
 it expires in 30 minutes. The problem is, none of them has the cash to pay for it.

Next week bitcoin might surge 20%.
 I really don't want to sell my crypto right now and lose all potential profits. Plus I've got to pay exchange and withdrawal fees not to mention the heavy income taxes. 

Even if I sell my coins now, the travel deal will be gone by the time
 I get the cash.

Bruce, what about him?
 Well Bruce already paid. How did he get the cash so quickly?

It's simple. Bruce
 just got an instant crypto backed loan from Nexo. The world's first instant loan secured by crypto assets.

Nexo is powered by Credissimo, a leading
 European fintech group.

Here is how it works.
 You place your crypto in your Nexo wallet on the blockchain. And without any credit checks, you get instant cash from Nexo. No exchange fees, no hidden fees, no taxes.

Best of all you retain all the
 profit from your crypto.

With the
 flexibility of your Nexo loan, you get cash to spend whenever you need it while keeping your crypto.

Who would you rather
 be? Bruce or Tom?

Join Bruce and enjoy your crypto
 wealth today without selling your assets. 

Nexo, the world's first crypto-backed
Unbank the banked
OmiseGO is one of those projects that so many people are excited about. 


We are building a decentralized
 exchange network that's going to connect different payment systems together. 

 [music] [music] [music] [music] 

My name is
 Casima and I'm the director of engineering for Plasma here at OmiseGO. 

So what is Plasma?
 Plasma is basically an architecture framework for scaling blockchains. 

The goal is to be able to do billions of state updates
 per second on this network which is publically accountable on the public chain.

The nice thing about Plasma
 is it doesn't require any changes to the ethereum base layer. So pretty much anyone can spin off a Plama system whenever. 

This version is working on the official
 [inaudible] network that is created by OmiseGO. It supports ERC20 tokens. 

What do you do have OmiseGO?
 I'm taking care of the [inaudible]. That sounds like a big responsibility. Yes. 

 we are OmiseGO the big core challenge we are trying to address is financial inclusion. How do you make payments through wallets available to everyone in an easy to understand manner.

I think what's missing a lot in the blockchain
 space is how do you just make it accessible to normal people? And I think [inaudible] in terms of the identity and KYC and key management, those are all going to help address a lot of [inaudible] issues. 

 looked at OmiseGO last summer when I saw that Vitalik was meeting with the Central Bank of Thailand. The more I learned about OmiseGO, the more the [inaudible] pervious work and really resonated with me. 

 [music] [music]

I was sold. I really wanted to be a part of this

 [music] [music] [music] [music] [music] [music] [music] 
Spend funds without selling your crypto holdings
[silence] [silence] 

A traditional loan takes a lot of
 time and paperwork at the bank. Credit systems often neglect first time borrowers, young people and citizens of developing regions. 

Also the interest rates differ widely
 around the world, discriminating people in high interest countries.

Not anymore.

ETHLend connects lenders and borrowers all around the
 globe using blockchain technology. This creates a decentralized lending market where everyone can participate. Enabling competitive interest rates determined by the free market.

Katherine uses ETHLend
 and receives interest payments by lending money to people all around the globe including Sandeep in India who has a great credit profile.

Within a
 few minutes, Sandeep is able to receive a competitive loan. The loan agreement is legally binding and the funds transfer within seconds, securely handled through self executing contracts called Smart Contracts.

They even store
 loan collateral. Now Sandeep can improve his business.

 later repays the loan to Katherine who enjoys the safe profit she has made with the interest payment during her holiday on Mauritius.

Now Sandeep's
 business flourishes and he too because an ETH lender. 

Contract wallet paired with a debit card
For as much potential that peopel say blockchain and cryptocurrency has, we aren't seeing a lot of that materialize as it stands. Because the space is an absolute mess. Something needs to change before this technology breaks into the mainstream.

This is exactly what we are trying to do
 with Token.

 was first introduced to bitcoin by a childhood friend of mine who was a real technologist. And this for me was a moment where it clicked. Maybe this bitcoin thing could actually change something.

I took the big step to leave
 university to pursue something in the industry.

 and [inaudible] met in Taiwan. I think we really connected because he essentially opened my eyes to what was possible with the advent of ethereum.

There were these very early ethereum projects like Digix
 and Maker who were making tokens that we thought could really impact the lives of people across the world.

 and Mal had multiple ideas of things we could do with ethereum but TokenCard just made sense on a practical level because it was something that was currently needed within this space.

I mean an actual way to use

There is this massive
 [inaudible] between people like us and the rest of the world who can't use this stuff. What we wanted to do was try and build a bridge to cross that [inaudible].

We had a few initial conversations
 with VCs. I'd say at the time we were way too early for traditional funding routes because ethereum wasn't a concept that was well understood. Blockchain was just sort of becoming the buzzword within finance.

Thankfully we had a bit of a plan
 B where we thought the only people in the world who cared as much abour our idea that we did was the ethereum community itself.

Our idea resonates
 so well with almost everyone in this space that it only took a few weeks for us to build a very strong community. 

If you think about how start-ups
 normally get funded, you would have oversight over how you are using funds and channels to make sure that you are building your business properly.

So we're being very patient with how we are
 building, making sure we hire the right people. And that we don't fall into a lot of pitfalls that potentially you could fall into with this level of independence.

 what we are trying to do at token is we are trying to lead a crusade. One where people will be able to unplug from the old systems and to take control of their own financial destiny. 
A portal to asset management
The digital asset market is worth over $12B to date and continues to expand rapidly in value and choice. 

It's getting hard to stay on top of it all.

There is no quick and easy way to track and gain exposure to this
 exciting new asset class.

Melonport is
 the first application to enable open, competitive and decentralized digital asset management solutions. As well as quick visibility and access to the performance of other asset managers.

With Melonport,
 anyone will be able to easily setup and customize a portfolio on the blockchain using a Melon friendly interface and we really do mean anyone.

 reduces management costs. Most fixed costs traditionally incurred when managing portfolios are eliminated by Melon smart contracts which automate operations such as clearing and settlement, performance monitoring and broadcasting your validated track record.

Melonport leverages the visibility
 and transparency inherent to blockchains, so that performance can be tracked giving talented managers the opportunity to be sought out and rewarded.

So whether you are an
 individual or saver managing your own personal digital portfolio or a large institutional asset manager acting on behalf of 100s of clients, Melonport can radically simplify your workload, lower your costs and grow your reputation.

The Melon
 protocol is split into two parts. The core and an open ever expanding universe of useful modules. 

Melon Core links all asset management functions together
 and enables all transactions to be possible. 

Melon Modules are optional customized functions
 selected by the portfolio manager.

There are two ways you
 can take part in Melonport's exciting journey.

Anyone can contribute in the upcoming
 pre-sale of a fixed supply of Melon tokens to fund our next development phase which is building out a full suite of robust, secure asset management tools. 

You'll be able to use the core protocol by paying in Melon tokens.

Developers can also build Melon modules
 and earn Melon tokens proportionate to the value that their modules add to the network. The more useful their modules, the more greater the rewards.

This adds to a network
 effect where the interest of tokenholders, developers and portfolio managers are beautifully aligned, re-enforcing one another. 

That's the beauty of Melonport. Bringing it all
 together. [silence] [silence] 
SALT Lending is the first crypto lending platform
Even if you bought bitcoin in 2016 and kept it until 2017, you could've made a profit of over 700% if you had kept all of those coins that is.

Even though us bitcoiners love to hodl,
 chances are you've already had to sell some to pay for your bitcoin fueled lifestyle.

Imagine this,
 what if you could hodl bitcoin and have money to spend at the same time.

In 2017
 this is finally a reality with Salt.

Salt is a next generation
 lending platform for blockchain backed loans. We make it easy to get cash without having to sell your favorite investment.

Here is how it works. Joining is
 fast and easy. With quick approval and no credit checks, the only thing you need to get started is to purchase SALT, built on an ERC 20 smart contract which allows you to purchase membership on the salt lending platform. 

Once you become a member, you can put up your bitcoins and
 other blockchain assets as collateral and borrow money from our extensive network of lenders.

The application process is
 fast and as soon as you pay back your loan, you get your collateral back with no early repayment fees.

Now you can get cash
 to pay bills, remodel your home, buy a car or even start a new business and your crypto is right there if you need it.

Salt, keep your crypto,
 get your cash. 
Open-source business development and financial man
Imagine a company, this company has a lot of expenses but what if you could remove those expenses and give the money saved to the shareholders as profit? 

Imagine you could be one of these
 shareholders and you could trade your shares with anyone, as easy as sending email but without any middlemen, brokers or commissions. 

Well now you can with Bitshares.

 are shares of digital companies that are traded directly from person to person over the internet. Digital companies exist entirely in software, and it runs on the computers of the customers that use them.

 was the firm digital company that calls its shares coins and promoted their use as a form of money. 

Bitshares goes beyond Bitcoin to offer
 many new and more profitable companies in industries like banking, stock exchanges, auctions, music, voting, lotteries, insurance and many more.

 does for business what Bitcoin is doing for money.

To learn more,
 explore bitshares.org 
BitGrowthFund, iMining, and ICO Fund. Blockchain technology is changing the world. Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin that started at zero value today is worth over $1200 in a very short span of time.

 success has led to creation of whole new cryptocurrency, trading and mining industry which has a combined market capitalization of over $30B today.

Many other coins like Ether, Monero,
 Dash, zCash and more have become popular mining and trading investments for people.

Traders around the world are trading approximately
 $400M worth of these cryptocurrencies on 100s of online exchanges that have sprung up around the world every day.

 have all read news about 1000s of early adopters who have earned returns in multiples of 1000s by investing in mining and participating in Initial Coin Offering's of these currencies.

 it all too complex for you and you wish you could profit from growth of this industry and not miss the boat?

 you busy at work and don't have time to look into rapid new developments within this high return industry? 

Introducing MCAP. We at BitcoinGrowthFund
 have created MCAP, the world's first mining and ICO fund that makes it easy for regular investors who cannot keep pace with growing scale of investment and rapid development within this new industry.

Our team of experienced cryptocurrency
 technologists, researchers and traders identify growth opportunities and invest your capital in both mining as well as ICO opportunities that share earnings with you on a monthly basis. 

Now all you need to do is get on with your
 daily life while your capital is deployed in the high growth cryptocurrency industry and working for you.

Visit us today at
 www.BitcoinGrowthFund.com and learn more. 
Tokit allows Content Creators of any kind to creat
Welcome to Tokit, an evolution in entertainment. Create and control your projects with Tokit, a new and exciting business structure made possible by blockchain technology is called a tokenized ecosystem. 

Turn your projects into a tokenized ecosystem
 with Tokit.

 ecosystems and tokens give you the ability to manage your intellectual property rights, revenue and royalty flow as well as connect with your audience in a more meaningful way.

Instead of your
 audience receiving just inspiration from your creative works, they can now share in your success.

Never again ask permission from gatekeepers
 and intermediaries to create your movies, music, books and more.

Engage directly with your
 audience and grow your global fan base.

All revenue and royalties
 are embedded in your tokens for your audience to immediately withdraw or they can use your tokens to watch your movies, listen to your music, play your video games, read your books and more.

 to Tokit now to learn more. Tokenize anything. Tokenize everything. 


 [music] [music] [music] 
Exchange US dollars for Paxos Standard Tokens to m
Sending money should be as simple as clicking a button which is why we created Paxos Standard.

 Standard is new digital asset and one Pax token is always equal to one US Dollar.

Since the price does
 not change, Pax is called a stable coin. This allows you to easily invest when you want to take risk and instantly cash out to Paxos Standard when you don't. 

Thanks to the efficiency of blockhain technology, Paxos Standard
 let's you instantly send money to anyone, anywhere at any time.

And because
 it's government regulated and regularily audited, Paxos Standard is a stable coin you can trust.

Thanks to Paxos Standard, now everyone
 can participate in a truly open, frictionless global economy. 
Finance Asset Management and Copytrading Platform
Genesis Vision, using the blockchain and smart contracts, we have connected brokers, fund managers, exchanges and investors into a single network in order to bridge the divide of the financial world. 

 is a completely transparent and open trust management ecosystem that will create a fair and profitable 360 degree solution for all market participants. 

 [music] [music]

We have reduced the complex and
 diverse financial world to the size of a smart phone screen and made it simple for you to interact with. 

 conduit to a global trading infrastructure.

 like the stock market, you invest in multiple sources to generate income. But rather than assets, you invest in people.

It is an open market of experienced
 asset managers competing for delivering the highest profits. It all comes down to choosing the best manager on the platform. 

If you don't have
 time to master trading, let the professionals do it for you. Invest in pure skill and not marketing.

Tap into the
 $70 trillion market. 

 Vision, asset management fueled by trust.