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    We produce moredata now than ever before. It's all aroundus growing exponentially from people,companies and devices.

    Data can be used
    to power innovation and lead to breakthroughs thatsave lives, reduce costs andimprove the quality of our environment.

    But right now data is locked
    up. It's a valuable resource that isn't beingused.

    Every person generates a stream of
    data. The problem is we don't ownit. People give up their data for free and companiessell it.

    We only realize this when we get spam mail
    or our data is hacked and our identity is stolen.This affects everyone.

    year over 1 million lives are lost incar accidents and countless others are injured mostlybecause of human error.

    Autonomous self driving
    cars point to a future where more people can get homesafely to their families. If car companies could pooltheir self driving car data, we could rapidly improve theAI algorithms and have safe, autonomouscars on the road sooner.

    Here the data is
    available but it isn't being shared.

    journeyto solve these data sharing problems started with a simple idea. What if we could give everyone fullcontrol over their intellectual property?This was Acribe.io, a service to helpcreators claim attribution. But we faced scalingproblems and that led us to [inaudible]. A Big Datadatabase with blockchain characteristicswhich gives people the power to control andmanage their data.

    I spent nearly 20 years
    doing AI research. AI could drive Moore's law, AI for creativedesign and more.

    Four years ago I shifted my focus to blockchain
    technology. With Big ChainDB and IPDB, the Interplanetary database.

    A year ago I started asking how
    might AI and blockchain intersect? The number of answerssurprised me.

    All roads led to one place, a decentralized
    data exchange protocol to connect the datahalves with the AI halves.

    [inaudible] is a data marketplace,
    enabling data sharing for the last 4 years. My experiencewith data marketplaces was that compliance andprivacy issues emerged as soon as companies,governments and citizens understand the power oftheir data and the risks associated with it.

    The solution for
    me was in decentralizingdata to provide a framework of trust enablingcontrol, privacy, security,compliance and transparency.

    exactly what prompted me to reach out to Big Chain DB inBerlin.

    the convergence of these two streams that led us to startOcean.

    Providing peace of mind, control and
    security to data providers whileallowing researchers to find and use the data they needand creating a thriving ecosystem of developers to build newmarketplaces and provide innovativeservices.

    Ocean is a decentralized data exchange protocol.
    We took pieces from Ascribeto treat data like intellectual property that can be licensed andsold.

    We took the privacy mechanisms
    from Bigchain DB to give users full control over theirdata. We took the models of governance and managing anetwork from IPDB.

    And we took from DEX the
    marketplace framework.

    The network and protocol
    will be powered with a nativetoken just like bitcoin, ethereum and filecoin.

    ocean token is used as the means of exchange within thenetwork. Providers earn oceanwhen their data is sold. Consumers use oceanto buy data. Curators own ocean frommaintaining valuable public data.

    Developers use ocean
    for building the marketplaces that build communitiestogether. And keepers earn ocean for providing networkservices.

    We want 1000 marketplace to blossom.
    How? A [inaudible] to power the data marketplaces.And along side that a global data commons.

    Ocean is that [inaudible] .

    We believe that everyone should be able to thrive in the
    data economy by unlocking thetrillions in latent value and bringing to barethe power of data with AI, we can initiatechange that benefits all humankind.

    That's why we are building
    the Ocean Protocol.[music][music][music][music]
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    On social networks such asFacebook, Instagram or Twitter, there isvalue that is transferred between users calledLike.

    Whether it's a picture of a dog, a poem or a short
    video, for every contribution to the community likes areexpected as a recognition for a good job.And they become an incentive for creating newcontent.

    But as
    there are an unlimited supply of likes, nobody ever ran out ofthem. Likes have no actual value and usersgive away likes to low qualitycontent.

    What if we can create scarcity value on
    likes by turning them into a freely transferabletradeable token with a limited issuance?

    What would happen if we transformed likes into
    Like Coins?

    On one hand you'd have to think
    twice before handing out your tokens in exchange for low qualitycontributions because your stock of Like Coin islimited.

    On the other hand you'd be able to give
    away as many Like Coins that you wish on certaincontent that you've really enjoyed. You could earn your Like Coinsback.

    But this would mean that you should've actually contributed
    to the social network.

    Today all social networks
    are turning to video as the dominant resourcefor engaging users on their platforms. Butvideo still relies upon a huge cost on storage andbandwidth.

    By using a token such as
    Like Coin called Flixx,Flixxo users are engaged in helping improve videodistribution network by lending their storage spaceand their bandwidth in exchange for tokens.

    Spending Flixx for consuming the content they really want to
    watch. And earning Flixx back for making thenetwork strongerwhether it was a smartphone, a tablet or desktop computer oreven a smart TV, Flixxo smartly uses any deviceconnected to the internet turning it into part of a decentralizedand incentivized peer to peer network thathas no structural costs. And unlimitedscaling possibilities.
    Brave is a free and open-source web browser develo
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    The traditional credit system hasconnected lenders and borrowers for decades. Evaluatingcredit risks, limits and logistics but alsoadding lots of beaurocracy, geographiclimitations and excluded the unbanked from the financialsystem.

    With the internet, new peer to peer
    loans accelerated the process and reducedcosts. But the risk was still too big for the lenderand credit lending was still assymetric.

    created a solution and it's called Ripio CreditNetwork.

    Ripio Credit Network is a protocol based
    on smart contracts and blockchaintechnology that opens the door to global credit. Connectinglenders and borrowers with RCN tokens which allowlendings on any currency, anywhere in the world.

    The network works like this. The borrower
    makes a credit request from hiswallet provider. The wallet provider generates a smartcontract and broadcasts it to the network.Then several agents seal thatcontract.

    First an ID verifier identifies the borrower
    for security reasons. Then ascoring agent analyzes the probabilities of adefault. Then an oracle informs the exchangerate between currencies. Finally theco-signer manages the credit conditions in the borrowers country ofresidence, distributing the lenders risk and adding to the termsnoted on the contract. The co-signed contract is then listedin the order book of an online exchange.

    the other side of the network, the lenders create tradingorders and RCN tokens on the exchangeincluding their lending conditions. When the lenders ordermatches the conditions on the smart contract,the loan takes place.

    The RCN tokens
    are transferred to the corresponding wallet providerwhich trades the RCN tokens to localcurrency and grant credit to the borrower.

    reducing the traditional banking brokerage costsand management fees, the Ripio credit protocolallows better conditions for both lenders and borrowers.

    Credit Network sets the stage fora decentralized, trustworthy, predictableand efficient peer to peer global credit networkthat will help many ideas and projectsall over the world to becomea reality.