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  • Steem is a social blockchain that grows communit..
    Steem was built to empowerpeople across the world. The Steem blockchainhas many ways for the regular person to earncryptocurrency.

    In Steem, regular
    people get rewarded with Steem for created and curatingcontent as well as for mining, trading andholding the currency.

    Similar to other cryptocurrencies,
    it pays contributors bycreating new tokens at a set rate with specificrules.

    The technology that powers Steem
    has publicly demonstrated its ability to process thousands ofactions per second which is more than enough capacityto handle several times the activity of some popularsocial media platforms such as Reddit.com

    In social media applications, Steem
    rewards users with Steem dollars and votingpower for posting and curating quality content from all overthe internet.

    One application for this is

    50% of
    Steem's content rewards are paid asSteem Power which gives the winners more power tocurate content and get Steem rewards. And the other50% of all Steem's content rewards are paid in Steemdollars which drives their use.

    In payments and
    remittance, the Steem dollar is a cryptocurrencythat is always worth about $1 worth ofSteem.

    With this, anyone can reward,
    pay and remit to others without the monetaryand cognitive costs of price swings.

    stability of the Steem dollar represents an opportunityto serve the 2 billion unbanked people on ourplanet.

    For other types of people, Steem represents
    opportunities for our creators, curators,remitters, merchants, market makers,shoppers, entrepreneurs, bloggers,commenters, internet readers,community leaders, referrers and sign-up party hosts.

    Check out Steem's informational website,
    Steem.io to learn more.

    Or meet
    up with the community in the Steem Slack channel byfollowing thislink.
    Lisk will make it easy for developers to build..
    æternity is a scalable blockchain platform that en
    Welcome to the internet ofvalue. Meet Aeternity.

    is Aeternity? Aeternity is a newblockchain platform that solves the issues ofscalability, privacy and transactionspeed.

    Built by an experienced
    team, Aeternity is a next generation technologythat takes the lessons from big projects like Bitcoinand Ethereum.

    What makes Aeternity different from other

    Aeternity has
    several unique features that make it different from otherblockchains. The technology aims to be ready formainstream adoption by providing three keyelements.

    One, state
    channels. Users interact with each other instantly andprivately. Your business interactions arekept off chain without having to exposeyour transactions or smart contracts publicly.

    also keeps the blockchain light and robust for years.

    There is no limit to the volume of transactions being
    processed at the same time. Aeternity is lighteningfast.

    Two, the hybrid proof of
    work and proof of stake system.Consensus is achieved by proof ofwork, this means that people can mine the tokens on almostall devices including smart phones.

    This is truely decentralized mining.

    The governance
    mechanism runs a proof of stake model basedon prediction markets.

    Three, the
    oracle machine. Oracle machines allowyou to connect real world data to smartcontracts. Any publicly availabledata can be integrated such as electionresults, weather conditions, sportevent results, and commodityprices like gold and oil.

    open up the field for major use cases.Think of financial applications,supply chain management, information markets,insurance andgaming.

    Combining these three elements,
    Aeternity breaks the bottleneck to even further adoption ofblockchain technology with countless use casesand payment solutions, trade finance, andthe internet of things.

    How is
    Aeternity unique?

    Aeternity will come with the
    essential applications available at the launch of theplatform, making it immediately useful.

    Aeternity is working on educational programs
    to support businesses and developers to findtheir own use cases.

    An incubator foundation
    will support projects that build upon theAeternity platform.

    Aeternity, a light
    and secure platform to bring the blockchain technology to thenext level.

    Join us at Aeternity.com