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  • Privacy protocol layer
    Blockchain'spromise to revoluationize every aspectof our civilization, taking money andinformation out of the hands of central authorities,removing middlemen. And giving power backto the people.

    But the promise of
    easy cooperation still hasn't been delivered upon.

    All data on the blockchain is extremely public by
    nature, meaning zero privacy. And because every nodein the network must process every transaction,blockchains are naturally slow at computing code andsmart contracts.

    Blockchain technology will never
    see widespread adoption until theseproblems are addressed.

    The Engima
    protocol is here to power our decentralized future.

    Taking the heavy burden of computations off the
    chain and allowing it to run efficiently.

    At the same time, smart contracts become
    secret contract where the data is encrypted at alltimes to keep it private and secure.

    was designed to operate as a second layer to help it work with anyblockchain privately run or otherwise.

    Nodes who participate in the Enigma network
    are rewarded for verifying secret contract computations andhelping drive research on big impact projectswithout ever seeing the data itself.

    example, Enigma can allow pharmaceutical companies to docomputations in aggregate and unlockmedical breakthroughs.

    And finally
    reward individuals for contributing theirdata without it ever being exposed.

    Enigma can allow businesses to perform dynamic creditscore calculations based on a users' crypto walletactivity, creating an entire economy of decentralizedlending.

    short Enigma's protocol and secretcontracts can unlock billions of dollarsof value.

    What could you create with the Enigma

    Learn more and join our
    growing community at Enigma.co
    Cloud computing blockchain network
    Aelf is a decentralizedcloud computing network that aims toprovide. Aelf has three defining characteristics.

    High functionality, resource segregation
    and optimized governancestructure.

    Currently most blockchain systems view all
    nodes equally. One node can only run on onesingle server and because ofsuch, a bottleneck effect exists as theperformance of the entire system is dependent on the performanceof a single server.

    In Aelf's design, full nodes operate on server
    clusters and transactions are executed in parallel.Plus when the system load waslarge, a node can expand horizontallyby adding more servers withease.

    Bookkeepers function as
    data centers and the multi chain structure functions toallow more server paths where every node is asub cluster.

    Because of the multi
    chain structure, Elf simultaneouslyachieves resource segregation. Thismeans that an application's healthy operation cannot beaffected by other applications.

    Aelf, the main chain is in charge of unified planning andindexing while the side chains operateindependently without interferencewith each other.

    Side chains through verification of the
    main chain achieve cross chaincommunication thus avoiding large singleapplication data congregating the wholesystem.

    Aelf believes that token holders
    should have the power to vote on the developmentdirection of the blockchain.

    realize this belief, Aelf provides a democraticdelegate voting system for governancestructure.

    Aelf is focused on technological
    advances backed by growing investors andsupporters from all around the world.

    Aelf is actively cooperating with top companiesfor all different industriesand establishing complete multi industry solutionsaimed to connect the Aelf main chain withuncoupled businesschains.
    Decentralized applications platform

    Thanks to the power of modern communication, we have the ability
    to create technologies that are decentralized, removing middlemenand allowing users to interact with each other directlythrough a global network.

    applications have been becoming more and more important in the lastten years. And have the benefits of massivelyreducing cost and barriers to entry. Removing single pointsof failure, preventing censorship and ensuringtransparency and trust between all the parties involved in aninteraction.

    a file sharing network developed in the early 2000s are arguably thefirst decentralized application to have been created.

    BitTorrent allows anyone to share any kind of file
    with anyone else in the world, allowing people to distributethe content quickly and easilyeven if they do not have the resources to pay for their own website orserver.

    Five years later Satoshi Nakamoto
    came up with the idea of a blockchain, a sort of distributeddatabase and used it to build bitcoin,the world's first decentralized currency.

    currencies like bitcoin allow people to send moneyinstantly anywhere around the world with no regard fornational borders with negligiblefees.

    Bitcoin is increasingly being used for international
    remittances, micropayments andcommerce online.

    Decentralized applications
    for finance, cloud computing,messaging and distributed governance are soon tocome.

    Ethereum a platform that is specifically designed for
    people to build these kinds of decentralizedapplications of dApps for short.

    The ethereum client
    which we are calling the ether browserwill include the ability of peer and peer network for sendingmessages and a generalized blockchain with a built in programminglanguage allowing people to use the blockchain for any kind ofdecentralized application that they want tocreate.

    Ethereum can be used to build financial applications that
    are fully trustworthy and transparent because they run on theblockchain. Online cryptographically securesystems for managing property andcontracts. Social networking and messaging systems that allowusers to maintain control of their own data.

    for treating under utilized computationalresources like CPU time and hard drivespace. And eventually tools for online voting anddistributed governance.

    The most exciting
    applications of ethereum are probably the ones we have noteven thought of.

    As with all new platforms for
    innovation like the protocols that underlay the internetitself, it's not always easy to predict what they are going to be usedfor.

    GMail, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
    and the modern internet as a whole are alla result of early development in the worldwide web and javascript the programming language of the world wideweb from the 1990s.

    Similarly by providing
    a universal programmable blockchain andpackaging it up into a client that anyonecan use, the ethereum project hopes to do the same forfinance, peer to peer commerce, distributedgovernance and human collaboration as awhole.

    Now the question is, what will you build on
    Create, manage, and deploy smart contracts
    Ethereum is the next big step fordecentralization. Thanks to its smart contracts,anyone, anywhere can provide advancedservices, manage assets and prevent conflicts that couldarise from malicious uses without trusting a 3rdparty.

    Here is the problem. It takes
    advanced computer programming skills to write and deploy asmart contract. And even the most experiencedprogrammers can make mistakes that result in loss ofassets or create vulnerabilities that areexploited.

    Imagine a world where everyone on the internet,
    regardless of their technical know how can take advantage of thesecurity and reliability of smartcontracts.

    Introducing Blockchat. The service that
    let's you deploy your own smart contract on the ethereumblockchain with just a few clicks. Nocoding knowledge, no costly mistakes and stillcompletely decentralized.

    The next time you buy from a
    stranger online, just open a template forsecure purchasing, select the options that fit your needsand click to deploy. It's thateasy.

    Blockcat also lets experienced users design
    new smart contracts by clicking and dragging in avisual interface which utilizes codethat has been professionally audited.

    business owners, our smart contracts will handle complex transactionsaccessible worldwide and customizedexactly to your payment model.

    If you are a developer,
    we provide a marketplace to release yourwork. Every time someone uses a smart contract you'vewritten, you receive a portion of the fees.

    is the world's highway for smart contracts whether you usethem for secure purchasing,crowdfunding, tamper proof votingor anything else ethereum can offer, Blockcatmakes it instantly accessible and simple.