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The home of token trading
In a world where many of our assets are held by others, at Ethfinex we believe in returning control to the user.

why we design tools that give traders choice. From a huge choice of trading options to create unique strategies, to choosing your level of custody and trusting us with assets for safety. Keeping full control for flexibility or somewhere in between.

But it doesn't stop
there. We also give our traders control of Ethfinex itself through our Nectar token.

Nectar holders have the power
to propose and vote on Ethfinex governance decisions from choosing our mission statement to deciding which tokens can be traded on the platform.

We even give a share of trading
fees from voted in tokens back to customers, so traders research and choose the tokens they believe will be successful in the long term.

means Ethfinex will always reflect the tokens our community wants to trade rather than those with the biggest pockets or best connections.

Using Ethfinex means being part of
Ethfinex and being part of Ethfinex means joining the financial evolution of today.
High speed asset transfers
Payments are one of the obvious killer applications of blockchains. But unfortunately blockchain's current transaction capacity is very limited and therefore unable to support significant adoption.

Full blocks, high fees and
long confirmation times are the known effects of this limitation.

The problem is scalability.

Currently the ethereum network is only able to confirm
roughly 10 transactions per second. Before blockchains will see wide spread adoption for every day payments, they will need to be able to process roughly 100,000 transactions per second.

Adoption also
requires that the cost of transfers is negligible and the confirmation time is within a subsecond rather than in the range of minutes.

The Raiden
network aims to solve these problems. It uses a mix of mesh payment channels, deposits and cryptographic tricks to allow for secure token transfers offchain.

Instead of using the blockchain as a global node
tree for all transfers, the blockchain is only used as a system to eventually settle netted claims that resulted from offchain transfer activity.

This approach allows
the Raiden network to scale with the number of users and their transfers. The more users participate, the more transfers can happen concurrently.

transfers are extremely cheap, fast and private.

The Raiden network will compliment ethereum
such that it can become a global scaled payment infrastructure for everyday purchases by all of us as well as for the upcoming machine to machine economy.

original idea of blockchain is to provide a purely pure to pure version of electronic cash. Our mission is to provide the technology which allows this vision to scale towards widespread adoption.

If you want to learn more about the Raiden network, watch
our next video or check out our website.
Convert token to another
Today there are 1000s of cryptocurrencies and the future holds millions more. What makes these tokens the most useful is seamlessly converting between them at any time.

Imagine your coffee shop
points were accepted at any cash register in the world or your airline miles could pay your phone plan with a click of a button.

Say hello Bancor, the world's first decentralized
liquidity network. A place where you can convert any token to any other.

No exchanges, no
order books. No buyers and sellers.

invented the world's first smart token, a digital currency with an embedded converter that allows is to be automatically exchanged for any token in its network.

The Bancor network consists of other
tokens all connected through BNT. So every token can always be converted into any other.

Any token you
have for any token you want instantly, automatically and directly from your wallet.

Start converting tokens
today from any device at Bancor.network [silence]
Crypto Trading
Understanding the blockchain technology can be a hard task since a highly technical language is used to describe the technology, thus making the real world implications of the protocol hard to discern.

Thankfully the Loopring protocol
solves this problem along with others that may face the average crypto user such as the poor user experience of trying to trade on a decentralized exchange, DEX, with anemic trade volume. And the majority of bids are highly opportunistic and out of the money.

Having to keep coins in
multiple exchanges so you can quickly execute trades on fast moving trade opportunities. And the constant need to transfer tokens between the CEX and your wallet to prevent major losses to a hacked exchange account.

With Loopring, you don't have to worry about
that. Our ring matching technology can split up a trade across multiple counter-parties that will make trades execute more efficiently than other protocols.

This is a big differentiator compared to other
DEX protocols.

The Loopring protocol can be used
by wallets, DEX, CEX and HEX which makes the liquidity potential far greater than competing protocols.

We put an end to all of these
problems and many more.

Loopring is the
perfect platform for you to execute simple, profitable and secure trades.

Visit us at
Peer-to-peer ETH-to-fiat marketplace
Localethereum.com is the new private way to buy and sell ether. Until now there has been no easy way to trade ether. With tedious verification processes, expensive fees and no cash options, traders are getting the raw end of the day.

localethereum is changing the game. It's a private peer to peer marketplace where you and only you have complete control of your data and trades.

Here is how it works.
To buy ether find a seller you are happy with or create a new buy offer. Traders on localethereum are real people just like you. Offers can be filtered by price, distance and method. Whether it be face to face, bank transfer or something else.

When you open a trade messages are
encrypted with a secret key making it impossible for anybody else to know what you are saying.

This secret key is stored in your browser and never touches
the internet. Once you've agreed on the details, the seller deposits ether into a multi sig escrow smart contract.

When both parties are
happy, the ether is released and that secret key is destroyed erasing the message history forever.

In the case of a dispute, traders can call in
an arbitrator for help. By providing the arbitrator the secret key, they'll be able to decrypt the messages and work with both parties to make a fair decision.

Afterwards the parties
give each other a rating. These ratings form a web of trust that is available for everyone to see to ensure that you are always safe when trading ether.

Localethereum makes trading ether
with strangers feel like you are trading with friends. And in the future localethereum will harness the power of Swarm and Whisper to go completely decentralized.

The marketplace is launching
soon. Be the first to hear major announcements by joining the waiting list.

And it's
all thanks to Ethereum.
Peer-to-peer exchange of assets on the Ethereum blockchain
I have something you want and you have something that I want. So we should make a deal.

To make a deal
we come to the table. The problem is the table belongs to someone else. So when we sit at their table, a middleman controls the process, holds our valuables and charges us a lot of money.

It's risky, slow and

What would it look ilke if this weren't just a
table but a network? A network that no one owns and you can trade directly with each other without anyone in the middle.

Enter 0x. 0x is a decentralized
exchange protocol. It's a set of rules that businesses and developers use to create a network of exchanges that no one controls.

0x, anyone can come to the table. This means if I wanted to trade my currency for your currency without anyone else, I could do that.

Or if I wanted to trade
my currency for some real estate, I can do that too. I can trade anything for anything with anyone.

0x isn't just
about charts and order books, it's about the exchange of value. Developers can use 0x to create marketplaces for the entire world of assets, old and new. They can create markets for game items from your favorite games or for digital commodities like storage or computer power?

Even digital
art and collectables.

The 0x protocol
is open source and governed by its users, removing all geographic barriers and opening the door to markets that could never of existed before.

And it will all be possible thanks
to 0x.

Come to the
Crypto exchange
Binance is the world's leading cryptocurrency exchange. We aspire to much more.

Our vision is of a world where
your money is free. That means freedom of choice, exchange and transaction.

That's why with the Binance Decentralized Exchange,
fiat onramps aroung the globe and an entire blockchain ecosystem fueled by Binance Chain, we are working on bringing the freedom of money to anyone, anywhere.
Trustless decentralized exchange
We are better. We are a modern decentralized exchange. We don't have access to your funds. It's built on smart contracts.

So even if the coin exchange goes
down, you can still withdrawal your money from the exchange from the smart contract.

So it's a
trustless decentralized exchange and it is live right now.

We need liquidity and volume
guys. So give Token Store some love.

This is a free shout out.

They have SALT,
Airswap, Chainlink, Kyber, OmiseGO.

no, not Paragon.
Wallet to Wallet Token Trading
Welcome to Radar. Let's go through some steps you'll need to take before you start trading.

First you will need a wallet. Because Radar is
non custodial, we never hold or control your funds at any time. This means you will need your own wallet to store and trade crypto assets.

to Metamask.io or LedgerWallet.com to get one.

If you already have one, click the
select wallet prompt in the top right of the interface to connect it.

Second, to trade
Eth you will need to wrap it. Wrapped Eth or WETH is the equievelent of Eth but in a format compatible with other tokens.

the wrap button to choose how much Eth you want to wrap. Then confirm the transaction to get your WETH.

you will need to enable your tokens before you can trade them. Clicking the toggle next to your tokens, tells the blockchain that it's actually you that is trading the tokens.

This security measure prevents anyone else from moving
your tokens.

Now that you know the basics, you
are ready to start trading.

If you need
more help, visit support.radarelay.com
Cryptocurrency Exchange without trading fees
Cobinhood, a zero transaction fee cryptocurrency exchange.

Cryptocurrency traders are being
robbed. This is the best way to describe what cryptocurrency traders are facing today.

Existing cryptocurrency
exchanges are charging high transaction fees with low quality service.

Many cryptocurrency
traders could've made a fortune but are unable to do so because of unexpected exchange downtime, high trading latency or even worse, security breaches by hackers.

Cobinhood is
the world's first 0 transaction fee cryptocurrency exchange with an aim to maximize profit for traders around the globe.

Cobinhood features a state of the art order book matching engine which is capable of processing more than 1 million orders per second with sub millisecond latency.

Cobinhood has built an
ultra secure firewall to keep hackers out. Cobinhood's cold storage vault requires 5 out of 8 hardware security modules to open. Since those 8 HSMs are geographically distributed around the globe, there is absolutely zero chance for hackers to break in.

Also all
cryptocurrency deposits at Cobinhood are insured.

Cobinhood is a cryptocurrency
exchange dedicated to providing a zero transaction fee trading platform with high security and high quality of service for traders across the globe.
Private equity exchange on ethereum
Private equity is a proven asset class with a history of delivering above market returns.

However private equity investments typically
require a high minimum sum and long and uncertain holding periods of 5 years on average before investors can cash out making it inaccessible to many investors.

To allow access to this proven asset
class, 1exchange was established, the first blockchain enabled and regulated private exchange in the world pioneering tradeable private equity.

1exchange, investors can now invest directly into global private companies, with smaller ticket sizes to diversity their portfolio.

trade in and out of shares at any time. While receiving regular, periodic information disclosures by the companies.

By adding a small allocation of 5%
to 10% of the portfolio into investments into private companies and assets, investors can increase their returns and diversity risk.

Companies can
do a private listing on 1exchange, listing a portion of their shares for trading while still remaining as a private company. Thus getting direct access to a pool of investors without going through private equity funds.

This provides liquidity and unlocks value for
shareholders, while giving investors the ability to trade factional ownership in exciting and fast growing private companies.

1exchange leverages the
public ethereum blockchain, the most mature public blockchain network with millions of active users and the largest ecosystem of tokenized assets.

Through ethereum
smart contracts, 1exchange enables trading with improved security, increased transparency, reduced settlement time and lower operational costs.

Additionally by inter-connecting with global exchanges
through the ethereum blockchain, 1exchange opens up access to tradeable private equities on its platform to investors worldwide.

1exchange is based
in Singapore, a leading global financial center and is supported by the Singapore Exchange, Asia's leading stock exchange and ConsenSys, the global leader in blockchain technology solutions and is licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore as a market operator with the highest standards of professional conduct.

Add this highly proven asset class
to your portfolio today.

Start investing in private
equity intelligently and get connect to the global liquidity at www.1x.exchange
P2P Energy Trading
[music] [music] [music]

I'm Selim,
co-founder and CEO of Blok-Z.

Blok-Z enables any consumers to become

Basically we read
meters remotely from people and see how much energy they are consuming. Then we make predictions of how much they are going to consume in the next hours.

that data, we put a demand on the market to get the best price for them.

[inaudible] was the only
and the best blockchain accelerator program that we knew of. We did a lot of research about other acceleration programs also. But to get the network of the blockchain, to get the ability to work with them together, that was the main reason for us.

I've met awesome
people inside [inaudible] and also outside from other blockchain communities also.

So I didn't expect
to get this much harsh experience with them. It was great for me in Berlin and also in San Francisco.

What is
next is we already have paying customers. The have more production sites that they want us to remove [inaudible].

We will get also other
customers. Our first target is the European market because they are deregulated already. Then we will go to Turkey, Singapore and US.