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  • Simple wallet-to-wallet token trading
    The protocol for trading tokens
    The0x protocol is a new way to trade tokensand cryptocurrencies with other people. It's peer to peer,so you don't have to rely on an intermediary like a bank or abroker. All you need is a crypto wallet thatsupports ethereum like Coinbase wallet orMetamask.

    Let's look at an example of how 0x works.

    Say you want to trade an ethereum token for
    another. If you know who you want to trade with, you cansend them an 0x order via instant message or email.Then all they need to do is accept the trade and it willexecute.

    Think of it like trading cards with a
    friend except it's electronic and more secure.

    If you don't have anyone to trade with, you can visit a
    0x relayer.

    Relayers are marketplaces that connect
    buyers and sellers. They are like digital bulletinboards where anyone can post a buy or sell order.Each order contains everything neededto make a transaction happen.

    After you find an order you
    like, you just confirm it with your crypto wallet and the0x protocol securely completes the trade.

    That's how easy it is to trade cryptocurrency with

    Several relayers exist today
    and the 0x team expects many more to appear overtime. Any developer can create arelayer using 0x's open source software.And relayers can serve an endless number of differentcommunities.

    For example gamers might use a
    relayer to trade in game items. Musicfans might use a relayer to buy concert tickets.And businesses might use relayers to buy and sell filestorage and processing power.

    These are just a few
    examples. There are countless more.

    Just as the internet enabled millions of unique
    websites, 0x hopes to enable millions of uniqueglobal marketplaces. And that could make theglobal economy more efficient foreveryone.
    High speed asset transfers
    Payments are one of the obviouskiller applications of blockchains. Butunfortunately blockchain's current transaction capacity is verylimited and therefore unable to support significantadoption.

    Full blocks, high fees and
    long confirmation times are the known effects of this limitation.

    The problem is scalability.

    Currently the ethereum network is only able to confirm
    roughly 10 transactions per second. Before blockchainswill see wide spread adoption for every day payments,they will need to be able to process roughly 100,000transactions per second.

    Adoption also
    requires that the cost of transfers is negligible andthe confirmation time is within a subsecond ratherthan in the range of minutes.

    The Raiden
    network aims to solve these problems. It uses a mix of meshpayment channels, deposits and cryptographictricks to allow for secure token transfers offchain.

    Instead of using the blockchain as a global node
    tree for all transfers, the blockchain is only used as asystem to eventually settle netted claims that resulted fromoffchain transfer activity.

    This approach allows
    the Raiden network to scale with the number of users andtheir transfers. The more users participate, themore transfers can happen concurrently.

    transfers are extremely cheap, fast andprivate.

    The Raiden network will compliment ethereum
    such that it can become a global scaled payment infrastructurefor everyday purchases by all of us as well as for theupcoming machine to machine economy.

    original idea of blockchain is to provide a purely pure to pureversion of electronic cash. Our mission is toprovide the technology which allows this visionto scale towards widespread adoption.

    If you want to learn more about the Raiden network, watch
    our next video or check out ourwebsite.
    Peer-to-peer ETH-to-fiat marketplace
    Localethereum.comis the new private way to buy andsell ether. Until now there has been no easy way to tradeether. With tedious verificationprocesses, expensive fees and no cash options,traders are getting the raw end of the day.

    localethereum is changing the game. It's aprivate peer to peer marketplace where you andonly you have complete control of yourdata and trades.

    Here is how it works.
    To buy ether find a seller you are happy with orcreate a new buy offer. Traders on localethereumare real people just like you. Offers can befiltered by price, distance andmethod. Whether it be face to face, bank transfer or something else.

    When you open a trade messages are
    encrypted with a secret key making itimpossible for anybody else to know what you are saying.

    This secret key is stored in your browser and never touches
    the internet. Once you've agreed on thedetails, the seller deposits etherinto a multi sig escrow smart contract.

    When both parties are
    happy, the ether is released and thatsecret key is destroyed erasing the message historyforever.

    In the case of a dispute, traders can call in
    an arbitrator for help. By providing the arbitratorthe secret key, they'll be able to decrypt themessages and work with both parties to make a fairdecision.

    Afterwards the parties
    give each other a rating. These ratings form aweb of trust that is available for everyone tosee to ensure that you are always safe when tradingether.

    Localethereum makes trading ether
    with strangers feel like you are trading with friends.And in the future localethereum will harnessthe power of Swarm and Whisper to go completelydecentralized.

    The marketplace is launching
    soon. Be the first to hear major announcementsby joining the waiting list.

    And it's
    all thanks to Ethereum.