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    æternity is a scalable blockchain platform that en
    Welcome to the internet ofvalue. Meet Aeternity.

    is Aeternity? Aeternity is a newblockchain platform that solves the issues ofscalability, privacy and transactionspeed.

    Built by an experienced
    team, Aeternity is a next generation technologythat takes the lessons from big projects like Bitcoinand Ethereum.

    What makes Aeternity different from other

    Aeternity has
    several unique features that make it different from otherblockchains. The technology aims to be ready formainstream adoption by providing three keyelements.

    One, state
    channels. Users interact with each other instantly andprivately. Your business interactions arekept off chain without having to exposeyour transactions or smart contracts publicly.

    also keeps the blockchain light and robust for years.

    There is no limit to the volume of transactions being
    processed at the same time. Aeternity is lighteningfast.

    Two, the hybrid proof of
    work and proof of stake system.Consensus is achieved by proof ofwork, this means that people can mine the tokens on almostall devices including smart phones.

    This is truely decentralized mining.

    The governance
    mechanism runs a proof of stake model basedon prediction markets.

    Three, the
    oracle machine. Oracle machines allowyou to connect real world data to smartcontracts. Any publicly availabledata can be integrated such as electionresults, weather conditions, sportevent results, and commodityprices like gold and oil.

    open up the field for major use cases.Think of financial applications,supply chain management, information markets,insurance andgaming.

    Combining these three elements,
    Aeternity breaks the bottleneck to even further adoption ofblockchain technology with countless use casesand payment solutions, trade finance, andthe internet of things.

    How is
    Aeternity unique?

    Aeternity will come with the
    essential applications available at the launch of theplatform, making it immediately useful.

    Aeternity is working on educational programs
    to support businesses and developers to findtheir own use cases.

    An incubator foundation
    will support projects that build upon theAeternity platform.

    Aeternity, a light
    and secure platform to bring the blockchain technology to thenext level.

    Join us at Aeternity.com
    Brave is a free and open-source web browser develo
    Zcoin - Private Financial Transactions
    Zcoin is a digital cryptocurrencythat puts financial privacy at theforefront where your transactions are completely untraceable.

    It is built on the solid fundamentals
    of the Zerocoin paper, one of the mostcited cryptography papers' today.

    and most other cryptocurrencies are not really anonymous asall transactions since the founding of the coin arepermanently open for the public to view.

    governments and law enforcement agencies havemade significant strides in using meta data andpattern analysis to reveal the real world identities of bitcoinholders.

    This is a serious privacy

    Imagine having all of your transaction history
    and spending habits revealed orworse, innocently editing up with coins that have beentainted from illegal activities.

    Not only is your
    privacy at risk, your coins could be seizedor you could even be implicated in crime you didn'tcommit.

    Other attempts to anonymize transactions
    involving mixing transactions with other people'stransactions but this still means that the real transaction is somewhere inthere. And its privacy is reliant on howmany transactions you are mixing with.

    These models still provide
    an analyzable network map of links.

    Zcoin uses zero knowledge proofs to
    make truly untraceable coins.

    You mint a coin by
    burning it up and generate a mathematicalproof that you burn it.

    This proof allows you to redeem a new
    coin with new previous transactionhistory. A clean slate.

    The genius lays
    in that the proof doesn't reveal which coin youminted, thus there is no relationship that can be drawn from the coin that youminted and the brand new coni that you redeemed.

    No history to analyze. No mixing
    required. Just truly untraceablecoins.

    Reclaim your digital financial

    Zcoin. Mint.
    Spend. Repeat.
    Steem is a social blockchain that grows communit..
    Steem was built to empowerpeople across the world. The Steem blockchainhas many ways for the regular person to earncryptocurrency.

    In Steem, regular
    people get rewarded with Steem for created and curatingcontent as well as for mining, trading andholding the currency.

    Similar to other cryptocurrencies,
    it pays contributors bycreating new tokens at a set rate with specificrules.

    The technology that powers Steem
    has publicly demonstrated its ability to process thousands ofactions per second which is more than enough capacityto handle several times the activity of some popularsocial media platforms such as Reddit.com

    In social media applications, Steem
    rewards users with Steem dollars and votingpower for posting and curating quality content from all overthe internet.

    One application for this is

    50% of
    Steem's content rewards are paid asSteem Power which gives the winners more power tocurate content and get Steem rewards. And the other50% of all Steem's content rewards are paid in Steemdollars which drives their use.

    In payments and
    remittance, the Steem dollar is a cryptocurrencythat is always worth about $1 worth ofSteem.

    With this, anyone can reward,
    pay and remit to others without the monetaryand cognitive costs of price swings.

    stability of the Steem dollar represents an opportunityto serve the 2 billion unbanked people on ourplanet.

    For other types of people, Steem represents
    opportunities for our creators, curators,remitters, merchants, market makers,shoppers, entrepreneurs, bloggers,commenters, internet readers,community leaders, referrers and sign-up party hosts.

    Check out Steem's informational website,
    Steem.io to learn more.

    Or meet
    up with the community in the Steem Slack channel byfollowing thislink.
    Blockchain-based transportation platform
    DAVdistributes system on steroids.

    It's laying the protocol, the foundation for the transportation

    It's a combination of the technologies
    I care deeply about.

    Drones are one
    element. Blockchain is anotherelement. And distributed and trustedecosystem in a trustless environment.

    DAV is an open transportation protocol. It enables us for the first
    time to create an open source peer topeer global transportation network.

    This network
    includes anything and anyone involved inmoving people and objects from place to place.

    Everyone on the DAV Network can discover services within the
    network. For example riders can discoverdrivers and drivers can discovercharging stations. And developers can use the openprotocol to introduce their unique value to thenetwork in the form of routeplanning, machine learning, datasharing.

    The opportunities this network can create are

    Looking a bit further down the road, the Dav Network
    is an ideal entry point for thevehicles of the next decade which are autonomousvehicles on the ground, in the air and on the water.

    The future is definitely autonomous.

    If you had to summarize the future of transportation in
    one word, it's going to be autonomous.

    Being able to do true
    autonomous operations is what's becomingthe big push these days.

    I can
    predict that the autonomous world willexpand.

    Once autonomous
    vehicles enter the market, you are no longerhiring the driver inside the car. You are hiring thecar. And this brings up a lot of interesting challenges.

    For example, how do you get a quote and agree on a
    transaction with a car or with a drone?

    How the vehicles compete for your business?

    This is a completely new
    market and this is where theDAV protocol comes in.

    It connects vehicles and users and
    services, creating one big network so that wecan each have an entire network ofon demand vehicles at our disposal.

    It also
    enables anyone to purchase equipment that is compatible with theprotocol and make it available on thenetwork in return for tokens.

    For anyone that joins the
    network, whether they are taxi companies,delivery companies or simply someone whoowns a drone, having a unified openprotocol means they don't need to be a multinational corporation to have utility.

    The DAV
    protocol connects them to a global network ofriders and drivers and vehicles anddevelopers and chargers.

    The number of useful
    combinations within the network is exponential.

    advantages of a decentralized network like that isthat it allows true marketcompetition and doesn'tleave all the benefit and all the upside to one centralentity.

    I firmly believe not a single entity
    has all the elements to win. Nobody caneat alone. You have to share the pie.

    Companies now have a choice. Instead of creating an
    entire network, an entire ecosystemfrom scratch, they can focus on theircore product and use the DAV protocol to become a part of anexisting network using completelyopen standards and without paying any fees.

    The whole idea of the
    internet was to break the middleman.And DAV is to the future oftransportation of what TCPIP was to theinternet.

    The most exciting thing that I
    see is the ability for DAV to be the key enablerof internet transport.

    The DAV network is
    expanding as more and more companies join. The DAVplatform is already being integrated into some of theirvehicles.

    I believe no single technology is going to
    succeed on its own. It's always going to be some mix oftechnologies.

    Got to have a way [inaudible]
    transportation systems whatever they may be. So it's a combination ofgetting the players who do the best join in each of thosepieces to come in and work together.

    I invite everyone to join our
    growing community and take partin the futureoftransportation.
    Autonomous Digital Currency
    Today'sdigital currencies don't scale and sufferfrom disruptive hard forks. Hard forkscan result in lose of investor funds. Theyalso damage investor confidence and can lead to attacks.

    was built to solve these problems.A hybrid proof of work,proof of stake system ensures that no group canmaster the flow of transactions or make changes withoutinput from the community.

    Decred is the only
    decentralized self ruling currencywhere everyone has a real voice.

    Decred gives
    participants the tools necessary to makedecisions about the technical direction of the currency.All participants have a say in its futuredirection, budget and which projects are developed andpresented for vote.

    We believe that striking a
    balance between infrastructure owners andcurrency holders is the only way to build a robustcurrency now and for the long term.

    Decred has shown resilience where others have
    failed. Thanks to our modular platform, that allows us to integrate newfeatures without disrupting the service.

    Decred's transparency and scalability has not
    gone unnoticed. We won accoladesfrom fellow developers, industry experts and themedia.

    Launched in February
    of '16, we are completely independent, community funded,community owned.

    Decred is engineers,
    artists, entrepreneurs.

    Decred is a global community that
    believes in financial independence and community basedgovernance.

    We are the
    currency of choice for anyone who wants to take charge oftheir financial lives.

    are the digital currency of the people.

    Learn more about the
    future of finance atdecred.org
    Cryptocurrency for world adoption
    Evolution is behind all greatachievements. It has allowed us to gofrom ideas,tospace.

    It has empowered
    us to turn our dreams intoreality.

    distributed ledger technology is the most sophisticatedphenomenon in the evolution in thedigital world. Itis thefuture.

    Energi is the first cryptocurrency
    that brings together some of the most powerfulideas in cryptocurrency.

    beyond just the technical infrastructure.

    We are talking about something that is expansionary at
    its core and this goes beyond common features such as improving on transactionspeed, mass scalability, low fees.

    has all of these but the truly game changing propositionhere is Energi's decentralized governanceand treasury system. And that's a system that not only makes Energi selfsustaining but is also a self re-enforcing phenomenon.

    That's the
    evolution of cryptocurrency.

    Essentially it's a healthy growth snowball
    effect. As awareness increases, so does its treasury economic power and sodoes adoption fueledby it.

    An organization to be
    self funding, to be able to propel itself and pay its developers,pay its team and to do so in anaccelerating way where every dollar you invest in the organizationyields to a dollar of greater growth.

    It's a positive
    feedback loop.

    The development, the marketing, the operations,
    the expansion... A self funded treasury that iswell directed is an incredibly powerful machine.

    You are
    creating no longer just a cryptocurrency but a living,breathing organization. Somethingthat can be as powerful as worldgovernance.

    Open source project driven by the community
    What is NEO? In this video Iwill be going over the basics of this cryptocurrency.

    NEO was developed by a blockchain
    R&D company called onchain. Launchedin 2014 as Antshares, it was rebrandedas NEO in 2017.

    focuses on innovating in the areas of digital assettransfer, smart contracts and digital identity verification.

    The NEO
    platform consists of two currencies, NEO andGAS both of which are capped at100 million units.

    NEO is the pre mined
    currency which represents a share of the network. It cannot bedivided below one coin like most othercurrencies.

    GAS is the fuel that drives
    smart contracts on the NEO network. Deploying and running smartcontracts consumes gas proportionalto the computing power used.

    New GAS is generated
    with each block. The amount generated isreduced by one token every 2 million blocks. Oncethe 100 million cap is reached, no new GASwill be created.

    Unlike NEO,
    GAS may be sub divided into much smaller units.

    Collected GAS is distributed to holders of NEO
    coin based on their share of the network on a fixedschedule.

    GAS for transaction fees are
    distributed to bookkeepers also known asconsensus nodes in exchange for validating transactions on thenetwork.

    Every NEO coin
    holder has a vote. Coin holderselect consensus nodes who validate transactions,create blocks and make decisions for the blockchainsuch as creating transaction fees.

    a consensus node is not acting in the interest of the network,coin holders can vote out that node.

    Much like
    ethereum, NEO supports smart contracts. Smart contractsallow code to run on the network which imposeslogic and rules on the transferof funds.

    Simple examples of
    smart contracts include locking funds untila package is delivered. Or releasing cryptocurrencyroyalties to a content owner each timea digital item is consumed.

    One of the
    differences between NEO and ethereum is ethereum applications arecoded in a proprietary languagecalled Solidity whereas NEO applications support commonlyused langues such as java, C#and VB.Net.

    Notable items in the
    NEO pipeline are NEO X which will allowtransactions across blockchains. NeoFSwhich will allow for decentralized storage offiles and NeoQ which will allow for a quantum resistantcryptographic methods within the NEOsystem.

    Thank you for joining me today. If you
    enjoyed this video, please like andsubscribe.
    One APK, Multiple App Stores.
    Mobile apps are eating the world.By 2020 the number of smart phoneusers is expected to double. Gross revenueearned by the mobile app market is estimatedto reach $100 billion by the sameyear.

    Yet the apps economy still presents three main challenges.

    First advertising is
    inefficient. There are several intermediariesbetween the developer and the user, reducing transparencyand the potential return for developers.

    in app purchases are still not accessible tomany users and payment intermediaries increase overallcosts.

    Lastly app approval is not
    transparent. It's still difficult to confirmthe identity of developers and there is no universalapproach used by app stores.

    if there was a solution that could tackle these challenges byreinventing the apps economy?

    [inaudible] has
    been working on this for the past fiveyears. And today with smart contracts, we are going tounlock all of those valuesin app distribution and app monetizationfor the developers.

    solution is AppCoins, an open and distributedprotocol for app stores. Using blockchaintechnology and smart contracts, it's the new universallanguage of the app economy based on theethereum network.

    How? Let's imagine that it
    all starts with an app developer investing incost per install advertising. With the AppCoinsmodel, advertising intermediaries are no longerpresent. The only margins [inaudible] are for the app storeand for the manufacturer.

    If the user installs the
    app, he or she will earn AppCoins that can be spenton in app purchases.

    Furthermore with the App Coin
    protocol, the reputation of the app developerscomes from their transactional historyacross stores.

    All information is stored on
    the blockchain, making app approval automated across appstores.

    When it comes to in app purchases,
    AppCoins spent by users will also generate biggermargins for the developer since payment intermediariesare not present anymore.

    In addition, users with no
    payment methods can now receive AppCoins from otherusers and purchase in app items for the firsttime.

    Disruption happens when we apply a new technology
    to an old problem. The new technology here is theblockchain. The old [inaudible] financialtransactions inside the app store.

    It's a problem that
    affects billions of uses. And sometimes they don't even realizeand that's the challenge forAppCoins.

    Overall there is an open, circular and shared
    protocol that creates a trusted environment for all parties.

    For developers, a transparent and efficient way to
    monetize their apps and build a reputation across appstores.

    For users, a trusted environment
    with new purchasing possibilities and incentives to discoverapps.

    For app stores, an app economy
    with a new universal language that ensurestrust without intermediaries.

    Blockchain and
    cryptocurrencies bring our platform to the nextlevel. We always had this vision of a truly open and decentralizedplatform for apps distribution.And of course these technologies enable it.

    We are now
    very excited that [inaudible] is going to use decentralizedtechnology and using the blockchainto really bring crypto technology to the huge userbaseof 200 million users.

    Ardor is an Advanced Blockchain Technology

    Ardor is a multi blockchain platform with a unique
    architecture that separates the network processing andsecurity chain known as the Ardor parent chainfrom the transactional chains.

    These transactional chains known as
    child chains have their own native coin for alltransactions and thus don't require their users to haveparent chain coins.

    Being built on NXT
    technology, each child chain is pre fitted with thefeatures found on the NXT blockchain such as the ability toissue assets, trade them on an assetexchange, run public or privatepolls, set conditional transactions, setup multisigsecurity or send encrypted messages.

    Among many
    others, through a simple user interface as well as through a powerfulAPI, howeverall transactions are still processed and secured by the parentchain. This is facilitated by the help of the bundlingsystem where accounts can be set to collecttransaction fees and child chain coins.

    While paying
    the transaction fees to the parent chain in its own coin.

    Since child chain transactions are processed by the parent
    chain, it's possible for the different chains to interact with eachother such as sending and receiving coins or assets from different childchains.

    This allows for a great deal of interoperabiilty
    among the different child chains,opening up even more potential use cases.

    This unique architecture
    also enables Ardor to addressthe scalability issues found on every blockchain, known as the blockchainbloat problem.

    This refers to the growing blockchain
    size as it gets used thus making it more resource intensiveto run a full node to support the blockchain network aswell as to join it.

    Jelurida, the development team behind Ardor addresses this problem by implementing
    full node pruning where transactionaldata on child chains is regularly removed from thefull nodes on the Ardor parent chain after a snapshot is taken of its most recent state.

    Thus reducing the blockchain size without
    affecting the balances and on-going transactions on eachchain. And the security of the wholeplatform.

    However, full nodes can opt in to become archival
    nodes for specific child chains andstore the historical data of thesechains.

    With all these benefits and features, as well as new ones continually being developed
    by Jelurida, Ardor aims to beone of the top choices for companies and organizations toaddress their blockchain needs.