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Digital advertising
I'm Brendan Eich, I created Javascript, Netscape and then founded the Mozilla project and Firefox. And I am now doing Brave, it's a new browser and a new system for properly valuing user attention. 


Brave software is introducing
 an innovative solution, blockchain based digital advertising.

Online advertising was once simpler, it consisted
 of advertisers, publishers and users. 


Digital advertising has evolved
 into an opaque and inefficient marketplace. Publishers, advertisers and users are all being conned by this system. It's hard to believe but we are paying to be bothered by ads, our mobile phone bill is going toward all the bandwidth spent on ads and trackers. Up to $23 a month according to the New York Times.

 media sites we've seen have as many as 70 trackers calling out using your battery, slowing down the page load and increasing data costs. 

Users are now trying to protect themselves with ad blocking
 which is on over 600,000,000 phones and desktops and rising. 

So we
 realized something needed to be done. We think the solution must involve a decentralized digital ad exchange based on the blockchain.

Brave is implementing this in stages. Our
 first stage is already in the Brave browser which blocks ads and trackers but also have a ledger system for rewarding sites based on user attention.

The second phase
 is when we try to move towards a decentralized ad exchange and that must involve a new kind of currency for user attention, and that's the Basic Attention Token.

The token is derived
 from and therefore denominates user attention. Attention is really just focused mental engagement on an advertisement, great content, on whatever the user is looking at.

The browser can anonymously
 and privately monitor your attention as you view pages in tabs and it can do this in a way that is highly accurate and highly private.

 think this is essential to avoiding fraud and malvertising problems on the current ecosystem. 

Publishers will receive tokens when are viewed,
 users also get a share for their attention if they choose to receive ads. From that share they can then donate back to publishers they wish to support.

We also see publishers
 being paid in tokens able to use those tokens to award users to promote their content.

And if they
 like, they can charge for premium content that is paid in tokens. 

BAT should
 become a new standard that is used in the entire advertising ecosystem. We believe that this combination of blockchain, smart contract browser analytics and accountable open source code and auditability is the future of advertising on the internet. 

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Ethereum smart wallet
[silence] [silence] 

Argent is a gateway to the blockchain space,
 more specifically to ethereum.

We have solved
 the core security and usability issues of blockchain for users by really moving security and logic at the protocol layer.

 Argent, you get the same experience as you are used to with your bank. So imagine a bank that is fully distributed, we don't hold your money, we don't hold your assets. You are in control of your assets and your identity but you don't need to backup a private key on paper. You don't need to worry about someone stealing your assets. The smart contract will protect them. 

And we abstract complex concepts like transaction fees or
 gas fees in the ethereum space. 

Here I've passed face
 ID, I'm now in Argent and it looks like a very sick wallet with all my assets. But what's unique is the private key on the phone doesn't hold any assets. It's really just a remote control to your smart contract that is in the blockchain with your assets. It's your smart contract, you control it.

Here for example I'll send a few
 DAI. I pick a friend, let's say I send 2 DAI and that's literally easier than with your typical banking app. You don't have to worry about fees as Argent takes care of all of that complexity.

So what you will see in the coming
 months is the launch of decentralized finance service where the wallet will take care of all of the complexity and on your phone in one tap you'll be able to open a secured loan with Maker or earn interest with Compound.

That's something where a smart wallet
 can do in an elegant way. 

With Argent, we use
 AWS to get the same benefits. It's a small team, you can build really powerful platforms.

We use many of the typical
 services from [inaudible] with [inaudible] currently.

Then AWS
 also offers very specific services that we need. For example, KMS is a very important component for us. It allowed us to save a lot of time to access [inaudible] infrastructure.

 while we don't hold assets of users, we still interact with the blockchain. So we still need it to be able to hold private keys, sign with these private keys for various services and KMS makes that very easy and very fast to develop.

 find out more about Argent, go on our website and you can access the links to the app on iOS or Android. 
Noob friendly wallet
I'm Austin Griffith, I'm the director of research at Gitcoin. I created the Burner Wallet and we are using it here at the conference at ethereum 2019.

The Burner
 Wallet is a fast web wallet. No downloads, no seed phrases, instant onboarding.

You pick up your
 burner wallet, it exists in your browser and you can go right up to a food truck and scan a QR code and buy a meal.

The Burner Wallet runs on a side chain called
 xDAI and that ramps in and out to ethereum. 

That's the best part about the Burner Wallet, no technical
 background. I don't want to hit you with a seed phrase or block times or any of that. I want you to be able to use it right away.

My mom can use a Burner Wallet.

If you want to
 setup a Burner Wallet, you can hit request in your Burner Wallet and request $5 for hot dogs and setup your shop. It'll give you a QR code, you can post that in your window and you are good to go.

 you want to run a full on event, reach out to me but also there is a ton of content online.

 to host a Burner Wallet is one of my medium articles. It goes through all the mechanics of how it works. 
Ethereum Wallet
As more people use cryptocurrencies and decentralized applications, it's more important than ever to have a simple and robust way to access them.

Whether you are interested in investing,
 making payments or using dApps, having many solutions for different activities can get very inconvenient very fast.

That's where easy to use all in one
 packages like Trust Wallet can help.

 traditional financial markets, the world of crypto never sleeps. More volatile in nature, conditions can change at the drop of a dime. So it's important to have constant access to your funds on the go.

Fully decentralized, Trust Wallet gives you
 a simple mobile application for managing your tokens and coins. And allows you to be in full control of your private keys at the same time.

 Trust, you can store the vast majority of tokens on the market with more projects and blockchains adopted all the time.

Trust's universal wallet or multi coin
 wallet let's you have one backup for all your assets, simplifying wallet management.

And of course
 Trust works great with decentralized exchanges.

Trust Wallet includes a built in web3
 browser that allows you to explore dApps of the decentralized internet, seamlessly and safely.

 blockchain is a new and complex technology, you can rely on Trust dApp marketplace to guide you through it.

It is a place for decentralized
 applications that meet rigorous and security standards and are optimized to perform at the highest level.

Together with Binance, Trust Wallet is working on
 exciting new features including market monitoring, custom networks, test networks, native DEX and a deep integration with Binance's infrastructure.

The opportunities
 for crypto are endless. And with Trust Wallet, Binance's official wallet, anyone can be a part of it. 
Access a Better Web, Anywhere
Welcome to Status, your gateway to the decentralized web.

As we
 become more connected via technology, we become part of a seemingly endless network of institutions and 3rd party services, claiming to make our lives easier.

These institutions
 serve as a trusted middleman to help facilitate our transactions. While this may sound great, serious problems exist.

We now have a fragmented system of identities and
 passwords. We have placed far too much of our personal data in the hands of others and we have given too much power to banks and legal systems.

Luckily, there is another way.

 the decentralized web on the Ethereum public blockchain. The blockchain is a decentralized database that stores a registry of assets, smart contracts and transactions across a globally connected peer to peer network.

 used to its full potential, it will fundamentally change our conception of how the internet, finance and law works. And it can completely eliminate our reliance on trusted 3rd parties.

It's not an app. It's not a company.
 It's not owned by anyone rather it's an open system owned by everyone.

So how do we interact with the next
 generation of the internet? How do we ensure it remains decentralized?


Just as browsers provide a gateway
 to websites and institutions, Status provides a gateway to decentralized apps and services. More than an app, Status is a community, governed by its own users and gives access to a world free from controlling interests and censorship. It works with a number of decentralized apps built on Ethereum to replace your wallet and bank, combining them with a messenger and browser.

Simply put, Status
 is an open portal to the future web. 

Meet Justin, Justin has recently moved
 from London to LA. It's a sunny morning and Justin is ready to get his day started.

He gets
 dressed, grabs his cell phone and hits the road, feeling empowered with the capabilities of Status in his pocket.

First stop is the local coffee
 shop. No wallet? No problem. Justin pays for his coffee with Ether from his Status wallet. And while waiting for his coffee, he checks his stock portfolio and sees gold is up big over night. Time to cash out some of his holdings. 

Justin opens up Status and trades a portion of his Digix
 gold tokens for a more stable currency. Not content with his gold earnings, he heads back to Status and starts scanning Ethlance for work. He's a graphic designer and looking for a freelance gig. 

Within seconds, he finds numerous companies
 in his field looking for people just like him.

He's in luck, he quickly finds a two week
 freelance gig for a local agency. They message back almost immediately. He is perfect for the job, they just need some background information before finalizing the contract.

Via uPort, Justin
 shares the requested credentials to prove his identity. And Justin has now paid for coffee, conquered the markets, and landed a job all while using Status.

He has done this freely without
 middlemen and on his own terms.

 makes all of this possible in a simple and seamless way.

Join Status now and become part of the
 decentralized web. 
Crypto wallet
BitFreezer presents the desired traits of a crypto wallet. How does BitFreezer measure up?

Crypto wallets are
 now coming thick and fast. But which ones will stand the rigorous demands and security expectations put on them?

Everyone wants to use a crypto
 wallet that will still be around in 1, 5 and 10 years time. Buying a wallet is an intimate experience. Not only does it appeal to your nature, it has to match your interest and needs and ideally have capacity for growth as you broaden the demands you place on it.

With security forming the core tenant
 of blockchain technology and pervading everyone's thoughts, new wallets need to be designed around a highly secure architecture while maintaining affordability and ease of use.

Not necessarily an easy feat by any
 means. And that's not to mention the even greater need to stay ahead of potential security vulnerabilities and perceived hacking threats.

 several wallet types readily available, online, mobile app, desktop and hardware versions, customers and users have to think carefully about their current and future requirements before buying.

Otherwise the chosen wallet
 may become a cumbersome burend or worse, a security risk further down the line.

Cold wallet storage. Unlike
 crypto wallet apps for desktops and smartphones, cold storage is removable hardware. Typically a USB enabled device that securely stores your crypto assets.

With high security and removable
 media, BitFreezer is ideal for short and long term crypto asset savings.

 said that, your funds are accessible any time and via practically any USB enabled computer making them a safer option for big transactions as well.

You can use it by simply plugging it in and
 booting up your desktop - laptop.

The builtin OS means that wallet operations are
 compatible with Windows, MacOS, Linux and other major operating systems.

Managing your crypto funds from the bootable wallet
 OS adds the extra security layer of being immune from external interference, including computers potentially infected with viruses and malware.

Security at the center of the design.
 Since BitFreezer boots on an independent OS, a hacked and compromised machine doesn't pose a threat to your funds. BitFreezer boots up and works safely with an internet connection.

That's just one of the
 security layers.

 encrypts and safely sends all data via the TOR onion circuit network, enhancing internet and transaction security, minimizing the risk of data being intercepted.

 comes with seed encryption as well, giving you the option to add an extra layer of security through a personal key in the event your hardware wallet is lost, stolen or accessed by an unwanted 3rd party.

Finally in the
 event you misplace your wallet, access to your funds is protected by your login code, password and Google authentication app co-signing.

 for full details including unboxing and user guide video clips. Purchase options, delivery prices and times as well as comprehensive customer service and facts. 

You were listening to a BitFreezer production.
 Worry less, freeze your assets with BitFreezer.

A cold wallet ideal
 for short and long term savings.

Buy now, visit 
Financial ecosystem
In the world today, more than 2 billion people do not have banking access. To even use basic financial services, they have to go through intermediaries and corrupt infrastructure, suffer high costs with slow and complicated processes.

This hinders the overall growth and
 entrenches poverty.

LaLa World is
 all set to change this financial ecosystem. LaLaWorld is proposing an integrating of advanced biometrics and blockchain technology in order to create a financial ecosystem based on a digital identification called LaLa ID focusing on the inclusion of the under banked and the under served in the financial world.

LaLa World
 eliminates the need for intermediaries which strongly reduces settlement time and creates efficiencies allowing anyone and everyone to take part in the global economy where you live in Southeast Asia, Europe, Middle East of Africa.

It is the aim of LaLa World
 to help you connect to the global economy, empowering entrepreneurship and assisting you in bringing prosperity to your family and community.

LaLa World introduces
 its LaLa wallet. An innovative, secure and easy to use platform which let's you pay your bills. Store and spend and transfer fiat and cryptocurrencies to anywhere in the world for a fraction of the cost.

Get peer to peer as well as
 micro loans at 0% fee. All through your smartphone.

Cash is still the king
 so the LaLa wallet effortlessly allows you to locate a nearby LaLa store to top up and cash out regardless of a bank account.

LaLa wallet transactions are reliable, quick,
 secure and inexpensive. With 100% backed by ethereum based cryptocurrencies, as a result money can move around the continent at the speed of the blockchain.

LaLa World aims to
 revolutionize how individuals, small businesses and micro entrepreneurs transact. Make domestic and cross boder payment. Borrow money and associated product like insurances, cards, wealth and other general banking products by harnessing the power ethereum and hyperledger blockchains.

LaLa World, empowering the
 other underbanked with a brand new financial services ecosystem. 
Making cryptocurrency accessible to everyone
Today I'm looking for my lunch and also to get a good drink. So I'm here in the cafe area and let's try to see what we can find. Let's get some good food and good drinks.

Now we are here at
 a very high coffee place that supports our XPOS device and also our XPass card. Let's buy ourselves some drinks using our XPass card.

Can I have a chocolate coffee.
 Can I pay with my Pundi XPass card?


What I'll do is I'll just
 tap the device using the card.

Here we have it, just bought ourselves
 a chocolate coffee using the Pundi XPass card.

Can I buy
 a bitcoin using my Xpass card?

Of course.

The Pundo XPass device not only
 allows me to buy coffee, it also allows me to buy bitcoin. 

We can also buy bitcoin use
 mobile applications. This is Pundi Pundi and let's try to buy a bitcoin using the application.

 I buy 0.1 bitcoin?


What I was do is use the QR
 code and let the XPOS device scan my QR code.

So I will confirm the
 payment using my thumb print. Or the pass code.

Here I have it, I bought myself
 a bitcoin.

You can actually buy
 coffee or bitcoin using our XPOS device and our XPass card or our application. 

Ethereum wallet
One of the greatest social innovations of the 20th century, utilities. But in the modern day, one still lays dormant, yet to be integrated into modern society.


To economy the blockchain
 step towards mass adoption, a user friendly and secure solution is required for anyone to interact with the ethereum network and its ever growing decentralized ecosystem.

Introducing the
 Equal wallet, your vehicle to navigating the decentralized web.

Interaction with the
 ethereum blockchain has never been this easy. Finally enjoy seamless integration with decentralize applications and decentralized exchanges.

We invite you to browse
 our dApp store and discover the latest and greatest decentralized apps.

 blockchain simple and bringing it to the 99%.

Join us
 and download the EQL wallet today. 
Crypto wallet app
Abra is the world's first really easy to use smartphone app for buying, selling, holding, sending cryptocurrencies.

Using any smartphone,
 Android or iPhone, you can buy bitcoin, you can convert your bitcoin into ether. Or buy litecoin. Take money from your bank account, deposit it into the app with a few clicks. Use that cash to buy any of the 25 cryptocurrencies in our app, you can sell the cryptocurrencies and convert that back to cash which you can send to your bank accounts.

 can send the cryptocurrencies to external wallets.

It's by
 far the easiest place in the world to get exposure and invest in a myriad of cryptocurrencies.

You can download the app on the iPhone
 Appstore or the Android Playstore and literally get up and running in a few minutes. 
Cryptocurrency wallet
When it comes to managing your crypto, you shouldn't have to compromise between security and usability.

A good
 wallet not only provides world class security but also makes it easy for you to use and grow your assets.

Cobo Wallet's
 design incorporates the security of a fortress with the convenience of a mobile app, allowing you to grow and protect your crypto. 

Cobo Wallet supports more than 30 cryptocurrencies
 and 500 different tokens. 

Cobo's unique
 staking pools for proof of stake coins like Dash and crypto growth tools like Big Groove or Bitcoin also allow cryptocurrency owners to generate stable returns just by using Cobo Wallet.

Users are protected by state of the art
 securities feature such as specialized cryptographic hardware to safe guard private keys. And vast analytics and monitoring to prevent fraud.

Cold storage of user assets
 and multi signature authorization, making sure your assets are as safe as they can be.

Don't let your coins sit
 idle, grow and protection your crypto with Cobo Wallet. 
Wallet that interacts with smart contracts
Welcome to the world of AlphaWallet. 

Blockchain is a new kind of
 technology that's quietly changing the architecture of networks, financial systems and everyone's daily lives.

However usability,
 scalability and privacy are still major obstacles to overcome before blockchain applications, known as dApps become common place.

The early advocates
 in the industry are focusing on the public chain itself and working to improve usability, scalability and privacy at the platform but are limited by the trilemma of security, decentralization and scalability.

That's why we
 created AlphaWallet.

To start,
 from the application layer. AlphaWallet aims to reduce dApps dependence and consumption of public chain resources through layer two off chain solutions.

AlphaWallet protocols are a bridge
 between public chains and dApps and make it possible to convert values into blockchain tokens that can be stored and used in the AlphaWallet mobile platform. 

These tokens hold values and functions and by
 allowing them to integrate with services and applications on the user side, it opens up the market to free and fair competition.

AlphaWallet was designed to
 optimize blockchain applications by moving as much logic as possible off chain while still providing all of the benefits of using the public chain.

The key to achieving this is
 refine the common logic into cryptographic protocols and use AlphaWallet's mobile platform and protocols to connect dApps and public chains.

As a result, complex logic and
 private information are processed locally in AlphaWallet and only the necessary validation logic is uploaded to the public chain.

Therefore applications
 can enhance privacy protection and scalability while at the same time improve operating efficiency of the public chain exponentially.

Regardless of how the public chain
 develops, AlphaWallet can optimize it from the application side, effectively solving the three major problems of privacy, scalability and usability. 

 this is just the beginning. AlphaWallet has laid the foundation and will continue to take major steps to help create a more open and fair world. 

 [silence] [silence] 
Home for all cryptocurrencies and Dapps
Cryptocurrencies open the world for investing, trading and purchasing. Values are skyrocketing and new ICOs are introducing exciting tokens every day. So keeping them secure is of the utmost importance.

Infinito Wallet
 is the world's first universal wallet for top coins and all tokens on ethereum and NEO blockchain.

It is a seamless and secure lightweight
 cryptocurrency mobile wallet that enables you to safely store, send and receive top coins and all ERC20 and NET5 tokens.

The intuitive wallet
 features robust security features including password protected transactions, touch ID lock screen.

The universal wallet offers
 great user experience with contact management, multiple currencies and optimized costs as well as downloadable transaction memos, verified sign, portfolio visualization and transaction history.

Infinito Wallet is a universal
 wallet available in multiple languages.

 Infinito Wallet today. The only wallet you'll need to access the infinite potential of cryptocurrencies.

Assets at our fingertips.
Hardware Wallet
[music] [music] [music] [music] 

My name is Vipul and I'm co-founder at Cypherock.

Hello I'm Rohan, co-founder of Cypherock and we are based out of New
 Delhi India.

We at Cyperock are building the world's
 first [inaudible] for pneumonic phrases to secure them for decades.

We believe that the current wallet infrastructure
 is completely broken. Because on one hand you have your hardware wallets protecting your private keys in tamper proof hardware but on the other hand you are basically exposing them all on a piece of paper through your 24 pneumonic phrases. 

So it opens up to much problems
 such as single point of failure, hacks, thefts, and damages.

We completely want to replace
 that process of writing it on a piece of paper to something which is more tamper proof. Something that is more reliable. Something which adds to the peace of mind and confidence into the users holding their own crypto just like they have the confidence in the banks with their savings.

Since we are building a hardware
 product, we knew that we need a solution and ConsenSys is a big name in the industry. So we thought we'll get great feedback here.

What ConsenSys
 and the whole ecosystem around ethereum really brings us is the whole mesh network of companies that are building on the decentralized technologies. And we just wanted to leverage that to have the early adopters for our products.

It's so encouraging
 to see people building on the decentralized technologies of tomorrow.

It has been a roller coaster
 for us. We have almost 300 on our wait list right now and we have iterated over 2 prototypes in 8 weeks.

That's kind of the acceleration we
 were expecting and also we got out of the program.

The most important part
 which was helpful was we found out which features should be added into the product. Or which features shouldn't be added right now.

 got great feedback on that. And we are iterating.

What we have right now is the huge network of
 companies that could really push us for the next 18 months. And we are aiming to sell about 100,000 units in the next 18 months of our operations.

That's what our
 next goal is. 
Atomic Cryptocurrency Wallet
Atomic is the first non custodial wallet with cross chain atomic swap technology. It's a multi asset wallet that supports all the top blockchains and over 300 tokens. You can buy crypto with a credit card right in the Atomic wallet interface and swap it with a built in exchange service.

With Atomic Wallet you can
 manage all of your cryptocurrency assets in a decentralized way.

You can swap your coins and
 tokens with no counterparty risk.

 private data are stored in an encrypted manner on the end user device and never left out. So your money is totally under your control. 

It's the convenient and versatile decentralized
 solution for custody free cryptocurrency management.

You can add a custom ERC20 token to
 Atomic wallet and participate with any airdrop or bounty with it.

Claim AWC tokens
 by giving an email in the airdrop tab. Download the app now at and take control of your funds in one secure interface. 
A wallet for your digital currencies and assets.
Welcome to Scatter Meteoric, a wallet for your digital currencies and assets.


Good evening

 your digital assets in our marketplace. Trade assets from different blockchains including bitcoin. Be safe by using Riddle, our reputation and identity layer.