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A portal to asset management
The digital asset market is worth over $12B to date and continues to expand rapidly in value and choice. 

It's getting hard to stay on top of it all.

There is no quick and easy way to track and gain exposure to this
 exciting new asset class.

Melonport is
 the first application to enable open, competitive and decentralized digital asset management solutions. As well as quick visibility and access to the performance of other asset managers.

With Melonport,
 anyone will be able to easily setup and customize a portfolio on the blockchain using a Melon friendly interface and we really do mean anyone.

 reduces management costs. Most fixed costs traditionally incurred when managing portfolios are eliminated by Melon smart contracts which automate operations such as clearing and settlement, performance monitoring and broadcasting your validated track record.

Melonport leverages the visibility
 and transparency inherent to blockchains, so that performance can be tracked giving talented managers the opportunity to be sought out and rewarded.

So whether you are an
 individual or saver managing your own personal digital portfolio or a large institutional asset manager acting on behalf of 100s of clients, Melonport can radically simplify your workload, lower your costs and grow your reputation.

The Melon
 protocol is split into two parts. The core and an open ever expanding universe of useful modules. 

Melon Core links all asset management functions together
 and enables all transactions to be possible. 

Melon Modules are optional customized functions
 selected by the portfolio manager.

There are two ways you
 can take part in Melonport's exciting journey.

Anyone can contribute in the upcoming
 pre-sale of a fixed supply of Melon tokens to fund our next development phase which is building out a full suite of robust, secure asset management tools. 

You'll be able to use the core protocol by paying in Melon tokens.

Developers can also build Melon modules
 and earn Melon tokens proportionate to the value that their modules add to the network. The more useful their modules, the more greater the rewards.

This adds to a network
 effect where the interest of tokenholders, developers and portfolio managers are beautifully aligned, re-enforcing one another. 

That's the beauty of Melonport. Bringing it all
 together. [silence] [silence] 
SALT Lending is the first crypto lending platform
Even if you bought bitcoin in 2016 and kept it until 2017, you could've made a profit of over 700% if you had kept all of those coins that is.

Even though us bitcoiners love to hodl,
 chances are you've already had to sell some to pay for your bitcoin fueled lifestyle.

Imagine this,
 what if you could hodl bitcoin and have money to spend at the same time.

In 2017
 this is finally a reality with Salt.

Salt is a next generation
 lending platform for blockchain backed loans. We make it easy to get cash without having to sell your favorite investment.

Here is how it works. Joining is
 fast and easy. With quick approval and no credit checks, the only thing you need to get started is to purchase SALT, built on an ERC 20 smart contract which allows you to purchase membership on the salt lending platform. 

Once you become a member, you can put up your bitcoins and
 other blockchain assets as collateral and borrow money from our extensive network of lenders.

The application process is
 fast and as soon as you pay back your loan, you get your collateral back with no early repayment fees.

Now you can get cash
 to pay bills, remodel your home, buy a car or even start a new business and your crypto is right there if you need it.

Salt, keep your crypto,
 get your cash. 
Credit on the blockchain
The traditional credit system has connected lenders and borrowers for decades. Evaluating credit risks, limits and logistics but also adding lots of beaurocracy, geographic limitations and excluded the unbanked from the financial system.

With the internet, new peer to peer
 loans accelerated the process and reduced costs. But the risk was still too big for the lender and credit lending was still assymetric.

 created a solution and it's called Ripio Credit Network.

Ripio Credit Network is a protocol based
 on smart contracts and blockchain technology that opens the door to global credit. Connecting lenders and borrowers with RCN tokens which allow lendings on any currency, anywhere in the world. 

The network works like this. The borrower
 makes a credit request from his wallet provider. The wallet provider generates a smart contract and broadcasts it to the network. Then several agents seal that contract.

First an ID verifier identifies the borrower
 for security reasons. Then a scoring agent analyzes the probabilities of a default. Then an oracle informs the exchange rate between currencies. Finally the co-signer manages the credit conditions in the borrowers country of residence, distributing the lenders risk and adding to the terms noted on the contract. The co-signed contract is then listed in the order book of an online exchange.

 the other side of the network, the lenders create trading orders and RCN tokens on the exchange including their lending conditions. When the lenders order matches the conditions on the smart contract, the loan takes place.

The RCN tokens
 are transferred to the corresponding wallet provider which trades the RCN tokens to local currency and grant credit to the borrower.

 reducing the traditional banking brokerage costs and management fees, the Ripio credit protocol allows better conditions for both lenders and borrowers.

 Credit Network sets the stage for a decentralized, trustworthy, predictable and efficient peer to peer global credit network that will help many ideas and projects all over the world to become a reality.

 Credit Network. [silence] 
BitGrowthFund, iMining, and ICO Fund. Blockchain technology is changing the world. Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin that started at zero value today is worth over $1200 in a very short span of time.

 success has led to creation of whole new cryptocurrency, trading and mining industry which has a combined market capitalization of over $30B today.

Many other coins like Ether, Monero,
 Dash, zCash and more have become popular mining and trading investments for people.

Traders around the world are trading approximately
 $400M worth of these cryptocurrencies on 100s of online exchanges that have sprung up around the world every day.

 have all read news about 1000s of early adopters who have earned returns in multiples of 1000s by investing in mining and participating in Initial Coin Offering's of these currencies.

 it all too complex for you and you wish you could profit from growth of this industry and not miss the boat?

 you busy at work and don't have time to look into rapid new developments within this high return industry? 

Introducing MCAP. We at BitcoinGrowthFund
 have created MCAP, the world's first mining and ICO fund that makes it easy for regular investors who cannot keep pace with growing scale of investment and rapid development within this new industry.

Our team of experienced cryptocurrency
 technologists, researchers and traders identify growth opportunities and invest your capital in both mining as well as ICO opportunities that share earnings with you on a monthly basis. 

Now all you need to do is get on with your
 daily life while your capital is deployed in the high growth cryptocurrency industry and working for you.

Visit us today at and learn more. 
Open-source business development and financial man
Imagine a company, this company has a lot of expenses but what if you could remove those expenses and give the money saved to the shareholders as profit? 

Imagine you could be one of these
 shareholders and you could trade your shares with anyone, as easy as sending email but without any middlemen, brokers or commissions. 

Well now you can with Bitshares.

 are shares of digital companies that are traded directly from person to person over the internet. Digital companies exist entirely in software, and it runs on the computers of the customers that use them.

 was the firm digital company that calls its shares coins and promoted their use as a form of money. 

Bitshares goes beyond Bitcoin to offer
 many new and more profitable companies in industries like banking, stock exchanges, auctions, music, voting, lotteries, insurance and many more.

 does for business what Bitcoin is doing for money.

To learn more,
Tokit allows Content Creators of any kind to creat
Welcome to Tokit, an evolution in entertainment. Create and control your projects with Tokit, a new and exciting business structure made possible by blockchain technology is called a tokenized ecosystem. 

Turn your projects into a tokenized ecosystem
 with Tokit.

 ecosystems and tokens give you the ability to manage your intellectual property rights, revenue and royalty flow as well as connect with your audience in a more meaningful way.

Instead of your
 audience receiving just inspiration from your creative works, they can now share in your success.

Never again ask permission from gatekeepers
 and intermediaries to create your movies, music, books and more.

Engage directly with your
 audience and grow your global fan base.

All revenue and royalties
 are embedded in your tokens for your audience to immediately withdraw or they can use your tokens to watch your movies, listen to your music, play your video games, read your books and more.

 to Tokit now to learn more. Tokenize anything. Tokenize everything. 


 [music] [music] [music] 
Exchange US dollars for Paxos Standard Tokens to m
Sending money should be as simple as clicking a button which is why we created Paxos Standard.

 Standard is new digital asset and one Pax token is always equal to one US Dollar.

Since the price does
 not change, Pax is called a stable coin. This allows you to easily invest when you want to take risk and instantly cash out to Paxos Standard when you don't. 

Thanks to the efficiency of blockhain technology, Paxos Standard
 let's you instantly send money to anyone, anywhere at any time.

And because
 it's government regulated and regularily audited, Paxos Standard is a stable coin you can trust.

Thanks to Paxos Standard, now everyone
 can participate in a truly open, frictionless global economy. 
Finance Asset Management and Copytrading Platform
Genesis Vision, using the blockchain and smart contracts, we have connected brokers, fund managers, exchanges and investors into a single network in order to bridge the divide of the financial world. 

 is a completely transparent and open trust management ecosystem that will create a fair and profitable 360 degree solution for all market participants. 

 [music] [music]

We have reduced the complex and
 diverse financial world to the size of a smart phone screen and made it simple for you to interact with. 

 conduit to a global trading infrastructure.

 like the stock market, you invest in multiple sources to generate income. But rather than assets, you invest in people.

It is an open market of experienced
 asset managers competing for delivering the highest profits. It all comes down to choosing the best manager on the platform. 

If you don't have
 time to master trading, let the professionals do it for you. Invest in pure skill and not marketing.

Tap into the
 $70 trillion market. 

 Vision, asset management fueled by trust. 
[music] [music] [music] [music] 

Hey guys I'm Varun, the co-founder of Nuo. And I'm
 Sechath the co-founder of Nuo.

So Nuo is actually a peer to
 peer debt marketplace which connects lenders and borrows from across the world using a set of smart contracts. Essentially that enables users to cut across interest rates and cut across borders and transact with each other in a completely trustless way.

We've been at it for almost 18 months
 now. We've been build the products [inaudible] 40,000 users who are using our app already. We have [inaudible] in loans in our peer to peer loans app.

Super excited
 to launch the [inaudible].

And this beta version
 has a completely changed UX from the user's perspective where the user doesn't need to bother about the payment of cash or waiting for block confirmation time. The transactions are relayed on chain by us.

Debt needs to be completely [inaudible] transparent and the only way that is possible
 is by creating a global debt market. And that is essentially what we are trying to do.

The way we are going about it, the fact that
 there are very less users or daily active users in the decentralized space, we think the major reason for that is the user experience. No hassles with gas payments, hassles with taking are of your private key.

We are actually abstracting
 all of those inconveniences of the decentralized world and giving a very clean, web 2 experience to the user.

We are super excited about what's coming ahead
 for Nuo. We already have 40,000 users and $25,000 in loans that have been enabled. We want to go to millions of users who should be able to use our debt markets and we're super excited about what's going to happen specifically in Asia and emerging markets.

The future
 of cypto is in Asia and we are super pumped about guiding that future as we go back and ensure that decentralized is available so that we can empower users in Asia and in emerging markets. 
The first P2P lending platform in the world
The technology likely to have the greatest impact on the next few decades... It is a huge deal... It's called the blockchain.

It has a greater ability to bring
 more of the world's population out of poverty. 

It is working. There will be other currencies like it, maybe even

For the first
 time [inaudible] exchange value online without a 3rd party.

74% of the world's population according
 to the World Bank does not have access to basic financial services.

You don't have
 to be physically in the same place.

 is disrupting the traditional lending industry. A decentralized peer to peer lending platform. 

 just started to use Windows without asking what is the code behind moving the mouse.

Owned by the people.

The risk if it's done properly are
 very manageable.

100% decentralized.

 using tokens as collateral.

As a viable alternative
 to mainstreet bank lending.

 lending revolution has started. 

Lendoit, disrupting the traditional
 lending industry. 
Platform for decentralized financial services
Welcome to nash. We build technology that lets you transfer assets securely without trusting 3rd parties. 

Our products allow anyone, consumers,
 professionals and businesses to trade, pay and invest while remaining in control.

Bitcoin and other
 decentralized blockchain technologies offer amazing benefits. But interfaces are slow, complicated and not user friendly. 

It's hard to stay safe from hackers and scams
 or to feel secure trusting services that let you buy and trade.

Nash changes all of this.

Our revoluationary
 technology makes decentralized trading faster and our user experience is the simplest and safest there is. 

We make blockchain
 available to everyone. Whether you want to transfer money and buy goods online or trade a portfolio of digital assets, we provide the tools to put your money back into your own hands. And your goals within arm's reach. 

With Nash, nothing will stand in your
Decentralized Crowdfunding
[music] [music] [music] [music] [music] [music] 

Godzillion is a decentralized
 application as a smart contract architecture built on top of the ethereum blockchain. 

 [music] [music] [music] 

Godzillion, the decentralized
 application works using a token. The name of the token is GODZ. Using GODZ you can vote on a start up, you can participate in the crowdfunding campaign and also trade those start-ups. 

 [music] [music] 

300 million of GODZ will be created in our
 crowd sale. 70% of that number will be available to purchasers. 15% will be available to founders and backers. And the last 15% will be available to our foundation. 


Godzillion's decentralized application
 has four parts. The first is for voting. The second one is for issuing, the third one is for exchange and the last one is for making transfers and balance history. 


Start-ups, in order
 to issue their tokens, it must be voted by the crowd. To attract voters, the start up put the reward into the smart contract so that voters can vote yes or vote no against the start up.

At the end of the
 voting process, the reward will be available to the winning side either the yes side or the no side.

 the winners will have their votes back plus the 95% of the reward that [inaudible] in order to be voted.

The losing side
 receive their GODZ back and the 5% of the reward [inaudible] losing side also gain [inaudible] rate of return.

The winning
 side of course will earn more [inaudible] rate of return.

 to Godzillion, the [inaudible] decentralized marketplace on the ethereum blockchain using smart contract architecture. 
Reputable & actionable intel for traders and inves
Welcome to the world of digital currencies where high volatility helps some investors make millions over night. And where lack of specialized information made others lose their portfolios in a matter of weeks.

Finding quality centralized information
 on cryptocurrency investing is currently a random process.

Browse the internet
 and you will find a number of imperfect sources from YouTube channels and blogs all the way to industry news and market data websites.

 1000s of new coins on the horizon, few investors can make informed decisions that lead to healthy portfolio growth.

But what if you could have access
 to a platform that provides actionable market information? Where you can access analyst and sector reports, technical trading alerts, code vulnerabilities and security assessment to judge the viability of a token.

And where the
 community is incentivized financially to distinguish the meaningful information from the noise in the market.

The Pareto Network aims to achieve just that.

It brings together specialized
 content creators and investors with the aim to advance the knowledge of cryptocurrency investment.

Content creators produce relevant financial
 information which is curated by the platform.

When token holders reward the quality of their information,
 they receive Pareto tokens.

 holders access that information and reward its quality using the same network tokens. 

A ranking algorithm places them in a queue which
 determines how fast they receive the information depending on their activity levels within the platform.

Ranking higher gives you access to actionable
 information before everyone else.

Finally a system that helps identify
 market inefficiencies and promote more accurate price discovery all while aligning the economic incentives of all its participants.

The Pareto
 Network, the first peer to peer financial content marketplace. 
Crowdholding helps projects get feedback and rewar
1740 start-ups fail every day. It's attributed to a lack of market need for the product and not having the right network. Finding the best businesses to support is also difficult which is why Crowdholind created a platform that connects businesses to supporters with diverse skills.

Businesses can enhance
 products, validate ideas and raise awareness.

Supporters can create a professional
 portfolio, get early access to products and earny Yuppy tokens.

A business submits a product
 idea and pleges a percentage of revenue as a reward for contributions.

Supporters improve the product and
 get rewarded with Yuppy tokens.

A crowd of supporters
 makes decisions better than experts. 

At Crowdholding businesses and
 supporters and paid in Yuppies. Their interests are aligned and the token's value grows along with the business.

We see a future where people can
 work everywhere, any time to support the worlds' economy through crowdsourcing. 

The best ideas come from real people like
 you. Let's build better businesses together. 
8x Protocol
Recurring crypto payments
Cryptocurrencies are on the rise. But right now you can't make recurring payments.

Estimates say the subscription economy
 will be worth over $500B by 2020.

 8x Protocol, a way of making recurring crypto payments whether you are a business, a user or a token holder.

Here is how it works.

 Kevin wants to subscribe to Netflix, Spotify or even just pay his rent.

Through 8x,
 he can view, renew and cancel all his subscriptions from a single place.

Rather than using
 a volatile cryptocurrency, Kevin can pay using a stablecoin which is equal to $1 USD.

When the next payment is
 due, Kevin's subscription is broadcasted to the 8x Protocol network.

Token holders can then process the
 transaction and earn a fee.

Stablecoins are then
 taken from Kevin's wallet and paid directly to the business.


 we are helping push crypto adoption with real businesses.

8x Protocol,
 the future of recurring payments. 
Recurring crypto payments
Quick question. How many of the people watching this video have a subscription to something, anything? Netflix? Spotify? GSuite? Tinder? 

Everybody, right?

Now how many of you go and press that button
 every month to pay for your Netflix subscription? Nobody. 

Well that's what you have to do today in
 crypto. You can't pre-authorize payments. The wallets and the payment gateways just don't support it.

That's a huge problem. That's the problem that we are solving here at

We are building a suite of tools to power
 the crypto subscription economy.

So come dig the groundhog
 revolution, join us at where we have a ton of open positions and we are looking at merchants who are interested in using our platform.

If you can help or you want to get involved in
 any way, just send us a shoutout.

You can also email us at and follow us on Twitter @GroundhogPay 

Can't wait to talk to you.