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  • Decentralized Crowdfunding

    Godzillion is a decentralized
    application as a smart contract architecturebuilt on top of the ethereum blockchain.


    Godzillion, the decentralized
    application works using a token. The name of thetoken is GODZ. Using GODZ you can vote ona start up, you can participate in the crowdfundingcampaign and also tradethose start-ups.


    300 million of GODZ will be created in our
    crowd sale. 70% of that number will be availableto purchasers. 15% will beavailable to founders and backers. Andthe last 15% will be availabletoourfoundation.


    Godzillion's decentralized application
    has four parts. The first is forvoting. The second one is for issuing, the third one isfor exchange and the last one is formaking transfers and balancehistory.


    Start-ups, in order
    to issue their tokens, it must be voted by thecrowd. To attract voters,the start up put the reward into the smart contract sothat voters can vote yes or vote noagainst the start up.

    At the end of the
    voting process, the reward will be availableto the winning sideeither the yes side or the no side.

    the winners will havetheir votes back plus the 95%of the reward that [inaudible] in orderto be voted.

    The losing side
    receive their GODZ back and the5% of the reward [inaudible] losingside also gain [inaudible] rateof return.

    The winning
    side of course will earnmore [inaudible] rate of return.

    to Godzillion, the[inaudible] decentralized marketplace on the ethereumblockchain usingsmart contractarchitecture.
    Reputable & actionable intel for traders and inves
    Welcome to the worldof digital currencies where highvolatility helps some investors make millions over night.And where lack of specialized informationmade others lose their portfolios in a matter ofweeks.

    Finding quality centralized information
    on cryptocurrency investing is currentlya random process.

    Browse the internet
    and you will find a number of imperfect sources from YouTubechannels and blogs all the way to industrynews and market data websites.

    1000s of new coins on the horizon,few investors can make informed decisions that lead to healthy portfoliogrowth.

    But what if you could have access
    to a platform that provides actionable market information?Where you can access analystand sector reports, technical trading alerts,code vulnerabilities and security assessment tojudge the viability of a token.

    And where the
    community is incentivized financially to distinguishthe meaningful information from the noise in themarket.

    The Pareto Network aims to achieve just that.

    It brings together specialized
    content creators and investors with the aim to advancethe knowledge of cryptocurrencyinvestment.

    Content creators produce relevant financial
    information which is curated by theplatform.

    When token holders reward the quality of their information,
    they receive Pareto tokens.

    holders access that information and rewardits quality using the same network tokens.

    A ranking algorithm places them in a queue which
    determines how fast they receive theinformation depending on their activity levels within theplatform.

    Ranking higher gives you access to actionable
    information before everyoneelse.

    Finally a system that helps identify
    market inefficiencies and promote moreaccurate price discovery all while aligning theeconomic incentives of allits participants.

    The Pareto
    Network, the first peer to peer financialcontent marketplace.
    Borrow/Lending decentralized

    On this video we are going to be talking about

    Compound.Finance is a borrowing platform allowing you to
    lend and borrow cryptocurrenciesin a fully decentralized manner.

    The platform allows you to
    borrow regular cryptocurrencies like BATand stablecoins such as DAI which are pegged to theUSD.

    We'll be taking a look at their current platform with
    Mike and also possiblydoingsomeborrowingof our own.

    Let's go take a look at Compound.Finance
    with Mike.

    So now
    we are going to talk about Compound.Finance

    This is a lending platform.
    It's a lending and borrowing platform that has its own decentralizedprotocol for holding onto assetsand letting people borrow.


    As you see it's a dApp,
    so you connect with Metamask. Thisis the app and usually when you signin... This message isn't up here...

    theyhad an issue where there was a vulnerabilityfound by a communitymember. They are swappingout some of the contracts and lookingat auditing some of the relationships that happen between the frontendand backend.

    Have you
    earned interest on the money?

    I have.

    So we lent $23
    originally.And on a variable 9.5%APR we havemade 5 cents.

    When did you do this?

    couple weeks ago.

    So you can earn money over time lending out
    ETH or DAI in this case for you to other people.DAI is basically just dollars. You lend it out and youearn interest. 8% a year.

    But you said before it
    was more.

    Before it was
    around 15%.It changes, it goes upand down.

    Based on what?

    It's based off of the collaterlization
    that's being supplied as well asthe price of the underlying asset.

    reminds me of MakerDAO.

    has a lot of commonpieces.

    The interest is super
    simple. Easy to use as well. I wish theborrowing activity wasn't pausedso you could look. But you can go in andcheck out the data.

    Either send in to one of the collateralizers
    or borrow.

    I think it's really fascinating
    because withtraditional assets, you put your house up ascollateral. But they have to do a lot of research around who has liens on thathouseetc. And you can basicallycome in and take[inaudible] somethinglike security tokens.

    it. It's immediately authenticated through the blockchain like it isnow.

    Now I
    take out money, Iborrow a certain amount and if I don't pay itback in enough time or something happens to the value ofmy house,then I get liquidated etc.

    That's how CDPs work. I think the more platforms that come out
    like this is really fascinating. Themore we can get real world assets on the blockchain that areverified, the cooler platforms like this can become.

    the rules won't change.It's not like somebody in some part of the basketdown the line changed how their particularfinancing is working and it has this huge affect that changes what you areborrowing and one day you go to consolidate your loansand everything is messed up because somebody insome basket messed something up.

    it is blockchain, because it is a smart contract, thelogic governing it stays the same. The rules don'tchange.

    are very much at an incubationstage. As we see here, the borrowingis down now and there is a bit of chaos here becausethere was a vulnerabilityin the smartcontract.

    That can happen as
    we are at the very early stages.I think when it matures it'll bereally awesome.

    What is
    the risk modeling? Instead of[inaudible] nowwe are dealing with technology hazards.

    What happens if the
    core protocol has an issue? Whotakes care of making peoplewhole?

    There is no human. It's all

    Aside from being terrifying,
    it's reallycool.

    this is Compound.Finance
    The Future of Asset Tokenization on the Blockchain
    We live in a world full ofcontrast. Technology evolves at breathtakingspeed yet our monetary system and financialservices industry have failed to keep up with the acceleratedpace.

    Traditional asset trading is a
    prime example of an industry that has been leftbehind. It is complex, clearingand settlement take three days. It's extremely costintensive due to the number of fees that need to bepaid.

    It's exclusive due to
    artificial geographic trading restrictions such as the needfor a bank account.

    Cryptocurrencies on the other hand
    are easy to handle. The fees are minimaland the barriers to trade are non existent.

    However because of market volatility,
    investors can see their portfolios dissipatewith in a matter of weeks. Plus the limited acceptanceof digital currencies in the traditionaleconomy leaves very little ways to diversifyrisk.

    Through the use of
    smart contracts, Brickblock is creating a platform that allowsusers to seamlessly invest into real estateand ETFs and cryptocurrency funds.

    When you buy an asset
    on Brickblock, it's first stored in a digital trust fund andkept there for the life of the trade meaning yourasset tokens will always be one to one backedby real assets.

    After full
    clearing and settlement, a token representing the equity of theasset is then issued through theBrickblock platform and can be stored in mostcrypto wallets.

    Investments that were usually kept with a bank or a
    broker can be secured on a phone orcomputer and carried with you at alltimes.

    By bridging asset investments with the
    blockchain, Brickblock willcreate a system that empowers everyone to seamlesslyinvest in global funds.

    A system
    where order and issuing fees can be reduced to afraction of the usualcost.

    Where counterparty risk can go down
    from 3 days to mere minutes. Whereeveryone has access to real world assets and cancarry them within their pocket.

    If you want
    to help bring to reality the next phase of investmentevolution, then join our whitelist andsupport Brickblock.