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Open protocol for digital advertising
Online advertisements are essential to providing a free internet. Unfortunately the user is often bombarded by ads, leading many to use ad blockers. 

This is detrimental to the internet. But what if there
 was a way you could clean up digital advertising while making the internet a better place? 

With adChain, you can. The adChain
 registry is the first token curated registry powered by the blockchain to provide a list of the best ad supported sites.

 use ad token to apply to the registry. If a member thinks the website is bad, they can sue their ad token to challenge the application. The ad token community then votes to support or oppose.

If the majority
 supports the application, the website gets admitted. And the challenger forfeits their ad token which is paid out to voters on the winning side.

In the end the community creates a
 list of the best ad supported websites and members can earn ad token in the process. 
Adblocker Extension with Crypto Rewards
Hi I'm [inaudible] which in Greek mythology means wise centaur. But that doesn't matter right now. Get!

What does matter is I'm
 CTO of Adbank. What's Adbank? Let me show you.

Right now if you are
 a digital advertiser, you give your money to a middle man and he takes a huge chunk of it and gives the rest to a publisher. 

Adbank is the new platform that gets rid of this
 guy. Come on guys, take it. It's yours, grab it! Don't be shy!

How do we do it?

A peer to peer advertising platform built on the blockchain.

Don't know what the blockchain
 is? Ask your nerdiest friend.

The blockchain is a


How does this work without the middle man?

You know how Uber doesn't own any cars, they built a platform
 that connects people together directly. 

Well it would be so cliche to say we are the
 Uber of digital advertising so I won't say it. But I'll sing it.

We're the Uber
 of [inaudible] advertising. 

I hate it when people say that.

So why does that matter?
 Well we are 100% transparent. Open source and fully auditable. 

Hey Adbank, did we say how much we charge? Yup it's on the
 blockchain. What about you middleman? I won't tell you. 

 does transparency matter? Fraud, fraud, fraud. 56% of all website traffic is bots. 56%, that's over half. That means right now you are paying for pants but you are getting pantsed. Stop getting pant robbed.

Get both pant legs now and
 we are going to do it. How? 

Artificial intelligence plus the blockchain allows us to
 differentiate between bots and genuine people.

That means with Adbank you can
 stop paying to show your ads to these guys and start showing them to these guys.

How do you accept lots of cash?

Plus we are Canadian. So we are stopping fraudsters
 without every raising our voice. 

If you like having more cash and you don't like being defrauded
 and you want to know exactly where your money is going, then voila -- Adbank.

You can trust me
 because my name means wise centaur.

 that matters. 

 [music] [music] [music] [music] [music] 
Decentralized communications protocol for journalists and citizens
The journalism industry today is on a dangerous path. There is really only a handful of ways to pay for the news. 

Journalism is sometimes
 referred to as the first draft of history.

This is a sacred institution
 that is facing an existential threat like never before. 

Papers have been closing and downsizing for years and that affects all of

The world is changing. Technology introduces
 new challenges, new opportunities.

 need a radically new business model or we are going to see journalism be eradicated.

We are using blockchain and
 crypto economics to pursue that end. [music] [music] [music] 

I am Matthew Iles, I'm the CEO of the Civic Media Company. Our mission is to create a
 network committed to the cause of independent sustainable journalism around the world.

The funding models of
 journalism have been eroding around us for the last 20 years or so. The internet wrongly taught us that stuff should be free. And then you monetize the attention that you've accrued to 3rd party advertisers.

Print advertising, digital
 advertising, a lot of those have basically disappeared. And local news organizations are under terrible duress. 

It's systematically starved entire
 swaves of populations from having real critical information about what's happening around them.

That's not conducive to serving citizens
 and finding and reporting on under reported stories.

We need to flip this
 incentive model on its head and that's what we are trying to do at Civil.

When I first thought of
 Civil, I wanted to create a decentralized marketplace for sustainable journalism, having no idea how to actually build it.

And then I discovered

The point of Civil is to take the big media company
 out of the equation.

We are trying to effectively
 rewrite the technology stack of the entire journalism industry from the bottom up in a permanent and publicly owned manner.

I'm passionate about journalism
 because of what it means to a free and open and just society. But as an entrepreneur, I'm obsessed with the business model problem. I think it's one of the most wicked business model problems that any industry is facing.

Public trust in the media is at
 a historic low today. We think there is an opportunity to build a new model quite literally from the ground up that prioritizing the process that goes into reporting these stories and that provides a new level of transparency to readers.

Civil provides journalists with the tools
 they need to build sustainable businesses.

From subscription
 businesses to crowd funding models and beyond, businesses that prioritize the process of quality journalism. 

We are recruiting a community that will govern the platform and will ensure that
 publishers on Civil are always adhering to the highest journalistic standards.

Civil is built on the ethereum
 blockchain. This is as much as anything a decentralized publicly owned concept. So we need to get ourselves out of the way as rapidly as possible. And we are using technology called tokens to do that. 

The Civil token is a consumer token. It is a
 voting stake on the platform.

Token holders
 will have a vote on who can publish on Civil and will play a pivotal role in holding them accountable with economic incentives built right into the technology.

It's a unique opportunity
 to shape the future of journalism and help preserve it for generations to come.

We can't do this without
 you. We can't do this without distributing our tokens to as many mission aligned people, journalists, organizations as possible.

The first set of news rooms that have
 signed onto Civil are known as the first fleet. They've been in the trenches of journalism. They have seen the problems of making good quality news and journalism in the 21st century.

Civil is seeking to be a platform
 for us, not a publisher.

The journalism you see up here
 today are the owners of the Colorado Sun and we will be the ones calling the shots.

Civil has deliberately
 chosen to focus its initial news rooms on local, international, investigative and policy journalism.

We have a ton of news rooms that we are launching with that we are really excited about.

When you encounter a news room on Civil,
 you'll know that that news room has committed to publish according to the purpose, values, working standards of our platform which is called the Civil Constitution.

The point of the Civil Constitution is
 to make sure that we all have a common understanding so that we can have a generally agreed upon framework that any news room, any journalism on the platform agrees to abide by. 

The Civil Media Company is not the arbiter
 of whether or not you are doing that, the public is.

We are at the very beginning
 of what we think is a long road but it's one we believe will inject new life into journalism at a critical time and ensure it survives and thrives long into the future. 
Decentralized ad network
Welcome to AdEx Network. 

AdEx is a decentralized advertising
 platform aimed at changing the online advertising landscape as we know it.

AdEx makes life easier
 for all the parties that participate in the advertising process. 

First, we would like to introduce
 publishers. Publishers can sign up to AdEx to better monetize their websites. They will generate revenue depending on how many clicks the ads achieve and will verify ad delivery so advertisers only pay for real impressions.

They will have the option to
 accept or decline bids and will have full control over what ads appear on their site.

But most importantly
 they will be dealing directly with advertisers with no middlemen.


In order to purchase ad space, advertisers
 will need ADX tokens that they can purchase with fiat currency. Advertisers can also use detailed targeting to reach the right audience for their services or products.

Our platform makes sure
 to deliver the ads to real people, only so the ad fraud possibilities are minimized.

 finally advertisers budgets go completely to publishers with no middlemen in between and with no fees or commissions paid to AdEx.

And our last party,
 the users.

AdEx allows users to regain control
 over their privacy and to get meaningful, targeted ads.

AdEx is a platform
 made to improve online advertising experience. No more extra fees. No more unclear reporting. And no more unwanted ads.

Let's make advertising
 great again. 
Next generation video delivery powered by you
Technology today is amazing. But somehow streaming quality and load times are still terrible. 

Everyone has a computer with extra bandwidth
 to spare, especially when a machine is not being used. And now you can make money but putting that bandwidth to use thanks to Theta token.

Here is how it works. When you are watching your
 favorite streamer or when you area sleep, Theta client will tap into your extra bandwidth to relay video streams to local viewers.

They'll enjoy improved
 stream quality and loading times while you earn Theta tokens. The more you deliver, the more you earn.

With your tokens you can send donations
 to your favorite streamers, unlock premium content and buy and gift virtual items.

Theta is a new blockchain
 built by, a leading e-Sports live streaming start-up based in Silicon Valley that has raised more than $17M in venture financing. Has over 2 million users and is growing quickly.

 completed a $20M private token sale in early 2018 and launched its live testnet in June 2018.

Three weeks
 after launch, over 300,000 users from 149 different countries have shared video on the Theta testnet. Over 40% bandwidth offloaded, improved quality and reach all thanks to you, the Theta community.

Theta is a native
 blockchain and open source infrastructure that any partner can build on.

Theta Network, next generation video
 delivery powered by you.

 us at 
An open platform for live video broadcasting
Livepeer is a platform for video transcoding and distribution. 

This is Doug, he's using Livepeer to live
 stream a workshop to his viewers around the world. Doug, our broadcaster, sends video into the Livepeer network. Livepeer transcodes the data into all the formats and bitrates that his viewers can consume.

This is a really important
 broadcast for Doug. How does he know the experience will be high quality?

There are two key actors in the Livepeer
 network that ensure the quality of the live stream -- transcoders and delegators.

 perform the job of transcoding the stream into another bit rate or packaging format for all of Doug's viewers. And delegators are token holders who stake towards transcoders.

Doug knows
 that his transcoder has been nominated by 100s of tokenholders who have chosen to stake their token towards the transcoder. And that is where you come in.

As a token holder
 you want to participate in the network by staking Livepeer token towards a transcoder. You can think about staking like putting a deposit down. Your tokens are locked up for a period of time and then you can take them back or stake towards a different transcoder.

Doing this
 helps ensure the network is more secure.

 cool thing is you earn additional Livepeer token just from staking your token with the transcoder as a reward for ensuring a high quality and secure network.

First when Doug
 pays fees into the network, both transcoders and delegators like you earn a portion of those fees for the work that you are doing to secure the network.

 Livepeer also mints new token over time much like Bitcoin block rewards which are split amongst delegators and transcoders that do honest work. The easiest way for you to stake your tokens is to visit our explorer. 

This will
 display a list of active transcoders on the network. It's your job as a token holder to research transcoders based upon their performance, statistics, rates they are charging and stake your tokens.

 are always here to help if you head on over to Discord. [silence] 
Cut out the video game middleman
Refereum is a point system paired with a crypto token that is currently experiencing a huge boom in their community.

In this video we'll take a
 look at how the system works and walk through the main site.

Here on the landing page you
 will find an intro video that talks about the need for Refereum and what problem it solves which is to connect game publishers more directly with influencers to drive advertisement of their game and products.

 even get some free points to get started.

What's really interesting about
 this system is it's already integrated with Twitch, Discord, Google and Facebook using Unity. 

After signing up, logging in is simple by just
 selecting which partner service you want to use like I'm about to do with Twitch.

This brings us to
 the various ways to earn Refereum points. The quickest way to build up points is to purchase games using the links provided on their site enticing players with some of hottest multiplayer games, some are worth enough points to bump users up over 800 points.

Another way to earn
 points is by watching streamers signed up for Refereum via Twitch. Compatible streams will be displays here on the site to make it easy to earn points for watching.

 earn one point for each hour watched and streamers earn three points per hour as long as they and their viewers are registered with Refereum.

 videos will earn bonus points helping users get to the next level.

Next is the cheapest way to earn a large
 amount of points quickly, sharing referral links. Each person that signs up for your link with Twitch or Discord will earn you 100 points and if they join Telegram, the main chatroom for Refereum, that's another 200 points for you.

Each person
 that signs up gets you an additional 20 points. 

These huge incentives help to grow this community larger every

Leaders own bonus points
 for their high level of activity and that brings us to the rewards system.

Various tiers grant a token
 payout of the actual cryptocurrency backing Refereum. This is a shared pool system that sends an equal amount of tokens to everyone in that tier. 

For example, if 500 people were in bronze
 then everyone will receive 1000 tokens. To keep things revolving, seasons last a various length and give users a limited time to move up the tiers before points reset and they start all over in the new season.

Tokens can be used to buy games and merch,
 so the utilization of this system is quite high because of the integration and size of the community they are targeting, Refereum should only continue to build momentum.

That's why it's very important to follow the instructions on the
 account page and set an ETH deposit address to claim the token distributions.

We would recommend MyEtherWallet
 due to its versatility in holding many different ERC20 coins like Refereum. 

To simplify the process, MyEtherWallet recommends
 using their Google Chrome extension to be able to view your altcoin holds with ease of access. 

Thanks for watching and check back soon for more
A Blockchain Entertainment Studio
Singular is a sci fi epic adventure television series about the path the world could take as decentralization scales and artificial intelligence emerges, leading to conscious systems that guide us into a technological singularity, propelling the human race, us homosapiens, into the next level of human evolution, what we are calling homotrascendous. 

You'll be able to watch Singular through our transaction video on
 demand portal, And by utilizing decentralized methodologies and applications, SingularDTV is innovating across all facets of the entertainment industry, from how we fund our projects to how we share them with the world.

SingularDTV's rights, revenue and royalty management
 platform will address today's lack of transparency and fundamentally change the prominence of creative accounting in the entertainment industry.

 rights management platform will empower creates, by giving them back control over their creative output.

Singular has partnered
 with a venture production studio Consensys Systems who are programming this new decentralized world on Ethereum's revolutionary blockchain, a technology where you can create your vision of a more prosperity future. A more interactive and connected society. A decentralized world of transparency and incorruptible systems.

It's societal engineering at
 its most innovative and bold and [inaudible] altruistic.

 is a unique tokenized ecosystem, made up of a centrally organized governance component as well as a decentralized autonomous organizational component.

This new structure is the SingularDTV
 CODE which stands for centrally organized distributed entity. Its tokens called Singles allow the user to benefit from and maneuver through the SingularDTV ecosystem. 

This is Zach [inaudible], co-creator of the TV series Singular
 saying thank you and please visit our website at to learn more.

We need your support in launching the first
 ever decentralized television series. 
Biggest curated live music database in the world
The live music industry is booming. There are over 50 million music events taking place in the world every year. However the majority of profits are distributed among a handful of big talent agencies and superstar musicians.

Viberate is changing that by introducing a
 decentralized music talent marketplace. It features profiles of musicians, music venues and event organizers, built and curated by the Viberate user community.

We are giving everyone a chance to claim their fair
 share of this multi billion dollar industry. Up and coming musicians who want more gigs, event organizers on the hunt for the next big star or passionate fans who want to help build a live music ecosystem.

Viberate's community is
 fueled by the VIBE token. Anyone who contributes to the service, whether by adding new profiles, curating existing ones or taking other roles in the community's development can earn Vibes.

Viberate's earnings are
 shared with the contributors and the value of the VIBE grows along with the size of the service. 

Viberate is already live

Backed by angel investor funding, the service launched in October
 '16 with over 100K profiles built with the help of 50,000 contributors.

The founding team behind the project
 consists of music executives each with more than 15 years of experience in the industry joined by skilled experts.

We love what we
 do and we believe anyone who wants to work in music deserves the opportunity to do so.

Now here is your chance
 to have a stake in the live music industry.

On the 5th of September Viberate will offer
 its Vibe tokens in a public crowd sale to fund further technical and business development.

Read our whitepaper for
 more details or ask us a question. 
Decentralized video sharing
You may not know this but the video that you are watching now is just one of almost 5 billion videos being watched every single day. By hundreds of millions of people all over the world.

 to advertising revenue, we are looking at an online video industry worth hundreds of billions of dollars. But here is what we don't like.

 a viewer, you don't get to see a single cent of that. As a publisher, you get a tiny portion of revenue. As an advertiser you are exposed to unconfirmed viewing statistics and high commissions. 

All of this is happening while traditional video
 sharing platforms retain up to 60% of your revenue.

Viuly's goal is to change all of
 that. Viuly's a decentralized video sharing platform that wants to reward all participants in the video sharing blockchain based economy.

Users get paid to watch.
 Content creators earn more for their work. Advertisers get improved market penetration for a fraction of the price.

The Viuly platform will be powered by
 the View token used to transfer value between advertisers, content creators, users and people supporting the Viuly network.

Developed by
 a veteran team of experts in corporate management, blockchain technology, marketing industry and fintech advisory, Viuly promises to revolutionize the online sharing industry.

 a sneak peak? Sign up at and get rewarded with 50 VIEW tokens.

Upload a video and get 100 more
 VIEW tokens. Invite friends and get 50 VIEW tokens per person you refer.

And now you have the chance
 to claim your free stake in the future of online video. Mass adoption requires wide distribution. That's why 70% of all VIEW tokens are to be distributed for free.

To participate in the
 airdrop rounds, please go to and register your free account now.

Viuly, prepare to be rewarded.
Trustless affiliate marketing platform
[music] [music] [music] 

As the time approaches
 to roll out RefTokens [inaudible] the team has always [inaudible] grind out the final sprint towards deployment. 

 [music] [music]

The RefToken platform is utilizing the blockchain in
 two ways. The first way is the smart contracts where merchants buy the RefToken up front and lock it up in deals which gets paid out to affiliates [inaudible]. 

The second part is the public ledger. The current
 ecosystem creates financial incentives for both parties to try and act in malicious manners for financial gain.

The blockchain technology allows us
 to verify that the conversion actually happens by a public ledger that is available both for the merchant and their affiliates.

This solves
 the issue where both affiliates are [inaudible] traffic and the merchants withholding payments from the affiliates and blaming tracking issues.

By tracking via the blockchain,
 we can have secure tracking that's 100% validated.

This is something
 revolutionary that never happened in affiliate marketing before and it's something that's very necessary.

 disintermediating affiliate data, we eliminate the ability to cheat.

RefToken will democratize
 marketing and empower start ups to roll out global marketing campaigns on a pay per performance basis, allowing them to fight toe to toe with global centralized competitors. [music] [music]
Content creators used to be bathing in ad revenue. Then one day the party was over. And sadly there was nowhere else to go.

Or was there?

Creators and viewers around
 the world, we give you BitTube.

A revolutionary new video sharing
 platform where creators can finally earn a living again. Fairly and on a level playing field.

Videos aren't stored
 in enormous data centers. Instead BitTube is completely decentralized. And everyone is naturally part of a vast peer to peer network.

What's more
 earnings are based on a private cryptocurrency that no third party controls. 

This means that BitTube has no
 ads. While videos and live streams are always monetized. Earnings are distributed fairly based on air time between the creator and the viewer.

Your time on BitTube is always
 rewarded. So you can support your favorite channels. Therefore as a BitTube creator, there is zero risk of censorship no matter how crazy or scary your content is, your viewers will always have your back.

It's easy to get
 started. You can import your entire channel in one click. Everyone is part of the BitTube economy and services such as premium subscriptions, video on demand, self promotion, donations and more will fuel a flourishing ecosystem.

Visit BitTube
Smart blockchain and music streaming platform.
What's so good about Musicoin? 

Free listening. No ads. Musicians
 receive best payments in the industry. 


Thanks to
 blockchain, a great team of devs and Musicoin miners, we were able to create a new system called UBI. [silence] [silence] [silence] [silence] [silence] 

Musicoin mining is the process by which transactions are verified and added to the public
 ledger known as the blockchain. And also the means through which new Musicoins are released. 

 reward for miners that help keep the UBI system going strong is a 79.6% cut of their mine. 4.5% goes to research and development. And 15.9% goes towards listening to music for free on our platform.

Anyone with access to the internet and
 suitable hardware can participate in mining. 

A big thank you from the Musicoin team to all the
 Musicoin miners around the world helping us run the UBI system and brining more prosperity to musicians. [music] [music] 

Find us on
 Facebook and Twitter. Subscribe to Musicoin TV on YouTube. And if you have any questions, please email us at 

 [music] [music] [music] [music] 
Earn cryptocurrency for publishing valuable content.
[music] [music] [music] 

Hey guys this is Charlie
 Shrem from Crypto IQ. Super excited to announce that I'm advising the Viewly team.

My name is Johnathan [inaudible] Uber Danger
 and I'm a full time [inaudible] from Denmark.

 I'm Eden Michelle coming to you from Zurich, Switzerland. 

Hi I'm Dan Shaw. I'm a recording artist from South

Hey everybody, I'm Shae and I'm coming to you from South
 Africa. I'm so happy to be a part of Viewly and I can't wait to show to show you my music videos.

Hi my name is [inaudible]
 aka the social experimentalist.

Hey what's up guys. This is Lizz
 Vox checking in from London. I can't wait to have my content featured on Viewly.

Hey guys this is Owen Kay.
 I'm coming to you from South Africa. I think Viewly will be awesome for artists that want to be put first. First before a barrage of advertisements and first because you benefit adequately and justly from your material.

Hey it's
 Lee Lektrik here. Super excited for Viewly and super excited to start uploading video content.

They demonetize what I do.
 They censor what I do. So I'm really looking forward to using blockchain technology and Viewly to create content.

Their development team and their tech team
 I believe has the ability to do what they say they are going to do. I've worked with [inaudible] and saw his ability to execute and produce amazing technology.

It will efficiently
 drive the revenue streams directly to the creators.

It will allow
 you to slowly create the art or the content that you personally want to create.

Everyone has a lot more individual
 liberty and economic freedom.

This platform forces
 freedom of expression and I believe that an ad free video platform is the next stage in the natural evolution of social media.

I'm very excited to be a part of this venture.

 share your content, allow your imagination to run wild. 

Sign up for Viewly, become involved in the Viewly
 community and I look forward to seeing the content that youupload.

 the revolution. [silent] [silent] 
Make dare videos for money
I challenge you to try this goat's milk. There is a slight twist. 

 let's also do some challenges. 

Looks like I'm going to have to start recording.

 [inaudible] to make some money.

Here is a challenge. Yeah, let's do it


Meh. [laughter]

 [music] [music] [music] [music] [music] 

Good jobs
 guys. All thanks to this. Let's do some more.