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    A Blockchain Entertainment Studio, Smart Contract
    Singularis a sci fi epic adventure televisionseries about the path the world could take as decentralizationscales and artificial intelligenceemerges, leading to conscious systems that guideus into a technological singularity,propelling the human race, us homosapiens,into the next level of human evolution,what we are calling homotrascendous.

    You'll be able to watch Singular through our transaction video on
    demand portal, SingularDTV.com. And byutilizing decentralized methodologies and applications,SingularDTV is innovating across all facetsof the entertainment industry, from how wefund our projects to how we share them with theworld.

    SingularDTV's rights, revenue and royalty management
    platform will address today's lackof transparency and fundamentally change the prominenceof creative accounting in the entertainment industry.

    rights management platform will empower creates, bygiving them back control over their creativeoutput.

    Singular has partnered
    with a venture production studio ConsensysSystems who are programming this new decentralized world on Ethereum'srevolutionary blockchain, a technology where you cancreate your vision of a more prosperity future. Amore interactive and connected society. Adecentralized world of transparency and incorruptiblesystems.

    It's societal engineering at
    its most innovative andbold and [inaudible] altruistic.

    is a unique tokenized ecosystem,made up of a centrally organized governancecomponent as well as a decentralized autonomous organizationalcomponent.

    This new structure is the SingularDTV
    CODE which stands for centrallyorganized distributed entity.Its tokens called Singlesallow the user to benefit from and maneuver through the SingularDTVecosystem.

    This is Zach [inaudible], co-creator of the TV series Singular
    saying thank you and please visit our website atSingularDTV.com to learn more.

    We need your support in launching the first
    ever decentralized television series.
    An open platform for live video broadcasting
    Livepeer is a platformfor video transcoding and distribution.

    This is Doug, he's using Livepeer to live
    stream a workshop to his viewers around the world.Doug, our broadcaster, sends video into the Livepeernetwork. Livepeer transcodes the datainto all the formats and bitrates that his viewerscan consume.

    This is a really important
    broadcast for Doug. How does he know the experience will behigh quality?

    There are two key actors in the Livepeer
    network that ensure the quality of the livestream -- transcoders and delegators.

    perform the job of transcoding the stream into anotherbit rate or packaging format for all of Doug'sviewers. And delegators are token holderswho stake towards transcoders.

    Doug knows
    that his transcoder has been nominated by100s of tokenholders who have chosen to stake theirtoken towards the transcoder. And thatis where you come in.

    As a token holder
    you want to participate in the network by staking Livepeertoken towards a transcoder. You can think about staking likeputting a deposit down. Your tokens are lockedup for a period of time and then you can take themback or stake towards a different transcoder.

    Doing this
    helps ensure the network is more secure.

    cool thing is you earn additional Livepeer token just from stakingyour token with the transcoder as a reward for ensuringa high quality and secure network.

    First when Doug
    pays fees into the network, both transcoders and delegators likeyou earn a portion of those fees for thework that you are doing to secure the network.

    Livepeer also mints new token over time much likeBitcoin block rewards which are split amongst delegatorsand transcoders that do honest work. The easiest wayfor you to stake your tokens is to visit our explorer.

    This will
    display a list of active transcoders on the network. It'syour job as a token holder to research transcoders basedupon their performance, statistics, rates theyare charging and stake your tokens.

    are always here to help if you head on over toDiscord.[silence]